The Neighbor’s Party

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Copyright (c) 2018 James Miehoff, All Rights Reserved.

This work may not be published whether for fee or free without this copyright.


This is one of a series of stories set in what I call Universe-J. Universe-J is very much like this universe with a few exceptions.

First the people tend to be a little more sexual and less hung up on sex that they are in our universe. This does not mean that monogamy is the exception. James and Heather were monogamous for a significant amount of time before they “accidentally” swapped partners.

Second the repercussions of unprotected sex are less severe than our universe. Not to say that STDs and unexpected pregnancies don’t occur, just that they occur less frequently and in the case of STDs, a good shot of antibiotic will put you right again. HIV has yet to be introduced so STDs aren’t a death sentence there.

Lastly, pedophilia and incest (which I will not be writing about) are virtually unknown. Children are to be protected and loved not abused. When they reach the age of consent, they can join in the adult games if they so desire, but there is no pressure on them to do so.


I found the invitation taped to our door when I got home from work Wednesday night. It was from our next door neighbors, George and Inez. George had wanted an outdoor kitchen for years and Inez finally relented and let him have one. That meant a stream of contractors blocking our driveway through most of the spring and into the summer.

Finally it was complete and they were having a party to celebrate. It was to start at 6pm on Saturday.

I immediately went next door and Inez answered the doorbell. I said we would be happy to come over and asked what we should bring. She hesitated for a minute and then said, “Just something interesting and summery to drink.”

I said we would and as I turned to leave she said, “And your swimsuits, unless you’d rather skinny dip.”

I turned to see if she was kidding and she gave me a sultry look while she sucked on the end of her index finger suggestively. I just laughed and walked back home.

Our neighbors George and Inez are what the tabloids call a May-September couple. George is 20 years or so Inez’s senior, but he is a golf fanatic and hits the gym several times a week, so he is in great shape.

He met Inez on a business trip through South America and apparently it was love at first sight because he brought her to the states a month later on a fiancé visa and they were married before the 90 days were up.

That was about 5 years ago or so, and from what I could see, he was still madly in love with her.

And there was a lot to love about Inez. She had curves in all the right places and loved to show them off.

She was fairly tall; my guess would be about 5 foot 6 or 7 inches and no more than 120 pounds. She had olive skin, green eyes and until recently long dark hair that went to her waist. Heather told me that she cut it because it was a pain in the ass to get dry after going swimming in their pool. The cut was very nice and even though I like long hair on women, it made her look even sexier than before.

Heather pulled her car in and parked just as I got to the driveway. She jumped out of the car and waved at Inez, then looked at me and said, “She wants you”.

I laughed and walked over to Heather and handed her the invitation. As she scanned it, I slid a hand inside her blazer and “honked” one of her boobs. She retaliated by slapping my hand and then walked over to talk to Inez. I shrugged and went into the house.

By the time Heather came in, I had supper almost ready. As I turned from putting the plates on the table I asked, “Anything new.”

Heather just said, “That smells good, but I need to change. I’ll be right back.” And she headed for the bedroom.

From the hallway I heard her call out, “And she wants you.”

Shaking my head, I chuckled to myself while thinking, ‘She is not going to give up on that’.

After dinner we watched some TV and Heather chatted randomly about stuff. From that conversation I gathered the following nuggets; there was going to be a band at George and Inez’s party, Heather’s feet hurt (which was a not so subtle hint for a foot massage, which she received), G&I had invited about 120 people, Heather’s supervisor was pregnant again, Inez wants me, if her supervisor carries this one she might stay home, George was going to be grilling a bunch of exotic meats along with the usual ones, and she was tired and going to bed.

I finished watching the news and followed her to bed, where she was already asleep. So I undressed and crawled in and turned off the lights.

At 3 o’clock I woke up from a dream that somebody was sucking my cock to find that somebody was sucking my cock. And they were doing a really good job of it because within seconds of my coming awake I was cumming in that mouth.

As I slumped down from thrusting my hips while shooting my wad, the mouth followed bahis firmaları my cock and continued sucking until it was obvious that I was spent.

Gentle hands pulled the covers over me and kissed me on the forehead and I went back to sleep.

The next morning, Heather didn’t say a word about the nocturnal blowjob, so I didn’t either. She seemed like she wanted to ask me something, but she didn’t so I played it cool.

The days came and went and finally it was Saturday. The invitation on the party said 7pm, but we went over early to help out. George and I chatted about work, the football game, music and general things while I helped him prepare the meats. It was amazing the variety he had managed to accumulate. While I was trying to identify some of them, Heather ran over and asked for my car keys.

“My hands are all slimy from the meats so you will have to get them yourself,” I told her.

“Pocket pool,” my wife said giggling while deliberately putting her hand in the wrong pocket.

After fumbling around and getting me hard, she switched pockets and then ran off with Inez and my car keys.

George looked at me, I just shrugged. “No fucking clue,” I said.

The girls were back about 20 minutes later with several big bags of ice. As Heather buried alternating layers of beer and ice in the cooler, Inez slowly slid my keys back into my pocket. That woke up the sleeping Mr. Happy, but she removed her hand too soon.

By 7 George and I had all the meat prepped and just as we tossed the antelope steaks on the grill the first guests arrived.

“Inez will get them,” George said and I cocked an eyebrow. He went back to seasoning the buffalo chops.

By 7:30 the house was jammed. Did I mention that George and Inez’s parties are world famous?

The band came in about 8 and the music started around 8:30. People were dancing in the living room and in the kitchen and out on the deck. A few brave souls even brought swimsuits and were dancing in the pool. The food was a hit the drinks were a hit and the overall party was a major hit.

When the girls were out, they picked up some bottles of Heather’s new favorite intoxicant. It was called something chata. I can never remember the name. It is a good thing it comes in a distinctive bottle so I can find it at the liquor store. Basically it is like Irish cream with spiced rum instead of Irish whiskey. My pet name for it is whore-chata, because when Heather gets drunk on that, she acts like a $10 truck stop whore. We have had some historical and memorial drunk wife sex when she is drinking that stuff.

Around 11:15 the band took a break and I went to stand in line for the bathroom. A lot of people were starting to leave and so they decided to pee before they left, so there was quite a line. Finally I got in, relieved myself and then went out back to admire George’s outdoor kitchen and catch some fresh air.

I passed the band on their way in and caught a whiff of something familiar. They were higher than kites. I just shook my head grinning.

I grabbed a fresh beer from the cooler and debated going in. There were only a few people left and it was nice and quiet out back, so I stayed out.

I heard the band start up a nice slow song perfect to grind crotches to. I was looking out at the pool and I didn’t hear the door open and close. I thought I was alone until I felt arms around me and heard Inez’s slightly slurred words whispered in my ear, “Dance with me.”

I turned and put my arms up and she said, “Not like that silly. Like this.”

She pulled my arms down and put them on her ass as she squeezed closer and began to grind her pubic area on mine. I glance over at the window, but the few couples left all seemed to be occupied. So I gave her ass a squeeze and pulled her tighter. She released my hands and put her arms around me and held my ass tightly while grinding hard on my crotch.

I should point out at this point, Inez was wearing a white linen shirt and black yoga pants [Author’s Note: Heather had to help me with the name ’cause I had no idea what they were called.] I was wearing thin linen slacks, so it was almost like nothing was between us. I was only mildly erect when she first started, but I was getting ready to pound nails now. Our combined motions walked us backwards until I hit the grill (it was off so it wasn’t hot anymore, that would have been embarrassing otherwise). That let me angle myself backwards a little and Inez all but climbed on me. The way she was grinding on my cock was more high mileage than I had ever gotten in a strip club.

We started kissing and I brought one hand up to cup her breast and thumb her nipple. Before the end of the song, she stopped and moaned into my mouth as she quivered and shook like waves were washing over her.

As the band hit the last chords, she slumped down and put her mouth to my ear and whispered “Thank you”. She bit my earlobe gently and then continued, “Come with me. I want to give you a reward.”

With kaçak iddaa that, she grabbed my hand and led me around to the other side of the grill. She grabbed a pillow off a pool char in dropped it on the ground and knelt on it. She initially fumbled with my belt with one hand while she did something with her other hand, but I didn’t care.

Then she got my belt undone and unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. I was so hard at this point, I was about to look for nails to pound with my dick.

And then her lips were around my cock. I grabbed the grill for support or I would have fallen. She was amazing. She sucked me deep into her mouth on the first stroke and then then moved her tongue from side to side as she applied the right amount of suction on the outstroke.

Next she focused on the head of my cock. Circling it with her tongue and then driving it deep into her mouth until I felt the back of her throat. It was effective. It felt familiar, but I couldn’t place it.

Just as my eyes must have been rolling into the back of my head, George walked out and grabbed a beer!

Oh Fuck! Here I am in his back yard with his wife’s mouth around my dick. I froze. Maybe he won’t see me.

As he stood up from getting his beer, he looked straight at me and called out, “Hey, James! Need a beer?”

I picked up a handy beer bottle tipped it at him as I said, “Nah, I’m good,” trying to act cool.

Good nothing. Inez was taking full advantage to try and make me blow my load while her husband was 10 feet away.

Oh Shit! He is headed this way! Please stay on that side of the grill. Please.

“This party turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself,” said George.

“Oh I agree. Everything turned out fabulous,” I said. Please go away. Please. Please. Please.

“Well, don’t stay out here too long,” he said. “I think this is the last set from the band.”

“I won’t be too long,” I assured him. “I just needed a little fresh air.”

“OK,” he said as he waved and headed back inside.

As the door closed, my floodgates opened and I shot what felt like a couple of gallons of man milk into Inez’s mouth. I think it caught her by surprise but she sucked it up (pun intended) and swallowed everything I gave her.

When I had finally stopped and she gave my dick a last lick and suck. She stood up and kissed me long and deep, forcing her tongue into my mouth. As I tasted the milky spicy taste of the whore-chata and the salty musky taste of my sperm, I slid my hand around to her front. She turned slightly to give me better access.

I slid my hand and found her shirt was untucked and afforded access to her silky smooth stomach. I could feel her push her chest out expecting that I would go for her tits.

I double crossed her and made a 180 with my hand, sliding it down into her stretchy pants. I was a little surprised to feel her hand sliding out as mine was sliding in, but no matter. I quickly had possession of her dripping wet snatch.

My middle finger slid smoothly down the valley between her lips and met no resistance as it plunged into the depths of her pussy. I added a second finger and used the heel of my thumb to press on her clit.

Her only reaction was to slump almost bonelessly into me and to let out a sound somewhere between a moan and a sigh.

I finger fucker her mercilessly until I was rewarded with her whisper,”I’m coming”. And she was. I could feel her pussy muscles trying to milk my fingers and the little quakes of her body as she rode one wave of the orgasm and crested on the next.

Somewhere in there, she had grabbed hold of my cock and had been squeezing and stroking it until I was some semblance of being hard again. At that point, she pulled my head to her and whispered, “I need your cock in me Right Now.”

With that declaration out of the way, Inez spun half way around and pulled her pants to her knees. Bent over in an L shape, she backed onto my cock using her hand to guide it through the valley of her pussy lips and straight to her tunnel of love.

Once the head of my cock started to penetrate her, she plunged backwards until I was as deep as humanly possible. We both moaned at the sudden sensations. I grabbed her hips and started a slow in and out rhythm and then froze. One of the other guests came out to get a beer. He looked over and pointed at his beer in the time honored, “You want one?” gesture. I picked up a random beer as before and tipped it in the equally time honored, “Nope, I’m good. Thanks” gesture. He smiled gave a thumbs up and headed back inside.

As soon as he turned away, I started fucking Inez. From the way she was shaking I guessed she was laughing. So I was determined to fuck the laughter right out of her.

I picked up the pace and soon I got moans instead of giggles and I could feel her pussy start to twitch. A few more strokes and she came hard. I could feel her pussy squeezing me. There have only been a couple of women I have fucked that have been able to do kaçak bahis that, but Inez was probably the best. It felt like a hand squeezing my cock and jacking it off. Just as she finished, I could feel the fire building in my balls and my cock started to pulse.

She obviously felt it too. She pulled forward, spun around and knelt on the cushion again. She grabbed my cock and almost got it into her mouth as the first spurts of my sperm shot forth into the night.

I looked down and could see her sucking and swallowing as she milked my cock for the second time.

It seemed like forever, like it always does, but it must have been just seconds. Then she was standing up kissing me. After a kiss that lasted longer than my orgasm, she whispered, “We better get straightened up. You go in first. I’ll come in a minute or two later.”

We did just that. We were just in time for the last dance. I spotted Heather and we got in one last slow dance.

Just about everybody bailed after that, so Heather and I stayed to help clean up. George and I cleaned up the outside while Heather and Inez worked on the inside. Many hands made light work so we were done pretty quickly. As I came back from dropping a garbage bag off in the garage, I saw Heather in the kitchen swirl a bottle of the chatta, shrug and then drink the last of it straight from the bottle.

I came up behind her, kissed her ear and grabbed 2 hands full of boob. I am not sure why I never noticed, but Heather was sans bra tonight.

As she leaned back into me I whispered as sexily as I could, “Any more garbage to take out?”

She sounded disappointed as she said somewhat slurred, “Oh, it’s you. Yes you can take the bag that’s in the kitchen garbage can, please.”

I grabbed the kitchen garbage bag and grabbed another garbage bag from Inez on my way out. When I came back, Heather was hugging George and saying how much we enjoyed the party. I am not sure I could have said that with a straight face with Inez right there. I put my hand around Heather as I came up gave her ass a squeeze as I thanked George and Inez for a great party.

We walked the short distance home and thinking of Heather braless all night started my dick to firm up.

Thinking about it, in that thin silky dress, if Heather was backlight, it would be almost transparent. This might explain the small group of guys that sat off to the side of the dance floor with the lights on the other side. Smiling I opened the door, thinking about the pounding those wives were probably getting right now.

Turning after closing and locking the door I ran right into Heather. She threw her arms around me and gave me a very wet kiss that tasted like whore-chatta. While still recovering from my surprise, she dropped to her knees and with practiced hands undid my belt, opened my pants and pulled them down to my ankles.

As I said earlier, when Heather gets drunk her inhibitions go out the window. Expecting a surprise blowjob, I waited. But she just turned my cock side to side.

Finally she said, “Yep. She marked you all right.”

WTF. I looked down and it finally dawned on me. Lipstick on the dipstick. When Inez first went to her knees behind the grill wall, she put on fresh lipstick. Busted.

As my brain was putting all these facts together, Heather stopped her examination and slid my cock partway into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. Thank you. The blowjob I had been waiting for.

But before I could grab her head, she popped my cock out of her mouth and stood up.

“Mmmm. Pussy flavored. So you fucked her too.” It was not a question.

With that she turned dramatically and started pulling her dress down her shoulders as she walked down the corridor towards our bedroom. Before she turned the corner, she turned, topless with the dress bunched around her waist, and looked at me.

“Well are you going to just stand there, or are you going to come fuck me?”

I kicked my shoes off and stepped out of my pants. I found her dress on the floor outside our bedroom and dropped my shirt to keep it company as my cock preceded me into the bedroom. The sound of a vibrator hit me as I stepped into the room.

On the bed was my beautiful wife laying on her side in a spoon position. The bedroom lights were off, but the bathroom door was slightly open leaving the room in a dim diffused light. From the sound emanating from her nether regions, it was her favorite purple rabbit entombed there.

I don’t remember crossing the space between us. I just remember lying next to her as the outside spoon. I kissed her neck as I slid my free arm around to find a breast.

“Are you gonna fuck me? Hmmm? Are you? Do you want to put that dick inside me?” she spoke in a high pitched whining voice.

It was a voice I recognized. I was in for a treat tonight. One of Heather’s sexual role playing characters is a young woman she calls ‘Trixie’ who is a truck stop prostitute. ‘Trixie’ is insatiably horny and will do anything. Heather only pulls her out of the closet when she is really drunk and really, really, really horny.

“Are you gonna just sit there or are you gonna play with me? Hmmm? Don’cha want to play with me?” Trixie whined.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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