The Hairstylist

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I’ve had a crush on the hairstylist I go to since my first appointment. Over the fifteen years I’ve been going, I’ve seen her age gracefully. She’s now fifty-two years old but she doesn’t look a day over forty. Her name is Sherry and she stands about 5′ 4″. Her figure still looks as sexy to me as it did fifteen years earlier. Her most attractive feature is her face followed closely by her sexy feet.

I look forward to each appointment so that I can take a peek. The problem I have is that I only get to see her sexy feet six or seven times a year because of the fall and winter weather. I’ve thrown out little hints over the years that I think her feet are sexy. Looking back, I wish I had said I think her feet are sexy. My little crush turned upward after one appointment last summer.

Sherry’s hair studio is one of seven located in the building. I was sitting in the hallway outside her studio watching her as she was finishing the customer in front of me. I came in ten minutes before my scheduled time just to take a look at her. I pretended to read a magazine while I stared at her cutting hair. Her feet were in full display as she was wearing some sort of padded sandal. My interest peaked as she removed one foot from its holder and ran it slowly up and down her calf. I stared at the backside of her traveling foot. I wondered what would she do if I was there licking her exposed arch. Her foot then went back to its place and she continued the haircut.

To my benefit, she was running almost ten minutes late. This led to more watching and the fact that I started to grow. As it was my turn to go next, I had a hard time calming down walking into the studio. We made small talk for a few minutes as I sat down and she began washing my hair. Upon completion, I decided to put forth the idea I thought about while waiting in the hallway.

“I see that you’re dressed in the summer spirit today. I’ve got a question for you. Don’t your feet get sore standing in those sandals all day long?”

She paused a moment and replied, “They do get a little sore, but I just hate to wear shoes during the summer. These have extra padding, see?”

Sherry then lifted her foot upward showing me her padded sandals. My eyes went directly to her toes, which were painted perfect in red gloss. She put her foot back down and went back to cutting my hair.

I decided to push the subject a little further, saying, “As a guy, I thank you for choosing fashion over comfort.”

She smiled and continued the haircut. I didn’t push the subject further so we continued talking about summer plans and such. When she finished my haircut, I got up off the chair and moved over to the seat next to her appointment book. I stared down at her feet as she swept up my clippings off the floor. As we continued talking, she caught me at least once checking out her feet. Sherry finished sweeping and sat down next to me, opening her appointment canlı bahis book. She crossed one leg over the other as she paged through the book for next months appointment. I stared in a trance while her foot slowly swayed back and forth. Sherry then stopped her foot and let her sandal lightly dangle from her toes. She took her time finding a date, which was fine with me.

She turned her head, catching me staring and said, “How about Monday the 24th at 6:00?”

I, somewhat embarrassed at being caught said, “Fine with me.”

My time was done, so I threw out one more foot comment before I left. “Your sandals are cute, I just can’t see how they’d actually be comfortable.”

Sherry then surprised me by swinging her chair and lifting her foot up for me to see. “Here, check them out if you’d like.”

I reached out and held her ankle as I took her sandal off. I glanced at her foot, noticing how soft it looked. I then held her sandal in both hands and pinched the rubber padding. I wanted to go ahead and lick the part where her foot had just been, but I didn’t.

“The padding doesn’t seem to bad on these.” I said.

Sherry lifted her foot again saying, “Now that my sandals passed the test, be a sweetheart and put it back on my foot.”

I once again held her ankle and before I put her sandal back on, I brushed my index finger from her toes down to the heel, causing her to flinch. I was amazed at how soft her foot felt. I let go of her foot and stood up to leave. The next customer was waiting outside, so I leaned in and whispered, “You take good care of your feet, the least you could ask for is a little massage for your tired feet when you get home.”

As I walked away, she laughed and said, “That’ll be the day.”

I walked back to my car stunned that I actually went forward with my thoughts. The next month went by ever so slowly. I daily thought about what may happen the next time I go in. I dreamt of her offering her feet to me and then offering her whole body. Finally the day arrived. I received a call from Sherry at 12:00 asking me if I would be able to switch my appointment to her last time of the day at 7:30. I agreed and hung up the phone.

Mondays are slow at the salon, with only two or three ladies having their studios open. The late time may mean that we’re the only ones in the building. I did know that if it were just us, I’d compliment her on her sexy feet. I arrived ten minutes early and there was one lady working besides Sherry. She waved as I sat down outside her studio.

I watched as she finished her work. I started to get aroused as she was wearing the same sandals along with a jean skirt. Sherry finished the haircut and I watched them both disappear from my view. I waited, as they must have been setting up his next appointment. Moments later the man emerged and went on his way.

Sherry walked out to greet me and I gave her the once over from head to toe. bahis siteleri I walked into her studio and said, “You look really pretty today.”

She responded, “Why thank you.”

Sherry was washing my hair when the remaining stylist stuck her head in the door and said, “I’ve got a dinner date. I’ll lock the door on my way out. Goodnight.”

That left Sherry and I as the only people left in the building. She finished washing my hair and said, “It’s just you and me.”

I smiled and said, “I guess it’s party time.”

We started to talk of summer stuff when she changed the subject. “Since it’s just us, can I ask you a few questions?”

I replied quickly, “Sure, what do you want to know?”

She looked at me in the mirror and said, “What do you find really pretty about me?”

I was cornered and I wanted to truthfully answer, so I did. “I really like the skirt and your French tipped toes are sexy.”

My fascination with her feet was now in the open. I believe she already knew, but now I’d admitted it.

She smiled and said, “That’s so sweet, thank you for noticing.” Sherry then leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

Sherry continued to talk. “The last time you were in here, you mentioned that all I need is a massage for my tired feet. I couldn’t tell you the last time my husband touched my feet. I did hear it through the grapevine that you once were very good at foot massages.”

The grapevine she talked to was my ex-girlfriend who is a random friend of hers, and also a client. I gave her weekly massages, but most of those went hand in hand with sex following.

I answered, “Yes, one time I was good. I guess that was all I seemed to be good at.”

Sherry said, “Since it’s just us two here tonight, could you do me a big favor and give me a foot massage after your haircut?”

Wow. She was asking me to massage her pretty feet. It all seemed to add up. Sherry talked to my ex and she told her that if she set the time late, dressed in a skirt and made your toes pretty, he would say yes. I couldn’t say no and if I played my cards right, I might end up getting something more. I needed to answer correctly.

I answered, “I’d be happy to. It’s the least I could do for all you’ve done for me. You wear sandals to show off your sexy feet instead of wearing shoes. You give me a quality haircut each time I’m here and you have an ear when I’d like to complain. I owe you big for all the years of service you’ve provided.”

Sherry replied, “Thank you, thank you, thank you. My tired feet are feeling better already.

She continued cutting my hair with a smile. I looked forward to handling her sexy feet and maybe even kissing her sexy tipped toes. We talked of the summer festivals as she finished with my hair.

I got off the chair and Sherry handed me a towel and a small bottle of massage oil. I took a seat next to her appointment book and she sat beside me. bahis şirketleri I opened up the towel and placed it on my lap. Sherry kicked off her sandals and rested her feet in my lap, inches away from my crotch.

I held one foot in my hands and studied it. Her toes were all unison in size and there were no rough edges. I ran my hands gently over her foot, savoring the soft feel. She really took care of her feet. I grabbed the bottle and poured a dribble on her foot. I gently rubbed the oil into her foot and Sherry closed her eyes.

She started her approval immediately. “Sue was right, your hands are magical……mmmmmmmm.”

I gently kneaded her heel, then her arch. I increased the pressure as I rotated back and forth. The more I pressed, the more she moaned. “mmmmmm……….Thank you so much…….ooohhhhhhhh…..mmmmmmm.”

I reached her toes next. I worked each toe, up and down. I then pulled each toe and moved them in circles. I rubbed them as one and then individually. Sherry’s constant moaning had brought me to full attention. Her free foot didn’t move as it was right next to my hard-on. I finished with one foot and placed it on my lap against my hard cock. I picked up the second foot as her phone rang.

Sherry’s husband was on the other line and he was checking when she was going to come home. I smiled at her and took her big toe into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around it and looked her in the eye. She took her massaged foot and pressed it into my crotch, feeling my hard-on. Sherry told her husband she’ll get off soon and come on home.

She hung up the phone as I sucked the four remaining toes into my mouth. “Thanks for torturing me there while I was on the phone. Your tongue on my toes feels fantastic.” She said.

I gently massaged her foot with my thumbs while my wandering tongue did the rest. Sherry pressed her other foot along my cock alternating pressure with each travel up and down. She talked and moaned, “Your cock is so hard, mmmmmmmmm. Please let it out so I can play with it.”

I released my cock and she licked her lips as she traced her foot up and down the length. Sherry pulled her foot from my mouth and joined the other on my cock. She placed my cock between her arches and began stroking up and down. I moaned as the sensation grew from her manipulations, “Ohhhh Sherry, your feet are soooo terrific.”

“Ohh baby, cum for me. Cum all over my pretty little toes. Let me see how happy I make you feel.” She cooed.

I cried out, “I’m cumming, ohhhh, ohhhh, all over your toes, ohhhhhh.”

Several ropes shot out and landed on her feet, her legs and my legs. Sherry took her cum covered foot and lifted it to her mouth. She flicked out her tongue and licked a glob off her big toe. “mmmmmmmm, I love the taste of cum.” She cooed.

I leaned over and kissed her on the lips, tasting my own salty deposit. Sherry thanked me, “Thank you so much for the massage, we’ll definitely have to do this again.”

I got to leave and kissed her again. “Maybe next time I’ll have several hours or maybe several days to please you……..anyway you WANT ME TO.”

To be continued?

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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