Honeymoon with Mom Ch. 08

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One thing Elaine Moore hated about her rented place was the thin walls. She and her fellas were an inventive and unfortunately loud lot and after a couple of gang-bangs the neighbors reported the noise. “She works out or moves the furniture or something all the time,” one older resident had complained. Laney had briefly considered letting them in on her secret and inviting them to join the party, but thought better of it.

Fucking in her classroom was exciting but dangerous, frequent motel stays strained a teacher’s salary in this county and cars were…well, they just cramped her style.

Elaine’s predicament was shared by other women she knew in Greenleaf, other gals who liked to party with the town’s young men. Most were older and married, and were protective of their reputations.

So when one of Elaine’s studs would text her that he had a place to himself for a day or two, as Brandon Crane had on Friday morning, she’d send up the bat-signal…so to speak.

By Saturday morning the Crane homestead was the scene of an orgy, with clothes strewn everywhere and a dozen people fucking in various combinations.

Elaine shared one big overstuffed chair in the living room with Trey Aldrich, one of Brandon’s best friends. They were naked and fucking, but for a change he didn’t have his prick buried in her mouth or her cunt. She’d talked him into trying something a little “different.” So now he was straddling her lap as she fucked his tight asshole with a long strap-on dildo.

“Kee-rist!” Trey yelped, rubbing his shoulder blades deliciously against her swollen brown nipples as he struggled to take the big fake cock. “Uhngh…Oww! Laney, I can’t believe I’m letting you?Jesus!”

“You digging it though, we can tell,” Elaine laughed, nuzzling his ear with her tongue as she reached around in front to twist his nipples. “Can’t we, Lucy?”

Lucille crouched between Trey’s legs, sucking him as if demon-possessed. Her lean, lithe figure, one result of devoting herself to yoga practice since her thirties, trembled sinuously from head to toe as she sucked. Her fine, shoulder length gray hair whipped in an agitated cloud around her rapidly bobbing head, except for the few sweat-darkened strands that clung damply to her face.

“Oh yes,” she said, releasing his cock for a moment. “I’m sure I’ve never seen the Trey quite this hard or this big. I do think we ought to introduce all these young men to the pleasures of regular prostate massages.”

“One more thing to love about these young guys,” Elaine said. “Once you get the big engines between their legs revved up they’re freaks. They won’t admit it. But they’re up for anything that’ll let ’em bust their nut some new and kinky way.” She pulled the dildo half way out of Trey to adjust the straps around her big hips. “‘Samson’ here was my best boyfriend in college and I thought he oughta meet some of my new lovers.” Elaine lunged her hips upward and corkscrewed the fake rubber cock home again.

Trey howled. Clear goo bubbled out of his cock slit, more pre-cum than Lucille had ever seen. “Yes, yes, yes,” she murmured, licking his prick knob clean before plunging her mouth down over the shaft again.

When she’d become a grandmother at forty-five Lucille had panicked, fearful that mid-life changes would soon rob her of her ability to enjoy sex. She had no such worries now, as lubrication fairly coursed from her pussy. She imagined it puddling on the carpet between her widespread knees.

Boys, she marveled. Lucille was personally convinced, whatever medical science might claim to the contrary, that the main reason most women’s sexual interest dried up in middle age was the unavailability of sufficiently stimulating partners. Older men like her husband, paunchy and complaining of their work stress, blood pressure and mid-life emotional crises bahis firmaları were anything but sexually enticing. Teenage studs, on the other hand?so trim, and athletic, always ready to fuck and eager to learn. Guys whose cocks stayed hard for hours and who could shoot cum into her over and over without losing interest.

Lucille couldn’t get enough of Trey’s tasty spunk and sucked him whenever she had the chance. As far as she was concerned, jism spewing from a young man’s cock was the fountain of youth.

She reached between her legs to play with herself, slipping a finger up her gray-fringed pussy. ]I’m going to need a prick up there soon.she thought, and glanced over her shoulder at young Luke Gable. He and Bobby Tilson had Moira Richards spread-eagled on the living room carpet a few yards away. Luke was deep inside her pussy, just stirring his cock back and forth enough to make her moan aloud while he sucked her gumdrop nipples. Bobby had placed two throw pillows under her shoulders so that she could lean her neck way back and open her throat. He fucked her mouth with easy strokes, pushing all the way in each time until his balls bumped against her upturned nose.

She can spare one of them, Lucille thought sourly. Moira was a recent convert to the ways of teen cock worship and the old saying about no fanatic like a convert held true in her case.

Moira was younger than most of the women here this weekend. Six months ago and just out of college she had moved into town with her husband and two toddlers to take a job as a nurse at the local hospital. Shortly thereafter a minor injury during a scrimmage had resulted in Bobby’s soccer coach sending him over for an evaluation. Never sure afterward what had come over her and with only a few words of encouragement from Bobby, the young brunette had found herself peeling off her panties and mounting him in a curtained area of the main E.R.

Lucille knew that her own jealousy was foolish. If Bobby and his friends really preferred young pussy that much they’d have been with their girlfriends this weekend. Let Moira have her fun now.

Brandon was the only male in the room not putting the prick to someone at the moment. In fact he stared sullenly out a window, a thousand miles away in his thoughts. Trey and Brandon were Lucille’s favorite partners and her heart went out to him now. She knew his home life was not easy. She remembered both of his parents from their own teen years. Nicki had been an adorable girl, but George Crane had been and remained to this day a thuggish, irresponsible lout. Under the terms of a plea bargain for drunkenly beating a man in a tavern over a football wager, George currently reported every Friday afternoon to a nearby city jail to serve out a lengthy weekend sentence. His father’s lawyer had done the best he could.

Where Brandon’s mother had gone off to this weekend was anyone’s guess. Lucille decided that she’d do her very best to comfort the youngster this afternoon…as soon as she finished Trey off.

“Come on, Elaine, put a little English on that thing,” she said. “Make the young man squirt.” Elaine slammed the dildo hard into Trey’s ass, burying the toy between his cheeks in swift, stabbing strokes.

“Ohhhhh… God, I’m gonna blow!” Trey yelled. He convulsed and bolted almost upright. Elaine wrapped her arms around his hips and held him tightly in place for Lucille. Cum poured from his cock, flooding Lucille’s mouth. She swallowed greedily, trying to catch it all but there was too much. It seeped from the corners of her mouth and rolled down her chin. “Agghnh?motherfucker!” Trey swore as it seemed his entire insides gushed out through his prick.

Yes…the very best, too, Lucille thought contentedly. She kept on gulping down the thick sap flowing from her son’s cock.


Mid-morning light kaçak iddaa shone in through the wide windows set into the long curved wall of the Jacobsen house’s lavish master bedroom. Nicole luxuriated in the warmth on her back. It added to the afterglow of her orgasm, one of several provoked this morning by Mai Jacobsen’s skillful sucking of her cunt.

Mai still nibbled delicately at Nicole’s tender cunt flesh. The redhead in her turn continued to lick Lindsay’s inner thighs, concentrating on the soft area where her legs blended into her pussy mound. And Lindsay lustily sucked and plunged her tongue into her mother’s welcoming slit.

The three women occupied most of the huge Italian modern bed which sat in the middle of the room. Marc and Tony had wandered off into other rooms of the suite for the present, hoping to catch a few hours of badly needed sleep while the voracious females of the household sufficed for themselves for a while.

“The female body is a marvel of nature,” Mai reflected. “The elasticity of our tissues, for example. That giving birth does not destroy our capacity to give and take our pleasure thereafter with mortal men seems miraculous.”

“Mmmm.” The women moved away from one another. Nicole sat cross-legged on the bed, admiring the feminine beauty that surrounded here. “I’ll tell you, Mai, fucking Marc for the first time felt like I was giving birth in reverse.” She rubbed her pussy, appreciating the new sensitivity brought about by the lack of pubic hair. Shaving was something she’d done once or twice in her younger days, giving it up when she accepted that nothing was going to spice up her tepid and occasional sexual encounters with George. Last evening Lindsay had waxed away all but a narrow “landing strip” of red curls from her friend’s mound. Nicole had inaugurated her new style…and, she promised herself, her new life…by taking Tony and Marc in succession while the Jacobsen women had cheered them all on.

“Yes,” Mai agreed. “Cristian was similarly well hung.”


“His father. A young Spanish courier employed by my husband,” Mai said. “I was selective about the men whose offspring I chose to bear. Certain…physical requirements mattered. No single man could completely satisfy them all.”

“That explains your family’s…diversity,” Nicole understood at last. “Did Stephan know?” Her heart raced at Mai’s intimate confessions. She noticed Lindsay also listened keenly, though she was sure that none of this was news to the girl.

“He suspected, he was not blind. He was too prideful to ever accept and act on his doubts. I knew this.” Mai wrinkled her nose as if at unpleasant memories. “Stephan was a cold old man, quite conservative. He would never have accepted my sexual indulgences with our offspring. This presented a great problem when the time came that I was ready to fuck Marc.”

“Mai…” Nicole began warily, “what exactly killed your husband?”

“His heart finally failed,” Mai said. “It was a natural death for an eighty year-old man. Especially for such a man who had been sucked off four times in an hour by his wife.”

“My God!”

“He was at peace,” Mai grinned wickedly. “He smiled down at me, at the end. His cum dribbled into my mouth as the Dark Angel took him.”

Lindsay giggled. “Come here, girl!” Mai said sharply. The slender blonde crawled across the sheets to lay her head in her mother’s lap.

“This one’s father was an international bank officer with whom Stephan had frequent business. An Olympic medalist swimmer, in his youth.”

“He’s a great fuck, too,” Lindsay volunteered.

“Hush, now.” Mai cradled her daughter’s head. She pressed a taut brown nipple to Lindsay’s mouth. Lindsay mewled and began sucking happily. Mai closed her eyes beatifically for a moment, one hand roaming down over Lindsay’s belly kaçak bahis to her pussy. Lindsay wriggled pleasantly as Mai slid three fingers into her and stirred them slowly about. “It’s true, Sean shares my enthusiasms and is still a frequent guest in the house. You must meet him sometime soon.”

Nicole listened, fascinated, as Mai went on to talk about Tony’s father. He had been her husband’s competitor in business, in fact the rivalry had been a bitter one.

“You didn’t feel disloyal?”

Mai looked genuinely shocked. “A touch, perhaps. Never when Sean and I fucked. At those times knew only the bliss of attention from a man whose sexual stamina matched my own.”

Lindsay’s breath came in short gasps. Mai slid another finger into her daughter’s pussy and the girl stiffened, whimpering into the tawny flesh of her mother’s tit. “She is coming,” Mai said matter of factly. “Aren’t you, dear?” Lindsay gave a little nod. “I feel the ripples inside you. Come. Come hard for Mother while you suck me so nicely.”

Lindsay shivered and clamped her legs tight around Mai’s hand as if to prevent the source of her pleasure from escaping. After a long time she relaxed and opened her eyes to look up mistily up at her mother and at Nicole.

“I know how to please the girl,” Mai said. “Her body responds much as mine does. She always has, since the beginning.”

“Years and years ago,” Lindsay remembered. “Just after I turned eighteen. I woke up in the middle of the night to the most wonderful feeling I’d ever experienced. There was Mom crouched between my legs. She’d worked my pajama bottoms off while I slept and was sucking my clit like it was the most natural thing in the world.”

“It is, to me,” Mai said. “My nature is to fuck.” She shifted her hand slightly inside Lindsay and the blonde’s eyes widened. She gasped sharply and wriggled. “Again,” Mai said softly. “Mother will make you come again.” She covered her daughter’s mouth with her own.

Nicole’s own mouth was dry with lust. “You don’t feel guilty? About anything?”

Mai broke the kiss with a shake of her head adamantly. “Nothing. Stephan all but purchased me from my poor family. I willingly did everything he required and expected. I became all that he desired of me as well. If I was also unfaithful…”

“I mean about this,” Nicole said.

“Ah. Of course not. I am true to my own desires now. As are my daughter and sons. As you should be.”

“I do,” Nicole confessed. “Feel guilty, that is.”

“I don’t believe it,” Mai replied. “You feel shame, which is quite another thing. Shame is imposed upon us. It is taught. Your father was ashamed. I do not think that his intention was that it should have been his last lesson to you as well.”

Nicole wasn’t sure how long she sat staring open mouthed at Mai Jacobsen, absorbing her words. Long enough, at least, for Mai to bring Lindsay to another peak. Afterward, Lindsay smiled at Nicole and said “Told you, didn’t I? You and Mom can do a lot for each other.”

“You’ve all surely done a lot for me,” Nicole said. “Thank you, thank you…”

Marc and Tony returned, bearing an elaborate lunch on trays. The eldest son had recovered enough energy to be busy in the kitchen again. Nicole was famished and the meal was delicious, though not enough so to completely distract her from what she really hungered for. That was already tenting the front of Marc’s dressing robe.

“You’re quite the chef,” she said, undoing the belt on his robe. “Is that what you do? I mean, I know Tony’s, uh ‘profession…'”

She could see the question amused him. It’s just a hobby,” Marc answered. “I’m an attorney. Family law.”

Nicole thought the joke a bit silly. Her eyebrows arched when she saw that he was serious. “You’re a divorce lawyer.”

“Sometimes. I’m very good.”

“Yes you are.” Nicole turned on to her back on the bed. She leaned her head over the edge and opened her mouth wide, holding Marc’s huge cock in one hand as she guided him. “You’ll have to tell me all about that while you fuck my throat.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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