Monsters, Men, and Magic Ch. 15

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Eight hours later, Casey could barely sit still in her seat. The charm had begun its slow ramp up on her hours before, but she had ignored the feeling. The effect had been growing stronger and stronger, to the point that if she were in the truck with anyone but her father, she would have already been masturbating. Now she was just trying her best to ignore the creeping need that was beginning to claw at her.

She had rolled down the window and was staring out it. Casey tried to focus on the passing landscape instead of what was happening to her. Her panties had already been wet when she had gotten in the truck from Jordan and Derek, but now they were even damper. Her own arousal was building up every moment. If she didn’t take care of it soon, it felt as if she’d go mad from it.

“You alright, Casey?” Her dad asked. His attention was on the highway, but that didn’t stop him from glancing over at her. He had been quite happy since taking care of the trickster.

“Oh, everything is just fine, Dad.” Casey didn’t think she could stay around him in this state. The charm was pushing the dream she had to the forefront of her mind, and the last thing she wanted to imagine right now was her own father forcing his cock into her. She wasn’t fine though. Casey didn’t know how much longer she could deal with this. “Maybe we should grab some motel rooms again,” she suggested.

He thought about it for a moment. “We do have another six hours of driving ahead of us. I could do with a break myself. It’s not like there’s a rush, that trickster was taken care of pretty quickly.”

It was only a few minutes until they spotted a motel alongside a truck stop and pulled off. It felt as if the charm had grown even stronger in those few minutes. Casey was practically squirming as they rented the rooms and headed off to them. She couldn’t wait any longer.

She rushed ahead of her dad and unlocked her room. “I’m really tired, I’ll see you in the morning. Good night.” She barely let him answer before she closed the door behind her.

All she did through was toss her pack on the bed and then listen for her dad going into his room. The instant she heard his door close, she quietly opened her door and slipped back out into the night. She wished Derek was still around; that would be easier than finding a new guy. But there had to be a man around she could convince to fuck her. A quick look around the motel marmaris escort showed that everyone was already inside their rooms, and she didn’t have any luck running into someone arriving. That left the truckstop and diner.

She walked over to them, watching the different semi-trucks arriving and departing often. One of those drivers would fuck her. Casey didn’t head to the diner; instead, she waited for one of the men fueling up his truck to return from paying. As he climbed up into the driver seat, she approached him. The man had a messy beard and a bit of a gut, but it wasn’t like that would stop her.

“Hi,” Casey called out.

The man’s attention immediately turned to her, and his eyes ran up and down her body. She had left her hoody in the room, so now she was just dressed in her low-cut black tank top and her matching shorts. It wasn’t too difficult to tell what she was looking for; she wouldn’t be out of place standing at a street corner downtown.

His eyes didn’t budge from her tits as he answered. “What are you doing out here?” he asked.

“I’m just looking for some fun tonight,” she smiled, getting closer to him.

“I’ll give you twenty bucks for a blowjob.” The truck driver didn’t even hesitate in saying it.

Casey wasn’t surprised at the offer of sex, but she was at the promise of money. She would have sucked his cock for free. That being said, she wouldn’t turn down free money. “Deal.” She was so close to having a cock inside of her. The pressure from the charm weighed on her even more now as if she could feel the mark digging into her skin.

“Come on up them, we’ll have some privacy here.” The man offered her a hand up into the truck, and she took it.

It wasn’t the best idea to climb into vehicles with strange men, but Casey had fought off her share of monsters; she wasn’t worried about one truck driver. She moved over the driver’s chair and stood crouched over in the tight cabin of the truck. He closed the door behind him and sat down in the seat, turning sideways in it to face her.

His hands went to his belt, and he worked his pants down far enough for his cock to spill out. He wasn’t remote erect yet, and in the darkness of the cab and through his thick bush, she could barely see his cock.

“Well, what are you waiting for, girl?” he said. “I’ve got to be on the road soon and if you want to earn your pay get to work.”

Even if he wasn’t marmaris escort bayan as nice as Grant or Derek, or as charming as Jordan, Casey didn’t have a choice. She needed his dick. The teenager squatted down in front of him and reached for his cock. It didn’t take long for her hand to stiffen up his cock, and as soon as she could wrap her fingers around him, she did. Her soft hand pumped up and down his length, working him smoothly before she leaned in closer.

“That’s good. You’re a lot hotter than most lot lizards, you know that?” he hissed. “Young and pretty.”

Casey didn’t respond as her lips pressed against his cock. She moved quickly for her own sake. The charm had her heart racing faster than ever and doing something she usually wouldn’t do. She needed a reprieve from it. She wasn’t exactly mad at Jordan about the charm, he hadn’t known the effect it would have on her, but she didn’t know how much worse it was going to get before it started getting better.

Her mouth slid down his length, taking it inside of her. The instant her tongue pressed along him, she could taste his sweat. The truck driver clearly hadn’t showered for a couple of days, and his taste coated her mouth. It wasn’t terrible, but it did show that the other men she had been with had showered recently. The feel of him in her mouth immediately helped her through. The pressure from the mark loosened slightly, just a bit. Casey could already tell that sucking one cock wasn’t going to be enough for her to sleep tonight.

The truck driver sank further into his seat, looking down at her with a wide grin. “There you go girly. I haven’t had one of you polishing my knob for over a week. I missed the feel of a wet mouth around my cock.”

Casey’s tongue swirled around the head of his dick, flicking against him before she pushed herself deeper onto his cock. His length pressed down along her tongue and down her throat before she pulled back and then dove back down him. Even outside of the charm, Casey had been surprised how much she enjoyed sucking cock, not to mention the jizz she always earned as a reward.

“And so eager too. Normally I have to do all the work with you sluts,” the driver groaned. “I bet you love sucking cock every day, don’t you?”

Casey’s eyes looked up at him. She could barely make out his face in the dark. The lights from the truckstop were illuminating her, but he was in shadow. escort marmaris Even with that, she could tell that the man was grinning down at her. She nodded her head, attempting to her craving.

She could imagine the type of women who usually hung around truck stops and were willing to get down on their knees for men, and doubtlessly, she was a few tiers above them. How many eighteen year old girls with a body like hers were going around and sucking cock for twenty dollars?

His eyes drifted down from watching his cock disappear into her mouth and down to her swaying cleavage. “I want to see your tits,” the driver growled.

Her hands moved down without hesitating. Casey tugged the bottom of her tank top up and over her heavy breasts, letting him see just how big they were. She didn’t need a hand around his cock anymore, so they stayed there, toying with her own breasts and pinching her nipples. Even with her giving the blowjob keeping the charm at bay, she knew she would need more than just this tonight. What she didn’t know was how many cocks she would have to suck to quench it.

“Fuck, you’re one stacked slut,” he grunted. “You got a body to make a pornstar jealous.”

Casey couldn’t help but smile at the compliment, as crude as it was. She picked up her pace more and more, sliding down his entire cock and taking him wholly into her mouth. He let out a rumbling sigh as she pushed herself further and further. The teenager drove herself harder. With her lips wrapped tightly around his cock she slid along him, pressing herself down into his pubes and burying her face there with his cock down her throat.

His hand reached down to hold onto her head, keeping her pinned in against him as he came. He hadn’t been lying about not getting off for a week. A thick flood of cum shot down her throat and filled her mouth. Casey drank it down eagerly, letting the flavorful jizz drip down into her stomach. His hand only released her as he finished climaxing. She bobbed her head along him two more times to clean his cock and get every drop, and then she pulled off of him.

“You’re a hell of a girl,” he breathed. Casey nodded and turned to leave. “Wait a second.” He pulled out a twenty and gave it to her. “Don’t forget your money, you earned it.”

Casey had utterly forgotten about the money; she was here for cock, not cash, but it couldn’t hurt to have some money on hand. “Thanks,” she replied, stuffing it in her pocket and pulling her tank top back down before climbing out of the truck and back to the truck stop. The charm wasn’t clawing at her anymore, but Casey knew she needed more tonight.

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