The Green Days Ch. 01

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Clint and I had met through a mutual friend at a gathering we had both been invited to. He was very attractive, standing 6’4″ with an athletic build, weighing about 205 pounds with short brown hair and hazel eyes.

I knew I had to meet this man, so I had asked Emily, the party’s hostess to introduce us. She and I walked over to where he was standing with some other party goers and she said, ” Clint this is Michelle, the girl I was telling you about.” My stomach felt as though it had dropped to my feet. “She had told him about me?” I thought.

“Nice to meet you Clint.” I said while extending a hand.

“The pleasure is all mine.” He said while taking my hand and pulling it to his lips and applying a soft kiss to the back of it.

Emily shot me a look and with a smile, she turned and walked away from Clint and I. I could feel myself blush, not knowing what to say.

“Would you care for a drink?” Clint asked.

“Sure.” I said.

We walked over to the bar area and got our drinks and decided to go down by the fire where there were only a few other people and we would be able talk a bit. The ground was a bit uneven and Clint put his hand on the small of my back to help me steady myself as we walked down through the yard.

There was some silence as we sipped at our drinks and watched the fire pop and crackle, throwing sparks up into the night sky. The night air was chilly and although sitting close to the fire, I shivered a bit. Clint must have seen this because he moved a bit closer and put this arm around me.

“Do you mind?” He asked.

“Not at all.” I said turning my face to his and then quickly looking back to the fire.

We chatted about trivial things such as where we worked, our pets, how we both knew Emily and things of that sort. People came and went and bahis firmaları Clint and I continued to sit by the fire just chatting away. It was almost as though we had known each other forever, as he was very easy to talk to. A few times Emily had come down and refilled our drinks, which I thought was very nice of her.

“I am the hostess with the mostess ya know.” She said on one of her return trips back to the house.

I’m not even sure how long Clint and I had been sitting by fire, but we decided it was best for us to return to the party. He again laid his hand on my back as we trekked up the hill. Once we got up there, we saw that most of the people had actually left and Emily was starting to clean up, throwing plastic cups and beer bottles in trash bags.

“Need some help?” I offered.

“Nope, I’ve got it. Thanks.” She replied, smiling.

“Well then, I think I should head out myself.” I said, not really wanting to go and hoping that Clint would ask me to stay.

“Yeah, me too.” He said though.

Both shocked and a bit disappointed, I walked into Emily’s house to grab my car keys. I found them lying on the kitchen table, grabbed them and when I turned around Clint was standing in the doorway.

“What do you think about going for a drive to the lake?” He asked with a grin on his face.

I blushed and fumbled with my keys, nearly dropping them on the floor.

” Um … How do we manage that? I mean, they will see us leaving together won’t they?” I stuttered. I really didn’t care who saw us leaving together, but I didn’t want to seem too anxious or desperate.

“I’ll just say that I think you’ve had too much to drink to be driving and that I’m giving you a ride home. You can get your car tomorrow.”

“Okay. I guess that will work.” I said smiling. “Should kaçak iddaa I pretend to stagger through the yard too?”

“Only if you want to.” Clint said chuckling.

He grabbed my hand and lead me through the yard and to his truck. “Bye Emily!” I yelled back over my shoulder. When we got to his truck, he opened the passenger side door and waited until I was in and situated before closing it. I watched him, smiling contently as he walked around the front of the truck and opened his door, climbed in and shut the door. He looked over at me and smiled as he stuck the keys in the ignition. I was still smiling as I reached for my seatbelt and buckled up, now looking out the front window. Clint put the truck in drive and we were off.

I had nervous and excited butterflies fluttering around in my stomach. There was silence and then Clint asked if I would mind some music.

“Not at all.” I said, feeling a bit more at ease with the silence being broken by music.

Clint scanned the radio stations and stopped on a rock station, ‘Pain’ by Three Days Grace was playing.

“Is this alright with you?” He questioned.

“Yeah, this is a good song.” I replied.

As he drove, Clint reached over and put his right hand on my left thigh. I felt a slight excited churning in my stomach when he did this. I looked over at him as he looked at me and we both just smiled. I laced the fingers of my left hand through his fingers as it lay on my thigh. Not a lot was said, I had too many thoughts running through my head and didn’t want to make an ass of myself. I just wanted to see what the night was going to bring.

Clint turned into a small gravel parking lot just off the road and shut the lights of the truck off. The moonlight was shimmering on the lake and it was very peaceful and quiet out. I unbuckled kaçak bahis my seatbelt, as did Clint and he pushed the center console/arm rest up and out of the way, then he pulled me over towards the middle of the seat.

I turned towards him to speak and before I could even get one word out, Clint had his lips pressed to mine. His lips were full, soft and very warm. I closed my eyes and started kissing him back, a slight grin spreading across my lips as I did so. Our lips parted and I allowed his tongue into my mouth to explore. My first taste of Clint and I was hooked. He was a very sensual kisser and as our tongues danced together, he ran his hand up my thigh, my side, over my shoulder and let it come to rest on the side of my head, cupping my head right behind my ear. I would feel him scrunch his fingers up and get a handful of hair as he pulled me closer into him. A slight sigh escaped me and I pushed into him, my own hands now running over his face through his short hair and to his neck, pulling him into me.

Clint broke away from our kiss and with a smile on his face he sat there shaking his head back and forth and just looked at me.

“What?” I said with a devilish smirk. I knew what he wanted, I also wanted to hear him say it.

He gave the tilt-wheel latch a quick flick and there was a ‘thud’ as the steering wheel released and went into the most upright position, then he leaned into me, pushing me back. At the same time he grabbed my legs and swung them up onto the seat and got himself situated so that he was now kneeling between my legs. It all happened so quickly all I could do was chuckle a bit while biting my lower lip.

“I want you.” Clint whispered into my ear, making me squirm awkwardly below him.

“MMMM.” I moaned into the darkness.

I pulled Clint’s face to my own and parted his lips with my tongue. He freely allowed me to do so and pushed himself down on me as our tongues touched again. My hands were all over him, touching anything and everything that I could reach.

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