A Mother’s Promise Ch. 05

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I didn’t answer her. There was no need to. Even before she asked it, she already knew what my answer was going to be. It’s funny how your Mom knows just what to say to really mess with you, or, to comfort you.

Before I had fallen asleep, I put my teenage logic to work trying to piece together what had happened in the last twenty four hours. I wish I could say that I felt horrible and regretted everything, but, I didn’t. I had heard the word ‘Incest’ before and knew it boiled down to something ‘bad’, but, I didn’t feel bad, remorseful or horrible at all.

In fact, the truth is I was turned on and excited. I had experienced things I never expected…. and all of it…. every feeling, every emotion, every sensation…. thanks to my own mother.

Snapping myself back to reality, I answered her. “Yes, I would like that.” But, of course, she already knew I was going to say that.

As I started to stir, I felt her hand lift off my cock as she rose from where she was sitting on my bed and held her hand out to me. As I reached out to grasp it, the terry cloth robe she was wearing fell open and I could see that she was only wearing her panties underneath the robe. “What a coincidence.” I thought. In the faint light of the room, I could see her smile as I took her hand and pulled myself up to stand next to her. There we were, her in her panties and me, dressed only in my sister’s panties. It was quite poetic, to say the least.

Strangely, I couldn’t even remember the last time I’d slept without an undershirt on, but, last night I had. It seemed funny that I was more concerned about my missing undershirt than I was about the fact that I was still wearing Linda’s panties. I looked down to see my erection, barely held in by the wispy yellow nylon, and then up to my mother’s face. She was smiling. Not laughing, mind you – but one of those “It’s okay, I know” kind of smiles that mothers are so good at giving.

I felt a tad embarrassed standing there as she looked directly at the outline of my cock pressed against the silky material, but it wasn’t an uncomfortable kind of thing at all. It was more like we were sharing a solemn secret with one another. There was a bit of pride and fondness in her eyes, too…. something I picked up on…. as well as a knowing look that told me there was no reason to be concerned.

I thought for a minute about my erection trying to poke through Linda’s panties and what she must think. It was totally unavoidable…… the erection, I mean….. and, I hoped she understood that. This was a new experience for me, something I would have never done on my own….. a situation I was thrust into yesterday after I came all over my own jockey shorts. When Mom put the panties on me, her reasoning was flawless and I didn’t question her actions at all. She simply told me they were all she had within arms reach. No biggie.

And, yes, I could have taken them off numerous times. But, I didn’t. At first, I might have left them on because I sort of knew she wanted me to ‘try’ them. But, then through the day, I had to admit to myself that they were somewhat of a sensory improvement over my normal tidey-whities – and there were no drawbacks. First, they felt really good, and that’s no bull shit. Just the way they cradled my cock and balls made it exciting to wear them. Through the day, I got frequent erections and that was a side benefit I enjoyed.

Secondly, there was the sheer excitement derived from doing something as lewd as wearing girl’s panties in place of my own ‘male’ underwear. Even though it wasn’t sexual, per say, it WAS sexual… at least to me it was.

Lastly, there was an added level of excitement just because my Mom knew. True, she pretty much endorsed my wearing of them, but we both knew it was something we had to keep to ourselves because of the panty-sniffing incident in the laundry room, but, still – she knew and as far as I could tell – she approved.

So, all in all, while it was a new thing for me, I had to admit that there were some immediate benefits – not withstanding the interest and understanding of my Mom. I was content just to ‘keep-on-keeping-on’. I figured the subject would come up again, and when it did, I would be honest with her and see if she would be willing to let me continue to explore this new experience.

But….. here we were again, alone together in a situation that was charged with panties, erections and flowing juices. It’s a good thing I was able to get [at least] some rest during the night!

Through her parted robe, I could see she still had on the panties I dressed her in yesterday. The gentle curve of the inside of her breasts showed and I could almost make out her nipples as they tried to poke against her robe. She took a step closer to me and let the robe fall to the floor with a shrug of her shoulders. Now, standing less than two feet apart, we looked at each other and I wondered what would happen next. My question was answered as she took a step and closed the gap between us. Reaching out, she took one of my hands and placed it on her breast. sarıyer escort As I cupped it, she took another step closer to me and without breaking eye contact, reached down to stroke my cock as it struggled to escape the confines of my sister’s underpants.

“Bobby,” she whispered, “I can’t tell you how excited you’ve made me feel…. how sexy and how desirable.”

She squeezed my cock deliberately, saying “You know I can’t let you put this in me, Bobby, even though I want you to, at least not inside my pussy. But, there’s other things we can do. If you promise not to pressure me about intercourse, I’ll promise to make this a day you won’t likely ever forget… a day just between us… we can do whatever you like, except that. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“I would love that, Mom.” I answered. “We wouldn’t even have to do anything at all, just being together until Dad and Linda get home would be fine as far as I’m concerned.”

“You’re so sweet, Bobby,” she replied, “but I know full well about boys your age and quite honestly, as long as we are clear about what we’re not going to do, anything else… and I mean that….. ‘anything’ you want to talk about or try will be okay with me. I know you don’t have any real experience with girls yet, and, there’s no rush because all that will come in time. But, maybe we can share some things, be understanding of each other’s needs and enjoy this time. Most mothers and sons never get a chance like this, but, we do. I’m just saying that we should take advantage of it.”

I thought about what she said for a moment and wondered how she defined “anything else”. She broke my thought process by saying “I just have one request, if you don’t mind.”

I could see her playful smile return and her eyebrows hitch up as she continued. “Would you mind terribly if I asked you to stay dressed in panties until your father and sister come home?”

Within a microsecond, I felt like a tremendous burden was lifted from my shoulders. It’s like she peered into my inner most being to pluck out the one fear I had and nullify it right in front of my eyes.

“No, I wouldn’t mind at all, Mom,” I answered, “that’s something I was going to talk to you about that later anyway.”

“Are you sure that isn’t too weird – your mother wanting to see you dressed in panties?”

“Well, it’s not any weirder than me wanting to wear them.” I said. “I feel a little embarrassed to say this, but, yeah, I think I could go for that.”

“You don’t have to agree to this just for me,” she added, “if you feel uncomfortable about it, we can just forget it.”

“No,” I replied, “Really, Mom…. Listen to me. What I’m trying to say is that I would love to. I want to. I like them.”

“Oh….. you do?” She asked.

“Yeah, uh,” I stammered, “I was going to ask if you might have a few pairs that I could borrow…. to kind of try them out for a few days….”

“Oh.” She paused for a minute. I must have caught her off guard with that one.

“I would be lying if I said I didn’t want you to do that.” She answered. “Bobby. I’m probably going to regret admitting this, but, you don’t know how much that would turn me on, and there’s so much I could help you with in that department. So, to answer you, sure…. we can look through what I have and you can borrow anything that catches your eye. We could do it before your father and sister get home if that’s what you want. If you decide you like wearing panties all the time, we can even pick up a few things that will be your very own.”

“Plus,” she added, “I already said it would be okay for you to take my panties out of the hamper anytime the mood struck you, so feel free to try out whatever you want. How’s that?”

I hugged her. I bet we were one hell of a sight….. our bare chests pressing together, mother and son – both of us dressed only in our panties. It was truly a Kodak moment.

As our hug ended, I said “Now, can I make a request, Mom?”

“Jeez,” she said, “I thought you just made one! You want another one?”

“No, go ahead,” she laughed, “I was just kidding…”

I dropped my hand between her legs and pressed my palm firmly into her mound. I could feel the warmth of her vagina and I knew she was aroused. “Can you give me these panties?” I asked, tapping on the gusset of the flimsy panties.

“Bobby…… I don’t know about that. I’m sure you’re smart enough to figure out your father and I made love last night,” she said, “and well, you know what that means….. right?”

I actually hadn’t even thought about it. Does that mean his sperm is still up in her, or, is it leaking out into her panties? But her pussy juice was in there, too… right? That’s the wetness I was feeling, wasn’t it. Suddenly, I didn’t care, I just wanted her panties and I wasn’t gong to think about anything else.

“You said ‘anything’, remember?” I answered.

“Yes, I remember,” she replied, “and if you’re sure that’s what you want, then okay…. I’ll keep esenyurt escort my promise. Come on.”

With that, she took me by the hand and led me into her room. In the soft light of her bedroom, we stopped next to her bed and she started to say something and then she stopped. I could see that she was searching for the precise words to say and when she found them, she finally spoke, saying “Let’s enjoy this time, for however short it is, and for what ever we do, there’s going to be no regrets, no guilt, no embarrassment and no shame. I really want to enjoy this, and more importantly, I want you to enjoy it, too, okay?”

I nodded my head and she traced her fingers across my forehead, pushing my hair up out of my eyes and then behind my ears. Her hand stopped as it came to rest on the back of my neck and I felt the irresistible urge to kiss her. I think she felt it, too, so I leaned in toward her mouth and I found myself kissing a woman who wanted to be kissed. It felt like she had been unleashed in my arms…. like someone had released her from her bonds and was now free to act and react without any constraints. I felt pleased about that, and I wanted the kiss to go on longer, but, she laid her head on my shoulder and whispered into my ear “do you want to take my panties off now, or do that later?”

My heart started thumping and I felt my cock twitch beyond its normal hardness as I thought about kneeling before her and lowering her saturated panties that were soon to become mine. But, before I could move, she got down on her knees in front of me and placed her hands on my hips and smiled. Then I watched as she bent forward and began to lick the outline of my cock straining through my sister’s panties, looking up at me from time to time to see my reaction as she sensuously licked my crotch.

Rapt with fascination, I watched as she traced her tongue over my rod and to my balls, held tightly inside my sister’s panties underneath my cock. She glanced up at me, smiling, and said “You do look cute in these, Kiddo – I’m so glad you left them on. I can’t tell you what it does for me.”

As her hands moved to my backside and gripped my ass, she pulled me into her and started to suck the head of my cock through the thin panties. She started to moan, and at the same time, moved her hands to the waist band of Linda’s panties and started to draw them down. As my cock popped clear of the material, she took it into her mouth and sucked it gently. It was so erotic and beautiful at the same time…. I’ll never forget her big eyes looking up at me while she sucked. Finally, she had the panties down to my ankles and I stepped out of them as she took me all the way into her mouth.

The warmth of her lips around my cock was taking me towards the end fast, and I was in no condition to stop her. Just watching her suck me was almost enough to take me to my climax and I didn’t care that I might spurt off in her mouth. She must have sensed I was starting to get close, though, because she stopped sucking and started to milk my cock, bringing a drop of precum to the tip of my erection.

“You’re leaking.” She said, grasping my cock and jacking me as she looked at it.

“I love that….” she continued, “I just love the taste of precome. It’s got a much sweeter taste and you have a lot of it, but, I’m going to stop for now because I don’t want you to come yet. I want to watch you play with yourself again…. will you do that for me?”

She took my hand and placed it on my cock. Instinctively, I started to move it up and down, jacking myself directly in front of her face, holding the tip of my cock just an inch from her lips. I held it out to her and squeezed out another drop of precome that dangled right in front of her. I edged forward and rubbed the end of my cock across her lips, wiping my precum on them as if my cock were a tube of lipstick. When I was done, she licked her lips and looked up to me.

“Let’s get on the bed,” she said, “I want you to relax and take your time with this….. you can stroke yourself and make yourself cum for me…. Gawd, I think that’s so beautiful, Bobby…. and you can take as long as you want… then when you’re ready, you can just let it go. Is that alright? Do you mind if I watch you do that?”

“No, Mom,” I answered, “I would actually love that.”

“Oh, would you? Does that turn you on, Bobby? Me watching you?” She asked.

She reached up from her kneeling position and laid her hand on top of mine and we stroked my cock together.

“Yeah,” I replied, “after I went to bed last night I was thinking about being naked in front of you and jacking off. I would do that anytime for you, Mom… anytime at all…. all you have to do is ask.”

“So is that a promise, or are you just saying that because I’ve got your cock in my hand?” She asked.

“Really, Mom,” I said, “I’m serious and it’s a promise. Anytime to want to watch me, you can.”

“I’m going to hold you to that, mister.” She said as she stood. “But, let’s get into bed so we can get cuddly. avrupa yakası escort I want to get comfortable to watch your little show.”

Climbing into her bed, I could smell her on the sheets. Not necessarily her feminine smell, but the smell of her hair as I laid my head down on her pillow. I thought she was right behind me, slipping under the sheets, but I realized she was still standing at the side of the bed.

“Ooooh, Bobby,” she moaned, “I’ve got a really good idea and it could be a lot of fun for both of us…. that is… if you’ll just trust me and go along with it.”

“Hold on right there,” she said, “I’ll be right back.”

She turned and walked into the master bathroom and I heard the vanity drawer open and close and then the water turn on. After a few seconds, the water was tuned off and there was about a half minute of silence. When she walked out of the bathroom, her hair was brushed and flowing full around her shoulders. She looked beautiful and her cheeks were broad with a full smile. She stopped right in front of the bed, holding something behind her back.

“Okay, you have to close your eyes now for a minute.” She said.

Playing along, I closed my eyes. I heard her shifting the pillows and sheets and then felt the bed move as she joined me. “Don’t you dare open your eyes yet,” she said, “just another second or two….”

I waited, patiently. Finally, she said “Okay, you can open your eyes now.”

When I did, I found her next to me with two pillows propped up behind her back. She wasn’t laying down, but she wasn’t sitting up, either – it was more like she was reclining back at a comfortable angle. “Can I have that pillow?” She asked, pointing to the pillow under my head.

Handing her the pillow, I watched as she laid the pillow on her lap and then patted it.

“Come put you head right here, Bobby.” She said. “I used to nurse you like this when you were a baby…. right here in this bed…. with your head resting on a pillow just like this.”

She arranged me so that I was lying on my side with my head on the pillow, conveniently in a position where I could suck her nipple into my mouth without any effort at all. I remembered how much she seemed to enjoy the attention I gave her breasts yesterday and assumed she wanted me to do the same for her again.

I reached up with both hands to guide her breast to my mouth, closed my eyes and began to lightly suckle her. “Oh, that’s so nice,” she moaned, “…that’s really nice….. don’t stop.”

As I sucked her, she reached down and held my cock loosely in the palm of her hand. After a few minutes, she started to gently squeeze, and then release it. In response, I would flex my cock so she would feel it strain against her loose grip. When I did, I could hear her whisper “I can feel you moving your cock, baby.”

I’m not sure how long I lapped and sucked at her nipples, but the whole time I was, she was fondling my cock and lightly touching me all over, running her hands from my balls, to my cock, to my chest and back again.

“Here,” she said, “scoot this way a little bit.” She shifted me back and forth until I was on my back with my cock much closer to her. She could also reach my whole body by just extending her arms “Now, pull your knees up for me and let them fall apart.” She asked.

When I was in the exact position she wanted, she said “That’s perfect. Now I can see and touch all of you. This is going to be a wish come true for me, Bobby…..”

So, I continued to suckle her nipples, trading between them, one at a time. She interrupted my sucking by taking one of my hands away from her breast and moving it down to my cock. “Close your eyes and enjoy yourself now,” she said, “You don’t need to hurry at all, baby….. just take as much time as you want…. play with that beautiful cock in your hand and let me watch you…. but, tell me if you think you’re getting close to coming.”

I opened my eyes for a second and realized just what a view she had. For the most part, I was lying across her lap, my head lying on a pillow while my body was almost lying flat. It was quite comfortable to just let my legs fall open and I relaxed, completely on display to her. I felt a rush of excitement knowing she could look and touch to her heart’s content.

As I started to stoke my cock, I heard her emit a hushed gasp, saying “Yes, that’s it, baby, make yourself feel good.”

Once I got into it, I started having a hard time catching my breath while I was sucking her nipples. “Here,” she said, “just turn your head a little and relax back on the pillow so you don’t have to work so hard.”

That was much better….. now being able to breath much easier as I laid there exhibiting myself to her. She started to stroke my hair and then I felt her move just a bit and opened my eyes. “Shhh, just relax,” she said, “Close your eyes and I’ve got a little something to help you along.”

With that, I watched as she held up the panties she had been wearing and showed them to me. They were turned inside out and she was lowering the panty crotch down to my nose. They were wet and shiny, saturated with the juices from her pussy. I wasn’t sure when she took them off, but, I closed my eyes as they came to rest lightly on my nose. I inhaled deeply, and as I did, I felt the wetness of the panty seal across my nostrils giving me a 100% dose of her aroma.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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