What Happens in Vegas 02

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“Come on, don’t be such a fucking pussy, we’re in fuckin’ Vegas baby!’ Lennie cried as he pulled Walter to his feet.

“I told Mary I wouldn’t go to any strip clubs,” Walter said quietly.

“Then you’re going to be fine, this is a magic show. That and hypnosis. Anyhow this guy is great. Come on, I’ll make sure no evil women takes advantage of Mary’s widdle boy,” he said sneeringly. “Also, I learned how to hypnotize from this guy. He’s great!”

“You can do hypnotism?” Walter asked, “That’s cool. You can help people lose weight or quit smoking.”

“Yeah, that too. Anyhow, let’s get going. Andy and Frank are downstairs waiting,” Lennie ordered as he handed Walter his jacket.

“Why did you invite Walter? I mean, nothing against him but this is not going to be his scene.” Andy asked Lennie quietly, “Though I suppose not inviting him would have been rude. I’m just surprised he said yes.”

Lennie thumbed through his phone, “He actually didn’t. I pretty much had to drag him down here.” He held up a picture on his phone, “Here’s why.”

“Holy shit! Who the fuck is that?” The other man asked.

Lennie nodded over to Walter, “His wife.”

“Seriously? This is Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett but worse. How the fuck did Walter land this girl, what’s her name anyhow?”

“Mary. Mary Andrews Manners. Look up Mary Andrews when you have time. Runner-up for Miss Teen USA in 2012 or something. Apparently, she’s really into brains.” They looked over at the short skinny co-worker with glasses.

“I will. Christ! He just went up a few notches in my book,” Andy sighed, “So how does inviting Walter to come along have anything to do with Miss America here?”

“Walter is the kind of guy that will return invites. We get invited over to his house, we make nice with Mary Andrews…well, you get it. She has to be somewhat in need of a real man. Look at this as the long game with this as the prize,” he held up a picture of Mary Andrews captured on a beach. “Ok, that must be our ride.”


“You’re kidding, right? First I have to sign a form that you told me not to bother to read, then I don’t drink but I have to buy a $12 beer anyhow?” Walter moaned, “I knew this was a mistake.”

“I got it, I’ll put it on the company card. Team building and all that,” he looked at the waiter, “Bring him an IPA and I’ll have the same.” Lennie looked around, “Standard crap if something happens you accept full responsibility and the establishment absolves itself…blah, blah, blah. Great table, right in front of the stage. Hey Frank, you going to volunteer this year?”

“I might. Sampson has incredible taste in women,” he said looking around at the potential prospects and seeing quite a few.

Andy nodded over to the right of the stage, “Blonde, huge tits, I actually think they’re real. You know she’ll be picked.”

They stopped talking as the lights came down and Sampson and two barely clad girls came out carrying chairs. The routine was fairly vanilla with various volunteers going up and being given suggestions, doing ridiculous things, the audience laughing and everyone enjoying it. After a few volunteers, the music got ominous, the stage darkened and the girls took away one of the chairs and came back with an ornate four-poster bed.

“I’m sure you can guess what’s next, but remember ladies and gentlemen, this is an adult group and if something were to happen…don’t blame me!” he laughed, “I’m here simply to provide suggestions. Let’s see…hmmm, you, Miss?” He pointed to the blonde to the right of the stage, “Can you come up here? We won’t bite.”

Walter wondered why she’d say yes, but her companions and apparently her husband nudged her towards the stage. He saw why Sampson chose her. Stunning was an understatement. Her blonde hair glowed naturally and as she took the steps, her breasts bounced verifying those were also natural. He looked around for what guy was good looking enough and heard laughter as the hypnotists asked the girl questions, was she married and which man was her husband. Before tonight had she ever cheated on him? That brought clapping and loud laughter. Walter felt sorry for her. She was blushing and looking pleadingly over at her husband who was looking eager.

Sampson sat her on the edge of the bed, “Ok Sheryl, look at my hand…”

Walter watched as the girl closed her eyes, shoulders slowly slumped, body relaxing. She sat motionless as Sampson quietly gave her instructions, whispering in her ear. Everyone seemed to be leaning forward, but no one could make out what he was saying.

“…think back, you are in college, a single girl, you’d broken up with your boyfriend and you’re horny as hell. When I say the word reunion you will see the man of your dreams walking towards you. He will be the most handsome gorgeous man you’ve ever seen, and you’ll not be able to resist his charms,” Sampson whispered, “then when I say Lake Titicaca, you’ll come back over here, making sure your hair maltepe escort is just like it is, your clothes are all adjusted and you’ll remember nothing. When I say reunion a 2nd time, you’ll wake up feeling like all your needs have been satisfied.” He stood up and looked around at the audience.

Walter was watching Sheryl’s husband who was looking proud the hypnotist had selected his wife, a big grin on his face. Hearing laughter and being pushed forward he turned to see Sampson and his two assistants at the edge of the stage beckoning him. He tried to push back, but Andy and Lennie hoisted him to his feet, “No, I have stage fright,” he mumbled. He had no memory of how he managed the stairs but found himself standing next to the tall man facing the audience, “I’m sorry, what did you ask?”

The man laughed loudly and put a hand on his shoulder, “can you tell us your name and who you do accounting for?”

“Walter, Walter Manners,” he said softly, “How did you know I’m an accountant?” he asked as he nervously took off his glasses and cleaned them on his shirt, blushing furiously as the audience roared.

“Just a guess,” he grinned out at the laughing audience, “And are you married, is your wife here?” he continued seeing the man nod then shake his head. ‘This is just too perfect,’ he thought. ‘What a nerd!’ “Relax, no one here is going to bite you, except maybe Alexis,” he grinned looking over at his blonde helper, “Andrea, please bring our guest a chair,” he looked over to his brunette assistant. “Ok, Walter, I can tell you are extremely nervous. When we are done you will never experience stage fright again. In fact, I guarantee you’ll feel as comfortable in front of a large group of people as you would being alone. Does that sound good?” He chuckled seeing the man clean his glasses on his shirt again, “We also can take care of those nervous habits people have, like cleaning glasses…”

Walter felt himself being led over to the chair facing the audience. He felt dizzy and wondered if he’d pass out. Sampson had him focus on his hand and as he listened to the man’s words his beating heart slowed down and he became very quiet inside.

“Crap, I’d love to know what he’s telling Walter,” Lennie complained. I’ve seen couples get very amorous at these, but Sampson always stops things before they get out of hand.”

Andy groaned, “Please don’t make Walter take off his clothes. No way could I take that…on the other hand, that girl Sheryl is incredible. If she wants to get naked…”

“…Ok, remember. You’re coming home from work and your kid sister is back from her junior year abroad in France. You and she are incredibly close. When you hear me say the word reunion, you’ll rush over to see her. Greet her, make her feel welcome back home. You know, open up your arms and your heart to your favorite sister. When I say Lake Titicaca, you’ll come back over here, straighten your clothes and forget everything that happened,” he patted the man on the shoulder, “When I say reunion a 2nd time you’ll wake up feeling incredibly satisfied.”

Sampson turned to face the audience, “Ok. We have a situation here. Walter is just coming home from work eager to see his kid sister he hasn’t seen for a year. Sheryl hasn’t had her…um needs satisfied in over a month and she’ll be seeing the handsomest man she’d ever seen coming over to her…not her brother since she doesn’t have one,” he stopped hearing the sneering laughter. He could not have picked out a better ‘most handsome man’ had he hired someone. He looked around, “shall we kick off the reunion?”

The audiences stilled as both Sheryl and Walter opened their eyes. Walter stood and looked over at the girl who was looking at him with…what, happiness, joy? “Sis! I’ve missed you,” Grinning, he strode over to the girl who threw her arms around him. He went to give her a brotherly kiss and was shocked when her mouth opened and shoved her tongue in his mouth. The attempted peck was soon more passionate than he’d have liked and we didn’t know what to do with his hands as his sister wrapped her leg around his ass and humped against his hardening cock.

The audience was laughing hard seeing the skinny man fight off the blonde babe. And she was extremely aggressive. Her hands were everywhere and she was rubbing her body all over his.

Sheryl felt herself getting wet and pulled up her dress to get more contact with what felt to be an impressive cock. As she ground against him, she felt frustrated with not having enough skin so she pulled off the man’s shirt and kissed down his neck to his chest, her hands stroking his nipples, “Oh baby, I need you,” she sighed.

“We can’t. It’s not right, Sis, please…” He groaned as she yanked open his pants and pulled them and his underwear down to the floor. He blushed as his erection bounced free.

Sampson started to say Lake Titicaca when Alexis grabbed his arm and whispered something while pointing at the couple and out at the crowd. He looked mamak escort over and his jaw dropped. The five and a half foot nerd was sporting what looked to be a foot of cock sticking out from his skinny waist and he looked back out at Sheryl’s husband who looked intensely on. He looked at his assistants and they shook their heads.

Walter was beside himself, “Sis, no you can’t do this, Oh please stop…Oohhhh God, we shouldn’t” he groaned as the girl took his cock in her mouth.

Sheryl had never felt so hungry for a cock in her life. Sure, she’d sucked on Ben’s cock, but that was just foreplay so he could get hard and fuck her pussy. This was different. This tasted better, filled up her mouth better and was harder than any cock she’d ever had. Her fists pumped rapidly while her mouth tried to take as much as she could wanting this man to cum down her throat

Andy nudged his friends, “Ok, anyone here ever thought our Walter Geek would have the world’s largest cock? Damn! That explains Miss Teen USA. Incredible. She must be the happiest woman in the city.”

Walter seemed to get hold of himself and pushed the girl away just as he felt himself nearing orgasm, “Sis, I love you but this is wrong, you shouldn’t be giving me a blowjob.”

Sheryl pulled off her dress, unclipped her bra tossing it aside as she stood up. She yanked down her panties and pulled Walter back onto the bed. He tried to resist but she was stronger, “I agree, baby. Let’s not waste it.” She opened her legs and humped against that massive rod trapped between them. “I need you inside me. Please. I have been waiting for this for weeks. Please fuck me,” she cried out. “Please? You say you love me. Show me.”

“We should stop this,” Sampson said to Andrea, “we could get arrested.”

“Then pay the fine. Word of this gets out and you’ll be SRO from now on,” she hissed back, “Plus look at the audience, everyone is leaning forward,” she chuckled, “There’s not a dry pair of panties in the house and every cock is rock hard including Sheryl’s husband.

Sampson looked over and could see a tent in the man’s pants, and also an eagerness on his face, “Ok, but go lock the doors. I don’t want anyone coming in and breaking this up.”

Sheryl reached underneath and grabbed that monster sausage and lined it up with her wet snatch and felt him enter her. When he tried to pull back, she grabbed his ass, lifted her hips and screamed out as he tore into her tight pussy, “Yes, That’s it, fuck me! Holy shit, you’re big!”

“Sheryl, we shouldn’t, we shouldn’t do this. Oh, Christ! You are so damn tight.” He looked down at the girl’s bouncing breasts and let his body take over. He knew this was wrong, but he no longer cared. His sister felt too good and he was not going to pull out of this tight pussy.

“You like my cunt? You like fucking my cunt? My cunt is yours. That’s it, baby, fuck me. Fuck me as much as you like…Oh, shiiiit! I’m cummoooooooh oh, oh, oh, ohhhhh ffffuuuuckkk!”

As Andrea headed back to the stage, she could see hands in pants and under dresses obviously jerking off. She’d been worried about Sampson’s future shows as attendance had been down, but word of mouth was incredibly powerful, and this might make attendance shoot through the roof.

Sheryl felt the last spasms of her orgasm fade and wanted more. She pushed on the man’s chest and hissed, “Let me get on top so you can play with my tits and ass.” She let herself be rolled over so she was straddling the man. She was unaware she’d turned so her cock-filled pussy was spread wide-open directly at her husband. Had she known, she would have been mortified as only her husband and those in the medical profession had ever seen her naked.

Walter reached up and grabbed the large handfuls of tit as the girl raised herself high up on his cock and slammed down. When he pinched her nipples, she groaned loudly and pressed against his hands. He had always had stamina, never once coming even close to premature ejaculation and even though this was his sister he didn’t want it to end. Then he had a thought, “Sis? Are you on the pill or anything?”

“Of course,” Sheryl moaned, remembering when she and Ben were at Yale. “Cum inside me baby.”

Ben sat up. He’d been lost in the eroticism of the whole thing but realized Sheryl had gone off the pill three months ago when they decided to have a kid. He wanted to stand up, but he not only had a tent but a large wet spot on the front of his pants.

“My ass, I’m close and I need you to play with my ass,” Sheryl sighed, “Yes, like that. God! You have nice long fingers.”

Ben could see the man’s middle finger bury itself in Sheryl’s anus and pump in and out. He’d never known she liked that as he’d never touched her there, but he could see by her rapidly torqueing pelvis that she liked it and he soon heard her scream out she was cumming.

Walter’s finger felt like it would be sprained as the girl clenched and ground against him. When she collapsed on top of him, ankara escort her breathing rapid but slowing down he felt her mouth on his as she hungrily sucked on his tongue.

Sheryl had never cum like that before. Never cum more than once if at all but now she didn’t want this to end, “Baby, I love you and want you to fuck me from behind. Then I want to feel you pound the shit out of my cunt, please baby?” she cooed.

Ben wanted to yell out, ‘Fuck her all you want, but please don’t cum inside her!’ but didn’t make a move. Instead, he watched his beautiful wife press her face to the mattress and thrust her ass up like a cheap whore. He tried to look away but seeing the huge erection jutting out of that skinny frame kneeling behind his wife, press that fat head against her swollen cunt and push in he suddenly erupted in his pants. He put his head on the table as his friend patted him on the back thinking his groans were because of sorrow.

Sheryl was becoming more vocal as the man began driving harder and harder into her inflamed pussy. No longer did she feel herself nearing orgasm, now she was rapidly experiencing a chain of mini-orgasms over and over. Their intensity increased when Walter plunged his thumb into her ass.

Just when Sheryl was about to cry out ‘No more!’ she felt the man grip her ass and pull out and slowly push back in and after doing this twice he grunted out that he was cumming and flooded her unprotected womb with his potent sperm. They collapsed onto their sides and as she passed out, she felt that huge snake slither out of her sated pussy. Her last thought was how she felt more satisfied than she ever had in her life.

Walter’s head was filled with how could he face sis after this, and what is mom going to say if they don’t get up and get dressed, but with those thoughts, he drifted off into the most peaceful, most satisfying sleep he’d ever had.

Alexis trotted back to get towels and she and Andrea cleaned off the cum pouring out of the girl’s twat and off the man’s cock. They both took turns wiping his stiff member and waited for it to become flaccid to no avail. They giggled to each other, each wishing she could feel that monster slide inside them. “We should have brought two towels,” Alexis whispered showing Andrea the soaked cloth. They looked over at Sampson and shrugged.

Sampson came over to the sleeping couple and shook them. He had to say Lake Titicaca three times before they opened their eyes, stretched and went over to get their clothes. The audience could see bright red hand marks on Sheryl’s breasts and ass. And as she stood, a stream of sperm poured out of her swollen pussy. Walter seemed unaware his cock was pointing straight out as he grabbed his clothes.

Sheryl pulled on her clothes as if she were alone, straightened them out then ran her fingers through her long hair. She apparently never noticed the man right next to her pulling on his clothes, having a bit of a problem getting his large appendage back inside his pants.

As the two parties went over to their respective seats, Sampson walked to the front of the stage, “Well ladies and gentlemen. That extended demonstration took so much time we’ll not have time for any more, though I see hands begging to be picked,” he laughed, “Next show. Please,” he looked intently at all there, “Please tell your friends about this, but please don’t tell the authorities. I’m not sure this was within code. Anyhow, how about a huge show of appreciation for our wonderful volunteers,” he held his hand back to Sheryl and Walter who looked out impassively as the thunderous applause rang through the building. “And ladies, can I remind you, he’s married,” he said holding his hands a foot apart, “But she can’t be home all the time, right?”

He turned to the couple, “And now, it is with great reluctance that we put an end to this happy, joyful, sweaty, warm, heartfelt, and incredibly arousing…reunion!”

Walter looked around. ‘That wasn’t bad, but why is everyone standing?’ He blushed realizing he’d gotten a boner when he was asleep. He should have thought about that since he always woke with morning wood. Mary loved it and would always take care of it, but this is not quite as private. He wanted to stand but put his arms across his lap causing laughter. He felt himself blushing but also felt like he’d had the best meal in his life. It was a strange set of juxtaposed feelings.

Sheryl yawned and stretched as she came to. She blushed to see all the people standing and clapping. She looked around at the nerdy man sitting on the chair and felt sorry for him. She instantly knew Sampson chose her since she was fully aware of how hot she was. But she also knew that he’d picked this poor man for the opposite reason. She hoped they didn’t embarrass him. He looked nice and like he wanted to run and hide. There was something else though. Something about him that made her want to give him a hug, a kindness, a warmth. She looked over at her husband and saw something there. His face was red, in fact he almost looked proud of her, but the way he was standing with his hands over his crotch was weird. Did he wet himself? Spill a beer in his lap? She smiled and mouthed, “I love you,” to him before letting herself be led over to the front of the stage.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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