Sister-in-Law Resolution

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I was in my car with my sister-in-law Patty. We were driving to a secluded spot in order to have some fun. We had been fucking each other for some months now. My sister-in-law was a bitch, but a sexy one. She loved to have sex with me, and the feeling was mutual. As we were riding to the state park, Patty posed this question to me.

“Jack, do you want to be my exclusive lover?”

I wondered what she was up to.

“You mean you have more than one?” I asked her.

“Well, yes, a few actually,” she replied.

She broke down and told me she was fucking most of the men in her neighborhood. She had even bedded down with one of her son’s friends from college.

I knew right then our time together was soon coming to an end. Patty was scheming and that meant problems for me. Her husband, Scott, had caught us screwing one time, but she had been able to talk her way out of that one.

“Jack, I need an alibi, I am pregnant.”

That revelation hit me square in the face!

“Who’s baby is it?” I asked her.

“I don’t know,” she said.

I didn’t know what to believe from her. It could have been the mailman’s baby for all I knew.

“If I tell Scott it was your child, he won’t suspect I was cheating will all the others,” Patty told me.

That was her plan. Pin the pregnancy on me, because Scott only knew about the one time I had fucked his wife. Patty could go on the way she always operated then. I wasn’t going to buy into that plan, but I said nothing to her.

We finally arrived at the lonely spot we had chosen. We got out of the car, and took a blanket along with us. We walked to a secluded area and both got bahis firmaları undressed. I got down on the blanket, and as I was lying there, Patty did a dance for me.

Even though she was thin and didn’t really have any boobs, she did know how to milk a man’s cock of its cream. She slowly moved to my shaft and started to suck on my balls. She lifted them up and then worked her tongue all around my ass rim.

Between sucking my sacs and licking my asshole, my cock was beginning to grow. Patty then began to flick her tongue up and down the underside my rod. She could almost wrap that tongue of hers completely around me. Up and down she went, then she moved her lips to my cockhead. She engulfed my mushroom head and deep throated me. She knew her business alright. I was so hard, my cock was twitching.

Patty wasn’t going to waste my seed. She moved her pussy above my rigid pole and sunk down on me. I held her hips initially and she rode up and down my thick member. Patty loved to be vocal, and out here in the woods, she let go.

She begged for it, telling me all the wicked things she wanted me to do to her. I rammed my cock in all the way now, pounding her tiny twat, stretching her with my thick pecker.

I just happened to look up and saw some movement over by the tree line. As I kept fucking Patty, I happened to see someone stroking their cock. We were being watched! I wasn’t going to stop taking my sister-in-law’s pussy.

She rode me for the longest time. Although she was already pregnant, she shouted for me to fill her with my baby seed. I let loose with rope after rope of my thick seed. I scalded her love tunnel with kaçak iddaa it and made her cum all over my shaft.

Our juices spilled out onto the blanket. We kept at it until finally I became soft and slid out of her cum drenched hole. Patty fell off of me and was resting there on the blanket, trying to catch her breath. I got up and made my way over towards the trees, as if I were going to pee.

Once I got there I spied my peeping Tom. He was a young kid who had caught two people fucking in the woods. I couldn’t blame him for watching. I would have done the same thing.

“I am sorry for watching you both,” he said. “I couldn’t help myself.”

His cock was out and he was hard from masturbating.

I told him, “If you want to fuck her, you can.”

“Are you sure, mister?” he asked.

“Help yourself, kid.”

I gathered up my clothes, got dressed, and walked back to the car. As I was sitting there waiting, I could hear sex noises coming from the woods, moaning and screaming mainly. Over an hour had passed when Patty finally showed up. She looked like she had been ridden hard.

She hopped in the car and we took off for home. She couldn’t bare not to tell me what happened. The young guy came in her three times, she said. He shot two loads in her pussy and one load in her ass. I think she told me to make me jealous somehow.

I couldn’t have cared less. It was over between us as far as I was concerned.

I parked the car down the block from Patty’s house. She asked me if I could tell her husband that I had made her pregnant. I told her I didn’t care what she did, but it was over between us.

She threatened kaçak bahis to tell my wife Kim, what we had been doing. I told her she better not, or else Scott would be told about all her neighborhood lovers.

I could see her face go red as she slammed the car door and ran up to her house.

In the end, it didn’t matter what Patty did. I changed my cellphone number and I would no longer make stops over to the in-law’s house, pretending to be there on errands.

The time finally came when Patty delivered her baby. A small dark skinned boy popped out. God only knew who it belonged to!

That was basically the end of the in-law’s marriage. My wife told me that Patty just up and left, no one knew where she ran off to. She took the baby and left. My brother-in-law also moved away, along with his two sons. I guess the pain of staying in that house got to him. He had finally caught on that his wife was fucking everyone in sight.

My wife Kim asked me a question one day, out of the blue.

“I am surprised you never bedded down with Patty.”

I think she was probing around, but I answered her this way.

“You know how I felt about that woman, she was basically a bitch!”

That answer seemed to satisfy her, and the subject was dropped.

The final end to this story came as I was reading the newspapers one weekend around a year later. There was an advertisement announcing some new exotic dancers at a local strip club. Sure enough, one of the photos was Patty. However, Patty was now Tanya. She had dyed her hair and had let it grow out. She now sported breast implants from what I could see.

I always knew Patty/Tanya would somehow land on her feet. How long she could dance, I didn’t know. She was already in her late 30’s. I was sure she would latch on to some rich gent and once more have a man take care of her needs! Good luck to her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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