The Ice Princess , the Business Trip

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“So, just as a hypothetical thing, just how much trouble would someone get into if someone, say me as the someone, was to make a pass at you at a time like this?”

“Trouble? What do you mean Al?” Sharon asked, “Men make passes at women all the time, and for the most part we like it. You only get in trouble if you were to be pushy about it if I said no, assuming that I said no. Being as this is a business trip, I would have the right to raise a stink about it when we got back, if you were pushy – and I had said no.”

Well, that was a partial answer. I was cleared to ask her to join me in my bed, and she had made it clear that asking it once was all that she would tolerate – if she were to reject the offer. Let me explain how I got into the position of asking her that in the first place. As a technical writer for a large corporation, I don’t usually get to travel on the company tab very often. Not long ago the opportunity arose for one of these infrequent trips; a two-day class given by another company in Chicago. In spite of my manager wanting to send another writer on this particular trip with me, a woman I’m not exactly crazy about, I jumped on it.

Now, about the woman who went with me, and to whom I had addressed the question. Sharon is about average height, very thin, and a bit smaller breasted than I like women, but otherwise not exactly hard to look at. Most of the problem with her was her personality. If there were ever a woman who would be the first to yell sex discrimination or sexual harassment, in any department, she would probably do it. In other words, the “boys” had to be a little careful around her. Sharon seemed a little cold and had been referred to from time to time as the “Ice Princess.” She really wasn’t all that bad, but we did get a little mileage out of that title. She was married, had two kids, and went to church – I assume with her hubby. I rated my chances of getting into her pants on this trip as being somewhere between zip and zero.

The plan of attack for this trip was to leave for Chicago on a Sunday evening, pick up the rental car, and check into the hotel. The next day we would drive over to this other company’s site for the class. There were two day’s worth of classes. We would be flying back to Denver after class the second day.

We caught an evening flight out of Denver and arrived in Chicago right on time. After claiming our bags, we proceeded to the rental car counter and got the car. Since it was in my name, I would be driving. Not being especially fond of Sharon, I didn’t consider this to be a bad thing!

The rest of that night was about what you would expect. We checked into the hotel and agreed to meet in the lobby in the morning just in time to drive over to the class. More for the hell of it than anything, I invited her to join me for a nightcap at the hotel’s bar after we got settled in our rooms. To my surprise, she took me up on the offer. We spent well over an hour together in the bar chatting before calling it a night. She presented a completely different side of her that evening, much more friendly and open that she ever was at the office.

Monday was the first day of class. The instructor was a woman who had my undivided attention, and it wasn’t the subject matter either! She wore those little business power suits that had a short skirt, and this one really showed off her cute little ass. When she bend over to explain something, there was a rather pleasant view down her front. There wasn’t a blouse on under that blazer, and as far as I could tell, she didn’t have a bra on either. There wasn’t any visible panty line, which aroused my interest even further. The subject matter of the class wasn’t exactly taxing, so I could devote a lot of my time to that age-old question; is she wearing undies, or isn’t she? By the end of the day I still didn’t know, but I was horny as all hell. Yes, I know, men can be such pigs. I thought I was old enough that my hormones wouldn’t get out of control like that – bad guess! Sharon was starting to look good. Okay she looked good before, even if she was pretty flat chested, but now…

After class, Sharon and I drove back to the hotel and agreed to meet in the lobby at six and pick a place for dinner. That gave us about an hour to freshen up a little and relax before going to dinner. As six we met in the lobby and went off to dinner. It was nothing to write home about, but not bad either. Sharon and I had a rather pleasant time together. After dinner, we came back to the hotel and went for a few drinks at the hotel bar. It was after the second round of drinks that I had finally asked her about the consequences of making a pass at her and got her answer.

“That being the case then,” I said, “how about we go up to my room and you can see the wonderful collection of etchings they have in that room?”

“I’m not into etchings.”

That almost sounded like a rejection, but I decided to push it a little anyway. “We could talk a little more bahis firmaları I suppose.”

“Do we have to do something so damn intellectual?”

“How about something more primal, animalistic, something to soothe the savage instincts?”

“That’s a little more like it,” she said downing her drink, “but I think my savage instincts are going to go through a little moaning and such before they’re soothed. Let’s get one to go and you can show me the etchings in your room, not that I believe for one moment that there are any. The fact that I’m not into etchings notwithstanding, I’m also horny tonight and I was hoping you could do something artistic about that as long as you seem to be in an artsie mood.”

“You’ve got the right man.”

“I was hoping to ‘come’ for the right man,” she said with a wicked grin, “maybe a couple of times.”

We left for my room. Once we were inside and had the door securely locked, she looked around the room as she peeled off her blouse and dropped it on the floor where she was standing. “Just as I thought; no etchings,” she said.

The rest of Sharon’s clothes came off quickly. I was stripping just as fast as she was. There was nothing romantic or teasing about it. This was pure lust and sexual need. We simply ripped our clothes off as we moved toward the bed, pulled the covers back, and got onto the bed.

I kissed her a couple of times and was about to get a little tongue action going when she pushed my head down toward her chest. Yea, so much for that romantic stuff, let’s get to the raw sex. In spite of not having much in the chest department, she did have some rather nice nipples. I had to wonder if she had nursed her two kids and that’s where the large nipples came from. Large breasts don’t do much for me, but nice long nipples sure do. Hers were sticking up now, long, nice and erect, and surrounded by a small dark areola, just waiting to be sucked on. She was definitely excited, there wasn’t any breeze perking these two up. My hand slid down her thin body to her small well- trimmed bush as I sucked a nipple into my mouth. With the nipple deep in my mouth, I held the base of it firmly with my teeth as my tongue flicked over the end of it. She emitted a long low groan and arched her back.

“Bite it harder,” she whispered. “Oh God I almost think I could come if you keep that up. Finally someone who knows about nipples.”

Finally? I had to wonder what her husband did – or didn’t do – with them. Taking that as a hint, I gave that nipple my best work-over for a few minutes and then leaned across her and gave the other on the same treatment. Meanwhile, I had run my fingers through her trim bush and finally moved a finger between her legs and over her nether lips, not parting them, but just running a finger over them. The first few times I ran my finger up and down her sex slit it was dry. Before long however, it began to get moist, and then very quickly, it was soaking wet with her juices. Her legs began to move further apart. Before long, I could feel the thin inner sex lips peaking out between the puffy outer ones. Their appearance was soon followed by her clit. Now as I ran my finger up to the top of her sex, my fingertip brushed over the tip of her very erect clit.

Sharon’s hands hadn’t been idle. One had found a nice stiff appendage of mine to play with and the other ran it’s fingers through my hair and occasionally pulled my head tighter to her breast as I sucked on a nipple. Her legs were now wide apart, making sure I could get to whatever I wanted to down there. “Keep this up and I am going to come for you,” she moaned. “I’m really horny and getting so close. Just keep your finger on my clit a little more and I’ll come all over it.”

“How about I put my tongue on your clit?” I asked, letting go of her nipple. “I’d love to have you come all over it.” I was dying to get a taste of her, and if I kept up what I was doing to her nipples much longer, I was sure they were going to get sore.

“I hope you do clit as well as you do nipples,” she said as she pushed my head toward her widespread legs. My darling husband thinks a lick and a promise should do it.”

I kissed my way down her stomach as I moved my body over her leg and got between her legs. She smelled great as looked about as sexy as I have ever seen that part of a woman look. One good firm lick with my tongue when my finger had been confirmed what I had suspected; she tasted great. I slid one hand under her bottom to lift her ass a little, and used the other to pull the hood on her clit back, exposing her whole clit to my tongue. It seems no one had ever done this to her before.

“Oh God that feels great! What’re you doing down there? You’re about to make me come!”

I gave her a very brief description about exposing her whole clit, and the resumed licking her. I let her get very close to coming, and then left her clit and began to lick and suck on her tender inner sex lips. These of course tugged at her clit kaçak iddaa some and kept her very close to coming but still allowed her to calm down a little.

Sharon had her feet on my shoulders now with her knees drawn up, keeping her ass off the bed enough that I didn’t need the hand under her any longer. I slid it out and let a finger slowly probe into her hot wet opening as I licked and sucked on her delicious inner sex lips.

“Oh yea…finger me Al. Give me a finger or two,” she groaned.

I gave her one finger, going in nice and deep, then two, and finally three. She was rather tight but they all fit nonetheless, getting all nice and wet. I moved the three in an out a few times, and then withdrew my third finger and put it up against her asshole.

“What are you doing?” she shrieked. “That’s my…I mean…no one has ever…uh…”

She was too sex-crazed and hot to really protest much, especially since it really felt good. My fingertip rubbed around her crinkled little anus and then pressed a little harder at the center. Finally her sphincter let go and the finger slipped deep into her tight little back door. The other two fingers went deep into her sex at the same time.

“Oh God,” she groaned, “I don’t believe you are doing that to me!”

Looking up her body, I noticed that her head was pressing firmly against the pillow, her eyes were tightly closed, and she was pulling and pinching her own nipples. It was time to get her off. Besides, I had a hardon that was killing me, and I was dying to be inside her – deep inside her. I put my tongue back to work on her still exposed clit. I began moving my fingers in and out of her as I licked her without mercy. For an Ice Princess, she was getting pretty hot! It wasn’t long before she went over the edge.

“That’s good Al,” she moaned as I licked her. “Just like that. I’m so close…I’m going to…come any second…” She wasn’t trying to make this last any longer either, and a few seconds later, “Oh God yes…I’m…COMING!” she finally shrieked loud enough for anyone in the hall to hear. Now she grunted and groaned and her body lurched as her orgasm consumed her. “Keep fingering me,” she finally pleaded, “this feels so good.” As orgasms went, this was definitely a good one. I couldn’t believe how long this one lasted.

“I’ve never come like that before,” she finally gasped when it was over, “and I thought I had had a few good ones.”

“Maybe it was the finger in you where you’ve never had one that did the trick.” I said with a grin as I slid up her body and lay next to her.

“I guess,” she said still breathing hard, “No one has ever touched me there before. I mean I have heard of some of that and all, but…I thought it was kinda…well, nasty and that maybe the girls who said anything about it were just putting me on. But, when you touched me there, it felt so good! I damn near came when you pushed your fingers into both places at the same time. And now,” she said sitting up, “it’s time to return the favor.”

Sharon took my aching shaft in her hand, gave me a few strokes, and then proceeded to give me a blowjob like I haven’t had on quite some time. One of her soft little hands cupped and gently massaged my come filled balls as she used the other one to follow her mouth up and down my rigid shaft. I was able to reach her ass, so I caressed it and her back as she worked on me. I would have played with her breasts and nipples, but her arms were in the say. I dearly loved the sight of my rigid shaft going in and out of her mouth. She was good! She was taking a surprising amount of me into her small mouth, and I was sure I was hitting her throat. I was getting ready to fill her mouth with my come in just a few short minutes. “Better slow down on that a little,” I warned her, “I rather put it somewhere else in you when it goes off.”

“Either I’ve still got the touch or you’re really horny,” she said coming up for air.

“Both. Now, let’s put that somewhere where it will do us both some good.”

“Great!” she said giving me one last lick. “How about something other than missionary?”

“Spoons, on your side, or doggie tonight?”

“Spoons or on my side? Isn’t that about the same thing?” she asked as she now lay beside me.

“Not exactly,” I said sitting up and beginning to arrange her on the bed. “On your side is where you lay – on your side – with your lower leg out straight like when you stand, and the upper one bend like you are sitting,” I said as I arranged her legs. “Then,” I said as I got into position over her lower leg, “I get over your leg like this and…” I now moved my erection up and down her very wet sex slit, getting the end of it all wet with her juices. “Then I slide into you,” I said as I slowly penetrated her hot sex.

“Mmm, not bad,” she said as I thrust into her as far as I could. “I just lay here and… sort of get fucked don’t I? I mean there isn’t a lot I can do except move my hips a little.”

“Feel good?” I asked her kaçak bahis as I pumped away at her hot little bottom. I had my hands on her hip now, pushing up to lift her upper ass-cheek as little to allow me to slide further into her hot little body.

“Not bad. Sort of tame though.”

“I take it you had something a little wilder in mind?”

“Sure. As long as we are being primal tonight, how about doggie. My husband doesn’t like sex that way but I love it.”

“He doesn’t like doggie?” I asked getting off of her. Somehow this was hard to imagine, but there is no accounting for some people’s tastes in sex.”

“No, but I’m trying to forget about him tonight, so how about just let’s do it,” Sharon said getting on all fours next to me. “Nice and hard too. None of this slow and gentle stuff.”

I got on my knees behind her and as wet as she was, and me still being wet with her sex juices, I was able to slide all the way into her on the first thrust. She raised her head, arched her back and quickly thrust back against me, making sure I went all the way into her. I took a firm grip on her sexy hips and began firmly pumping in and out of her, coming all the way out until just the tip was still inside her, and then thrusting swiftly all the way into her, causing her whole body to shake. By now she was so wet that in no time my pubic hairs were soaked with her hot juices. As tight as she was, it wasn’t long before I knew I wasn’t going to last if I kept it up at this pace. I finally slowed down, let go of her hip with one hand, and took a finger and circled her crinkled little anus. Sharon emitted a loud groan as I touched her there. Taking that as a positive sign, I pushed a little harder as I circled her there.

“That’s nice,” she moaned, “put it in there.”

I pushed harder and the tip of my finger penetrated her tight back door.

“Not with your finger!” she protested, “you know, put your…you know…”

I was going to like this. I removed my finger, and aimed the appendage of her choice where my finger had been. I was completely covered with her slick sex juices so I knew there wasn’t going to be a lubrication problem. I rubbed the tip around her tight little rear entrance a few times and then pushed it harder against the center. Pretty soon I felt her relax and the head slowly slipped into her forbidden entrance. I hadn’t had anal sex in a long time, and nearly forgot how hot this can be. After giving her a moment to get used to me being in her there, I finally pushed the rest of my length into her.

Sharon gave a loud groan, and then said “Oh…that feels great! I’ve never had a guy in there before.”

I began to move slowly in and out of her, enjoying the tightness and smoothness of her there.

“Slowly for a few minutes,” she begged, “I have to get used to it.”

I wasn’t about to rush this. I had been on the raw edge of coming before. Anal sex is so hot I wouldn’t last long at all if I had resumed the former pace. A few fast hard thrusts and I would have filled her hot little ass with my come. No, this had to take a little longer. I moved in and out of her slowly and deliberately. Once I over did it on the way out and slipped out of her. There was a little whimper of protest, but when I reentered her, there was a groan of pleasure.

Sharon readjusted her hands, and then one went back between her legs and began playing with her swollen clit. “I can’t believe how good this feels,” she said softly, “I think I’m going to come pretty soon. Go just a little faster, okay?”

So much for holding off, but even going in and out of her slowly, I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. Being careful with her, I began moving in and out of her faster, my own release not far off now. It was quite a sight, watching my hard shaft going in and out of her.

“Oh God, I’m so close Al,” she moaned, “come in my ass so I can feel it! I want to feel you come in my ass Al. I’m going to come as soon as you do.”

She wasn’t going to have to wait long. I had my hands on her hips as I watched myself going in and out of her tight little back door. I felt a really good come building fast. “Any second now…any second,” I said softly. I was completely fascinated with the sight of myself going in and out of her ass. I could feel myself swelling and getting incredibly hard like I do just before I come. A few pumps and a few seconds later and I couldn’t have stopped if I had wanted to. “I’m…COMING!” I groaned loudly as I thrust firmly into her ass as the first huge spurt of my hot come rushed up my hard shaft and erupted deep inside her. Grabbing her hips tighter, I held her firmly against me, shoving myself as far into her as I could, as I shot the next few spurts of come deep into her. It felt so good that I couldn’t move. She wanted to feel it, and I didn’t think there was any way that she wasn’t going to feel me throbbing inside her as I gave her those first few thick heavy spurts!

She pushed back firmly against me, and then screamed, “Oh God, I can feel it! I can feel you coming inside me!” as her orgasm started. Her fingers hardly moved on her clit now as her body again convulsed with her second orgasm of the evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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