My Sweet Wife

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I knew that my wife had fucked two of the guys where she and I worked before I got take her out. She started working there as a part time temp while I was home visiting family for two weeks. When I returned and got my first glimpse of her. She was dancing with one of the guys she had already been with. The news of them and how he’d met her at a pub were widely known gossip around the job. I knew at that moment I wanted her. As she danced she moved so nicely. She knew the effect her big tits and an ass to die for had on every guy in the place and that beautiful smile that lit up the room had most of us drooling to fuck her. One of the guys she fucked told me that all I had to do is take her out once and she’d fuck my brains out but how was the question. She was pretty much in to one of the guys she’d dated and she was taken under the wing of the girl I was going out with at the time. Claire was barely of legal age and my girlfriend Laurie decided that she was moving too fast from one guy to the next for her own good.

Claire came to a party Laurie hosted without her latest boyfriend so I began my move to get next to her. She was very receptive and I thought I’d made quite an impression until the guy showed up and within a few minutes he whisked her off to another friend’s house. I spent the night marmaris escort with Laurie then the next morning she got a call from Claire asking if we could pick her up where she was and take her home. She sounded fairly upset so Laurie and I dressed and went to go see what the situation was. When we arrived Claire was sitting on the sofa with nothing but a blanket covering her. Her boyfriend was upstairs getting ready for work. I couldn’t take my eyes off her knowing that that blanket covered what I wanted so badly and that she no doubt had two three maybe more loads of her boyfriend’s cum still in her sweet teenage pussy. Laurie gave me a look that said give us some privacy so I left the front room. Later I learned that her boyfriend after fucking her told her he was going back to his former girlfriend. He left but we all sat there for several hours watching TV and chatting.

Now I knew it was my chance. Laurie and I were not exclusive and I knew that she was fucking other guys. So I was free to pursue Claire. I invited her to a party a couple weeks later and she eagerly agreed to go. We were supposed to double date but the other couple backed out. Claire told her parents she was to spend the night with that girl. When I picked her up she came to the car carrying an overnight bag wearing a little short yellow marmaris escort bayan skirt and matching jacket with a tight top under barely covering her beautiful tits. I knew then that that night was my time to shine. We got to the party and within a short time we were all over each other. She looked up at me after a long kiss and said that she really didn’t want to go home after but she didn’t have any place to stay and may she come spend the night at my place. Minutes later we were leaving I almost broke the sound barrier getting to my place as Claire snuggled close to me in the car. I sat her on the sofa and mixed a drink for us both. I don’t remember even getting a sip of that drink as I was all over her kissing her my hands feeling her gorgeous body respond when she suggested that maybe we should go up to my room in case my roommates returned.

We went upstairs me behind admiring that beautiful ass that was about to be mine for the night. I sat on the bed and helped her undress revealing those amazing tits and ass that so many other guys had desired.

We must have fucked 10 or more times that night and in to the next morning/afternoon before I had to take her home. I found out later that even though she was barely legal when I met her she had already fucked 11 guys and sucked a few others escort marmaris before I got to her. I thought then that it was so hot that she was so open sexually and that she had chosen me over so many other to remain with on a steady basis.

One evening we ran into one of those from work who she’d been with. She excused herself and went to speak with him for a few minutes. I didn’t know what to make of that until she returned and told me that she had given him a picture of herself. She told me that night she liked to give pics of herself to guys she’d dated, finding out later when he showed me it was a nude pic she’d taken with her dad’s Polaroid camera. She had done that with several of the guys she’d fucked.

We dated a year before we married and the sex was amazing. She would drop her panties at the drop of a hat. Once we married I thought that her wild days were over. Then almost 20 years later I found out that she was fucking another guy. he is black about her age and hung like a horse. At first I was was angered that she would cheat on me then the more I thought of her beautiful tanned legs wrapped around his dark body and that sweet pink pussy of hers accepted one load after another of his seed the more it excited me. Now almost two years later I willingly accept that she’s fucking him, having him over while I’m at work almost every Friday. Our sex life has returned to it’ former good times s he’s opened her sexuality as it was when I fell in love with her hot little slutty teenage ass all those years ago.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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