Wild Night at School Dance

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Hannah walked into the gym for the high school’s “Festival Dance”, the dance held just before the school’s annual festival. Only two grades were responsible for running the festival, the juniors and seniors, and so were the only grades allowed at the dance.

Hannah walked in with a group of her friends, chattering nervously together about whether they would dance with a guy. Hannah and her friends were seniors and had not necessarily been the most sexual group of girls. However in senior year Hannah and her friends’ bodies had come in, and for the first time Hannah found herself the focus of random men on the street, trying to sneak glances at her. She had grown from a girl who wore t-shorts and sweatpants to school to a girl who now wore tight-fitting jeans and low-cut blouses. She had flowing blonde hair that fell a little past her shoulder and bright blue-green eyes. Her body had grown as well, and she had developed an ample 36DD bosom and a toned ass. Today would be the first time she went to a dance as her new, confidence sexual self, and she had dressed appropriately, though limited by the high school dress code. She wore a loose low-cut pink tank-top and bootyshorts, both normally banned by the dress code but allowed at the dance. They showed off her tits and ass nicely.

As she walked into the gym she and her friends were suddenly engulfed in loud, blaring music. The gym was totally dark save for some lasers, spotlights and strobe lights which illuminated the dance floor. The dance floor had assumed its normal composition, with the more “cool” adult and sexual students in the middle, bumping and grinding, and the more “nerdy” students strung loosely around the fringes, dancing in circles or in lone groups.

Despite Hannah and her friends’ newfound confidence, they were too nervous to simply walk into the center circle. They did their usual and formed a dance circle on the fringes of the dance floor. Soon she and her friend Talia, however, began drifting closer to the center of the dance floor, towards the bumping and grinding that had been occurring there.

Talia suddenly stopped dancing and turned around towards a girl trying to get her attention. Talia and the girl, who Hannah now recognized as one of Talia’s soccer friends, exchanged happy squeals and hugs before they began talking. Hannah was left dancing alone.

Suddenly she felt a pair of hands grab her gently but firmly by the hips. Not long after she felt the press of another body against hers. By the feel of the body she could immediately tell it was a guy. She could feel this stranger’s smooth, sharp abs pressing into her lower back, and his strong pectoral muscles pressing into her shoulder blades. She also felt his firm thighs pressed against the back of hers, his hands pinning her hips firmly to his own. She looked up at the stranger who had just grabbed her from behind. It was another senior, a classmate from chemistry she recognized as one of the “cool students”. He had blonde hair gelled to the side like a wave, and blue eyes with an intense gaze and face. He was in ROTC and kayaking and so was extremely well toned. She felt his smooth muscles press against her back as he looked down at her inquisitively as their bodies pressed together.

Not knowing what to do, she merely nodded and looked back ahead, swinging her hips to the beat of the music. Taking her nod as approval he began to match her movements, swinging his hips in unison with hers. He tightened his grip on her hips and pulled her closer to him, pressing her body tighter against his and asserting his claim over her. It didn’t take long for their bodies to grow comfortable with each other and soon Hannah found herself grinding for the first time with a random stud.

This was crazy. She didn’t even know this guy’s name or who the hell he was. Yet here she was, grinding her ass against his crotch, swinging hips with him in unison. She felt him gently lean forward, pressing his body against hers and gently pushing her upper body down so she was bending over more. He then stood back up but kept a hand on her back, keeping her bending over as they grinded. She was now at a 45 degree angle with his body, and he was practically dry humping her now. She allowed him büyükesat escort to do it, and submitted to his desires again. She glanced towards her friends. She saw the look of shock on their faces as they whispered and gossiped about her grinding with some random guy.

The stud behind her, emboldened by her allowing him to do whatever he wanted so far, began to act even bolder. She felt the hands gripping her hips slowly slide down so his fingertips were now brushing her thighs. The tips of his right fingers were now on her inner thigh, inches from her pussy. She didn’t react again, now curious to see how far he would go if she let him.

Hannah felt his right fingers come to life again, and they slowly but surely began rubbing her shorts directly over her pussy.

Hannah didn’t know what to do. On the one hand, the responsible part of her wanted to take his hands off her crotch and walk away from this guy. But the curious part of her wanted to see how far this guy would try to go, and also how far she would let him go. Seeing that she wasn’t trying to stop him, the stud began rubbing her crotch harder and faster. Her body began responding to his touching; she felt herself getting wetter and the rubbing was beginning to elicit some strange feelings. They all felt great. Suddenly she felt something jump to life in the stud’s pants. With her ass rubbing against his crotch, she felt a slow hardness begin to form in his pants. She realized he was getting an erection. Instead of feeling repulsed by this stud’s boner, she felt strangely pleased she had managed to elicit this kind of reaction.

Giving in to a sudden urge, Hannah tried to rub her ass directly against the stud’s boner, and slowly worked it so his hard cock nestled between the cheeks of her booty shorts. She squeezed her ass, and she heard him audibly gasp as she did so. She smiled at his reaction and continued rubbing against his hard cock. As she did so his fingers continued to rub her crotch. They grinded and groped against each other for the next few songs, her ass teasing his hard cock and his fingers making her wetter and wetter with its rubbing. Their dirty acts were hidden by the darkened gym, illuminate only by strobe lights and lasers.

She suddenly felt his lips on her neck as he leaned down and softly began nibbling and kissing her neck. She closed her eyes from the sudden onset of erotic pleasure, surprised to be so turned on just from a guy kissing her neck. He worked his lips up her neck slowly until his lips brushed her ear.

“Let’s head outside,” he said, speaking directly into her ear to overcome the loud music. He moved from behind her and grabbed her hand before pulling her through the crowd towards the door. She followed him, wondering how far this was about to go. They headed for the back exit of the gym, away from the crowd at the door. After leaving the gym he led her through the track and football field to the bleachers that overlooked the field. He pulled her under the bleachers and they stopped. They looked at each other briefly, each knowing what was about to happen, and then he grabbed her around the waist and kissed her, his strong lips locking onto her own.

She instinctively kissed him back, and they stood like that for a bit, his arms wrapped around her and their lips locked in a deep, passionate kiss. After a few minutes of kissing he began probing her mouth with his tongue, softly brushing her lips with it and teasing her. She opened her mouth and allowed his tongue in, and they kissed for long, languorous moments, their tongues flicking into each other’s mouths.

He grabbed the bottom of her loose tank top and pulled it over her head. She raised her arms to let it happen. He pulled off her shirt and carelessly tossed it aside. He looked at her, gazing at her in her bra. While she had never been a party-girl, she certainly had a party-girl’s body, namely a party-girl’s tits. She had been blessed with massive 36DD breasts, and she could tell he was gawking at them lustfully. He hurriedly reached around her to begin picking at the hooks in her bra. She felt him fumble around for a bit before managing to get the hooks undone, and then he peeled her bra off. Her massive tits çankaya escort fell out, and he stepped back for a moment to gawk more at her shirtless physique. She had never felt more proud of her tits than she did at that moment. He slowly reached up and took one tit in each hand before squeezing them. He began groping and playing with her tits before leaning in and sucking on one of her nipples. The erotic pleasure was too much, and her head fell back as she moaned in pleasure. She grabbed his hair and pulled him closer to her bosom as he continued to kiss and suck her breasts.

He stood upright suddenly and leaned in for another kiss. She obliged him and they began another make-out session as he continued to grope and fondle her massive tits. After a few minutes he broke off their kiss and took a step back. He began to undo the strings that held his board shorts together and she realized he wanted to go all the way. To her surprise…so did she.

After undoing the strings he pulled his pants down and they slid to his ankles. She finally saw the hard cock she had been grinding against and was impressed. It was about 7 inches long and was very stiff. Instinctively she reached out and grabbed it with her right hand. It was so warm and stiff. She began gently stroking him, and he uttered a short groan of pleasure as she did. He pulled his own shirt up and over his head and casually threw it to the ground besides them. Even though it was dimly lit under the long rows of bleachers she could still see his hard muscular body; his chiseled chest and smooth flat abs. She marveled at his Adonis-like form, and she ran her other hand over his muscular upper body. He smiled smugly as she gazed awestruck at his sculpted body.

While she stroked his hard cock, he reached down to her shorts and fumbled to unbutton them. He succeeded after a few moments and unzipped her fly before giving her shorts a quick tug which sent them to her ankles, revealing her small white thong. She was happy she had switched to thongs recently; it would have been embarrassing for him to pull down her pants to see her old grannie-panties she used to wear.

While she continued to stroke his cock he reached down and rubbed the front of her thong. She bit her lip from the sudden onset of pleasure as his fingers ran over her pussy. He rubbed a finger along her pussy through the thong before he grabbed the front of it and pulled it down to her thighs, exposing her pussy. She pulled the thong to her ankles before stepping out of them. They were both now naked, gazing at each other’s body. They both leaned in for another passionate kiss as he fondled her tits and she stroked his cock. He reached a hand down to her pussy and slipped a finger into her. For the first time she felt a part of him inside her, and he could feel how wet she was. She was ready.

Gently, he grabbed her by the hips and slowly spun her around so she was facing the underside of the bleacher. She bent over, placing her hands on the bleacher for support. She couldn’t believe this was about to happen. She was about to fuck some random stud under the bleachers. She had let him grab and grind with her, and hadn’t stopped him when he kept going further and further with her body. Now she was bent over waiting to be fucked. He grabbed her hips from behind, similar to the first time they had met when he grabbed her hips on the dance floor.

She waited in anticipation as he lined up his cock with her pussy. She felt the tip of his cock press against her pussy and slide between the lips. The pleasure nearly overwhelmed her and she let out a long sigh. His cock pushed further into the her pussy, resting against the hole. He suddenly thrust forward with a sharp jab and entered her, grunting with pleasure as he did so. She bit her lip from the pleasure of this stud’s cock in her pussy and felt him begin to move. He pulled out so that just his cockhead was in her and then thrust forward again so he was completely inside her. He did so slowly at first, his cock and her pussy getting used to each other, but similarly to the dance floor it wasn’t long until their bodies grew comfortable with each other. He began to pick up the pace, thrusting harder and faster ankara escort into her. She began to breathe heavily and then began to whimper with the pleasure.

?”Oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck fuck,” Hannah moaned as the stud continued to plow her from behind. She felt one of his hands reach under her and grab her tit, squeezing it as he fucked her. She looked back over her head to gaze at her new lover. The sight of his chiseled form pounding her, his muscular hips pounding against her ass, really turned her on. But what turned her on even more was the fact that she had barely known this guy. She only knew him because he had taken a class with her. Yet here she was, fucking a practical stranger. The thought turned her on to an extreme.

“Fuck,” the stud breathed as they fucked. He let go of her tit and gave her ass a hard slap, causing her to squeal. “God you’ve got a great ass,” he said.

She tried to respond but as she did he picked up the pace, his hips jackhammering into her ass even faster than before. All she could do was moan in pleasure. His hand returned to her tit, squeezing it while they continued to fuck. The feeling of his cock thrusting in and out of her pussy was a constant stream of pleasure. She could feel her orgasm building as his cock ravaged her pussy. Suddenly she felt the stud grab a handful of her hair and yank her head backward as he continued to hump her. Weirdly the feeling of her being held by her hair made her even more aroused and she felt her orgasm reaching the breaking point.

He let go of her hair and she collapsed forward against the bleachers again as he begin to speed up even faster, his hips rapidly slapping against her ass. The sounds of their sex resonated under the bleachers; the slapping sounds of his hips pounding her ass, her whimpering and moaning and his grunts of pleasure, the wet noise of his cock plunging in and out of her soaking pussy. As he began fucking her faster he began grunting, and she realized he was about to reach his own orgasm. Seeking to help, she reached one hand under her and gripped his balls. She heard him moan in pleasure as she did. She began to fondle his balls in her hand, and he let out another moan. He sped up even faster and she felt his cock starting to get thicker inside her.

Suddenly she felt an explosion of warmth inside her pussy and realized the stud was coming. “Aaaaah,” the stud moaned as he came, thrusting into her as deep as he could as his sperm shot out from his cock into her pussy. Feeling his warm cum flood into her triggered her own orgasm, and she felt wave after wave of pleasure and heat resonate throughout her body. With each thrust she felt an additional burst of warmth as he shot more and more cum into her. She could feel herself being filled with his semen. Both his hands reached around and fondled her breasts as he fired off the last of his cum into her. “Aah, aah, aaaaaaah” the stud moaned as he finished cumming inside her.

He collapsed forward onto her back, resting, their sweaty bodies heaving from the effort of their sex, her tits still gripped tightly in his hands. They rested like that for a few minutes, his cock still buried in her pussy and his hands still holding her tits. Finally she stood up. Feeling her move under him the stood also stood up and backed away. Hannah turned around and gazed at the stud’s naked form. He was covered in a slick sheen of sweat, and his cock was now semi-erect and utterly spent. It glistened wetly with their juices.

“Holy fuck,” the stud said. “That was fucking awesome.”

Hannah giggled and looked around for her thong. She found it and slipped it on before looking for her shorts. The stud similarly began to look around for his clothes. Before long they had each found their clothes. She was in the middle of putting her bra back on when the stud, already fully clothed, approached her.

“So,” the stud said. “Uh…thanks.”

Hannah nodded and replied, “Yeah.”

The stud asked, “I realized I don’t even know your name.”

Hannah realized that she didn’t know the stud’s name either, yet she had fucked him. “I’m Hannah.” she said.

“Oh,” he replied. He held out his hand. “My name’s Robert, and I’m the guy who just came in your pussy.”

Hannah nodded and shook his hand.

“Well I’ll see you around,” he said. He turned and walked towards the open end of the bleachers. Hannah watched him go, still in a state of disbelief she had just fucked a random stud under the school bleachers. Then she went back to rehooking her bra.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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