The Lady Cop

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It was late Sunday night when I flew home from a business trip, landing in a cold Fall rain. I’m a haberdasher, specializing in high end suits, run my own shop and had just spent the last four days in New York City meeting with suppliers and taking in a few fashion shows. My plan was to go home, unpack my suits, and sleep for eighteen hours, but fate was about to intervene in the strangest of ways.

I parked my car in the garage and walked through the rain to the back porch, opened the screen door and saw the window was broken, the door unlocked. Oh shit, I thought, chills going through me. Dropping my luggage, I went through the house and sure enough, I’d been robbed! The flat screen tv and surround sound stereo were gone, and they also got the microwave. I ran upstairs to my dressing room, breathing a sigh of relief upon seeing all my clothes still in the closet. I’ve got more than fifty custom suits and tuxedos, plus all the shirts, shoes, handkerchiefs, pocket squares and accessories, a very valuable wardrobe, especially for someone in my business. Suits are my life, the only time I’m not wearing one is at the gym or while doing yard work, otherwise I’m always dressed for success.

I was relieved until checking the top bureau drawer and the watches were gone! I only had five of them but they were top of the line, Tag Heuer, Movado, Rolex, Cartier, and a very exotic Breitling, almost $20,000 of watches I’d collected over the last twenty years, gone. My face flushed, I went downstairs, poured myself a Scotch and called the police. I started making a list of missing items, everything could be replaced, except those watches. At least my laptop and camera were with me on the trip and safe.

I also started a pot of coffee and by the time I’d gone through the house it was almost an hour since I called the police. They must be really busy at midnight on a Sunday, I thought, when I heard a hard knock at the front door. To say I was irritated is an understatement, the edge was taken off by the Scotch, but I was prepared to give these cops a piece of my mind for the slow response. Until I opened the door, that is.

She was a lady cop, almost a foot shorter than me, sandy blonde hair peeking from under a black hat, her body rounded out and mostly hidden under the dark uniform, solid looking. But her face was like an angel, smooth chalk white skin and pale pink lips, a soft sloping nose and piercing green eyes. “Hi, please, uh, come in,” I told her.

“I’m officer Collins,” her voice was husky, like she was trying to be tough. “Are you, the homeowner?” She demanded, her light brown eyebrows furrowing.

“Yes, Thomas Avenel, I own the house.” She brushed past me into the living room and could see where the tv and stereo were missing. “They broke in through the back door,” I started to explain but she cut me right off.

“OK, when did you discover the break in? And why are you wearing a suit this late?” I felt her eyes on me, the cop, judging. What a bitch, I thought, my emotions getting the better of me. “I discovered the break in an hour and a half ago when I called and reported it. I just got home from New York City on business. That’s why I’m wearing a suit this late. Now do you want to see where they broke in or not?”

Officer Collins pretty green eyes narrowed for a second, burning into my own and then I just laughed. “What’s so funny?” she asked. “Ok,” I raised my hands up, “I get it. This is probably really boring bullshit for you and I’m really fucking sorry I got robbed here and ruined your whole goddamn night. I’d say let’s forget this altogether except I need a police report for my insurance company. If you want to be a bitch about it then fine, must be fun going around bullying innocent people that get their shit broken into and ripped off.” I took a defiant sip of Scotch, not taking my eyes from her.

For a second I thought she was going to explode but then she softened, the trace of a smile on her lips. “Ya know, I’ve been attacked by stupid drunk homeowners before, bullshit DV calls,” she said, walking straight towards me. She reached out and touched the lapel of my suit coat, feeling the smooth material, “But you look pretty harmless in the suit and all. This is nice,” she gave a soft caress and let go.

“Thanks. Silk from China, custom made in Italy.” Our eyes were locked, and I felt a thrill running through me. “And I’m not drunk. Want some coffee?”

“Sure,” she smiled. “Show me the broken door.”

I got her a cup of coffee and she checked the door and started filling out paperwork. “Pretty standard, these wood doors with the windows on them are a real security issue. You’re better güvenilir bahis off with a solid steel door and a locking storm door. Crooks see that and move on.”

I noticed a scent coming from her, like lavender, very light on the air. Her head was down, scribbling on the clipboard. I walked her through the house, noting the stolen items and then she headed upstairs. As I followed her up my face was less than a foot from the incredible sight of her shapely ass, taught against the seam of those tight black cop pants under the equipment belt with her gun and accessories. Two round globes swaying between wide, athletic hips. Jesus, I thought, licking my lips, lady cop must work out hardcore.

At the top of the stairs I lead the way to the dressing room to show her where the watches were. I opened the drawer but she was staring with a smile at the rack of suits and the full length wall mirrors. “Wow, you’ve got some clothes here.”

“You have no idea,” I smiled and explained what I do for a living.

“Really?” Officer Collins, cocked her head. “You probably know more about fashion than I do.”

“Well, you’re current ensemble leaves a lot to be desired,” I heard myself saying as I fantasized about that curvy body, “But in your line of work it fits quite nicely.” She blushed, to my astonishment.

It was strange, I normally go for the tall, dark, extra thin type, but that black cop uniform combined with the blonde hair, pale skin and those sparkling green eyes were turning me on. “Uh, anyway,” I said, coming back to myself, “The watches were in here.”

“Here,” she pointed to the drawer at the same time I did, our hands grazing and it was almost electric. I looked into the mirror on the bureau and our eyes met. Her lips pressed together, almost a frown and the image of us kissing started off in my mind. The moment stretched on and then the radio attached to her shoulder crackled. She stepped out of the room, speaking into it and I followed her back downstairs to the kitchen, wondering if I’d blown an opportunity there.

“Okay HQ,” she was saying, “I’ll catch up with the other unit in five minutes, out. Okay Mr. Avenel, I need you to sign this report,” Damn, I thought, she’s back all business. What the hell was I thinking? I signed the statement. “So do you think I’ll ever see my stuff again?”

“Not your tv or stereo,” she laughed, totally serious. “But those watches, we’ll see. I’m going to take a look at something right now, so give me your number and here’s my card.”

“Uh, yeah,” my heart leapt in my throat and I rattled my number off, using all my willpower not to snatch her business card off the counter. Just be cool, man, I told myself.

“Ok,” she started for the front door and I followed, “Keep your phone on, this might not take long. I know it’s late, have another drink or,” she cocked an eyebrow, “change outta that stuffy suit or something.”

Now it was my turn to blush but I laughed it off. “My suits are definitely not stuffy. Thank you Ms. Collins.”

She laughed, “You’re right, it’s pretty sexy. Bye!” I watched her walk to the police cruiser and jump in. She hit the flashers and raced down the street before the siren kicked on. My cock stirred, my breath was short, I loosened my tie, took it off, and made another drink.

I couldn’t get the image of this hot blonde lady cop out of my mind, mentally undressing her, imagining all the naughty things we would do and I recognized it for it was: animal attraction.

I took a deep breath, and then a few more, calming myself. It was forty-five minutes later and I was pouring a cup of coffee from the pot when my cell rang. “Mr. Avenel, this Officer Collins. I’ve got good news and bad news if you’re still up.”

“Of course, I’ve still got your coffee going here,” I tried to sound smooth, “Unless you can’t…”

“Nah, I just clocked out for lunch,” She sounded playful, “So open your door already.” And there was her knock.

“Woah, snuck up on me,” I laughed and hung up.

“I don’t always have my flashers and siren on,” she said with a crooked smile when I let her in.

“Hmm, I guess,” our eyes were locked, we both wanted this, it was just a matter of making it happen. “So what’s the news?”

“Bad news, you’ll never see your tv or stereo again. Good news,” she held up a plastic grocery bag from behind her back and thrust it at me, “Let me know if any of these look familiar.”

“Oh my God,” I couldn’t believe it. They were all there! “How did you…?”

She poured herself some coffee and explained. I kept looking from the watches to her, standing there in the soft kitchen light, hat off, still intimidating türkçe bahis in the uniform but radiant. “These crackheads dump stuff like this as soon as they can for nothing. We kicked down a few doors, cracked a few heads together and what do you know, there’s your watches.”

Jesus, I thought she looked flush from the strong coffee I made but it was probably from kicking some ass. “I can’t thank you enough, I mean, really, this is incredible.” I put the watches down on the counter, looking straight at her and she put the coffee cup down, staring back at me. “If there’s anything I can do for you…” I said, moving towards her, “Anything at all…”

She crashed into me, our arms grabbing each other, our lips locked together, tongues entwined. She tasted like the coffee, her hot mouth pressing into mine, the rough uniform, gun on her belt, digging into my side. I couldn’t believe I was kissing this gorgeous lady cop but by now all reason was gone. We released each other, just standing and staring, both of us knowing the time for any reconsideration had passed. I grabbed her by the hand and led her to the couch in the living room which was the nearest place we could fuck on.

She took off her coat and laid it on the leather wing chair then grasped her oversized belt with both hands and shrugged it off. “Get that suit off, Mr. Avenel,” she growled but I had already taken my coat off and laid it on the other chair. It wasn’t fast enough for her, she grasped my shirt, pulled it up out my pants and ripped it off me, the buttons flying through the air as she yanked it down my arms and let it drop to the floor. “Sorry, I’m so fucking horny I can’t wait,” she yanked her black turtleneck up over her head, exposing more creamy white skin and a nice set of small c-cup tits straining against a black sports bra.

I smiled, looking over her tight, ripped body. I could fix that shirt as easy as sewing buttons, it didn’t make me mad at all. “I can’t wait either,” I said as the bra came off revealing her full tits, the small pink nipples going hard in my fingers as I took one in each hand and we started kissing again. Our tongues explored while we undid each others pants, letting them drop to the floor. She pushed me down on the couch and I licked my lips, taking in that white hot body, strong legs, covered now only by a pair of tight black cotton panties.

She leaned down, grasping my silk boxers, sliding them off as she dropped to her knees. Her hands worked up my thighs, cupping my balls and she gave my cock a firm first stroke. “Mmmm,” she purred, gazing with an approving look as she jerked me fully erect. “You’re hard as a rock,” she put me right into her hungry mouth. I laid back on my elbows, watching her swallow me all the way down, sucking her cheeks in as her head bobbed up and down, waves of pleasure washing over me as I flexed my cock inside that hot mouth. It was almost excruciating as she sucked hungrily, lightly pressing my balls in her free hand, stopping to suck on the head like her favorite lollipop and kissing her way up and down the shaft.

I had to pull away in order not to come. She got up and slipped her panties off, a landing patch of dark blonde hair atop her soaking mound. I wanted to taste her immediately and moved toward her but she pushed me back, straddling my legs as she stroked her pussy, fingers and lips glistening. Before I could even say anything about a condom she took my cock and rubbed it against her, teasing her clit, wetting me with her hot pussy. She re-positioned herself and worked me inside and with a sigh arched herself all the way down to the base and started pounding against me.

I grabbed her hips and answered each thrust from her with a hard pump of my own, flexing my cock as hard as possible at the top. Her eyes narrowed, locking into mine as we worked together. She rode me harder, grinding as I pushed back, and it wasn’t long until she went still, crying out as her pussy gripped tighter. She collapsed on top of me, soft and smooth as my hands ran up and down her body and we kissed some more. I could feel her pussy squeezing my cock deep, not letting me go soft inside her. “That feels so good,” I told her.

She didn’t say anything, just sighed a little, still catching her breath as she held onto me. Slowly, I started to pump again and she shifted forward, pushing her tits into my face so I could lick and suck those precious nipples hard in my mouth. My hands cupped and rubbed her ass cheeks and when I gave one a hard smack she bucked back against me with a cry. She moved back down and we were kissing again, arms locked around each other, hips crashing together as we fucked like güvenilir bahis siteleri mad on the couch. “Mmmm,” she slammed her pussy into me, “I’m… gonna… cum… again…,”

I grabbed onto her hips and thrust up hard, again and again as she screamed out her second orgasm. I slowed my tempo, letting her calm down, but still felt like a man possessed. My cock slid wet from her tight pussy as I rolled her over onto her back, kissing my way down her stomach. She was all muscle, silky smooth skin and her pussy tasted beautiful. I licked and kissed up and down her pussy lips, teasing her clit with my tongue, sucking it into my mouth, torturing it with gentle, persistent attention. She came alive again as I slid two fingers into her pussy, strong thighs clamping around my head as I searched for the spot inside which would bring her ultimate pleasure. When I found it she began bucking against my face. I sucked her clit harder, flicking furiously inside her with my fingers on that magic spot.

“OH FUCK!” She screamed, “DON’T STOP! DON’T FUCKING STOP!” She screamed and I didn’t until she screamed again, releasing my head from her legs and pushing me away the sensation too much for her. I licked my lips, savoring the taste of her pussy, breathing it in deep.

“Oh my god,” she finally stopped shaking. I laid down with her, our eyes locked as we cuddled and kissed. “I haven’t cum like that in… forever.” We ground against each other and my cock never softened, somehow it seemed to get harder as I dry humped her leg. After a few minutes rest she moved a hand down and slowly stroked me and now it was my turn to squirm and moan against her.

I couldn’t take it another second. “Get on your knees,” I told her. She moved some pillows for her stomach and positioned herself against the armrest while I got behind her, one knee on the couch, one foot on the floor. Her ass was plump but hard, the soft white globes rippling as I ran my hands over them. It was so pretty and shapely I couldn’t help putting my cock between those sweet cheeks and dry hump them. Her crack was completely hairless and smooth, wet with her pussy juice and the pre-cum leaking from my cock and when I spied that perfect tiny asshole I couldn’t believe the charge that ran through me.

She worked her clit with a hand from below and I slid right into her pussy again, so close to that pink puckered asshole and as I started pumping into her my thumb instinctively stroked that hot little button. With the touch of my thumb her body shivered and she let loose a lusty groan. With my other hand I smacked her ass, hard, grabbed her hips and started pounding her backside.

“Yeah, fuck me hard,” she grunted as I pumped into her, “Come on.”

I tried to breathe, to hold it back but the pressure was too much, there was no holding back anymore so I just pounded her harder and harder, trying to see how much she and I could take, both of us gasping and grunting like wild animals. I thrust one more time, burying my cock all the way inside her even though I knew I should pull out. It was almost like she knew I was going to come and refused to let go, locking me inside with those strong pussy muscles. My balls emptied like an explosion and I moaned as she continued squeezing my cock, the sensation an overwhelming mix of pleasure and pain as my sensitive cock head kept spurting and spasming. “Holy shit,” I gasped, falling against her. She sighed, the two of us breathing deep, catching our breath.

I withdrew my wilting cock slowly out of her, ripples of pleasure still rolling through me. “I’m sorry, I tried to pull out.”

“Mmm, I didn’t want you to, lover. I mean, I did, but I didn’t. It felt too good. Don’t worry, I’m on the pill.”

Jesus, I thought, quickly getting a couple towels from the kitchen. I threw her one and sat back down and we cleaned ourselves up. “Seriously, don’t worry,” she said.

I looked at her and then we were kissing again. My cock instantly stirring and then her damn radio squawked to life and she got up, breaking the spell. “Ten-four base, I’m back from lunch in five minutes, over.”

I smiled, as she get dressed, watching that sexy body disappear into her cop uniform. She came over for a hug and another kiss, pushing me back after a moment. “Stop! You’re getting me wet again!” Looking down she saw my cock at attention. “Oh shit!” I laughed, helpless to do anything about it.

She checked her watch, there was no more time, she had to get back on patrol. “My shift ends in four hours. Why don’t you-“

“I’ll leave the door unlocked. What the hell, I don’t think anyone else’ll be breaking in tonight.”

We both laughed. “Get some rest, Lover,” she said, “I’m just getting started with you.” And with that, she went out the door. I picked up my clothes, went upstairs to bed and fell almost instantly asleep, hoping in a few hours it wasn’t all some crazy dream.

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