The Homecoming

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She never should have promised to come to this stupid game. Emma was not a person who honored tradition, so why was she here? She knew the answer. She had come to see her niece play Powder Puff football. It was the first event in a very jam-packed homecoming week, and Julia had begged Emma to come. Just driving into the stadium parking lot brought back horrid memories.

Chubby Emma, coming to games with her friends, always female friends, and watching all the happy, loving couples, knowing it would never be her. Senior year, she had attended this game and sat miserably watching her Crush, the amazing Mr. Wright, her Government teacher. He was, without a doubt, the most wondrous man she had ever seen. He was new that year, fresh from college and only a few years older than Emma. Actually, he was 5 years older, but she felt such love for him anyway. He was unmarried, unattached. She knew she could make him happy, if he ever noticed her. All year, she watched and waited and wanted. Then she graduated and went off to a prestigious college, armed with her many scholarships.

Emma loved college. People there actually enjoyed studying, actually got pleasure from learning. Along the way, she forgot to eat as often. She walked all over campus and the small, historical town with her pals. She wrote long letters to Rachel, her best friend, keeping up on the events of their town and school chums.

Rachel was the only person who knew of Emma’s love for Mr. Wright. She always slipped a few sentences into the mail, telling her what he was doing now. Emma didn’t come home if she could help it. She stayed at school and worked and took summer classes, finishing college in just three years.

She found a wonderful job in New York City, moving quickly up the corporate ladder and enjoying work more than her private life. Then came the letter from her favorite niece, Julia. It was homecoming and she was playing in the Powder Puff game for the Juniors and Julia wanted her aunt to see her play. Emma emailed her that she was too busy to take a week off, but that she would ask, secretly feeling too important to get the time. Knowing she would be refused, Emma put in a request and was surprised and dismayed to have it granted. Damn! Now she had to go to Smallville and visit her old school, sight of her most humiliating days, and pretend it was enjoyable.

The only good thing was the possibility of showing off her new self. Only Rachel and Julia knew of her metamorphosis and this seemed like a good time to share it with everyone else.

Emma dressed carefully for the evening. She bathed and shampooed, soaking in the vanilla bubbles until she finally felt relaxed. She sprayed on her favorite vanilla scent and then dressed in her new purchases. First, a lovely satin and lace dusty rose bra with matching panties, sliding over her soft skin, making her feel so lovely and feminine. Nicely-fitted jeans, a soft rose shirt and a well-worn denim jacket, the kind of clothes she envied years ago, completed the outfit. She let her hair hang down, with tiny clips holding it off her face. As Emma looked into the mirror, she saw a lovely young woman, one who might get noticed.

So, here she sat, in the old high school bleachers, watching the dusk approach. As she watch, the moon started to appear over the opposite stand, huge and golden. It moved slowly up the darkening sky, glowing at Emma and making her smile. She was still mesmerized by the beauty of the night when she heard a male voice ask, “Is this bleacher taken?”. Ah, she felt the tingles long before she turned her head. Emma knew that voice. It was Mr. Wright. She looked up at him and thought time had been his friend, he had aged nicely these six years. His face had some character lines and his hair had lengthened and had a slight greying at the temples. Now the five year difference didn’t seem so great. He stood there quietly, smiling at her. When she finally realize he was waiting, she nearly choked over her words, telling him that the seat was indeed available and he was welcomed to it.

He began by commenting on the moon and how tangible it seemed. He chatted with her easily, making funny comments about canlı bahis şirketleri the cross-dressing cheerleaders and the extremely loud band. He knew football and kept telling her about this play or that move. They talked about the school and themselves, feeling more relaxed with every passing minute. She told him she was visiting from New York City for the week, but would be returning to her life there after the weekend. Emma couldn’t bring herself to tell him who she really was. She had no desire to bring to mind the chubby, quiet, plain girl she once was. He introduced himself as William Wright and said to please call him Bill. Emma found it difficult to use his first name and stammered over it. Inwardly, she winced. She spent her work hours with CEO’s and company presidents, fitting into their high-powered world. Now she was shy calling this man by his first name. Mr. Wright even teased her about it, then she realized he was flirting with her, he actually noticed her and wanted to spend time with her!

He asked if she would like a drink. When she said yes, he reached for her hand and guided her out of the bleachers toward the snack booth. They walked along, holding hands and talking, Emma’s mind spinning and her heart pounding. Her very own Mr. Wright, holding her hand, buying her a soda! They stood at the fence and watched the game for a few minutes, their bodies close together and hands still clasped. She turned to him to say something and he lowered his mouth to hers for a gentle kiss. His lips brush gently against Emma’s, making her entire body hot and her pulse double. “Please forgive my impulsiveness, but I just had to taste you and couldn’t wait any longer,” he said.

It was an event she had dreamed of for years. The man of her dreams, the one she compared every other man with, was holding her hand and kissing her. He had made every man pale in comparison. She had dated rarely, but always with the same outcome. The man was never clever enough, charming enough, witty enough to win her. She had little experience in the world of dating and men, because she always hoped that one day Mr. Wright would realize how special she was. Now she stood here, in his arms and his kisses were what she knew they would be. Gentle, soft, and very thorough. Emma felt herself melting into him, feeling his strong body holding her upright, his hands on her back. She could also feel his desire as he pressed against her.

As if realizing her turmoil, Bill moved back. He guided her to the bleachers, sitting beside her and holding her hand, charmingly explaining football. They spent the evening together, cheering for the girls and laughing at the cheerleaders. Rachel walked by, her eyes nearly popping out as she saw Emma sitting with her idol.

Even before the game ended, the bleachers started emptying. Everyone wanted to beat the crowd from the parking lot. But not them. They sat there as if they were the only two people in the world, talking and smiling. Bill seemed to realize that Emma was special and fragile and had decided not to rush her, and now just sat closely and listened attentatively.

He asks Emma out for a snack. She happily agreed, not wanting this evening to end. They walked to his car, hands entwined, conversation spilling out, so much they had to say. They went to the local hangout, the Smallville Sweet Shoppe, the scene of so many of her youthful dreams. As they entered, Emma looked around and just relished the feeling of finally “making it”. The place was full of alumni, many she recognized, but who didn’t recognize the new her. She and Bill walked to a corner booth and he slid in after her. He ordered for them, holding her hand and smiling. When the waitress left, he moved even closer, their hips and thighs joined. Emma felt the heat where his body touched hers, making her tremble.

When the order arrived, Bill insisted on feeding her some of his delicious, huge cheeseburger and his crispy fries. She kept laughingly refusing, but he was persistent. One fry went into her mouth with his finger still attached and she was suddenly sucking on his slender finger, her eyes closed and her heart reeling. Emma shyly looked down canlı kaçak iddaa and saw his erection pressing against his slacks. She looked up to his face and smiled, nodding. She wanted him too. Bill stood and helped her from the booth, their dinners forgotten.

She whispered in his ear, voicing one of her high school fantasies. Bill listen attentatively and then kissed her jaw, promising her that he would fulfill her dream tonight. They drove back to the school and the football stadium. He pulled a huge blanket from the trunk and followed her to the field. The moon is still gloriously large and golden, shining down on them as they settled on the soft blanket. The stadium lights were all off, but Emma could see Bill clearly in the moon glow. They kissed. This man seemed to have invented the activity. His mouth was gentle and searching, hungry and insistent. Emma could have been there with him forever, just enjoying his lips on hers. He seemed to appreciate the slow approach, enjoying each phase of lovemaking for what it was, not just another step toward fucking. Emma liked that. She wanted that. This was what she had dreamed of for years, being with Mr. Wright and making love.

She felt his fingers opening buttons on her shirt, moving slowly down her body, leaving kisses on the exposed skin. He pushed her shirt open and began to softly touch and kiss all the exposed soft flesh he found there.

He was very gentle with her. He released the tiny hooks holding her bra together, but did not rush to remove any of her clothing. His tongue traced along the flesh between her breasts, allowing her to get accustomed to him. When he felt her relax, he started nuzzling the sloping inner breasts, his breath and mouth and tongue working busily to give her pleasure. His fingers pushed her shirt open further, leaving her bra in place as he kissed and nipped at her tender skin. When he heard her soft moans starting, he lifted his face to hers and kissed her. “Only what you want, only as far as you wish, Emma,” he whispered.

He was true to his word. He moved so slowly, making love to each bit of exposed flesh, going only as far as he sensed she was comfortable. If he felt her tense or stiffen in any way, he backed off and resumed an acceptable activity. But Emma wanted him, she wanted to learn and she wanted him to once again be her teacher. She didn’t know how to tell him. But she was a clever and intelligent woman and soon realized that she was telling him everything he needed to know, just by being here and enjoying him. Bill slowly undressed her, removing her outer clothing piece by piece, unveiling the beautiful woman that Emma had become. When she was lying in his arms in just the rose lingerie, Emma became bolder. She could see how much he appreciated her body and she wanted to see his.

Her fingers were clumsy at first, undoing his shirt and unbuckling his belt. He didn’t seem to notice her shaking hands, and concentrated instead on her sweet shyness and gentleness. He had dated many women during his life, and they all seemed so jaded and sure of themselves. He found Emma’s innocence charming and intriguing. They continued kissing as their hands moved slowly over each other, getting acquainted intimately. Bill couldn’t keep his hands still, so enamored was he by her lovely body and soft, caressable skin. He inhaled her vanilla fragrance and knew he would never smell it again without remembering Emma. He moved her bra aside, revealing her lush breasts and taut pink nipples. He moved to kiss them softly, his lips capturing all of her sweetness and sucking it into his mouth.

Emma responded immediately. Her back arched and she slid her fingers into his hair, holding him to her breast and moaning softly. Bill felt he could feast there forever, sucking one distended nipple, then the other. But he wanted more. He kissed his way down her tummy, nibbling and nipping at the soft skin, moving to her rose panties. His mouth continued to move down, feeling the smooth satin against his chin and cheeks. He moved between her legs, inhaling the special fragrance that was Emma.

His mouth opened over her soft curlies and he captured her mound in his canlı kaçak bahis hungry mouth. Emma was so incredibly excited. She wanted it, not sure what IT was. She could feel the heat of Bill’s breath against her crotch. She could also feel herself swelling open, the moisture gathering and wetting her panties. Bill was between her legs, his mouth moving constantly against her, his tongue gliding up and down her slit. Still he did not remove her panties. He moved back up her body, his near-naked body sliding against hers, until his face reached hers. Emma could feel his erection, pressing against her pantied pussy, resting there, yet throbbing against her.

Emboldened, she reached down and placed her fingers into the waist of his briefs. She began to push them down, wanting to move to the next step, ready to learn this lesson. Bill stood, pulling Emma to her feet. They stood facing each other in the moonlight, hearts pounding, skin burning. He stood still and allowed Emma to finish removing his briefs. As they dropped to the ground, Emma looked at her lover, saw his engorged cock and knew it would be hers tonight. Bill continued kissing her, moving his hands over her back and up to cup her breasts.

Her nipples hardened immediately to his touch, causing Emma to moan and move herself deeper into his caress. His hands slid down her hips, pulling her lovely satin panties down. She stepped out of them and stood before him, offering herself to him. Bill dropped to his knees and placed his mouth against her soft curlies. His tongue reached out, finding her swollen slit and moving up and down the length of it. Soon he found her clit, her tiny hardened nubbin, and he began to swirl around it, sucking and circling it. Emma was leaning against his face, wanting to bury him inside her as he continued his sensual exploration. Her fingers were holding his head, refusing to let him stop now, as he laved her clit with his hot, broad tongue. She could feel herself stiffen and her legs lock into place, then suddenly, she was shivering, trembling, throbbing against his face, her body totally out of her control. She was crying out, the moans ripped from her throat and making it burn. Bill’s hands were on her ass, holding her to his face, holding her upright. As her orgasm lessened, Emma felt she would just collapse. Bill held her to him as she slowly relaxed, then helped her down on the blanket, holding her in his arms, kissing her. She could taste herself on him, but did not find it distasteful.

“Emma, you are ready. I will be gentle and try not to hurt you. Let me be your teacher tonight and show you how wonderful being a woman can be,” he whispered. Emma could only nod. This was something she had wanted for years. Bill moved over her, his hips between her thighs. He moved slowly up her body, until his cock lodged against her curlies. She looked up into his beloved face and opened her legs further, offering herself to him. Bill lifted himself off Emma, just a bit, just the space of a kiss between them, and then moved to enter her. He slid deep within her on the first thrust, making her gasp. He moved slowly, letting her get used to the feeling of being full of cock. Soon, he felt her moving under him, her hips reaching for his. Her hot hands were on his back, pulling him closer, deeper. She felt like liquid velvet. So tight. So hot. So willing. His cock had never felt encased like this. Without trying, she was exciting him beyond reason. He forgot about being slow and gentle, he just wanted to feel her pinkness wrapped around him, milking him, loving him.

He moved faster, thrust harder. He could see the wonder in her face as she enjoyed the friction against her clit. He heard her murmuring, “Yes, please, help me, please, oh, Bill, yes!” He felt her pinkness begin to throb, to caress his hard cock and take it with her to pleasure. He felt his cock swell and then he was coming. Bill poured his come into her sweetness, filling her. They continued rocking together as their breathing returned to normal. Bill rolled to his side, remaining inside Emma’s deepest place for as long as possible. He held her closely and kissed her lovingly.

Emma was silently making deals in her head. She was thanking whatever power brought her Bill for tonight and promised that one night would be enough. She was so busy wishing it weren’t all over, that she almost missed it when Bill whispered in her ear, “Welcome home, my Emma!”

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