The Maid Pt. 12

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When the old woman arrived home and opened the bedroom door, she was floored, Not at the sight of her husband and the maid together, that was a given. It was the sight of the maid’s shaved pussy, looking so young between her open legs, sticky and wet with her husbands cum still seeping out of it. Pink and fresh, the lips glistening and parted, the hood of flesh covering her most sensitive spot. The clit buried beneath, ready to harden and swell and stick out in arousal.

Seeing it dredged up memories of so long ago. Memories of experimenting with her girlfriends at school, licking each others cunts and sticking their fingers inside their wet eager pussies. Making each other cum as they explored their sexuality, wondering how it would feel to be with a man . She wasn’t a Lesbian, but that had been the best of times. The excitement of learning about their bodies and what pleasured them, how it felt to have someone else arousing them rather than just their own hands inside their panties. She thought she had buried those feelings but no, that cunt looked just as exciting as her school mates did way back then. In a split second she knew she must have it. The thought of it made her tingle between her legs as she silently backed out of the bedroom closing the door quietly behind her.

Later that evening, alone in her room, the maid lay on the bed hatching plans of her own. With the money she was earning, she could afford to keep the hotel room she had been staying at, so why not put it to good use and supplement her income even further by offering her ‘Maid’ services on a more temporary basis on her nights off. She realised that would put her into the prostitute category but what the hell, she was little more than one already. Besides, she loved sex and could afford to be fussy who she ‘worked’ for. Tomorrow, she would place an ad in the personal column of the local paper advertising her discrete maid services with any special duties considered. With that decided, she got up, stripped naked and climbed into bed for the night.

She was half asleep and groggy when the door to her room quietly opened. She saw a dark shadowy figure framed in the light of the hall enter her room before the door closed again plunging the room back into darkness.

“You are insatiable.” she said sleepily, pulling back the covers.

She heard the rustling of clothes being removed and then felt a naked body slide into bed beside her. Straight away, a hand covered her breast and a mouth kissed her neck. As the kisses moved up to her ear, the hand on her breast kneaded it and deft fingers rubbed and stroked her hardening nipple, first one and then the other. She felt a tongue lick into her ear and the sensation made her sigh with pleasure. The hand on her breast slid downwards, the fingers tracing over her belly bahis firmaları and her legs fell open in eager anticipation. As the fingers touched between her legs, a mouth covered her own, kissing her passionately. Something was wrong. She froze and then it hit her. The finger delving between her dampening lips and the mouth kissing her wasn’t male

Shock soon gave way to pleasure as the fingers on her now throbbing clit worked their magic, stroking and rolling it as it hardened and swelled. Her legs fell open wider and she returned the kiss with equal passion, her excitement building by the second. The fingers stroking her clit slid down and up inside her, rubbing the inside front of her pussy. She groaned with desire, her own hand desperately reaching out for the soft wetness between the other womans legs. Her legs started to quiver as the fingers inside her rubbed faster, her own fingers hooking up inside the womans pussy. Locked together, they finger fucked each other frantically, gasping and moaning, both of them willing the other to cum until, as one, they both froze, jerking in orgasm. It wasn’t over. Sliding down the bed and forcing the maid’s legs apart, the woman pressed her face between them, her tongue lapping hard over the maids erect contracting clit.

“Ohhh fuck!” she cried out driving her pussy up onto the woman’s relentless tongue, her legs quivering uncontrollably as she rocketed towards climax. With a loud cry, her back arched, her hips and open legs jerking hard against the face buried between them as she exploded in orgasm. Intoxicated by the taste and smell of the maid and excited beyond belief at the maid’s hard orgasm, the woman came herself, her hand rubbing frantically between her own shaking legs, her fingers dripping with her juices as she thrust them hard up inside herself.

“I have wanted this for so long without even realising it.” the woman said softly as they lay together, her hand stroking softly up and down the insides of the maid’s thighs.

“Funny thing is, so have I.” replied the maid, leaning over to lick one of the womans erect nipples, remembering her encounters with her previous employer’s wife. She ran her mouth down, kissing over the woman’s stomach and over the mound of her closely shaved pussy. The woman jerked as the maid’s mouth touched her sensitive clit. Just like the woman wanted just moments before, the maid now yearned for that scent and taste of pussy. Breathing in deeply, she buried her face into the woman’s wet parted slit, her tongue licking hungrily at the pool of wetness at it’s opening. With the maid sucking on her enormous hard clit and a finger pushed deep inside her contracting pussy, the woman came hard for the third time. Fuck it felt so good.

The woman got up and walked naked to her pile of clothes on the floor.

“I kaçak iddaa had better leave some of that lovely thing between your legs for my husband.” she said getting dressed.

“I hope you’ll visit me again soon.” the maid said to her with a contented look on her face.

“You can count on it my dear.” the woman replied with a smile, letting herself out of the maid’s room.

She didn’t know why she bothered wearing panties at all. As soon as he had spotted her coming up the staircase from the top he was aroused. It only took half its length as he descended and met her for his cock to become rigid and craving the soft wetness between her legs. She could tell he was aroused just by the look on his face. “Good morning my dear, it seems so long since I have seen you. I have missed you,” he said, taking her hand and placing it on the growing bulge in the front of his pants.

“It seems so.” she replied, her hand stroking the long hard bulge beneath the material.

Straight away, his hand was up under her dress, and delving inside her panties, desperate for a feel of her smooth shaved pussy. Wanting it over quickly, she slid down his zipper, reached inside his pants and extracted his swollen engorged cock. As she pulled it hard, he drove his fingers inside her, inflamed with arousal. She dropped to her knees on the stairs and took him in her mouth, forcing herself hard down onto him as she held the rigid shaft at its base. He bucked against her, fucking her mouth, his cock growing by the second. Her hopes of a quick outcome were dashed when he pulled her to her feet and spun her around. Reaching up under her dress, he grabbed her panties and pulled them down. She bent over, her hands gripping the handrail as she pushed her ass back, stepping out of her panties and spreading her legs for him.

Gripping her naked waist up under her skirt, he pulled her to him, his thick cock embedding between her lips, spreading them and pressing into the soft hole between them. As he pushed inside her, she cried out. No matter how much she was “Not in the mood”, the feel of his hard thick cock invading her cunt made her wet and so eager to cum. As he thrust inside her hard and fast, her hand left the handrail and she reached down and rubbed herself furiously, wanting to cum with him. Bucking against her hips, he came, holding himself deep inside her, his cock jerking madly, trying to fill her with his cum already spent.

Out of the corner of her eye she spotted a movement, at the top of the stairs. It was his wife, in her dressing gown, watching him fuck her with a voyeuristic aroused look on her face. Lost in the moment, she didn’t care, rubbing her cunt and feeling that hard cock cumming inside her had tipped her over the edge and she pushed back hard on him with quivering knees and her kaçak bahis stomach jerking. When she looked again, the woman was gone

The wife walked into their bedroom, discarding her dressing gown with a smile on her face. He wasn’t the only one getting a taste of that lovely pussy. Slipping into bed, she reclined, her legs opened and she proceeded to slide a finger slowly up and down her slippery wet parted slit. Watching her husband fuck the maid was exciting, she knew how it felt to have that hard cock up inside her, But it was nothing to the thought of that wet cunt pressed against her mouth, rubbing up and down over her face, the smell, the taste, the soft wetness aching to be licked.

Her pussy dripping with cum, the maid turned around,and gripped his softening cock. Her pussy still throbbing, she eagerly smothered it with her mouth, sucking the residue of his cum and her juices off it.

“Stay.” she pleaded, sucking and pulling him, desperately wanting that hardness inside her again.

“I can’t.” he replied, reluctantly pulling his cock from her grasp and replacing it in his pants.

“I have an appointment, but believe me, if it wasn’t so important I would be fucking you again right now.”

As he walked down the steps, she stood up and pulled up her panties, giving her still throbbing pussy a rub through them, her finger pressing them into her wet aching slit.

Knocking and entering the bedroom, she found the woman back in bed, her dressing gown discarded and laying on the floor. Under the covers, her legs were wide open and she made no secret her hand was between them..

“You were watching.” said the maid, a little guilty.

“Have no fear my dear, the more he gets of you the more he wants me when you’re not here.” said the woman, gently stroking her pussy with her finger out of sight under the covers, aroused at the thought of the pussy hidden under the maid’s dress. “I think you should go take a shower and wash that ancient cum out of that lovely pussy of yours and join mr here.” she invited, patting the bed at her side.

Her cunt still throbbing, the maid went straight to the ensuite, turning on the shower and ridding herself of her clothes. It took only a minute, all she had to do was scrub between her legs and she was done. Emerging from the shower wrapped just in a towel, she stood there, her pussy aching, needing to be touched. The old woman pulled back the covers, she dropped her towel and climbed in beside her.

“Fuck!” the maid cried out, her legs quivering as she thrust her hips upward, her hands crushing the woman’s face hard to her pussy, trying to force her tongue deeper inside. Drenched with the maids juices, the woman lapped at the maid’s clit, her own hand frantically fingering her own wet slit, her pussy squirting hard and uncontrollably onto the sheets between her legs.

Spent, her chest heaving, the maid laid back in the bed. All she could remember was the soft pillow under her head and the fingers lightly stroking her body as she fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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