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They worked together in the trauma center of a large hospital. The last month even had them on the same shift. Karen and Melissa had known each other since nursing school. They were good friends and drinking buddies.

Karen was a curvy brunette and at 37, she was ten years older than Melissa. Karen was a DD with a nice round ass that looked great in her tight scrubs. Most people in health care are familiar with scrub butt. Karen had one of the finest scrub butts in the hospital. Melissa was a busty redhead. Her boobs were younger, a full D and firmer. But their size weighed them down just the same. Her ass was firm, round and gave Karen’s ass a run for her money.

The boys were finishing a deck at Melissa’s house today. The girls finished their shifts and stopped at Karen’s to shower and change. Then they were headed to Melissa’s. The plan was grilled chicken and beer to relax.

Like nurses everywhere, they finish a shift and need to clean every square inch of their bodies. They lived a few miles apart, and work was a thirty minute drive. When they worked the same shift, they usually carpooled. It wasn’t unusual for them to shower at each other’s house after work.

Today they had been complaining about the nurse manager and her attitude. Karen just kept her end of the conversation and walked towards the bathroom. Melissa simply followed Karen into the bathroom and continued the conversation. Not intending to violate her privacy but not embarrassed by bodily functions either. Nurses don’t have a sense of modesty.

Karen pulled her top over her head. Still facing away from Melissa, she reached around and unsnapped her bra. It dropped to the floor. Melissa could just see the sides of her large boobs. After turning on the water, she stepped back, bent slightly at the hips and slid out of her royal blue scrubs.

Melissa was amazed by Karen’s ass. It looked even better than she had imagined. Two kids and it was still firm and round. It was smooth and large. Not fat, but curved. She had a small a pair of red lips tattooed on the right cheek. Melissa knew Karen had a few tats. She often spoke about how she got turned on while getting them. In one quick movement, Karen was already in the shower and the blue shower curtain was pulled closed.

Melissa had always enjoyed the female form. Since high school, she had been with a few women, with and without her husband Larry. She looked down at the scrub pants on the floor. A lacy red thong was inside of them. She thought “That must look incredible when shes wearing it.”

Melissa pulled down her pants and sat on the toilet to pee. She took a deep breath. Her heart was beating. She tried to discuss the nurse manager that had been the focus of their chat when she followed Karen into the bathroom. But all she could think about was seeing the rest of Karen. And touching her. Not that Karen was by any means shy, but Melissa had never heard her mention girls, other than the occasional sexual innuendo when Karen was drunk. She finished, stood up and flushed. She was washing her hands when the curtain moved back a few inches and Karens voice.

“Hey red, why don’t you grab us a couple shower beers?”

Red or Ginge, were the nicknames she had for Melissa, neither bothered her. She walked out to the kitchen and grabbed four cans of Coors Light from the fridge. When she walked back to the bathroom. Melissa reached around the curtain and held a beer inside for Karen. She set two cans on the counter and popped the top on her own beer.

“Um, red? It’s not a shower beer, if you’re not In the shower. Get in here.”

A bit startled, Melissa muttered “Oh, OK”. Dropped her own scrubs to the floor and slid the curtain aside.

Karen’s amazing ass was turned towards Melissa and the water was running through her hair and down to the shelf formed by her ass. Karen’s head was back and she as taking a long gulp from the beer can.

Karen and Patrick had a smaller house than Melissa did. This was the bathroom attached to the master bedroom. The bathtub/shower was a bit confined for two. Especially when you are trying to avoid molesting your shower mate. The corner of the bathtub near the shower head had a plastic rack that held the body wash and shampoo. A red loofah was hooked on the corner of the rack.

Opposite the wall with the shower head, a wash cloth was hung over a blue dildo suction cupped to the wall. Melissa was staring at it when Karen said “It does much more than just holding that washcloth. Both Patrick and I enjoy that from time to time.”

Melissa mind was blank. Processing all this information stifled her speech. Patrick? Both of them?

“Its Ok, Red. Us old folks use the sex toys too.” Chirped Karen.

Melissa turned to her. Her right shoulder had an amazing tat of a Buddha and a Lotus blossom. Great colors and artwork. It went from her shoulder to the top of one of the most amazing breasts Melissa had ever seen. They were DDs with large and very erect nipples as big as Melissas bahis firmaları fingertips. Water was running down her body and Melissa followed the flow. Right down to her completely smooth pussy. Melissa kept hers waxed. Karen either waxed or shaved it regular.

“Well if you’re just gonna stare at least be useful.” She handed over the loofah and vanilla body wash.

Karen stood to fully face her, putting one hand on the wall and the other on the curtain rod. Melissa took the loofah, poured a generous dab of soap on and reached to rub it on Karen. She started at the shoulders then across both of her boobs, spending a little extra time to rub her nipples. Karen closed her eyes and let out a quiet moan.

“Red, be careful not to tease a sister. It’s been a few days.”

Melissa knew she was being teased. Karen oozed sexuality. She reached back, took the beer off the shelf and finished the rest in a single gulp. Melissa rubbed the loofah in big circles over Karens stomach and towards her groin, stopping just short of her majora lips.

“I said, don’t tease, Red.”

Melissa decided to call her bluff. She moved right up to Karen, smashed their boobs together and started grinding against her friend. The soap bubbles were amazing. She moved so that their nipples kept rubbing together. Karen reached around and pulled them together, pushing Melissa against the cold tile. Then she leaned in and kissed her.

Holy fuck. Karen was an amazing kisser. They kissed and rubbed against each other. Their curves were perfect together. Karen leaned down and took Melissa’s right nipple in her mouth. She twirled it with her tongue sucking and licking, while her hand moved down slid into Melissa’s wet pussy.

The first orgasm was instant. But she didn’t stop. She kept kissing her mouth, rubbing her clit. Toying with her clit. Flipping it between two fingers then using her thumb. The next orgasm was was stronger. Then another. Karen’s hand was as good as her lips were at kissing.

Oh God. Its gonna happen. Melissa panicked, then she realized she was in a shower. Karens thumb was pounding in and out of her. Melissa held her breath as the orgasm squirted out of her, covering Karens hand and Melissa’s legs with her pussy juice. Melissas knees almost gave out.

“Oh Red, I didn’t know you could do that!”

“It doesnt happen all the time. I can’t control it.”

“That was hot.” Purred Karen.

Melissa reached to her left and snapped the dildo off the wall. She twisted around and pushed Karen up against the wall, leaning down to take a huge nipple in her hot mouth. Then she reached down between Karens legs and slid the rubber dildo into her pussy. Melissa could barely wrap her hand around the dildo. It felt like her husbands cock.

Karen gasped, but relaxed and the dildo slid in and out of her in a fast rhythm. Back and force. The combination of the dildo and her nipples being toyed with by Melissa drove her to her own orgasm. A long deep one. Melissa was very talented.

While Melissa fucked her with the big blue toy, Karen returned the favor with her hands. Melissa broke free of their embrace and knelt down pushing Karen against the wall. While she continued to fuck her friend with the dildo, she buried her face in the very warm pussy, flicking and nibbling on her clit. The reaction was intense. Karen’s entire body began trembling as she experienced wave after wave of orgasm.

“Oh fuck! Lick that pussy Red! Momma needs to cum like that again. Damn, I knew you’d be a hot fuck!”

When Karen legitimately became worried that her legs would give out, she stepped back and took the dildo out of her pussy.

“Let me show you how we do it here.” Karen reached down and pulled it from her pussy. Then solidly slapped it onto the wall. The suction cup base held it in place below waist level.

“Now back that fine ass of yours up and slide that into your hot pussy.”

Melissa was so hot and wet, that she took the entire length of it, in on the first stroke. Fuck did it feel good. Bending her legs to adjust the height, she start pumping against the rubber dick. Each stroke pushed it deep into her pussy until her ass hit the wall. It was like being bent over and fucked like a cheap whore.

“Fuck that rubber dick baby! Show me what a slut you are for cock!” Karen leaned back against the tile and rubbed her own nipples and clit, giving herself more orgasms while she watched the redhead’s face contort through orgasm after orgasm.

Melissa was thankful for those hours in the gym. Her highs and hamstrings were sore and tight, but she could not stop fucking this magical rubber cock. It filled her so nice and so deep. Her whole pussy spasm again and she could feel the warmth of her cum as she squirted all over the blue dick and the wall, then ran down her leg.

She finally opened her eyes to see Karen rubbing her pussy. Not wanting to waste the opportunity, she motioned Karen over. Karen stepped closer and place one leg on the side of the tub kaçak iddaa to give her ginger friend better access to her excited pussy. Melissa managed to find a rhythm that let her lick that delicious pussy and ride that blue cock.

The girls rubbed and sucked and fucked each other until they ran out of hot water. Karen finally reached over and shut off the water. Melissa was still pumping the dildo until she noticed the only sound was the slap of her ass against the wet wall.

After dismounting the dildo, she took Karen in her arms and kissed her deeply. This girl has a amazing mouth she thought. It wasn’t until that moment did she realize Karen hadn’t licked her pussy. Next time, she told herself.

Karen broke their kiss and pulled back the curtain to reach for a towel.

Melissa looked back at the rubber dick sagging on the wall “That’s a hell of a family toy.”

“You should see our family strapon. Let’s get dressed, the boys are waiting.”


Today was just putting the finishing touches on the deck. The steps, the handrails, and the trim. They had started about Ten AM. Took a sandwich break about 1:00. It was 4:30 and the tools were put away. Patrick had been helping Larry with the new deck. Today was the third day he had helped. In exchange for lunch, unlimited beer and lifetime access to the hot tub, Patrick was much a much appreciated set of hands.

They had drank more beer today because less chance of a big screwup. And it was damn hot.

They had met through their wives, and like many couples, both partners became friends. It wasn’t Melissa’s friend Karen and her husband. It was Karen and Patrick. Patrick was a firefighter and his schedule had worked out perfect for the project. Larry had taken a few days off from his computer sales job.

They probably would have finished earlier, but they finished most of a case of beer. And the heat. Late July was a tough time to be doing manual labor. They wore both in cargo shorts and tshirts, which were soaked through with sweat. Patrick was 38 and a slim smooth guy, 5’8″ maybe 175 soaking wet, sandy blonde hair cut short. Larry was 30, built thicker and at 5’11 a bit taller. He weighed about 215 with a black crew cut. He was hairy ueverywhere.

When it was time to cleanup, he took Patrick to the Master bedroom. The bathroom was his project from two years prior. The center piece was the four foot square shower with multiple heads on the ceiling and walls. The clear glass door and lights made it nice and bright. Unless you wanted it a little darker. There was even a bluetooth speaker in there.

Larry showed him how to operate the shower heads and started the water for him. He moved out of the shower and turned to find Patrick had stepped out of his shorts and dropped his shirt to the floor. Damn. Larry couldn’t help but notice how well built Patrick was. He was completely smooth from the neck down. A little pink from the sun and sweaty.

When Patrick stepped over to the toilet to pee, Larry got a nice view of a nice tight ass. He had noticed it before and a couple times over the project, he had gotten a look at it up Patricks shorts. He was a little jealous. He didn’t work out enough, never had. But Melissa always made fun of his lack of an ass.

Patrick’s cock was smooth and cut. Larry could see that from his view to the toilet. It wasn’t the first time he’d seen another man’s cock. Not even the first time in this bathroom. Melissa and he had shared a few girls and guys over the years. He considered himself to be hetero-flexible.

He felt a bit of stirring in his own loins, so he started to leave. “Towels are there on the shelf by the door. Do you need anything else?”

“Sure. How about a shower beer?” He asked.

“What kind of host am I, not to have offered a shower beer? I’ll be right back.” Trying to clear his of the image of Patrick rinsing off in the shower, Larry headed to the kitchen and grabbed two beers.

By the time he got back upstairs, Patrick was lathering himself up. Larry opened the door and handed the can into Patrick. “Here you go. Anything else?”

“Well i cant figure out which of these buttons makes this thing scrub my back.” He said it half serious.

Larry replied “Normally, I have Melissa do that.”

“Well shes not here and you don’t want me to complain about the host, do you?” He turned to look at Larry with a smile on his face. Larry noticed that Patricks dick had gone from flat to about half mast.

“We can’t have that, can we?” So Larry stepped out of his shorts and slipped off his shirt. As he opened the door and stepped in, he brushed against Patrick. The body contact caused his own dick to begin to grow.

Patrick handed over the soapy loofah and turned around, placing his hands on the wall and leaning slightly forward. Larry started at his shoulders and scrubbed his muscular back. His ass never got any sun and the tan line was obvious. It was a very tight butt. The view and the situation were turning kaçak bahis Larry on. His cock started to grow to its full seven plus inches. When he leaned down to wash the back of Patricks legs, he could see that Patricks cock had also hardened up.

Larry stood back up and his hardon bumped against Patricks ass.

Not sure what to do, Larry froze.

“I think you missed a spot.” Said Patrick over his shoulder. Then he leaned back and pushed his ass against Larrys stiff member. “You might need a little more soap. That helps at home.”

With the pretense out of the way, Larry took a half step forward and ground his hard cock between Patricks ass cheeks. His hairy chest against that smooth back. His hand went around Patricks waist and found his cock and started stroking it. This caused the smooth ass to work even harder against the dick grinding into it. Larry brought his head to Patricks neck and bit down. Patrick responded immediately, arching his back into the hairy man that was dominating him.

“Aarrghh oh fuck! That is hot!”

Just like a wolf pack, the beta male submitted to the alpha. Patrick turned around and got on his knees. Then he took Larrys hard cock in his mouth. Sucking it and swallowing until he gagged on it. While the rest of his body was covered in fur, Larry kept his cock and balls shaved smooth.

“Does Karen know you suck cock like this?” Asked Larry as he watched his dick being serviced.

“She loves to watch me deep throat her strapon, before she fucks me. But its not as big as you are and it doesn’t have a beautiful vein like this one for my tongue to explore.”

Larry’s wife had told him more than once that his veins were ‘porn for nurses’, particularly the ones on his dick.

“Well then, you better prepare yourself for this.”

“Oh trust me. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time.” Patrick shifted himself to the floor so he could reach up and put his head between the larger mans legs.

Leaning up he licked and sucked Larrys balls. Then as he stroked the alphas hard cock, Patrick explored his friends ass with his tongue. The response was instant. Larry bent over and spread his ass cheeks giving that tongue access to his sensitive brown hole. The smooth blonde knew his place. Slowly at first, he teased and explored the the tender place, then slowly, at first, penetrated it with his tongue.

“Damn it bitch! Fuck that ass with your tongue! I haven’t a tongue there in years!” Larry had forgotten how much he enjoyed having his asshole played with. Patrick bobbed his head back and forth using his tongue to fuck that tight hole.

Larry couldn’t it take it anymore. His cock was so hard it hurt. He pulled Patrick off the floor. There was no doubt where his place was. Patrick faced the wall leaned back and prepared himself to be taken by Larry.

“Do we need a condom?”

Patrick looked over his shoulder “Hell no. Fuck that ass bare. I want to feel your load when you cum.”

The first thing he felt was the cold hair conditioner being rubbed on his ass, then a finger entering his back door to lube it. Then he felt it. The head at first just pressing against his hole spreading it slowly.


“Fuck Yes! Fuck that boy cunt! Breed your bitch! I want a real dick in me! I want that cock deep in my tight ass!”

Larry splashed more conditioner onto his cock and slowly slid it in to the tight white ass in front of him. Patrick pushed back to meet him. It was so tight and he was so hard, that he didn’t know how long he would last.

Their fucking got into a nice rhythm. He had his hands on Patrick’s smooth hips. Every thrust was pushing deep into that tight ass at the same time he would pull the hips towards him to get that much deeper. He could feel his balls slapping against that lovely ass.

Patrick had to put both hands against the wall, to keep his balance.

“Fuck my boy pussy! Use it! I want to feel your cum inside me!”

Without even touching it, Patrick’s dick exploded. It shot out all over the wall leaving his knees weak. He couldn’t remember ever coming that hard or that much and he never even touched his dick. The load of cum splattered on the tile in front of him.

As Patrick came his ass tightened around Larry’s dick. Pulsing. Throbbing.

Larry knew he was close. He leaned forward and put his right arm across his Patrick’s chest. As he thrust his cock deep into his cum slut, he moved that arm up around Patrick’s throat. With his throat in the v of Larry’s arm, he was choked as Larry pulled back his arm back and pushed his cock deep.

Larry opened his mouth again and bit down on is bitches neck. Harder enough to leave a mark.

Patrick cried out in lust.

“Take that ass! Fill me with your cum. Mark your territory with your cum!”

With that, Larry’s balls tightened up and began pulsing as his cum shot into Patrick’s hot ass.

How long it took to recover, neither man knew. Larry stepped back and popped out. For a guy in the shower, he was hot and sweating.

As Larry turned to the big shower head, Patrick stepped behind him and respectfully said “Please let me wash every inch of you. I want you to be clean and rested when the girls get her.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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