A Good Night at Work

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Double Penetration

I’m at work, it’s after hours. You call and say you’re bored and need to get out of the house. “Can I come up there?” you ask. Of course. Fifteen minutes later, you walk in. The place is dark but you see my desk in the corner is all lit up. I’ve been working feverishly until now. I stop and watch you saunter over. Still in your work clothes: a smart business suit/skirt combo that would definitely draw stares in normal circles. Your skirt is mid-thigh but, due to the length of your legs, looks much shorter. You pause and pretend to look out the window, shifting your weight back and forth from left to right. You’re actually just flexing your calves because you know you turn me on in high heels.

Very casually, you stroll over and drop a small bundle of fabric on my desk. I pick them up and smile as they unfurl in my hand. Your small panties. “I had to take them off on the way over,” you say, “My little pussy was too hot.” I lift them to my nose and breathe in your scent. The scent I go to sleep and wake up with. The scent that drives me.

You lean forward on your elbows and look deep into my eyes. “Almost done with work? Do I need to leave you alone for a little while?” you ask. No, done now. The break in your jacket is gaping obscenely and your full breasts are threatening to breech their confines. I see nary a strip of silken undergarments there. Must have been too hot halkalı escort for that, too.

You casually reach across and lightly fondle me through my dress pants. My cock stirs instantly. Gripping its hardness, you ask, “Is that for me?” Coming around the desk, you push me back in my chair, pull your skirt up and lean back against the cool laminate. Your pussy’s glistening in the glare of the table lamp. My mouth is watering so I close the distance between us. Your legs are spread and you’re giving me complete access to your special place. I finally get close enough to lightly swipe my tongue up the length of your delicious flower. When I get to your clit, I pause there and make a small circle around the nub, never actually making contact. Your lips plump and open. I slip a finger inside and am met with that magic wetness. You’re hotter inside and so lubed that a second finger is need for friction. You arch back and thrust your hips to meet my hand. I lean back in and, this time, aim directly for your hardening button. I take it between my teeth and lightly bite. I use my tongue to coax it out from its hood. It’s hard as stone and your delicious juices are covering my hand.

I use my long middle finger to seek and gently press your G spot. My left arm is around your waist and I feel your şişli escort whole body wrack with the onset of an orgasm. I pull you tight and continue my assault on your clit. You’ve unbuttoned your jacket and pulled your beautiful tits out. You’re lifting one, then the other, to your mouth and nibbling/sucking on your fat, engorged nipples. Your eyes are closed and your brow is slick with a sheen of perspiration. You’re moaning, “Yes,” and “Don’t stop,” and biting, sucking, pulling your nipples. Orgasm two almost buckles your knees. I add a third finger and, still stroking your G spot and attacking your clit, bring you off. My hand is drenched and my beard is full of your intoxicating liquid.

Releasing the side zip of your skirt, you let it fall to the floor, step gingerly out of and cast it aside. You lean down and, with eyes glazed with sex, give me a heavy, passionate, open-mouthed kiss. I know you will taste yourself on me and see a gleam in your eye when you do. You always think it’s so unbelievably naughty to taste your own juices.

You reach down and release my full cock from its tomb, pull my pants and boxers to my ankles and hold it low on the shaft. Squeezing tightly, you let my organ fill with blood. The tip swollen, glowing crimson in the light. You smile that devilish smirk and crouch down, taking the head in your sarıyer escort mouth. Teasing the underside of the crown with your tongue, you stroke long, steady strokes from the base to your mouth. My hands are entangled in your hair and my breathing is coming in gasps and moans. Your stare is one of quiet concentration as you go further down the shaft. You remove your hand, pause, breathe out and relax your throat. After a moment, the thick mushroom cap of my cock breaks through and you have fully captured me in your tunnel. You try to stay down because you know I love this but you come up gasping for air. Something has transformed this beautiful, business suit-clad young woman into an instrument of wanton lust and you attack my cock.

Using your hand and mouth again, you stroke in circular motions and go all the way down, alternating a hand job and deep throat. Using your other hand, and a sampling of your own juices, you gently probe my ass. You loosen me up and get knuckle deep before adding a second. Shortly, you’re all the way in with two fingers and gently stroking my prostate. It only takes a full minute and you feel my cock jerk in your mouth and see my balls tighten up close to my body. You take the first blast of my cum in your mouth. You then pull out and aim it at your wonderful breasts. The next several shots absolutely paint your bosom. You alternate between each tit, stroking my still-hard erection and shooting load after load until they’re almost covered. Releasing my flagging pole, you rub my cream into your skin and smile up at me.

I stand and pull you to your feet. Realizing that you need cleaning, I begin to lick my own cum from your sodden breasts. I then share myself with you in a cum-covered kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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