Katie is not a Virgin Anymore

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Solo Male

Katie was spending summer vacation at her favorite uncle’s house, because her mother and her fiancee were taking an extended holiday overseas and were coming back as husband and wife.

They were watching a movie in the living room, and it was boring. “Can we watch something else, Uncle Dave?” she asked. “This is boring! It’s for kids, ya know?”

“What do you want to watch, Katie?” he asked. “I’m not really into cartoons, either.”

“I don’t know.” she answered. “Something for adults!”

“What?” he asked. “What are you asking?”

“You know…” she said, smiling slightly, knowing she was being naughty. “Something from one of the adult channels?”

“Do you even know what you’re asking?” he said. “Do you know what’s on those channels? What kind of movies they show?”

“Not really.” she replied. “I’ve never seen them. That’s why I’m curious! I want to know.”

“They’re called adult channels for a reason, Katie. Kids aren’t supposed to watch them. At all.”

“Uncle Dave, I turned 18 last week! I’m not a kid anymore.” she protested. “Can we watch one, please? I’ll even let you pick!”

“Katie…” he said, uncomfortably. “Those kind of movies get me excited. I get hard, and then I need release.” he told her, blushing. “I bet they’d affect you the same way.”

“I don’t mind.” she said. “I’m kinda curious about that, too. I want to see what a guy does to get relief. I might even want to help, if I can. I need to learn about this stuff anyway.”

He tried to talk her out of it one last time; his last shred of decency making one last stand. “Katie, are you sure about this? I might do something to offend you, something wrong… You might see a side of me that I’ve never even let you know about.”

“Uncle Dave, I’m sure!” she said firmly, and moved closer to him on the couch. “’Trust me, I’ve always wanted to see this side of you! I’m not afraid of you, because I know you love me. You won’t hurt me, I know it in my heart.”

“Channel 300 through 540 are the adult channels, Katie.” he said. “At the top of the hour is when they start at the beginning of each channel’s show. Channel 299 is the listing for what each one shows for the day; if you want to pick one, go ahead.” he told her, giving up the fight. “I also have some DVDs that I bought in the bottom drawer of my bureau in my bedroom, if you want to watch one of those. Never mind the other stuff in there; you were never even supposed to know about that, and it’s not for you.”

“I want to watch one of the DVDs!” she said, excitedly. “You must like that stuff if you own it, so I won’t pick the wrong thing by mistake!” she said excitedly. “Besides, I want to see what that ‘other’ stuff is. If it’s next to your naughty movies, it must be naughty, too!”

She didn’t return with a movie; she came back with a pair of double handcuffs, lined with velvet, a ball gag, and a small flogger. “What are these for?” she asked.

“Those are for later.” he said, smiling at the girl. “Go get the movie called ‘The Babysitter.” She ran off with the stuff and returned with the movie a moment later.

“Put it in, and then come sit next to me.” he told her, his voice harder somehow. She knew better than to do anything other than obey him, even though she had never heard him speak that way before. For the very first time, a niggle of doubt entered her mind, and she wondered what she had gotten herself in to.

The movie began as she settled onto the couch next to him, and his arm settled comfortably around her shoulders as she lay her head on his broad chest and snuggled into his protective embrace.

“Anytime you want to stop this,” he said, looking her in the eyes. “Just say the word ‘red.’ And if you need to slow down to take a break, just say the word ‘yellow.” he told her. “Those are ‘safewords’ and they let me know that I’m not forcing you to do something you’re not ready for, okay?”

“What if I want you to force me, Uncle Dave?” she asked, her eyes flicking back to the T.V. “Is there a word for that?”

“Make one up.” he told her. “If I hear you say that word, I promise not to hold back, okay? I love you, Katie, and I’ll do anything you want.”

“Yellow means slow down, red means stop, so how about green to go faster?” she asked. “I don’t think I’m ready to go all the way yet, but I’ll do other stuff, if you want me to.”

“Did you read the back of the movie box, Katie?” he asked, handing it to her. The beginning credits were still on, and all it showed was two kids playing and running through a tall field with grass and flowers while bright tunes played in the background. It seemed innocent enough, but when she looked at the back cover of the movie, she saw a girl who looked to be younger than she was, tied up, nude, and an enormous penis was less than an inch from her mouth.

The girl had a look of fear in her eyes. The next photo showed her on her hands and knees, with the photographer being somewhere behind her and the girls anus was gaped wide open.

“Do you still want to watch this movie, Katie?” he asked her. “All you have to do is say red, and we can take it out.”

Katie was determined not to say either of her ‘safewords’ all night, so she hardened her heart and watched as the man let the girl into the house to put the kids in bed and tuck them in as the man left with his wife.

“Those pictures are from this movie?” she asked, her voice a lot meeker than it had been when she first started asking about adult movies.

“Yes, they are.” he told her. “In a few minutes, he’s going to make her do oral, take her virginity, then make her do anal, as well. After that, she has to lick his wife while he does anal again.”

“She looks younger than me.” Katie said thoughtfully. “Do you like doing it with little girls?”

“She’s older than you, Katie. There’s a law, and they would get in BIG trouble if the girls are less than 18.”

“Hey, I’m 18!” she said excitedly. “Could I be in a movie?”

“You’re certainly pretty enough.” he said, complimenting her so that she smiled under the praise. “You’ve never seen what these girls have to do, though. Are you sure you would even want to be in one? I mean, you’re still a virgin, for crying out loud!”

“I can do everything that girl in the movie does.” she said defiantly. “Even the anal! It even kinda sounds fun, really. I mean, I’ve never had anything inside my butt before, but what’s the big deal, really?”

“We can try it, after the movie, if you’re up to it.” he offered. “I’d really like to do that with you, and I know this movie is going to get me going, It will probably get you going, too.”

“Okay!” she said brightly and smiling. “I want to try oral, too. Can we do that together?”

“That’s one of the things I was going to order you to do, so please don’t safeword out of it at the last minute, okay? Having a stiff cock right in front of your face can probably be scary, but I promise not to hurt you, unless you say ‘green,’ then I’m going to give you everything you ask for, because, truth be told, you excite me very much, Katie. I’ve watched you grow up into a very beautiful young woman, and keeping my hands off you has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever endured.”

“You can put your hands on me now, Uncle Dave.” she said, seductively, stretching her upper body to accentuate her breasts against her blouse, He could tell from the quick glance down her blouse her stretch afforded that she wasn’t wearing a bra today, not that her little a cups needed one anyway.

“Really.” he said dryly. “”You have no idea how I’ve been waiting to touch you… here!” He tickled her bellybutton, making her squeal with laughter as she curled up defensively.

“Uncle Dave!” she cried out, wiping away some tears of laughter with the palm of one hand. “Is that the only place you wanted to touch me?”

“Of course not.” he said. “I just don’t want to make you safeword yet.”

“Green.” she said softly, looking up at him hopefully and opening her arms expectantly. He smiled down at her, then began unbuttoning her blouse, doing all of them, starting at the bottom after pulling it free from her jeans.

“Oh.” she said, trying to hold her blouse closed after he had all the buttons undone and not letting him expose her. “I thought you were just going to touch, not look.” She sounded monumentally embarrassed.

“You said ‘green.” he told her. “That means I’m going to go three steps outside your comfort zone.” He pulled her blouse open and gazed upon her flawless little boobs. “There they are. Just as pretty as I knew they would be!”

“How did you know they would be pretty?” she asked. “I’ve always thought they were too small, except for my freakishly long nipples!”

“I saw one of them, just for a moment, last summer.” he smiled at her, fondly. “Remember that red bikini?”

She remembered the incident he was talking about. The top had slipped aside for a short moment as she climbed out of the pool at her mother’s house, but looking around, she didn’t see anyone freaking out, so she figured she had gotten away with it and didn’t say anything, Neither did anyone else, so she figured she was okay.

He touched one of her nipples, gently twiddling it until it stiffened, then did the same to the other one with the same hand. His other hand was gently stroking the exposed skin just above her jeans, toying with the strip of light blonde hair between her bellybutton and pubic area.

He bent his head down and kissed her mouth, her very first kiss by a member of the opposite sex. It was certainly the first kiss she had ever experienced that lasted more than one second. It lasted more than thirty seconds, and she was faintly sure he had tasted her tongue at least once during it.

When she moved her face back, her eyes were shining, and both his hands were on her nipples now, exciting her to no end.

“Katie.” he whispered, sliding his hands up so they both cupped the sides of her head. His thumbs stroked the hair out of her eyes.

“Uncle Dave.” she whispered back.

“Are you ready to try doing oral?” he asked, still whispering. Her breath caught in her throat, and she didn’t trust herself to speak, so she just nodded with a little smile.

“You know what to do.” he said. “No teeth, go as deep as you can once in a while, and swallow everything that isn’t spit.” He gave her the instructions because he was sure she had never done anything like this before, and she could use all the confidence boosting she could get. “Just let the spit drool out the sides of your mouth. You know what to do. I like sloppy blowjobs.”

She was grateful for the instructions as she wiggled her way down the couch between his legs. She opened his pants and freed his erection, getting her first look at a male penis.

“Oh, watch the movie!” he said excitedly. “She’s about to start the same thing you’re doing, and I like this part; she’s pretending it’s her first time, too.”

Katie watched the T.V. Hoping to pick up some pointers about what Uncle Dave liked. She sure didn’t want to disappoint him! çubuk escort This was her first time, too, but if she could pull it off… Maybe he would like her, too! She hoped so.

She watched the girl lick the sides of it, both sides, nervously buying time because she was afraid to commit. Katie could just tell, by the look in the girl’s eyes, and the next thing that happened was the man caught the back of the girl’s hair and turned her to face it.

“I like this part!!” Dave said, excitedly. “He knows she’s stalling, so he takes the choice away from her.”

The man on T.V. pulled the girl’s face onto him, forcing his cock into her mouth. “Suck on it!” he ordered her, and Katie watched the girl’s cheeks hollow inward as she obeyed. The man took control of her head’s movements, sliding it up until just the head remained between her lips,then pulling it down until she choked on it entering her throat. Every few minutes, he let her take her mouth off it completely so she could breath.

Katie watched the whole scene, noting the parts where Dave gave encouragement to the girl on the screen so she would know what he liked when it was her turn. She noted that Dave especially liked the parts where the girl went deep enough to choke, and determined to herself to go deep on his, too, even if it choked her, which she was sure it would, given the size and length of the thing less than an inch from her nose.

A little while later, he stroked her hair excitedly. “Get ready, Katie, here comes the money shot!” Dave said, excitedly. “This girl hasn’t really done many scenes; you can tell because of the way she flinches when the come goes in her mouth and on her face!”

“That’s something you like, Uncle Dave?” she asked, biting her lip. “You like it when the girls are new to sex?”

“Oh, yes, it’s very exciting!” he told her. “I like the thought of taking a virgin and turning her into a slut!”

Katie’s heart blossomed with love coming into full bloom. “You can do it to me, Uncle Dave.” she said, biting her lip nervously, knowing she was on a very slippery slope. A precipice atop a VERY steep hill, and there was no bottom in sight. She didn’t know where it would end, exactly, but she knew that her mother had very little respect for sluts, so this seemed like perfect revenge for being abandoned all summer, and Uncle Dave was her most favorite person in the world, so being HIS slut didn’t seem so terrible. “I’ll be your slut.”

“Oh, thank you, Katie, that makes me so very happy!” he said, and she could hear the love in his voice. “You know what the first step is, don’t you? Just like the girl in the movie, Katie, just like her, okay?”

Katie felt his hand caressing the hair on the back of her head, urging her face to slide down, so she let him move it. She began kissing and licking the sides of his shaft, just like the movie girl had done, but then when she felt his fingers twining into her hair, she knew what was going to happen next. She stiffened her neck muscles, more than a little hesitant to take that next step, but he was too strong for her, and his cock filled her mouth.

“Suck it, Katie!” he said strongly, so she did as he said and sucked, just like the girl in the movie had. He began moving he face up and down, and just like the other girl, she too began to choke as it entered her throat.

“Are you okay, Katie?” he asked, letting her breathe a moment. “Do you need to safeword?”

“Green!” she said firmly, taking him in her mouth again all by herself.

“It’s like that, is it?” he said, and she could hear the tone of pleased satisfaction in his voice. She felt proud of herself for being able to take it. He pushed her head all the way down until he felt her nose mashed against his pubic bone, holding her there a long moment, then let her up to breathe once more.

Right before she was ready, he did it again, and again when she had almost caught her breath. “Get ready to swallow!” he warned, holding just the head inside her lips.

Katie remembered the look on the girl’s face when she got it in her mouth and the look of disgust she had in her eyes when the goo got all over it. Some even got in her eye, and the girl wailed in a little pain as she wiped it out.

Katie wasn’t so sure she wanted this anymore, but his strong hand held her hair tightly, refusing to let her back away, even after it filled her mouth to overflowing with stuff too vile to swallow. As soon as he let her go, she turned her face to the side and spat the horrid stuff out, trying to clear her mouth of the taste, even though she knew she would remember it for the rest of her life.

“You don’t like it, do you, Katie?” he asked, smiling broadly at her, as if he knew just what he’d done to her and the scars she would carry for the rest of her life. “It’s okay; lots of girls don’t like it, either. Your mom, for instance. She hates that shit! I was just hoping you were so different from her that you could learn to like it, maybe… Maybe not, though. Perhaps you’re more like her than you’d care to admit.”

“I… I could learn to like it, Uncle Dave.” Katie said, in a small voice. “I don’t want to be ANYTHING like my mom!”

“You should like doing anal, then.” he told her. “Your mom has never done it, and she says she never will. Are you going to be like her in that area, too?”

“NO!” Katie said, strongly. “I already told you, I don’t want to be anything like her!”

“Are you ready to watch some more of the movie?” he asked, changing the subject onto safer ground. “I paused it so you wouldn’t miss anything. I know how much you want to see it.”

“Thanks, Uncle Dave.” she said gratefully, snuggling back into his embrace. Thinking about it, she decided that the taste in her mouth wasn’t so awful as all that, and perhaps she really COULD learn to like it. Eventually. She smacked her lips together, and licked up a drop from her cheek and swallowed it, just to prove to herself that she could.

“This next part is where she loses her virginity, and you said you’re not ready to go all the way, yet, so if you want me to fast forward, I will. Anything for you, sweetie.” he said, but she shook her head.

“I need to learn.” she said. “Do you like this part, too?”

“It’s one of my favorites,” he told her, knowing she would remember his words as much as the scene she was about to see.

When he started the movie again, Katie got to see the girl wiping her face off with both hands, then lick them clean. She didn’t hate it at all; it was just acting for the movie! Katie surmised that the taste wasn’t so bad after all, and then the scene changed. The girl was letting the father handcuff her, and Katie noticed the extra set like Uncle Dave’s had.

She had wondered about those; wondered what they were for. Her questions were about to be answered.

It turned out, those extra cuffs were for her ankles. That explained why they were a little bigger than the ones for her wrists!

The girl had her hands behind her back, and her ankles fastened in such a way that she couldn’t close her knees because her arms were in the way. She was rolled face down and the ball gag fastened at the back of her head. The camera showed a close up of the girl’s pussy and asshole for a long moment as the man rubbed her with one hand.

“You’re still a virgin, aren’t you, Anne?” he asked. Unable to speak because of the gag in her mouth, she just nodded with a muffled ‘yeth’.”

“Don’t worry, this will only hurt for a second.” he said reassuringly, patting her hair. “Are you ready?”

She stiffened her back and tried to move her ass aside as she moaned ‘no’ which did her no good at all. He took hold of her hips and stopped her side to side movement. A moment later, the head of his cock touched her labia as he thrust his hips forward, and again she screamed ‘no’ loudly into the ballgag, tossing her head in negation as tears streamed from her eyes.

“Dlease, no, ‘ot ‘ike dis!” she begged loudly, the ballgag distorting her words, but the look of fear and the tears streaming down her face let the camera know exactly what she meant.

“Anne, Anne, Anne, you know this is going to happen, right? This is what you agreed to and you already took the money!” he said, pushing his hips forward a little, so that the head of his cock entered her. He held it there a long moment as she screamed and cried into the gag.

“I ‘ake it ‘ack!” she said. “Dlease, I ‘ake it ‘ack!”

“Oh, no, Anne it doesn’t work like that.” he told the sobbing girl. He stroked her hair again, pulling his cock back out, but leaving it in place to enter her again. “You see, you agreed to this; you took the money for this, and now, it’s time to keep your word. I’m going to fuck you, Anne, so get ready.”

She was still crying as he entered her again, and this time, her screams were even louder as he pushed it even further inside than he did last time. This time, when he pulled it out, it was tinged with blood, and Katie could tell that really HAD been the girl’s first time. Her sobs were not acting.

“Do you want me to stop, little girl?” he asked, smiling at the sobbing teenager. “Do you want me to let you go?”

She nodded, her breath catching in her chest as hope filled her soul. Katie could see it in her face. She wasn’t a virgin anymore, but there was perhaps an end to this nightmare in sight. He took the ballgag off, letting it fall out of her mouth as she spit it out.

“No.” he said, grinning into the look of shock on her face as he buried himself balls deep in the girl’s pussy. “Are you on birth control? I’m not wearing a rubber!” he said. A look of horror filled her eyes with anguish.

“No.” she gasped, his cock making her feel things she had never experienced before. “Why would a virgin be on birth control?”

“When was your last period?” he asked, strongly suspecting the answer, because she had babysat for them several times before.

“It ended three days ago.” she told him. “Why?”

“It means you’re probably safe.” he said. “I’m going to come inside you. You shouldn’t let anyone else do it, though, unless you want to get pregnant.”

“Pregnant?” she gasped. “No, I can’t…” She began to cry again as she felt his cock spasming inside her and realized what it meant. “Wait, what if something happens? I can’t get pregnant; I mustn’t!”

“Don’t worry; you’re probably safe from this once; just don’t do it again, okay?” he told her, pulling out. The camera saw a flood of sticky white juice flow out of her as she kept crying, her heart broken by the man she had once trusted. He kissed away her tears.

“Will you let me go now?” she asked, rattling the chains as she struggled.

“Are you going to tell anyone what you did?” he asked, holding up the key so she could see it.

“What I did?” she asked, spitting the words out spitefully. “You mean what YOU did!”

“You agreed to this, Anne; I have a signed contract.” he reminded her. “Are you going to tell anyone about this?”

Defeat entered her eyes and she shook her head. “No, I won’t demetevler escort tell anyone you raped me.” she said.

“I didn’t rape you.” he said mildly. “And you haven’t totally fulfilled the contract you signed, either. You’re still an anal virgin, right?”

“Oh my God.” she whispered, her face paling again. “I won’t tell anyone; I promise!”

“Then I can let you go.” he told her, unlocking her ankles first. She stretched out and rubbed her wrists where she had been fighting the restraints. “You know that I’ll be needing another babysitter now, right?”

“Why?” she asked, confused. “Did I do something wrong?”

“Not really.” he answered. “It’s just my wife only lets virgins be our babysitter. Remember she checked before you took the job?”

“Oh my God! That was the most embarrassing thing ever!” Anne said, burying her face in both hands as she blushed. A thought struck her. “How will she know I’m not a virgin anymore?”

He pointed at the camera. “She’ll check the tapes in there.” he told her. “Especially after I tell her to look at this timestamp.”

“Huh?” Anne asked, confused. “You’re going to tell her about this?”

“Sure.” he said, easily. “I don’t keep secrets from my wife. I love her!”

“She- she’s going to know you fucked me?” Anne whispered, embarrassed. “You’re going to tell her it was you who took my virginity?”

“No, I’m going to tell her you gave it to me!” he said. “Once she sees the video tape, she’ll fire you!”

“Oh no!” Anne wept. “Don’t let her do that! I really need this job. “That’s why I signed your stupid contract! I can’t be fired; I have too much school debt!”

“Then there’s only one way out for you, my dear.” he said, smiling softly at her while looking her in the eyes. “You have to find a replacement virgin to babysit for you, while you take on ‘new’ responsibilities.”

“I have to bring you another virgin so you can fuck me?” she asked incredulously. “Why would I do that? So you can corrupt her, too?”

“Only virgins are allowed to babysit my son.” he declared flatly. “You knew that when you took this job. If you want to keep earning my money, you know what you have to do!”

Anne bit her lip, thinking it over. Only two of her friends were NOT virgins; the rest were eligible. She wondered which of them she could bring herself to expose to this potentiality. Amber, she decided. Amber would be strong enough to resist this man’s blackmail, she decided. She only wished that she herself had been.

“Okay, I know who to bring over to babysit.” she said, biting her lip nervously. “Please, don’t fuck her? She’s one of my best friends, and I really don’t want to be the one who betrays her like that.” she told him, making it a statement more than a question. He smiled at her in response.

“I’m ready again.” he told her. “Are you ready to lose the last of your virginity and fulfill the contract you signed?”

She bit her lip nervously, knowing what this meant. Slowly, she nodded.

“Good.” he said, moving her body so that she was on her hands and knees. “Lower your face to the floor, but leave your ass high in the air and spread your knees about shoulder width apart.” She got into the position he described. “Very good!” he said approvingly. “I’m going to let you choose, as a reward for doing just what I said so precisely. Do you want me to fuck you here,” he rubbed his cockhead against her asshole, “or here,” he rubbed it against her pussy, letting her feel the head open her labia, “or would you like to use your mouth and suck me until I come down your throat?”

“I’d rather suck it, sir.” she said quietly. “I want to taste it again and get used to the flavor.”

“Very well.” he said approvingly. “You may begin.”

Katie watched the movie and saw the girl willingly take the cock back in her mouth, and a new light of pleasure in her eyes as she sucked on it. Katie could tell that the girl was enjoying it this time.

“See how much she likes it this time, Katie?” he asked. “That’s one of the best parts of this movie! Right here is where she becomes a slut. Right here is where she becomes HIS slut!”

Katie watched the girl doing it, and saw how much she really did like doing it, and determined to give her uncle the same love with her mouth and look up at him, letting him see that look in her eyes, too. Uncle Dave deserved it from her, after all the times he had taken her to do the things she liked doing; going out to eat at fancy restaurants and all the movies, and kept every bit of it a secret from her mother, who would NEVER ave approved.

He paused the movie again as the guy came and Anne swallowed his stuff, letting it go on her cheeks, too.

“You don’t have to do this, Katie.” he said, softly, looking into her eyes as she looked up at him. “You can safeword and stay a precious little princess forever.”

“Green.” she said clearly, then looked down and took him in her mouth, sucking just the head for a moment, then allowing more and more of it inside her mouth as she bent her head.

He smiled and put both hands on the back of her head, stroking her hair as he encouraged her to go deeper and deeper until he felt her choke. She lifted her head up and looked at him, her eyes a little teary.

“I’m sorry, Uncle Dave, it just started going into my throat, and I choked! I couldn’t breathe, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!”

“That’s okay, Katie, the part you were doing was perfect. You did really well for your first time. I’m proud of you!” he told her. “You can stop if you want to.”

“Green.” she said again, smiling at him. “Push my head down so that I take the whole thing, this time. I want you to; I want you to use me like a little slut, okay? Do it, Uncle Dave, use my mouth as much as you want!”

“Oh, man, how did I get so lucky” he said, and she let him take her mouth and fought back the gag reflex as she felt it enter her throat. The next thing she felt was his pubic hair tickling her nose and she knew she had done it. She had sucked the whole thing! “Are you ready for the next part?”

“What’s the next part?” she asked, curious.

“Well, I’ll need the restraints that you had before.” he said, his voice friendly, so she returned his smile, equally friendly. Would you like to see what I like to do to girls who wear that stuff for me?”

“Sure!” she said eagerly, and went to get it again. This time, she brought all of it, the cuffs, ball gag, small flogger whip, blind fold, and the other set of cuffs; the ones with wrist and ankle attachments.

“Oh, you brought both sets of cuffs?” he asked, raising his eyebrows at her. “Did you have another girl in mind to wear them?”

“Another girl?” Katie asked, confused. “You like to do this stuff with more than one girl at a time?”

“Surely you noticed that there was two ball gags, two sets of cuffs, two whips, and two blindfolds?” he asked. “One green set, and the other red?”

“Oh.” she said, in a small voice. “What are the green ones for? I just thought they were extras…”

“No.” he told her, using his friendly tone again. “The red ones are for a virgin, and the green ones are for… someone with a little more experience.” he said. “Will one of your friends be willing to wear these right next to you?”

“Oh!” Katie whispered, then a slow smile crept onto her face. “Maybe I could get my friend Kim to come over this weekend?”

“We’ll see.” he smiled. “Would she be wearing the red ones or the green?”

“The red.” Katie said, confidently. “She’s never even kissed a boy before!”

“I notice you brought the red ones out here.” he said softly, smiling gently. “Convenient.”

“The red ones are for virgins, right?” she asked, blushing. “Do you want me to wear the green ones next time?”

“Yes.” he said, smiling. “But virgins can wear the green ones, too.”

“Green.” she said. “That was my safeword.” she smiled. “You can take my virginity if you want. I want to be a slut. I want to be YOUR slut!”

“You do?” he asked, surprised. “Why? Why me?”

“To get back at my mother!” she said gleefully “You’re her own brother and my favorite person in the whole world. There’s nobody better than you to take it!”

“Oh.” he said. “Would it help you to know that I took hers as well?”

“You did?” Katie said gleefully, a big smile on her face. “How was she?”

“It was her 18th birthday, she didn’t suck it as good as you just did, and she lay there like a dead fish.” he said, returning her smile. “I have no doubt you’ll fuck me back like a thousand dollar whore, though. You just have that look about you.”

“I do?” she asked, doubtfully and a little worried. After all, she’d never done it before, and the last thing she wanted to do was disappoint him. “What look is that?”

“The look of a girl who wants to be a slut more than anything!” he told her, and he saw her eyes light up again as she nodded eagerly. “Do I need the restraints with you, or will you spread your legs for me willingly?”

She opened her legs up wide in response, letting him see her light blue panties under her skirt. She blushed in response to his wink as he met her eyes.

“Take your panties off for me, Katie, then open your legs again and let me look at you.” he said, still looking her in the eyes without bliking. He didn’t want to miss even a moment of this.

“Oh my God.” she whispered, but did as he asked, taking her panties down and opening her legs up wide again so he could see her down there. “I feel like such a slut like this!” she said softly, blushing. “This is not what good girls do.”

“I know.” he answered, smiling. “But you’re not a bad girl, Katie. You’re a good girl, who is doing what I told her to do.” He winked at her. “I’m the one who is bad; I’m a bad boy.”

“No you’re not, Uncle Dave!” she said emphatically. “You’re not bad, honest! I’m doing this because I want to!”

“Well, I guess that makes us bad together, doesn’t it?” he asked, and she nodded shyly.

“I guess it does.” she admitted. “But I like it, Uncle Dave; I like being bad with you!”

“That’s good, Katie, I like being bad with you, too. You’re my good little bad girl, and I love seeing you like this. You are beautiful!” he smiled at her, which she returned halfheartedly, because in her heart, she knew she was not supposed to be acting like this, nor was she supposed to be accepting of the praise for it. She was not allowed to be a little slut, and it wasn’t just her mother’s disapproval; it was all of her friends at school who would not approve either.

“I’m in charge of my own life, and I can do this with it if I want to!” she thought to herself, and lifted her chin with a gleam in her eye. She showed him her secret place, right between her legs as she opened herself to him. “I’m not sure I want to go all the way just yet, but if it pisses off Mom, then I guess it’s worth it.”

He saw her do it, not knowing exactly what it meant, but he smiled approvingly anyway. It must have been the right response, because she proudly pulled her shoulders ankara escort back and thrust her breasts forward proudly and allowed him to look upon them all he wanted. She liked how much he liked them, too, and, in her mind, that was every bit as bad.

She was not supposed to display her body so boldly, but she did anyway, taking great pleasure in the delight she saw in his eyes as e dramk in every detail she revealed to him.

“Turn over.” he told her. “I want something from you I never had from your mother. I want you to be special in a way she never was.”

Katie eagerly did as he asked, then let him pull her hips up so that she was on her knees with her face still on the floor.

“Look at me, Katie.” he said, so she looked at him over her shoulder, seeing his gentle smile as he spread the cheeks of her bubble butt. “Are you ready to give me something your mother never did?”

“Anything. Everything. I don’t want to be anything like her; I’ll give you everything she never did!” Katie said. “I love you, Uncle Dave; I give myself to you freely!”

“I love you too, Katie. Do you know what you’re giving me?” he asked, them caressed his thumb over her tightly clenched starfish pucker. “I want this!”

“Oh!” she exclaimed, not expecting him to touch her there. “You’re going to put it in my… in THERE?”

“Are you going to safeword, Katie? I won’t love you less if you, princess. You can tell me red anytime you want.” he said softly, kindly.

“Green.” she said clearly. “Do it, Uncle Dave, take me in my ass and that way, I’ll be as different from my mother as it’s possible to be!”

“I love you, Katie, and that’s another thing that makes you different. I never told her that; not once, because I never did. I love you, Katie, I love that you’re different from my little sister, and I love that you’re giving yourself to me like this, too. I love you, Katie!”

He put his hard cock against her little asshole and pushed it inside, feeling her tightness expand around him as he penetrated her. He used two fingers to turn her face so that she looked at him again. He could see the pain in her eyes, but he could also see the determination in there, too.

“Does it hurt princess?” he asked, pulling it back, but not all the way out.

“A little.” she answered, teeth gritted. “Keep going though. It feels good for you, right?”

“Not really.” he told her, and pulled it all the way out, causing her to let out a big sigh of relief. “I don’t want to hurt you; not even a little bit. I love you, Katie; please believe me when I say that. I don’t want to hurt you at all.”

“I still have one virginity left, and I want you to take it, Uncle Dave. That’s going to hurt when you do it, too, but I don’t care. I want you to take it, please?” She was practically begging now, trying to get him to give her that last little bit of pain that she had been dreading for a few years now.

“It’s been in your ass, Katie. I don’t want to spread any germs, you know?” he told her.

“Let me suck it clean, then.” she offered. “I want to do it some more anyway”

“Are you sure?” he asked doubtfully. “Your mother hated using her mouth more than anything!”

“Now I insist!” Katie said defiantly. “I’m going to suck it every chance I get until she comes home!”

“Oh, really?”he said, chuckling. “Are you going to do it in front of her? There’s some things you could show her, like deep-throating. She never really mastered that particular art, and you did it on your very first blowjob!”

“She can’t do it?” Katie asked, her mind whirling with excitement. “Let me practice some more? I know I can do it better than I did last time; I just need some practice!”

“You can practice for a minute, but it’s clean, I’m going to fuck you.” he told her, causing her to worriedly clasp her hands together between her legs and hold them together.

“Uncle Dave, I told you I’m not ready yet! I’m not ready to go all the way; I’m just not!” she exclaimed, tears beginning to form in her eyes. “Doesn’t that mean anything to you?”

“Of course it does, princess.” he reassured her, kissing her tenderly. “It means I just have to get you ready.”

“What?” she asked, bewildered. “How? How on Earth are you possibly going to get me ready to do something I’m not ready to do?”

“You’ll see.” he said with a little smile. “Go ahead and start using your mouth on me, okay?”

“Okay.” she said, with a little smile. She was still wildly curious about what he was planning, but she also wanted his cock back in her mouth and was eager to try deep-throating again.

She leaned over him to suck his cock again, but he moved her ass over her face as he lay down beside her and began to sixty nine with her, tasting her virgin pussy. It was the first time anyone had used their mouth on her down there, and she instantly became addicted to the feeling.

“Oh, oh.” she moaned, opening her legs wider so he could get his while face in there, but as her moans go louder and louder, he knew she was on the verge of orgasm and stopped.

“Wait, what?” she moaned as he moved up and faced her, kissing her mouth. She could tastesomething and could only surmise that it was herself she sensed. “I was sbout to coe. Why did you stop?”

“You want to come, don’t you.” He said it as a statement, not a question. “You want an orgasm, don’t you?”

“Yes.” she moaned in reply, then opened her eyes up wide as she felt his cock slide between her labia. “Wait, Uncle Dave, please wait!”

“What for?” he asked, kissing her lips again. “You can come once my cock is inside you, I promise.”

“Uncle Dave…” she moaned, choking back a sob. “Uncle Dave, I’m not, not ready yet; I just don’t know…”

“Your mother really wanted this.” he said. “You want to be like her?” He looked her right in the eye and knew this would change her mind. “You can safe word out, if you want.”

She made up her mind at hearing that. “Green!” she said clearly. “Green!”

“Okay.” he said gleefully, and pushed his cock all the way into her. Katie was no longer a virgin.

“Oh, ow!” she exclaimed, and looked up at him reproachfully. “Uncle Dave, you said you would never hurt me, but you did; that really HURT!!”

He kissed her tenderly. “I know, sweetie, but it will never feel like that again, I promise. Do you want to use your safeword? I’ll stop right now if you do.”

She shook her head. “I said green and I meant it.” she told him . “Do it, Uncle Dave, fuck me; GREEN!”

“Okay, princess, you asked for it, and I’m going to give it to you!” And he began fucking her with long, fast strokes that used every one of his inches and bashed her cervix every time he bottomed out.

She grunted in pain every time it happened, and he looked at her concerned. “I’m hurting you; do you want me to stop?”

“Green.” she replied. “I want you to enjoy it.”

He began fucking her harder than he had been before, grinning down at her to let her know that he was indeed enjoying himself, even enjoying her grimaces of pain every time he bottomed out inside her.

“That hurts, doesn’t?” he asked, grinding his hips against hers. She nodded, grimacing and gritting her teeth. “Now imagine the look on Cindy’s face when I put it in her this deep. She’s a lot smaller than you, and her pussy will be smaller, too.”

Katie’s eyes widened in surprise, then she closed them and shook her head as she began to cry again.

“Don’t hurt her; please don’t hurt her! She’s my best friend; please don’t hurt her?” Katie begged him, and began sobbing when she saw the look in his eyes. “I’ll do anything; just, please, don’t hurt her?”

“Anything, huh?” he mused. “What could you possibly have left to give me? I’ve taken every bit of your virginity; what could you possibly offer me?”

“Another girl!” Katie said, desperately. “Look through my yearbook, and pick any girl you want! I’ll bring her over and help you fuck her; I promise I will. Pick any two of them, and they will both be yours, I swear it!”

“Hmm, all I have to do is promise not to hurt Cindy?” he asked, still buried balls deep in his niece. He drew it back and drove it in again, harder, faster and deeper, making her grunt and groan.

“Yes, promise not to hurt her, and I’ll bring you two girls from my school here and help you fuck them. I promise I will!” Katie said.

“And Cindy.” he said. “You’re going to help me fuck Cindy, too.”

“Of course, but it’s not going to take much convincing on my part. She’s wanted to fuck you for a really long time now.” Katie said, smiling at the idea. “She’s a virgin, too, although she did give a boy a blowjob to learn how last week.”

“She did?” he asked. “Did she like doing it?”

“She liked the sucking part.” Katie said. “What she didn’t like was when he came in her mouth. She said it tasted gross.”

“I’m going to come in her mouth, too.” he said. “Plus, she won’t be a virgin tomorrow, either.”

“Good, Uncle Dave, she hates being a virgin!” Katie said, smiling. “She wants you to take it.”

“That’s not going to hurt her?” Dave asked, curious. “It hurt you, didn’t it? Are you still going to bring me two other virgins from your class?”

“Oh, you get the two other virgins, Uncle Dave.” she promised. “I already know which two I’m going to choose. Both of them are cheerleaders, and both of them are prettier than me, too! But yes, it hurt when you first took me, and it’s going to hurt her, too, but that’s not what I mean.”

“What do you mean, then?” he asked, puzzled.

“Don’t make fun of her. Don’t hurt her feelings like you did to me, okay?”

“I hurt your feelings?” he asked, still fucking her deeply. “How? How did I hurt your feelings?”

“You made me feel like a slut!” she said, then gasped as he bottomed out inside her. “You made me feel dirty and used like a piece of trash.”

“Oh, honey, you’re not a used piece of trash!” he said, kissing her face. “You’re my beautiful little princess! You’re my niece!”

“You made me feel like a slut!” she retorted, and then he bottomed out in her again, making her grunt again. “Oh my God, I feel like a slut right now!”

“Oh, baby, what can I say?” he said, kissing the side of her face again. “You ARE a slut.”

“What!?” she cried out, outraged. “How can you even say that?”

“You’re a slut.” he said, matter of factly. “You deny it?”

“Of course I do!” she said, her voice bitter. “I’m not a slut!”

“Well, you’re certainly not a virgin anymore.” he said. “And you’re best friend is going to get fucked by me with your full knowledge and cooperation. As are two other girls in your class. What would you call a girl like that?” he asked, and kissed the side of her face again as he stroked his whole length out and into her again. “You’re a slut, Katie, and I love you for it.”

Katie felt the tears well up in her eyes again. “You do? You can love a little slut like me?”

“Katie, it makes me love you even more.” he said, kissing her again as he kept fucking her. “I love you, my little slut! I love fucking you!”

“I love you too, Uncle Dave!” she said, the sobs no longer restrained and coming forth unashamedly. “I love you, too!”

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