A New Life: Extended Ch. 03

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Part One: Sam and Hannah

Sam Bursman gazed down at his sleeping wife. The sheet was down around her waist, exposing her naked breasts to his view. Always at home she wore very modest pajamas. But now, thanks to his son and his family, she was sleeping nude.

This was really the first chance he had to look at her breasts in their full naked glory. Gently, so as not to awaken her, he reached out and cupped one breast, feeling it’s weight and softness. As he caressed the melon-shaped globe and rubbed his thumb over the pale pink nipple, he relived in his mind the events of the night before. His cock quickly hardened at the thought of all of the incestuous fucking that had gone on.

Looking down at his wife’s breast, he noticed that the nipple was beginning to harden in arousal. Leaning over, he took the hard nubbin in his mouth and began sucking on it. Hannah moaned in her sleep and pushed her breast into Sam’s mouth. As he licked and pulled on one breast, he reached over to squeeze and knead the other one.

Suddenly Hannah shifted a little in bed and Sam felt a hand wrap around his hard cock. “Mmmmm! What a nice way to wake up,” she said. “I hope you’re ready to finish what you’ve started, though. You’re getting me hot and horny. And now you’re going to have to fuck me good before we get out of this bed. … But I can see you are up for the job.” She smiled as she stroked his jutting manhood.

Sam looked up into his wife’s smiling face. He still couldn’t believe how much she had changed. But here she was, holding his penis, and telling him she needed him to fuck her. He was going to have to remember to thank his son later, after he had fulfilled his wife’s need.

He raised up and kissed her. She responded by offering him her tongue. He groaned as he sucked on it, pouring his soul into the kiss. At the same time he moved one hand down over her stomach and between her thighs. She quickly spread her legs to give him access to her steaming cunt. His probing fingers found her wet hole open and ready for fucking.

He broke the kiss and said, “Oh, wow, Hannah! You’re already wet and ready for me.”

“Mmmm, yes,” she replied, pushing her mound hard against his hand. “Ever since Paul showed me how great sex is I can’t seem to get enough. I’m always hot and wet, ready to fuck. I guess I’m turning into a real fuck-slut for my family. Does that bother you, Sam?”

“Oh, goodness, no!” he replied. “You have no idea how long I have wished and dreamed for this very thing. I love you, Hannah. And I want to show you just how much by fucking your brains out.”

Hannah wrapped her arms around her husband and pulled him down into a tight bear hug. “Oh, Sam. I love you. I was so afraid I had lost you when I found those sex magazines. I was desperate. I ran to Paul for help. And he showed me how much it was my own fault for not telling you about my past, not getting help a long time ago.”

Sam pushed himself up so he could breath. “It’s okay, Hannah.” he said, gazing into her lust-filled eyes. “Those magazines only helped me relieve my sexual tensions. I never stopped loving you. I never would have left you.”

“Well now you won’t need them at all,” she smiled, poking him playfully in the ribs, “because I intend to handle all of your sexual tensions myself. Any time you feel the need, you just let me know. My mouth, my pussy, and my ass are yours to fuck anytime you want.”

“Oh, Hannah! How I love to hear you say that.” Sam kissed his wife, again squeezing her breast as he pushed two fingers into her hungry hole.

Then he broke the kiss, this time to begin kissing his way down over her neck and shoulders to her heaving breasts. There he licked and sucked each one, savoring the feel and taste of them. Hannah ran her fingers through his hair and pulled his face deeper into her fleshly tits. “Suck them, Sam. Suck my hot tits. Oooohhhh, that feels so good.” Once again she began stroking his hard cock, enjoying the feel of it in her hand.

After several minutes, Sam licked and sucked his way down over her stomach to her hairless mound, leaving a trail of kisses and saliva as he went. Hannah raised her legs and opened her thighs to give him full access to her steaming pussy. The lips were puffy and blood-filled, giving them a nice red hue. They gaped open, revealing the pink interior of her vagina. Pungent juices leaked out to flow down her crack. The smell was intoxicating.

Sam took a deep breath, drawing the musky odor deep into his nostrils. And then he dove head first into the well. Quickly his face became covered with his wife’s pussy juice. He licked and sucked everywhere he could reach as he tried to drink down as much of it as he could. She tasted even better than Mary or Lydia, he thought. He was really going to love eating his wife’s mature pussy as often as he could.

Hannah squirmed as she pushed her leaking twat into her husband’s face. “OOOOhhhhh, yyyyeeessss! Suck my hot cunt. … Eat my wet pussy. … Push your tongue in me and fuck me. … Ssshhhiiiitttt, Sam. That feels so good. bakırköy escort …Oh fuck, why did I wait so long to do this? …You’re going to make me cum, you horny fucker. … Suck my clit, honey! Hurry! Make me cum! … Ooooohhhhh, fffuuuccckkkiiinnnggg ssshhhiiittt!”

Her words burned into Sam’s brain. Never had he heard her talk this way. But he loved it. Enflamed, he attacked her clit. He licked and sucked on it for all he was worth. He could feel the throbbing beat of his heart in his temples. The blood flowed hot in his veins as he enjoyed the feeling of power he had to drive his wife wild with sexual energy. Pushing his tongue hard against her extended clit, he suddenly drove three fingers up inside her steaming depths.

Hannah bucked her hips, arching her back. She grabbed her husband’s head in both hands and pulled him tight into her superheated cunt. And then she came, pouring her cum-juice into his waiting mouth. “Ccccuuuummmmmiiinnngggg! Oh fuck! Yyyyeeeesssss!”

Sam continued his attack on his wife’s pussy, drinking the copious flow of juices that poured from it, until she collapsed back onto the bed after her orgasm subsided. Lifting his head, he watched her heaving breasts as she tried to regain her breath. His face literally dripped with her cum.

Hannah looked at her husband and smiled. Then, suddenly, she jumped up, knocking him over onto his back. She quickly straddled his hips, grabbed his hard cock, pointed it at her bald hole and sat down hard, impaling herself on it in one swift stroke.

Taken totally by surprise, Sam groaned loudly as his cock was engulfed by the molten heat of his wife’s cunt. “I told you last night we were going to fuck our brains out this morning.” she told him. “And it starts now. You really got me going with that wonderful cunt sucking you did. And now you’re going to reap the benefits, you horny bastard, you.”

With that she began to bounce up and down on his hard cock, fucking him for all she was worth. She ground her hips this way and that, up and down, back and forth, driving her clit into his pelvic bone, as her pubic mound slapped against him again and again.

Sam grabbed her hips and drove himself up into her hot depths. He matched her, thrust for thrust. As she leaned forward to get better leverage, he caught one of her swaying tits in his mouth and sucked hard on the pointed hard nipple.

“Yyyyeeesss!” she shouted. “Suck my hot titty. Fuck my nasty cunt. Fuck your fuck-slut of a wife. Pound that hot rod up into my wet twat and make me cum. We’ve got a lot of wasted time to make up for. Fuck me, Sam. Fuck me good.” Her pussy was almost a blur as she fucked herself up and down his naked shaft.

“Shit, honey,” he groaned, as he increased his speed to keep up with her. “You sure are one hell of a hot fuck-slut. If I’d have known you’d turn out like this I’d have gotten our son to fuck you years ago. Fuck me, you incest-loving slut. Fuck me with that hungry, cum-loving cunt of yours.”

There were no more barriers between them; no more taboos to hold them back; the past was forgotten. Husband and wife reveled in the heat of the moment, seeking to satisfy the hungering of a lifetime of repressed desires. A sheen of sweat covered their bodies. Their lungs seemed to burst for want of air. And still they pounded into each other, frenzied in their lust for each other.

It couldn’t last. Their bodies soared to the pinnacle and over the edge, into the depths of pure pleasure and love … they came together.

“Oooohhhh, fffuuucckkk!” Hannah cried, as her orgasmic pussy collapsed around her husband’s cock. “I’m ccccuuummmmiiinnnngggg!”

Sam drove his throbbing cock up into his wife’s womb as deep as he could go. “Yyyyyeeeessss!” he cried out as he sent wad after wad of hot cum shooting up into her, bathing her vaginal walls with it’s liquid fire.

They lay there together, Hannah’s quivering twat milking Sam’s shrinking cock of it’s last drop of sperm. They hugged each other, kissing passionately.

Part Two: Breakfast Time

After they regained their breath, Sam and Hannah showered together and headed to the kitchen for breakfast. It was already almost mid morning and they were both hungry. At Hannah’s insistence they didn’t bother with clothes.

“I’m a Bursman family incestuous fuck-slut.” she explained to her husband. “I’m yours to fuck, anytime you want. But Paul and Tim can fuck me whenever they want, too. And you and Mary or Lydia can fuck any time you want. We are now one big happy incestuous family. So let’s forget the clothes and enjoy our new-found freedom.”

Sam didn’t argue. He loved watching the sway of Hannah’s breasts as she moved, the jiggle of her ass as she walked ahead of him into the kitchen. Besides, the thought of fucking his beautiful daughter-in-law and his gorgeous granddaughter again sent tingling sensations into his groin. He could feel his cock twitch in anticipation of what was to come.

As they entered the kitchen they discovered they weren’t the only ones beşiktaş escort who had decided not to wear clothes this morning. Paul was casually sitting at the table eating his breakfast as Lydia knelt between his legs sucking on his engorged cock. Both were naked. Mary stood at the kitchen counter fixing a pitcher of orange juice. Except for an apron, she, too, was naked.

As Sam and Hannah entered all three turned to look at them. Paul smiled as he saw his naked parents. “Good morning. Sounded like you were really enjoying yourselves when we went by your room a little while ago.”

Hannah smiled and looked lovingly at her husband. “You could say that.” she said. “Sam made me cum twice already. Looks like he’s another Bursman stud, just like his son and grandson.”

Sam blushed under his wife’s praise. “Paul, you sure have turned your mother into quite the fuck-loving slut. She just about fucked me to death already this morning.” Then stepping forward to clap his son on the shoulder, he added, “Thanks, son.”

Paul rose to hug his dad. “I’m glad everything is working out for you two.” he said. Then striding over to his mother, he continued, “Of course, the fact that I now get to fuck mom too isn’t such a bad bonus.” He took his mother into his arms and stuck his tongue in her mouth as he reached down to fondle her pussy mound.

As Sam watched his son kiss and play with his wife, he felt a warm mouth engulf his semi-hard cock. Looking down he saw Lydia looking up at him, her lustful eyes shining, as she sucked on his rapidly growing shaft.

“Come on, everyone,” Mary chided, as she set the orange juice on the table. “Let’s eat breakfast first. Then you can fuck your brains out if you wish.”

“Why can’t we do both?” Lydia asked, raising up to push her grandfather into a chair. Once he was settled, she straddled his lap, reached down to grab his hard cock, and slowly sank down on it, driving it deep into her hot depths. Then she reached over and poured herself a glass of juice. “Come on, grandpa. We can feed each other while we fuck.”

“That looks like fun,” Hannah said, watching her granddaughter bouncing on her husband’s lap. Quickly she led her son over to the table, set him in a chair, and pushed his erection into her superheated twat. As she fucked him, she reached for the plate of eggs. “One hot, fucking breakfast coming up,” she said.

Mary watched her family feed each other their food. All the while her daughter and mother-in-law slowly road up and down the hard cocks that impaled them. The scene made her pussy swell with desire. Her cunt juice began to leak down her leg. “I think I’ll go wake up Tim,” she said, as she headed out the door.

The others hardly noticed Mary’s departure. They continued their playful fucking as they ate. Hannah dribbled a little egg yoke on her tit. Paul quickly licked it off, causing his mother to moan in pleasure. Sam had a bit of food stuck at the corner of his mouth, so Lydia leaned forward and used her tongue to remove it. Then she French kissed her grandfather to make sure he got every bite.

Paul took a piece of toast, put part of it in his mouth, and then fed it to Hannah. As she took it from him their tongues danced against each other as they kissed. And Sam took some jam and smeared it on Lydia’s nipples so he could lick it off, causing her little nubs to harden immediately.

All of the sex play with their food soon had the four of them really turned on. The men’s cocks throbbed in hot, wet pussies. The women squirmed as the excitement raced through their veins.

Paul reached out to grab his mother’s waist. He began to guide her movement on his hard cock. “Oh yes, mom! Your pussy is so hot. Fuck me. Pound that incestuous cunt up and down my fucking shaft. Oh, fuck. Yeah!”

At her son’s urging, Hannah quickened her pace as she rode his thick cock. “Fuck me!” she cried. “Shove that big, incestuous cock up my fuck hole, you motherfucker, you. Fuck me good and make me cum. Pound me and fill me with your creamy sperm. Fill my hot incestuous cunt with your jizz.”

Sam smiled and shook his head as he listened to his wife beg for their son’s cum. He never dreamed he would hear her say such things. Her words really turned him on. Reaching up, he began to squeeze and pull on his granddaughter’s swaying breasts. “Come on, Lydia. Don’t let your father and grandmother get the best of us. Fuck me. Move that young incestuous pussy of yours up and down your grandfather’s hard cock.”

Lydia moaned from the tremors of pleasure that coursed through her body as her grandfather mauled her tits. She put her hands on his shoulders to steady herself and began to bounce on his stiff shaft, driving it deep into her stretched vagina. “Oh, shit, grandpa. Your hard cock feels so good in my hot little fuck-hole. Squeeze my tender tits while I fuck your big cock. Fill my incestuous twat with your granddaddy rod. … Oh shit! I love incest. I love fucking my naked grandpa. Fuck!”

The sounds of naked flesh slapping against beylikdüzü escort naked flesh filled the room as the two couples climbed toward their orgasms. Faster and faster they went. Hard shafts were pounded up into open, willing cunts. Slick, wet pussies caressed throbbing cockmeat. Hardened nipples pressed into heaving chests.

Paul groaned. “Ooohhh, ssshhhiiittt, mom. I’m going to cum. I’m going to shoot my white, hot cum into your incestuous cunt. Oooohhh, yyyeeessss! Take it. I’m cccuuuummmmiiinnnnggg!”

Hannah slammed her pulsating mound hard against her son’s pelvic bone, sucking his cock balls deep into her womb, as she felt it jerk again and again, spewing his sperm into her body. “Yyyyeeeessss!” she cried. “Cum in me, you hot motherfucker. Give me all of your thick incestuous seed. Fill mother’s incestuous pussy with your hot white juice. Oooohhh, shit. You’re making me cum toooooooo!” She moaned as her orgasmic pussy collapsed around her son’s throbbing member, milking it of every drop of hot fluid.

Hearing her father and grandmother cum together drove Lydia over the edge. She slammed her mound hard against the root of her grandfather’s cock, grinding her clit into his pelvis as her orgasm consumed her whole being.

“Ccccuuummmmmiiinnnnggg! …Shit, grandpa! I’m cumming all over your hard cock. F-f-fuck me. … Fuck me, grandpa, and fill my incestuous twat with your hot seed. Ooooohhhhh, fuck!”

Sam felt his granddaughter’s tight pussy spasm around his pounding cock as she came. He couldn’t hold out any longer. It felt like Lydia’s hot pussy would burn his cock off as it bathed him in wet pussy juice. Grabbing her hips, he pinned her hard against his lap as he emptied his hot load into her willing vagina.

“Ccccuuummmiiinnnggg, honey. Grandpa is cumming in your hot little incestuous hole. … Ooooohhhh, shit! Take my incestuous seed deep into your hungry womb.”

Suddenly the room was quiet, except for some heavy breathing as the four lovers tried to catch their breath.

“I love you, grandpa.” Lydia said, kissing him as their combined cum leaked out of her well fucked pussy, down over his sweaty balls, to drip onto the kitchen floor.

“I love you, too.” Sam replied, as he pulled his naked granddaughter’s body tight against his own.

Hannah gazed lovingly into her son’s eyes. “I love you.” she mouthed silently to him.

Paul kissed his mother deeply as he felt his cum flow from her well-filled vagina onto his shrinking cock and balls.

Part Three: Mary Seeks Out Her Son

Meanwhile, Mary moved quickly to her son’s bedroom, dropping her apron on the floor as she went. The sounds of sex flowing from the kitchen enflamed her own sexual desires. Already her mature cunt was wet with anticipation for her son’s strong rod.

When she got to Tim’s room and looked in, she found him laying on his bed, slowly stroking his hard, erect cock. “Well, good morning, sleepy-head,” she said, happily, as she gazed lustfully at his big, stiff manhood. “Were you going to stay in bed all morning and jack off, when there are three hot fuck-sluts in this house just waiting for you to pound that lovely cockmeat of yours into their willing pussies?”

Tim’s cock gave an involuntary jerk as he gazed at his mother’s naked body. Her swaying breasts and glistening wet pussy never failed to excite him. He still thought she was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. “Nope,” he said. “I was just waiting to see who would come get me for breakfast. I thought I could get a little alone time with one of you that way.”

“That is so sweet, honey.” she replied. “I hope you are ready for some hot sex with your horny mother.” She sat down next to him on his bed and replaced his hand with her own on his hard shaft. Lovingly she began to stroke up and down, marveling at the heat that emanated from it.

Tim groaned as his mother pumped his cock. “What’s the rest of the family up to?” he asked.

“When I left the kitchen, Lydia was sitting on her grandpa’s lap with his stiff cock buried in her hot pussy, while she fed him breakfast. Your grandmother and father were in much the same position.” she replied.

“Wow!” exclaimed Tim. “What a great way to enjoy a meal.” He reached up and began to caress his mother’s soft tits, feeling her nipples harden in his hands.

“Yes,” she said, smiling. “Watching all of that incestuous fucking really turned me on. I got so hot I had to come and find my own incestuous fuck partner.” Lustfully gazing into her son’s eyes, she added, “And you are it.”

Tim leaned forward and kissed his mother’s full lips. “I love you, mom.” he said. “And I love being your incestuous fuck partner.”

“Oh, Tim,” she cried. Throwing both of her arms around him, she hugged him close to her and kissed him with all of her soul, her tongue slithering deep into his mouth, seeking the intimate caress of his tongue.

The force of her attack knocked Tim back onto the bed with Mary sprawled out on top of him. Quickly she swung her body around to straddle his hips. As if guided by radar her hungry twat centered itself over his thick shaft and she plunged down, burying it all the way inside her hot fuck-hole in one swift motion. Both mother and son groaned loudly into each other’s mouth as the sensations of their incestuous union washed over them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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