The Bike Ride

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It was a warm, late summer day, just to nice to sit in the house so I decided to wash and wax my bike. I was just about done when my wife’s friend and her boy friend come over to visit. So my wife put on a pot of coffee and Dawn came out to see what I was doing, I told her that I was just putting the finishing touches on the wax job, and was going to take the bike for a ride. She asked if she could go with me, I said that I didn’t mind but she better go ask Doug! So she went in the house to ask, Dawn is a little over five foot tall, Red hair, and has a nice ass! She had on a tank top, and shorts, looking pretty hot, so I would be a fool not to take her! Doug was in chatting with my wife, he said that he didn’t care. Karen is five ten and a half, with a nice ass of her own! So he was all set. We got on are helmets and started; I figured I would find a nice smooth winding road so we could enjoy the scenery. I headed towards Lake Delta that has always been a nice ride.

I continued past the lake and down in the gorge, I told her she better hold on tighter, so she moved up so I could feel body on my back! And it felt real nice too! We start going through the winding curves, this must have gotten her excited, because she had slipped her hands in the opening of my tank top, and was running her fingers through my bahis firmaları chest hair! So not wanting to miss an opportunity we crossed over Route 12 and head into the country. There wasn’t any cars or houses around, I found a spot, pulled over by a creek, so I pulled the bike off the road, and we went down by the creek. We sat down on this big rock and were checking out the water as it bubbled over the rocks. We had some idle talk, and I figured I would find out if she were as excited as I was! I moved my hand on to her leg and just let it rest there! She didn’t move it, so I moved it up to her inner thigh and rubbed in a small circular motion. Still no resistance, so I moved my other hand to her breast and played with her nipple, so softly! She started moaning, I pulled her to me and kissed her deep. For what seemed like a lifetime! She melted in my arms! I removed her tank top, and sucked and nibbled her nice little tits, while messaging her pussy through her shorts. We removed are clothes, the sun was warm; she looked so beautiful standing naked by that creek. I figured Doug and Karen are having fun by now, and this was to good to pass up, Karen and Doug always flirted and teased each other! I picked Dawn up and set her on the large rock and cupped her ass cheeks in my hand, and slowly taunted her pussy with kaçak iddaa the tip of my tongue! She moaned and squirmed, and tried to get me to really go down on her hard, but I was in control, and wanted to savor the moment!

She tasted so good, and all at once I shoved my tongue as deep in her pussy as I could get! She let out a scream, then cum all over my face, I lapped her juices. Then we found a little sand area, I lay down on my back and she took my hard cock in her mouth and sucked the whole length of my cock, down to my balls! I thought I was going to cum right then! Boy she could suck cock! I pulled her off my cock, laid her on her back, placed the tip of my hard cock at the opening of her wet pussy, and pushed ever so slowly, feeling the heat from her wet pussy! It was driving me wild! I pulled back all the way then drove my cock in her so hard you could hear my balls slap against her ass.

By this time she had cum again and we started to fuck in time, I was in heaven! Her juices were flowing and running down the crack of her ass so I pulled my cock out, and rubbed up and down the crack of her ass.

That’s when she begged me to fuck her ass! So I hiked her legs up and positioned the head of my cock against her tight little brown hole, and just keep rubbing the head on it to get it loose enough kaçak bahis to be able to insert it, boy it was tight! It took some doing, but I finally was able to get the head in without cumming. So I slowly started to move in and out, little by little. That’s when she cum again, it was enough to lubricate my cock so I could really start pumping hard. I would have never thought that I would be fucking one hole on this hot little red head, no less three of them! After her asshole loosens up I started pounding it like a jackhammer! My balls were slapping against her ass cheeks so hard, I just kept drilling her. Finally I couldn’t take it any longer, I cummed so hard it was squishing out from around my cock as I was pumping her ass! I had finished cumming, and I just let my cock stay buried in her ass until it went soft! After I pulled my cock out, the cum ran down the crack of her ass,

We lay on the little beach in each other’s arms for a while got dressed and went back to the house. We didn’t realize, but three hours had past from the time we had left.

We walk in, and Karen and Doug asked if we had fun! I said of coarse we did, it was a real nice ride! I asked the same, they said they shot the shit, and played a couple of games! From the smell of sex in the air we know what games they were playing.

So we all sat and talked for a while, and Dawn and Doug left and I brought Karen in the bedroom and fucked the hell out of her. Twice in one day is a record for me no less with two different women.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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