Angry Girlfriend – Lucky Me

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It had to be 1986. I had just bought a new to me house. I had gone to one of my favorite country bars to dance on a Saturday night. It’s amazing the strange situations you can run into in a bar. This one was popular and usually had a good crowd on Friday and Saturday nights with live music instead of a DJ. I had been there a couple of hours and had only danced about half the songs. There weren’t that many single ladies to ask to dance. I was bored.

Just as the third set of dancing started I saw a barely legal age girl walk in and sit down at the bar. Sometimes a lady will sit at the bar instead of a table to let guys know she is available. It was summer so no one was wearing a jacket or sweater.

This young lady was barely dressed! She was trying to be country because she had cowgirl boots on probably with short socks and she was not wearing stockings of any kind. Her skirt was a mini….. VERY short and tight with a white blouse.

The night was boring so what the hell…. Why not ask her to dance before someone else does. I walked to the bar, tapped her on the shoulder, and asked. “Would you like to dance?”

She turned her bar stool around to face me. “Yes, thank you.” She stood up.

Her white blouse was about one size too small. She had tied the bottom tails at the front in a knot. NO buttons were buttoned. It gapped open 3 or 4 inches to show she was wearing nothing under it.

She was maybe 5 foot 6 and 120 pounds. Blonde hair down to her shoulders and classic blue eyes. A pretty girl by anyone’s definition.

The song was a two-step beat, not a slow snuggle song. I was holding her a few inches away from me so I could see the front of her blouse and a nice valley between her breasts which were about a B-cup.

I said with a smile on my face. “That’s a sexy blouse you’re wearing.”

She replied. “Do you like it?”

I answered. “I do like it. Are you looking for company?”

She replied. “Do you like what’s under the blouse?”

I figured what the hell. She comes into the bar, late in the evening, dressed like this. I had my right arm around her with my hand on her back. I was holding her right hand in my left. I moved our hands towards the open front on her blouse. She let go of my hand and pulled one side of her blouse open to her nipple. I reached in and gave her breast a squeeze.

I said. “I’d like to see all of you.” The worst she could say was no.

We had danced a few steps with her holding her blouse open part way. I was enjoying the view and wondering what might happen next.

She said. “If you’re ready to get out of here I haven’t even ordered a drink yet.”

The song ended. She let her blouse go back to the 4 inch gap. We walked up to the bar for her to pick up her purse and walked out holding hands. I didn’t even look around to see if anyone was watching us.

We walked to my car. I unlocked the passenger door. Before I could open it she turned me to face her and gave me a soft kiss on my lips.

I opened the door and she got in. I closed her door and went to open mine and got in. I started the car and pulled out of the parking lot.

She asked if I would stop somewhere and buy her a pack of Kools, a menthol cigarette for those who don’t know the name.

I told her. “Sure.”

There was a small store just a few blocks from the bar. I went in and bought the pack of cigarettes and picked up a book of matches. I got back in the car and handed them to her. She opened the pack, took one out and lit it. She took a drag and exhaled the smoke. She was obviously very nervous.

I asked. “What brought you to the bar tonight?”

She spoke. “I had a date with my boyfriend. We had a late dinner and some wine to drink. I thought he would appreciate me dressing sexy for him. He didn’t like my outfit. He was taking me home when I saw the bar and asked him to stop. He stopped. I got out and walked into the bar just before you asked me to dance. I don’t know where he is now and I don’t care!”

I checked my rear view mirror to see if anyone was right behind me. No one was.

I asked. “Would you like me to just take you home to your house? I can do that.”

She quickly answered. “No, can we go to your house?”

I answered. “We can do that. I live alone.”

She scooted over next to me on the bench seat. I put my arm around her shoulder holding her close to me. She was trembling a little.

I said. “The drive to my house is 6 miles. I will take you wherever mersin escort you need to go tomorrow.”

She answered. “Thank you.”

I went a little round about on the way to my house to be sure no one was following us. My driveway was long, so once I was parked you could not see my car from the street. I got out and opened her door. She got out, stepped on what was left of her cigarette and took hold of my hand. We went in my house.

I said. “Have a seat on the couch.”

She sat down and had a worried look on her face.

I said. “Nothing has to happen tonight. How old are you?”

She replied. “I’m 21…. And yes, something IS going to happen tonight!”

I said. “I’m 45, and old enough to be your father.”

Her response. “But you are not…you liked the way I’m dressed. You think I’m sexy. I think you’re nice for getting me out of the bar and away from that area. Sit with me, please.”

I sat down next to her and put my arm around her. She turned to me and pulled my face to hers for a long kiss. She was angry at her boyfriend and needed someone to care about her. Like I thought in the bar…. What the hell… enjoy her.

I reached over and untied the knot holding her blouse together at the bottom. She pulled it back so it was hanging outside of her nice breasts. Her nipples were hard. We were all tangled up for a few minutes, touching, caressing, squeezing, nipple sucking and sharing lots of deep kisses. She asked where my bathroom was. I told her and she got up to go down the hall.

I took my boots and socks off and just set them by the couch.

She came back to the front room, saw that I had taken my boots off so she took hers off. She stood up, took my hand and said. “Show me your bedroom.”

I stood up and led her down the hall to my bedroom. I said. “I sleep naked.”

She answered by stripping out of her skirt and blouse which was all she had on. It took her less than 20 seconds! I undressed and laid my clothes on a chair. She put her clothes on top of mine.

I said. “I need the bathroom for just a minute.” I was back in 2 minutes.

We turned the covers all the way dawn. I laid down on my back, just wondering what was going to happen and how.

She said. “I’m on birth control… but if you want to use a condom I’m OK with that. I’m going to thank you for being a nice man. When we left the bar I’m sure you were hoping the night might end this way. I’m not going to disappoint you.”

I said. “Let me get a condom out of my night stand. Then we can enjoy each other with no one being disappointed.” I opened the package and put a Sheik on my very hard cock.

She lay down beside me. “Show me what a real man is…. Not the young man who missed his chance.”

We stared in a simple missionary position. It only took 4 or 5 minutes before she was having her first orgasm. “AAAAHHHH! OOOOHH! MMMMMMN!”

I said. “I’m going to carefully back out. I want you on your knees with your titties and shoulders down on the bed.”

We changed positions. My cock slid back into her dripping wet pussy. I held her by her hips and pounded her to another orgasm. “HHHHMMN! OOOHH! AAAAHHH!”

I asked. “Have you ever taken it in back?”

She shyly said. “No. I’ve heard girls say it hurts?”

I said. “If it hurts the guy is doing it wrong. Just relax and let me give you a couple of orgasms by fucking your ass!”

She replied. “Be easy.” She reached one hand down to rub her clit.

My cock was rock hard and the condom was dripping with her juices. No extra lube needed. I pulled out of her pussy, aimed my cock at her most private opening and pressed gently against her puckered hole. The head of my cock slipped in easily. I paused to let her muscles adjust.

I slowly went as deep as I could get. Then started stroking slowly in and out. She lost control in about two minutes. “AAAAAHHHH! OOOOOHHHHH! HHMMMMMM!”

I said. “I’m going to make you have one more! I’m going to really fuck you hard!”

I held her hips and started pounding hard.

She had another orgasm that was her strongest yet. “YEESSS! OOOHHH! HARDER! DAMN!! AAAAAAGGGGNNNN!”

I said. “Lay down slowly on your tummy. I want to stay inside you for a little while.”

She eased forward to lie down as I stayed deep in her ass.

I was holding some of my weight off her upper body with my arms…but I was keeping my full weight on her ass.

After a couple of minutes she spoke. “Oh, my GOD! I’ve always been afraid to anamur escort try that….. And now I see what I’ve missed. That was intense! It felt like no sex I’ve ever had.”

I kept a finger on the Sheik to be sure it came out still on my cock and very slowly pulled out.

She said. “That was really full…. Now I feel empty.”

I re-assured her. “We can sleep awhile and then do it again if you want.”

Her response. “YES! I WANT TO DO THAT AGAIN!”

We got up. She in one bathroom. Me in my second bathroom to dispose of the condom and wash real well. We came back to the bed and lay down.

She asked. “You didn’t cum did you?”

I answered. “Age has its advantages. I’m saving it for next time.”

She answered. “I know you used a condom… and I know you washed off real well.

If you go sit in that easy chair in the front room…. I want to drain you!”

My response was to get up and head for that chair. She followed me. I sat down at the front edge of the chair so my balls were hanging down off the seat cushion and opened my knees wide. She knelt down on the shag carpet and started licking and teasing with her tongue. She had one hand holding the base of my cock and her other hand cradling my balls.

After a few minutes of teasing she got serious. She was taking as much of me in her mouth as she could. Sliding her lips up and down, licking and sucking.

I was getting close. I warned her. “If you keep that up I’m going to cum.”

She backed off my cock to speak. “Go ahead, I said I was going to drain you.”

She held her lips tight around my cock and sucked hard… up and down a couple of times…

I exploded! I shot spurt after spurt of cum in her mouth. She kept swallowing and sucking until I started to soften.

She spoke. “If a man gives me as much pleasure as you have given me tonight… there is no way that I am not draining you! You can make some more by morning then we can have a repeat session.”

I answered. “Thank you! That was way better than wasting cum in the Sheik! I’ll be ready again by morning.”

We cuddled up spoon fashion with her in front of me, sitting in my lap. I put my arm around her to cup a firm young breast. It was just more than a handful.

We slept soundly. When she woke up in the morning it took her a second to remember last night and where she was. She rolled over to face me. I was awake but pretended to still be asleep.

She started kissing me softly and then harder. I acted like she had woken me up.

I thrust my tongue as deep in her mouth as I could. She returned that with her tongue. This girl could kiss!

We said. “Good morning!”

We both got up to visit a bathroom and came back to the bed.

I asked. “So… you liked getting butt fucked?”

She blushed. “I had heard several girls say they had tried it but it hurt and they didn’t like it. What you did to me was fantastic. I’ve never felt that sensation before. And it didn’t hurt so YES I liked it. I told you last night I want to do it again.”

I spoke. “Let me explain a couple of things to you. Old age and experience means I know more than young guys do. They don’t understand how a woman’s body works. Your vagina makes plenty of juices for lubrication to make bodies slide together easily. The human rectum has no ability to make any type of lubrication. So when a guy doesn’t understand this he thinks, oh a little saliva or precum will be enough. WRONG! Last night my condom was soaked in your vaginal juices providing the slippery fit we needed. This morning I want you to get on the bed on your knees like you were last night.”

I held up a small tube I had brought from my bathroom.

I said. “This is K-Y lube. I’m going to put some on my finger and ease it into your ass a couple of times. I’m going to again wear a condom with some K-Y on the outside so I don’t get an infection from the normal bacteria in that are in your rectum. A UTI is no fun.”

She climbed on the bed on her knees and lowered her titties and her shoulders down on the bed. DAMN, what an inviting sight. I opened the package and rolled the Sheik down my hard-on. I applied a little K-Y to the outside of the condom and put a dollop on my middle finger.

I said. “Just relax and try not to clench your muscles. My finger is going in first a couple of times… then I’m going to slowly put my cock in your ass and push it as deep as I can. I’ll let you feel that for a minute… then erdemli escort I’m going to fuck you hard!”

She spoke softly. “I’m ready…. For you to pleasure me again.”

I slid my lubricated finger in and out of her ass a couple of times. She squirmed a little trying to get my finger deeper. I pulled my finger out and wiped it on a paper towel.

She said. “Oooooh.”

I placed the head of my cock at her puckered little anus… It took three little nudges before her sphincter muscle relaxed to let me enter. I paused to let her adjust.

She told me. “DO IT!”

I buried my cock deep in her tight little ass. It was sliding with no drag. Lots of friction, but no drag. She was tight! I started stroking in deep and almost out… then repeating it slowly just enjoying every stroke. I held her hips and started speeding up.

After about three minutes she had her first orgasm of the morning.


I kept pounding her ass with my balls slapping against her pussy. She lost control completely.

Three over-lapping orgasms as she gasped for air.




I stopped stroking and said, “Ease down on your tummy.”

She leaned forward and down onto her tummy. I stayed deep in her ass. I was holding my upper body with my arms. I started stroking slowly. In this position it felt not as deep but a lot tighter.

She lasted only a couple of minutes.


I stopped stroking but stayed deep. “Now, what do you think?”

She answered. “I’m so glad I walked into that bar and you asked me to dance. I feel totally done in. It all felt wonderful!”

I carefully pulled out. I got up and went to the bathroom to dispose of the condom and clean up. She went to the other bathroom to clean up. We met back at the bed. I put on a fresh Sheik on my still very hard cock and lay down on my back.

I told her, “You should straddle my waist with your knees and lower your wet pussy down on my cock. I want to play with your titties as you ride me to a climax together.”

She answered. “I’m going to ride you hard like you did me.”

She climbed on the bed, straddled me with her knees and lowered her pussy down to swallow my hard cock. She did not start slow. She was rocking forward and back… raising up and down, twisting back and forth… Then she started just bouncing up and down as fast as she could in short strokes of just a couple of inches… keeping me deep. We shared a frantic finish… she experiencing another strong orgasm and me climaxing filling the condom with cum.



She leaned forward to press her breasts into my chest and share several passionate kisses. After a few minutes of basking in the afterglow we got up. Each of us went to a bathroom. When we got back to the bedroom.

I asked. “How about I buy us breakfast at Denney’s?”

She said. “I’m not really dressed for breakfast.”

I offered. “I have a T-shirt that is really too small for me. I’ll give it to you and if you pull your skirt down a little bit you will look great!”

She was smiling as we got dressed. I thought she looked cute in her boots, mini skirt and my white T-shirt with her blouse as an over-shirt unbuttoned. We drove to Denney’s and enjoyed a tasty breakfast.

We got in my car and headed back to where the bar was located. She directed me to her apartment complex which was only a couple of miles. I parked in front and went around the car to open her door.

She turned sideways on the seat before getting out to flash her small bush at me one last time.

I said. “Thank you… for the dance… for the wonderful night and morning… for good company at breakfast… and most of all… for sharing yourself with me.”

She answered. “Thank you…for the dance…for the ride… for sharing your bed…for breakfast…and most of all…for showing me how wonderful sex is supposed to be! Thank you!”

We shared one last lingering deep kiss and embrace. She took one step back, turned around, and walked away towards her apartment. I got back in my car and drove away.

It dawned on me, as I was sure she would also realize, neither one of us offered a name… and neither one of us asked for a name. It was just she and I… names didn’t seem that important. We both knew it was just one night… and we would probably never meet again. But I will always remember her! I’m certain she will always remember me.

I hope you enjoyed a true story from my past. I appreciate your vote.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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