A Model Cousin Pt. 02

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When I came home from work the next evening, my plan was to immediately rush to the bathroom and take a massive piss, but to my surprise I heard Elena taking a shower, her music playing from her speaker over the sound of the water.

I didn’t care – I had to go. I was about to let loose.

From my room, I opened the door slightly while knocking. “Hey cousin?!” I yelled over the music.

“Yeah?!” she yelled from in the shower, surprised to hear me come in.

“Sorry to bother you when you’re in here, but I really, really take a piss. You mind if I go real quick?!”

“Yeah, go ahead. Just don’t flush!!”

I hurriedly closed the door and zipped over the toilet, which was right next to – not even a foot away from – the front end of the shower. My shower curtain was dark blue so I couldn’t see through it, but knowing she was completely nude just behind it, a foot away from me as I whipped my dick out and started peeing, gave me a special kind of horny chills.

“So, uh, how’d your shoot go today? Where was it, the waterfalls?” I asked while urine poured out from my dick.

“Yeah! It went really well. The photographer was so nice!”

Through the small crack between the edge of the shower curtain and the wall, I saw the skin of the side of body as she turned around to presumably rise her hair off.

She continued, “I can show you the photos after I’m out!”

“Sounds good!”

I finished up my piss as quick as I could as not to overstay my welcome. Maybe I’d see what I really wanted to see later in these waterfall photos.

About fifteen minutes later she emerged from the bathroom as I was sitting on the couch reading over papers I needed to look at for my work. She was wearing only a towel around her body, and another around her head to support her extremely long hair. “Here, I’ll get my computer real quick.”

She grabbed it from her room and sat down on the couch next to me.

“Be careful you don’t drip.” I said to her.

“I know, I’ll be quick. Sorry.”

She put an SD card into her computer and a bunch of tiny thumbnails came up – probably 50 or so. She started at the beginning.

“So obviously these are unedited, but I think the raw images still look great. This was the first outfit we did.” she said.

She was wearing a plain wait dress that was sticking to her skin because of the water coming down from the falls. It fit her form perfectly. She was (sadly) wearing a bra underneath, but the outline was sticking out like a sore thumb.

“This was the second.”

The second outfit was what I guess you could call booty short and a really tight t-shirt. This time she wasn’t wearing a bra and in any shot from a front angle you can clearly see her nipples poking through her shirt. I chose to say nothing, as she seemed to not care very much.

The next was a black bra with a tiny black skirt. There was one shot where she was lifting her leg up against the rock so high that I thought I could see a bit of vag, but maybe I was looking too hard.

“What are these for?” I asked.

“Some kind of photography contest. I don’t know. Honestly I don’t really care what it’s for as long as I get paid and it’s more photos for my profiles, ya know?”

The final outfit was – well barely an outfit at all – just simply a red bikini bottoms. No top. The was 4 photos.

First was her laid back against a rock in the background, with her arms crossed over her breasts, looking away from the camera. Second was a full profile shot, her standing up looking sensually straight at the lens, arms crossed again over her breasts. Even compressed under her arms, I was here again reminded how perfect they are – completely round and the perfect size for handfuls. Third photo was a super wide shot, with her sitting on the edge of a rock, her hands resting behind here, but the glare from the sun blocking her breasts. Then the final shot was from behind – her leaning against a rock with the edge of the waterfall dripping down her back, her arms positioned just so that you can see a large amount of side boob but no nipple, and she was looking back at the camera over her shoulder smiling.

“Jeez, cuz, these are pretty risqué. I didn’t know you’d do these kind of shots.” I said not so calmly.

“Hey, comes with the job, I guess.”

“You’re almost completely naked!”

“Yeah, well, that’s why we only did one of this one.”

Then she clicked over to the last image, in which she was completely naked. It was a photo from behind – a wide shot of the waterfall on the right and my beautiful cousin on the left – bare naked from head to toe, her exposed water droplet-covered ass in full view with the rest of her body. Her left breast – but no nipple – was sticking out from the side as she raises bakırköy escort her arms above her head.

We both laughed. Her because she thought the situation was funny, myself because I was slowly losing control of my contained horniness.

I said in jest, “People who look at your portfolio are gonna see a lot of your butt.”

“I know, haha. I had that thought too. The photos are so good though.”

She stood up from the couch and put her laptop down where she was sitting, leaving that image of her naked backside in my peripherals.

She took the towel off her head and bent all the way over – her front to me – to scrub dry her hair, giving me a big ol’ eyeful of cleavage.

She said as she scrubbed her hair, “I’m thinking about setting about a website. Or a model mayhem. Or something to help get my name out there. So far it’s all just been instagram and Twitter.”

“I could help with that.”

“You think?” she replied as she finished with her hair scrub and stood back up and looked at me.

“Hell yeah, making a basic portfolio website is easy. I can do it in a couple minutes.”

And so we made her website. Over the next couple days when more edited photos came in, we made a slideshow homepage with all of her photos – from Ed Hardy ads to naked waterfall shoots – moving in and out gently. She was very happy with it, which made me very happy.

Fast forward a couple days. We’re both sitting around the apartment not doing anything in particular. I come out of the shower and emerge into the living room in just my boxer shorts to see her sitting on the couch reading a magazine. I know she had never seen me in my underwear before as an adult, and I wanted to see how she’d react. She looked surprised at first, but the respectable woman she is, she didn’t have a comment.

As I walked over to the fridge I casually asked, “Hey, uh, feel like doing some shooting tonight? I got an idea for a set while I was in the shower.”

“Hell yeah, I feel like shooting! It’s never even a question. What’s the idea?” she replied.

“Well, I noticed you put those really nice silk sheets on your bed. Have you thought about a doing a shoot where you’re like, just basically in bed, I suppose with implied nudity, but your using the sheets to cover yourself? We’ll call it Between the Sheets.”

“That sounds like it could be awesome. When you wanna do it?”

“Let me get changed and let’s meet in your room in about…15 minutes?”


15 MINUTES LATER. We’re both standing in her room, I with my tripod and camera next to me and her standing next to her bed in her pajama pants and black tank top.

She started off, asking “So how are we doing this? Your turn to direct me, Mr. Victoria’s Secret Photographer.”

“Just, uh…take your pants and shirt and get in the bed and wrap the sheets around yourself.”

She did this very matter of factly. No sensual and sexuality about it. Just slid her pants right off and throw her shirt over head as if she was alone. I must admit, seeing her take her clothes off was more arousing then I was expecting. I was starting to regret just putting on basketball shorts.

We did a number of shots in pretty basic poses. It basically looked like she was nude, but wrapped up like a mummy. It wasn’t working, mainly because you still saw her bra straps.

“Hey cuz, I know this is weird, but can I ask you to ditch the bra? I feel like it kind of ruins the effect.”

She shrugged like it was no problem. “Yeah.” she said casually as she took her bra off underneath the blanket as still to cover herself.

“Alright, let’s uh…let’s move the sheets around here. Maybe show a leg.”

I took it upon myself to carefully move the sheets around her so that one leg was exposed all the way up to the waist. I almost touched the bottom of her ass cheek when I did it.

“Alright, good.” I snapped that.

We did a number of other poses. Flat on her back shot from up above, looking straight at the camera from bed side, pretty standard stuff. Then I got an idea.

“Alright, what if we did one where like, you lay on your side facing the camera, and your breast is like, out of the sheet, but your arm is positioned so the camera doesn’t see it?”

“We could do that.”

She positioned herself as I requested, then put her hand on the top of the sheet about to take it down before she stopped.

She looked at me seriously and asked, “You don’t mind if you actually see my boob for a second, do you? I gotta figure out how I’m gonna do it.”

My heart skipped a beat. My member throbbed in my shorts.

“I don’t care if you don’t.” I replied.

“Kay, cool.”

Then she took the sheet down an inch and exposed beşiktaş escort her right breast to me. A sense of accomplishment came over me as I stared at her little pink delectable nipple.

She spent about 10 seconds moving her arm around figuring out how to block her nipple from view of the camera. “Does it work like this?”

“Yes, perfect!” I exclaimed as I snapped away.

I snapped it from a number of angles just to savor the moment.

“You know, cousin, anyone ever tell you like kind of Dita Von Teese but with longer hair?”

“No, but I’ll take the compliment! I love her she’s gorgeous.”

Snap, snap, snap, snapping away.

“Alright, I wanna do one where like, we can see your whole side of your body, but the sheet is covering your back and hanging over your torso.”

“What do you mean?”

“Like this here – lay on your stomach.”


She lays on her stomach.

“And…boobs out but pressed against the bed so we don’t see anything.”


She moved the sheets and got in this position. For a brief, fleeting moment, I saw both titties as she positioned them to be hidden. Her glorious mounds now completely out of the sheets but smushed against the mattress under her.

“Okay, then…” I started.

I moved over to her again and moved the sheet as I wanted it to be, so that the entire side of her body, except for a small part of her torso side, was exposed to the camera.

“…sheet like this, so we can see your side.”

“Ahhhh, okay.”

I moved back over to my camera as I heard her say “Oh, so you wanna do the side profile thing.”

“Yeah, exactly.”

“Should I take my underwear off then too? Cause you wanna see, like the side my ass, right? I know you can see the black of my panties.”

Ho-ly fuck!!

“Uh, yeah that works.” I said nervously.


She arched her back forward into the bed and reached back behind her with one arm to try to pull her panties off. When she did this, her torso turned so much that both of her tits swung into full, complete, unobscured vision. I don’t know if she noticed that her cousin was looking at them, but if she did, she didn’t care.

Because of how she was laying she was only able to get her underwear half off her ass. I could see under the sheet that it was lopsided, with only one ass cheek exposed. She grunted in her failed attempt to reach behind her.

“Ugh. Here, I don’t wanna break this pose. Can you get ’em?” she asked nonchalantly.

I couldn’t believe my ears. “Uh…yeah, sure.” I replied, almost starting to sweat.

I walked over to the bed and reached towards her ass. With my hands under the sheet, I found the waistband of her underwear and pulled them down to her ankles. The feeling of my knuckles brushing against her bare ass cheeks and waist was glorious.

I threw them on the floor next to her bra and other clothes then positioned the sheet on her again. At this point it occurred to me that I had seen every part of my cousin’s body except her pussy. To think that I thought this visit was gonna be a bummer was now beyond foolish.

“Okay that looks great!” I exclaimed as I walked back to the camera.

Snap, snap, snap, snap.

“Let’s do it again from the front” she suggested.

Snap, snap, snap.

Then we did one where I stood on the bed above her and she looked up at me. The blanket only covered her lower private area, and she used her arms again to cover her breasts, which meant once again I saw them straight-up as she got into position.

“You might wanna move your arm up a little bit, cuz” I said to her. “You got a little bit of nipple sticking out.”

“Oh, shit, thank you.” she said as made more of effort to cover herself

At this point she was not even shy about showing them to me if they happened to be in view. She simply did not care that her cousin was looking at her naked chest.

Snap, snap, snap, snap.

I had another idea: “I like the idea of using your arms in this. Let’s do one where you’re sitting up, but like on your knees, with the blanket on the lower half.”

“Okay,” she said as she kneel/sat down on the bed with her tits out in full view again. “So how should I have my arms?”

I walked over again and kindly positioned them for her. “This one…like this…and this one…like this…”

She didn’t seem to mind me being so close, so I adjusted the sheet for so that it wouldn’t fall down in the front.

Now she was using her forearms to cover her breasts while she squeezes them against herself, with one hand gently on her neck and the other on her cheek. She had a sensual expression with closed eyes as I snapped away on this one. beylikdüzü escort She definitely got the idea.

Then we did one where was on her side again, with the blanket instead cover the top half and her front bottoms, as she exposed the side of her ass again with the rest of her entire legs.

“Okay, last one.” I said. “If it’s too risqué then we won’t do it.”

“Hit me.”

“Lose the sheet completely, but lay on your front. I’ll shoot it from the side of the bed right close up to your face and you’ll be biting on the edge of the sheet and winking at the camera. Your ass will be exposed but it’ll be out focused in the background.”

“It’s a little naughty, but I think we can do it.”


“Yeah, let’s do it. It’s a good finisher to the set.”

She got into position and lied down on her stomach. I position the camera exactly where I wanted.

She talked as she quickly removed the sheet, exposing her entire backside to me: “See, you’re already starting to think and shoot like a pro. Slap some good color correction on these and submit them to Maxim and you’ll be shootin’ models every day in no time.”

“Thanks, cousin. That really means a lot.” I said back. “Alright, let’s knock this last one out.

I took one last look before I snapped the photos. Here was my beautiful cousin who I had known my entire life, bare naked before me, her perfectly round ass catching the AC breeze, and her perfect handful-sized breasts pressed against the bed.

She took the outer rim of the sheet in between her teeth like suggested and gave the camera a smile and a wink. Snap, snap, snap, snap.

I took about 10 of this one for good measure.

“That looks wonderful, cousin, wonderful. I’ll wrap this up, and uh, and I’ll leave so you can get changed. We can look them over when you’re ready.” I said as finished the last photo.

4 or 5 minutes later we met again in the living room. I sat in the couch in my shorts, praying for my dynamite erection to soften up or else I’d have to go take care of it soon, and she emerged from her bedroom wearing the sweatpants she was wearing earlier and a different shirt, this one cut off at the stomach, her middle area exposed. It wasn’t much, but it was hot for me.

“How’d they come out?” she asked as she grabbed a beer from the fridge and sat down next to me on the couch.

“Good, once we actually started experimenting a little more. The ones in the beginning are boring looking.”

“That happens. Not every set is all great.”

She sat extremely close to me as I scrolled through the raw, unedited photos from just 5 minutes ago.

She blurted out suddenly “It wasn’t weird seeing me naked in there, was it?”

“What do you mean?” I answered. “It was for the photos.”

“I know, I know. I just hope you didn’t mind seeing my boobs a couple of times. I was trying to make the photos look good.”

“Haha, don’t worry about it, cousin. It’s like you said – we’re making art. It’s no problem, really.”

We continued scrolling and then we got to the last one. There were again mutually looking at her bare ass on a computer screen.

“Oh wow!” she said. “You’re right – that one is really nice. Can you email that to me? I wanna put that on my website right away.”

“Yeah, no problem!”

Over the next couple days we did a variety of shoots, all much more tame then the one we just did, but nevertheless enjoyable for both parties. Another bikini one, this time at nearby lake. One where she was just in underwear and a plaid open-buttoned shirt laying down on the living room couch.

Then, a shower shoot – her idea, not mine. For this one she just wore a black bikini bottom, and it was mostly close-ups or from behind, but there was one she wanted to do where she was facing front and center squeezing her tits together with her hands and almost orgasmic expression on her face. Then – and I saw her boobs again multiple times while doing this – she had me take photos of her rubbing soap all over herself and rinsing off under the water. When she had the soap all over her we did one that was my suggestion – soap up her tits so much that her nipples are hidden, and then with both hands, untie one side of the bikini bottom and let her show her hip part of the groin. She was hesitant at first – afraid it might fall all the way off if she lost her grip – but she went with it. To date, this was the hottest photo I’d taken of her.

She got out of the shower and dried off with me still in the bathroom. She was continuing to be not shy about her toplessness. She dried her hair with them flopping all over the place, myself standing just 2 feet away from the open bathroom door. Then she walked into the kitchen for a moment and back to her bedroom with just the bottoms on – tits on full display. I suppose by this point it didn’t matter – if I saw them once, I already saw them. Or at least that must be how she thinks of it.

Her growing comfortability made me eagerly await whatever photos we’d be taking during the coming week when I got back from my 3-day trip…

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