A Happy End to School Life Pt. 05

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I woke up that Monday morning still with a large smile on my face. I had finally got one over on Hailey, “that will teach her to mess with me” I chuckled to myself.

I got myself up, usual morning business, showered and dressed. When I got downstairs it was only mum.

“Hi mum!”

“Jesus Josh, gave me a fright there” she lightly laughed “where’s your sister?”

“Eh good question” where was my sister. Believe it or not, she was always down before I was. Most likely cause she was always up before me.

“Hailey!! Move that butt!” Mom shouted up the stairs.

“I’ll be down soon” Hailey’s voice came back down.

“Well I need to go, you better be down in the next five minutes young lady.”

“I will, love you” Hailey shouted.

“Love you too!” Mom shouted back “and love you too” she smiled as she came across kissing me on the head. “Please don’t be late you two!” Mom was always so nice but she hated people being late, said it was rude.

“Don’t worry mom, I’ll make sure we are at school on time!” I smiled to her. “Love you”

With that mom grabbed her things and was away out the door. As I finished off my bowl of cereal, Hailey finally came down.

“Don’t even!” She said, holding her hand to me.

“What? I wasn’t even gonna say anything” I held my hands up.

“Yeah sure, this is your fault!” She said annoyed!

I laughed, “how??”

“Cause you didn’t bother to finish me off last night! I couldn’t get to sleep!” She said as she grabbed some breakfast.

“Frustrated?” I smirked.

“Yes!” She stated “just a little bit.”

“Why didn’t you… please yourself?” I asked.

Her voice became a little more timid and a lot less annoyed “i tried!” She said sitting down. “It wasn’t enough though!” She looked at me, a hint of lust in her eyes. “I need it again!” She whispered.

I massive smile grew across my face “I’d happily let you have it again!”

She grinned back at me as we got up and sorted ourselves to leave. The walk to school was nothing like ever before it wasn’t awkward but we walked a lot closer to each other and laughed more. Then the most abnormal thing happened, as I began to walk away from her when I saw Heather.

“Hey” she said grabbing my hand “why don’t you walk with us?”

I was a little stunned and it would be weird after the other night. “Eh I don’t know Hailey!”

“Look Josh, I know about Saturday night. Me and Heather tell each other everything. I know she’s coming over Tuesday to see you. Said she’s having a maths problem, I can guess what else she will want” She looked over her shoulder to where Heather was, leaning a little closer and whispered. “I’m just glad you fucked me first! Now come on” she changed her tone and pulled me towards Heather.

They tell each other everything? Heathers having more than just a problem with maths I laughed to myself, does Hailey know that too? Has she done it?

“Hey Hailey, and oh hi josh!” Heather smiled as she hugged Hailey.

“You cool with Josh walking with us?” Hailey said looking to me.

“Of course, why would I not!” Heather winked at me.

We walked the rest of the way to school and it was nice to be honest. It defiantly beat walking alone and we had a laugh. When we got to school I clocked Marc sitting on his normal bench. I said my goodbyes to the girls and headed over to him.

“Hey dude!” I said bumping fists

“Hey man, what a weekend!” He said with a massive grin on his face.

“Have fun?” I laughed

“Oh yeah man! Pretty much spent all of yesterday with Zoe!” He grinned “was just amazing!”

“I’m glad mate” I laughed “you’re like a giddy little child!”

“I feel it man, never been this happy!”

“Aww check you! Not with her this morning?” I joked.

“Nah man, gotta meet my boy!” He said “here why did you walk with your sister and Heather this morning?” He asked.

“What do you mean?” I replied a little defensive.

“You normally come alone to school!”

“Dunno just did today!”

Before he could speak, the bell rang and we had to head in. How the hell did he pick up on that.

First half of the day was actually alright, for school anyway. Then I thought it was going spiral downwards.

“Mr Adams?” a low voice came, I knew the voice.

“Yes Mr Edwards” I said turning around.

“Can I have a word please?” He said offering me into an empty classroom.

This could be fun I said to myself.

“Please take a seat!” He offered

I sat down on one of the chairs and waited as he closed the door. “Ok we need to talk about what happened on Friday!” He calmly said half sitting on the desk, folding his arms. “If that news got out, I would loose my job and most likely my wife!”

I could sense the desperation in his voice. I wasn’t about to ruin the guys life for just getting his dick sucked but I feel I should get something in reward. “Ok Mr Edwards, you have my word I won’t say anything but what you were doing with Heather stops!”

“Yes yes” he timidly nodded.

“What you do out of school is halkalı escort not my business but no more with students.” I sternly told him.

He simply nodded again, his arms falling to his sides.

“All I ask if you make sure Heather and I pass maths!”

He looked at me “are you actually bribing me?”

“Look at it how you may sir. Heather and I will will study but all you have to do is make those grades look good.”

He sat there in silence, folding his arms again. I could tell he was pondering the situation and then he spoke. “Ok Mr Adams, we have a deal!”

“Good!” I said standing up, “can I go now?”

He again just nodded and held is arm to the side indicating I could leave.

I left without saying an other word and headed to the cafeteria. I grabbed a quick few bites to eat and headed outside to meet Marc. When I got outside Marc was at our usual table but he wasn’t alone. Zoe was sitting next to him with Lily opposite.

“Eh hey guys” I said as I took the only seat free next to Lily.

“Hiya mate” Marc said.

“Hey Josh!” Zoe said as she was pretty much on Marc’s lap.

“Hi Josh” Lily smiled to me as she moved a little closer as I sat down.

They went back to talking about whatever they were talking about before I came, some TV show I think. As I started eating my lunch it was then I noticed it.

“Eh where’s Traci? She off ill today?” I asked.

“You didn’t tell him Lily?” Zoe whispered angrily at Lily.

“What must have forgotten!” Lily shrugged trying to hide a smile.

“Tell me what?” I asked.

“Oh boy” Marc exhaled

“Well” Zoe started “we all know what you and Traci did Friday night!”

I tried to hold back a grin as I could see Marc doing the same.

“Anyway, Zoe and I where at Traci’s house on Saturday. And she was talking about it, going on about it more like. Cut a long story short her younger brother must have overheard and told her parents.”

“Shit” I gasped

“Yeah, well her mum and dad hit the roof. I’ve never seen parents so angry. We got sent away and as we got out the house, the shouting got louder, we left Traci in tears. What you don’t know is that Traci’s mum and dad are very strict and very religious. The fact that she had sex with you out of marriage and not even in a relationship was one of the worst acts.”

“Here that isn’t my fault!!” I defended myself “she made all the moves!”

“Not the point, her dad was so furious at her that she’s been shipped to an all girls boarding school upstate.”

“Holy shit” I half laughed “it was only sex?!”

“She phoned us Saturday night whilst we were at Lily’s and told us the whole thing, she doesn’t blame you for anything!”

“Quite right she shouldn’t” I said a little annoyed. “I’m sorry that happened to her but fuck sake, bit too far!”

“Is what it is man!” Was all Marc said

“Yeah thanks man” I faked laughed

“And wait hold on” I turned my attention back to Zoe, “you were with Lily all day Saturday? With her sister too?”

“Nah we didn’t see her sister till the Saturday night time!”

“Soo you didn’t go to the shops in town?” I asked eyeing Lily.

“Eh no, as I said we were at Traci’s then went to Lily’s! What’s with all the questions?” Zoe asked me suspiciously.

“Oh sorry nothing, was just wondering how your weekend was” my eyes still on Lily, who was looking down at her lunch with a big grin on her face.

“What the hell?” I thought to myself, “what were the pictures all about then?!”

I was on autopilot for the rest of lunch, I was thinking about yesterday and why I didn’t make a move. It is very evident today that she did this to get with me. Won’t make that mistake again.

Lunch came to an end and we headed off to our classes. I wanted to pull Lily up, about yesterday but she had class with Zoe so couldn’t get at her alone.

In no time school was over. I waited outside the school for Marc before I headed off to the store. I waited as long as I could but he never showed, I sent him a text and set off for the store.

As I walked to the store, all I could think about was how I could get Lily. I thought about how I could get her back at the house for another photo shoot, I grinned to myself.

I was most disappointed when I walked into the store, to see that Becki wasn’t in her usual spot behind the counter, instead it was Benji.

“Hey josh!” Benji spoke as he finished counting some change.

“Oh hey, eh Benji!” I said, still a little confused. “Where’s Becki?”

“Did she not tell you” he said without looking up “she’s away across state for the week visiting her cousin or some shit like that.” He tilled away the change. Looking at me now “why you miss her” with a pretend baby voice.

“No! Just asking!” I said a little too defensively

“I know why man” he laughed “you were expecting to get your dick sucked?”

“Well… yeah” I replied, chuckling a little.

“Well sorry to be the one to tell you man. You’ll taksim escort either need to find someone else or wait till next week. Cause I certainly ain’t doing it!!”

We shared a laugh and I got to work. I spoke to Wes for a while as we stacked the shelves and he told me about the old days when he was a bit of a ladies man. Always went home with someone different from ‘the dancin’ as he called it.

I even got a shot behind the till tonight. Normally Benji or Becki would handle the till or even Ms Peters when she worked. Which wasn’t very often.

The shift went by pretty quickly and wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t a total disaster with Becki not working cause with Benji working I could get a lift home. Marc had eventually texted me back apologising for not being there as he had detention for being on his phone. Wonder who that was with I laughed to myself.

When I got home neither Mom or Hailey where in yet so I got something to eat out of the fridge and went to my room. I sent Hailey a quick text asking where she was and sat down switching the Xbox on.

About a half hour later I got a text back from Hailey saying that she was at Heather’s and was gonna stay over and that mom knew.

“Fair enough” I thought to myself and was about to go back gaming when I thought about texting Lily, but what to say. I decided I was going to try and playfully call her out about yesterday.

“Hey Lily, what did the agency think of the pics? Or do you need more? Didn’t want to ask at lunch!”

I lied, of course I did. After what was said at lunch, I wanted the truth.

About 10 minutes went by and my phone buzzed, it was Lily.

“Hiya Josh, the agency loved them! But they want more with different outfits on!”

Holy fuck is she serious, I laughed in disbelief. What game is she playing.

“I might need you to take some more?”

I stared at my phone in disbelief, do I go with it or call her out. I sat for a second to decide what I should do.

Well if she wanted more then I would get my chance,

“Yeah sure I can help out again!” I replied.

“Great 🙂 can you come to mine Wednesday?”

Wednesday? Yeah that’s perfect,

“Yeah I sure can!”

“Awesome!! We can just head back to mine after school!!”

“Sounds like a plan” I replied, a massive smile on my face.

“See you tomorrow Josh xx”

I decided to just send a couple of smiley faces back. I was very happy with myself.

I mindlessly went back to playing my Xbox and only realised the time when my Mom knocked on my door to tell me that she was going to bed and that I should do the same. It was past 11 and only felt like I had been home for half an hour. Anyway I did as I was told and went to bed.

The next morning was a little abnormal, it wasn’t the first time I had walked to school without Hailey but was still weird without her. I didn’t even see her or Heather on the way to school either.

The day was a complete bore and drag. Lunch was ok, we sat with Zoe and Lily again. It wasn’t as awkward as yesterday. Lily sat closer to me and again Zoe was basically in Marc’s lap. I don’t know how we got on to the topic but we were all talking about superheroes. The debate was that is Batman a superhero?

“There’s no chance he can be one, he doesn’t have any super powers!” Zoe stated.

“Yeah he does, he has money!” Marc argued. “Money is his super power!”

The argument was pretty much between the two of them as Lily and I just watched on. I felt a hand on me, I looked down and Lily was trying to put something into my hand, it was a note.

“Sit next to me in science x”

I took the note and just smiled to her.

Marc and Zoe were still arguing away. They were arguing about Iron Man as well. To be honest they both had valid points but I couldn’t get a word in.

Lunch came to an end and we all said our goodbyes and headed off to our different classes.

I was like a little kid and was actually excited to get to science. I managed to stay awake through History, I couldn’t even tell you what subject we were on. The time finally came to head to science and when I got there, Lily had already saved me a seat. She waved me over with a smile.

“Thanks” I said with a smile as I sat down next to her.

“You’re welcome” she smiled back. “Least you don’t have to admire me from across the classroom anymore” a wicked grin on her face.

“Well after Sunday I admire you in a whole different light” I smirked.

Lily looked away and blushed. Before she said anything, the teacher started the class.

Science wasn’t actually too bad for once. Mainly cause I had a laugh and joke with Lily. God knows what the teacher was teaching us about. The class finally came to an end and I walked with Lily as we met Marc outside. I said my goodbyes and head home as the both of them waited for Zoe to come out.

I got about five minutes away from the house, when I heard someone shout my name and come running up behind me. It was Heather.

“Josh wait up! Did you forget I was coming şişli escort to yours?” She panted as she caught up to me.

In all honesty in my short memory I had forgotten, I was so caught up with talking and thinking about Lily that it had slipped my mind.

“Hey Heather, nah didn’t forget just thought you would come by later” I lied.

“But why come later when you have a free house now!” She winked.

“Good point” I laughed.

We walked the last small distance in relative silence, just ideal small talk.

Once in the house we grabbed a few drinks and snacks from the kitchen and headed up to my room. Chucking my school bag and shoes to the side I cleared the desk and got out my maths book.

“Thanks for this!” Heather said in an innocent, genuine voice.

“It’s cool” I shrugged, knowing well fine I would get a reward. One like Saturday night would be great.

We got down to doing some actual work and I helped her out with some long division calculations and fractions.

After about an hour and a half had passed when Heather had, had enough.

“My brain is totally fried” she said closing the maths book and pushing it away. “I’m done for the night” she exhaled.

“You’ve done well tonight” I tell her as I pick up my maths book and put it back into my school bag.

“Mind if I go grab an other drink?” She asked nicely.

“Yeah sure” I smile “you know where everything is!”

“I do that” she giggled as she hopped off out my room and downstairs.

As Heather was down stairs I cleaned up my desk and went and sat on my bed. Man it felt comfy after being sat in a desk chair pretty much all day. Heather was back up and taking a drink from a cup, placed it on my desk before she joined me on the bed.

“Thanks again Josh, I don’t want to fail maths!” She said hugging into me.

“Don’t mention it” I paused. “What about Mr Edwards?”

She was silent for a moment before looking up to me “oh don’t worry, I won’t be doing anything with him anymore.” A grin grew across her face “I’ve got a new much better cock I want to get my hands on again!” She winked at me as she went for my crotch with her hand.

“Time to pay up” I grinned

Heather sat up with a mocked expression on her face “pay up? Here I thought you were doing this out on the kindness of your heart?!”

“Nope” I grinned

“But I don’t have any money” she said with a pretend sad voice.

“Oh I’m sure a smart girl like you will find other ways!” ” I smirked

“I know” was all she said as she pushed me to lie down on the bed and positioned herself between my legs. Playing with my pants she pulled them off me. Running her hand across my cock. “You do have a really nice cock Josh!” She stated. She pulled downed my boxers and took my limp dick in her hand, slowly jerking it.

Heather admired it for a second before sucking it into her mouth. She worked my full cock and it didn’t take much time at all for her to get me hard.

“So good” I groaned as Heather worked her mouth up and down my shaft. Sucking hard as she pulled up. She moaned around my cock as she sucked and it made the feeling so much better.

As she bobbed her head on the tip of my cock, I gathered her hair in my hands and started to control her head movements. Heather got the idea and allowed me to take over. I pulled her mouth further down my cock and made her start to move her mouth up and down. I could feel the tip of my cock hit the back of her throat but she wasn’t gagging. God she could suck cock good.

With her taking my cock with complete ease, I slowly started to lift my hips as so to fuck her mouth as I pulled her down on to it. This gave me an idea. Pulling her head off “get on your knees!” I demanded.

Heather simply nodded and climbed off the bed and got down to her knees.

“Pull your top off” I demanded again, she did so without question. Heather was playing the submissive role and I the dominator, I was loving this idea. Heather pulled her top off, she wore a white flowery bra.

“Take that off too!” She reached behind her back and unclasped her bra, letting it fall from her arms exposing her petite b cup chest. They were a nice size and her nipples were rock hard.

“Now keep your hands behind your back” I told her and again she simply nodded, looking up to me with innocent eyes.

I took Heather by the hair again and pulled her towards my cock. She opened her mouth and I guided my cock in. I eased my cock all the way in, as deep as I could go and she began to gag a little. I held my cock in place, just admiring the sight of my cock balls deep inside her mouth. I held longer until Heather started to cough and struggle for air. Pulling my cock free,

“Uugghhh” she gasped “love gagging on cock” she grinned looking up to me.

Without saying anything, I rammed my cock back into her mouth. Pushing it deep and started to fuck her mouth. My balls slapped off her chin as I forced my cock in and out of her mouth.

As I continued to fuck her mouth, I could feel the drool and saliva dripping down my balls as she took my cock. It was an incredible feeling. The blowjobs I’ve had before we’re good but this was different, much better. The control I had over her. Going as fast and as deep as I wanted. Treating her like a cheap whore and doing as I pleased with her. These were dark and new thoughts in my mind but I was loving it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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