The French Visit Ch. 06

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The same thought had occurred to Georges. Very soon, Laura would be heading for home: she would want the chance to catch up with her friends before going back to college. He hoped that she would want to return to them the following summer, but he decided that he wanted to capture her on film so that he and Vivette would be able to continue to enjoy her in the coming months.

As he thought more about this, he became more excited; it had been Vivette who had first wanted to be filmed, her exhibitionist nature revelling in displaying herself, and the introduction of Paul over the last few months had meant that their sex life had flourished. Paul enjoyed performing, and Georges enjoyed wielding the camera, his arousal at seeing his wife taken by the younger man so great that he usually gave in and joined them.

He asked Laura that night over dinner; he knew that she was fascinated by their collection of films. Laura was intrigued by the idea; she had been a little self-conscious next to the slender Vivette during their time together, but the couple’s obvious delight in her voluptuous breasts and rounded curves had soon sorted that out. She felt more feminine and more desirable than she ever had, and decided to enjoy herself.

Georges was enthusiastic, not only was he planning to film her, he wanted a storyline of sorts. He decided that the tale would be an innocent young girl walking in the woods, taking advantage of her solitude, then being surprised by another couple. Laura smiled at that; she had been an innocent young woman when she had arrived in France, and this couple had certainly surprised her-what was more, she had surprised herself.

The grounds around the house were fairly extensive; part of them were wooded, a perfect setting for their film.

Georges had packed a few accessories that he thought they might need, and then the following day they set out. Paul and Vivette were giggling a little at Georges’s seriousness, but they were eager to join in, knowing that Georges wanted them to pleasure the English girl in whatever way they wanted.

Laura had needed a few shots of Dutch courage from Georges’s hipflask before she started, but she was soon relaxed. The warm sunlight had a soporific effect on her and the dreamy look on her face was exactly what Georges wanted. He started the camera, motioning to Paul and Vivette to be quiet, and gave Laura a few simple directions. She knew instinctively what he wanted, and she strolled across the camera’s field of vision, her hips swaying, and her long legs tanned to a pale gold. The camera panned over her body, her curves half hidden behind a loose fitting shirt. She lifted her hands and held up her hair, turning so the camera could capture her full lips and long neck, moving down to the open neck of her shirt. With a voluptuous shudder, she ran her fingers through her hair and let it fall in loose curls to her shoulders.

Then she set off again, wandering across to a broad trunked tree. Leaning back against it, she let Georges capture her smoothing her hands over her breasts, weighing them in her hands, her fingers moving to stimulate her nipples through the cotton. She was braless, and her breasts hung full and heavy. She unbuttoned her shirt slowly, and the camera watched as she began to expose herself, a slow striptease, all the while keeping her eyes closed.

Her shirt hung from her shoulders, her breasts half-glimpsed, but her hands moved down to her shorts, slowly unzipping, revealing a pair of white cotton panties. She slipped the shorts down a little, and pulled a little at her panties, tantalizing them all with the promise of seeing her sex, then changed her mind and turned to face the tree, hugging it, arms outstretched.

Georges smiled to himself; she was teasing them, and he panned over her plump buttocks, the shadowy cleft outlined between them. She shrugged her shoulders, and the shirt slipped down. She caught it to her and turned around again, her arms crossed across her breasts, pushing them together, creating a deep cleavage that Georges had a sudden urge to bury his face in. She was performing for them, a slow strip to exhibit her body, not as brazenly as Vivette, but equally arousing for its innocence.

He was very close to her now, the camera capturing the goose bumps that had appeared as the rough cotton of her shirt had brushed over her soft flesh. Then she let her shirt fall completely. She stood with her back to the tree, her arms above her head, face raised to the sun and eyes closed as Georges caressed her with the camera capturing every curve.

Her nipples puckered, and he whispered instructions to her. She obeyed, her hands lowering to play with her breasts, cupping them both and offering them up for his gaze as Vivette had done so long ago in the first film that Laura had seen. She moulded the soft flesh between illegal bahis her fingers, teasing and pulling at her nipples, the dark pink nubs peeking out between her fingers.

Georges drew back-he wanted to film her playing with herself, lost in her own eroticism. She ran her hands down her body, and slipped down her panties, then resumed her position against the tree, allowing Georges to film her like that, naked and exposed, enjoying the rough texture of the tree bark against her buttocks.

Then her hands began to move again; her nipples still erect, she continued to play with them with one hand, and the other moved down to her pussy. She knew she was wet; the thought that the three of them watching all wanted her was stimulating, and she suddenly understood why Vivette loved to perform so much. She fluffed up the curls at the base of her rounded stomach, knowing that Georges had moved in for a close up.

He was focused on her pussy now, and wanted to see her clit but she was still teasing him, drawing this out, simply stroking her plump mound and running her fingers through her curls. She remembered the times that she had felt their tongues on her; first Vivette, then Georges, and finally Paul, each time culminating in an explosive orgasm.

It was hard for her not to touch her clit which was crying out for attention, but she wanted to make them wait: they deserved a little torture after the times they had made her wait. She recalled the time she had wanted her first experience of anal sex, and they had kept her waiting, and the few days that they had left her alone before she had she was allowed to see the two men together. She opened her eyes; Vivette and Paul were sitting on the soft grass a few metres away, their clothing loosened, their hands working on each others bodies but their eyes fixed on her.

Georges was operating the camera, but she could see the bulge in his chinos, his cock pushing urgently against the tight cloth.

Laura moved slowly towards the picnic blanket that had been laid out, conscious that Georges was following. Her hips were swaying, and she ran her hands over her buttocks for his pleasure, her fingers briefly digging in and pulling at her full cheeks, allowing him a flash of the cleft between them.

She bent over to pull the blanket flat, easing out the creases, knowing that Georges’s camera was capturing every movement. He was close behind her, focused on her bottom, and as she spread her legs and bent forward, she knew that her movements had exposed her dark ring, and the deep wedge of her sex. She knelt on all fours on the rug for a moment, still pretending to smooth out the thick wool, but conscious that he was so close she could hear his hoarse breathing.

She wanted to feel his hands on her, to feel his fingers groping at her flesh, digging in deep and taking his pleasure in her, anywhere. She wanted to feel his cock in her throat, to taste him, or to feel him thrusting in to her pussy.

But she knew that first he wanted to see her touch herself. She lay on her back, and he drew back again, taking in her body, watching her hands continually caressing herself. She was biting her lower lip, her brow furrowed in concentration, as she finally touched her clitoris. He captured her expression, that first brief shock of pleasure flashing across her face as she caressed the erect nub of tissue that had given her so much excitement over the last few weeks.

She tried to go slowly; she knew that Georges wanted her to pleasure herself for him, but she wanted to come hard and fast. Her fingers probed deeply, delving around her labia, stimulating and rubbing at her clit, her pace increasing. She couldn’t believe how aroused she felt: this was something she had done so many times before, but knowing that she was being watched, knowing that she was being filmed was so erotic for her, she knew she would come quickly.

Georges was torn between asking her to stop so that he could carry on his planned storyline, and wanting to see her come; he knew that she would gasp and cry out, he wanted to se her back arch in pleasure, her labia swell and redden. He motioned quickly to Vivette and Paul; they were both ready, they had been caressing each other avidly, Vivette’s small hands working on Paul’s cock as they watched the young girl play with her pussy, thrusting her fingers inside her cunt, excited at hearing the moist sounds of her arousal.

In George’s storyline, the innocent girl was disturbed by a couple walking peacefully in the woods. He hadn’t originally envisaged his couple being naked at the time but the sight of Paul’s vaunting erection silenced his objections, and he focused in, his own cock hardening at the sight of Paul’s wide shaft firm and erect, his bulbous helmet engorged. Paul’s heavy scrotum bounced against his thighs as he walked over to the teenager illegal bahis siteleri writhing on the blanket, and he surprised her by suddenly pulling her hands away from her pussy.

Laura was shocked; she was so close to coming, but Paul’s strong hands were holding her firmly, her arms extended above her head. Georges filmed her like this, restrained by Paul, the young mans cock bobbing close to her head, but Paul’s eyes were focused on Vivette, who was moving into position between Laura’s legs.

Vivette pushed back the girl’s legs; she knew that her husband had planned that this should seem like a forced episode, the innocent girl in his story was meant to resist them, but Laura was eager for this, her thighs opening in welcome. Paul knew the story too, and he did his best clamping his hand over Laura’s mouth, holding her down firmly.

Vivette could no longer contain herself: Laura’s pussy was warm and juicy, the pink lips swollen and inviting, and Vivette wanted nothing more than to bury herself there, probing with her tongue, tasting the girl’s creamy juices, sucking at her clit as she herself wanted to be taken. She thrust her fingers into the girl’s pussy, first two, then three, marvelling at the warmth and wetness there. Sometimes she wished that she too had a cock so that she could bury herself inside, to feel herself enveloped by the girl’s heat.

Laura was twisting against Paul’s restraint, unconsciously giving Georges the appearance of reluctance that he had wanted. But she needed to be penetrated: her pussy was crying out for fulfillment. Georges was focusing on Vivette’s hand rapidly thrusting into the girl’s elastic pussy, her fingers slick and covered in juices. Then he scanned upwards, concentrating on Laura’s full breasts quivering under the onslaught, her nipples firm and aching.

Vivette reached towards the bag that Georges had packed, drawing out a white wine bottle; she knew that she was about to get her own back. She had been as surprised as Georges when Laura had used one on her, but she had enjoyed it, and wanted Laura to feel what she had felt.

Vivette withdrew her fingers, and licked the neck of the bottle: Georges focused in this, watching his wife suggestively suck the green glass. Then he changed focus, and tried to hold the camera steady as his wife slowly and carefully screwed the neck of the bottle into the girl’s pussy, the plump lips separating joyfully to accept the bottle. The slim neck of the chardonnay wine bottle sank deeply into the teenager’s pussy, and then Vivette began to turn the base, grinding the neck against Laura’s cunt, probing the muscular walls.

Laura’s eyes flew open in shock: the cold glass was so unlike the warm flesh of a cock, but she had needed to be filled, to feel the neck of her womb quiver under the thrust of her cunt being probed that she welcomed it, riding the bottle as Vivette carefully began to manipulate it inside her.

Paul’s cock was throbbing by now, his scrotum tensing as he watched the two women. He saw Vivette’s eyes closely follow the movements of the bottle, scanning over Laura’s erect clit, and saw Laura arch her back as she was penetrated by the inanimate glass, her pussy welcoming it. He wanted to be in there, to be driving his aching cock into her, and when Vivette looked up, he whispered to her urgently.

She agreed, and they changed places. Laura moaned in disappointment, her hands trying to return to her clitoris, but Vivette held her back. Paul’s cock was firm and erect, straining for release, and he positioned himself against the velvet lined entrance to her sex. Then he thrust into her, driving into Laura’s pussy so deeply that her breath escaped from her in a gasp. He rode her mercilessly, ramming into her, holding her thighs to pull her hard against him. Vivette knelt at Laura’s head, holding the girl’s arms above her head, but the older woman needed to be touched. Vivette sat closer to the girl’s hands, and then forced them between her spread thighs so that the girl’s fingers could play with her clit. Vivette moved her grasp to the girl’s elbows so that the girl was still restrained, but her fingers were free to move.

The younger girl’s fingers danced over the woman’s pussy, the angle was unfamiliar but this heightened the eroticism. Laura wasn’t able to see where she was touching, but she probed and rubbed, and felt the older woman rub up against her fingertips like a cat, directing them where she needed it the most.

Georges was moving around the threesome continually; his camera taking in as much as it could. He was unsure as to where to concentrate: Paul fucking the girl’s tight pussy with abandon, or Vivette, his wife, crouching over the girl’s outstretched hands being probed by her unseeing fingers.

He knew from experience that the younger man was close: his breathing was canlı bahis siteleri ragged and panting, his eyes closed in concentration. Georges wanted to see him spurt, to see his come arcing across the teenager’s body, fat white droplets of come splattering across her breasts and belly. But then he also wanted to see the young man come inside her, to watch him pump his seed deep inside the teenager’s wanton cunt, drilling into her, filling her with his seed.

As he watched and filmed, he saw the change in Paul’s expression. He knew the younger man was about to come, and focused in on his throbbing cock, slamming into the girl’s reddened pussy. He watched, trying to keep his hands steady, as Paul cried out in release, gasping with pleasure as he unloaded inside the English college girl, pumping his come deep into her eager pussy.

At Georges’s direction, Paul withdrew from Laura, but held her legs apart, his blunt fingers roughly holding her labia apart so that the camera could see the sticky white fluid gathering at the entrance to her sex. The camera zoomed in close, the erect clit slick and glistening, and Georges asked Laura to finger herself. Vivette released her hands, and the girl brought her hand down to play with her clit, rubbing Paul’s come into herself like lotion, easing a finger deep into her pussy to feel for his juices there.

Vivette could resist no longer. She moved between Laura’s legs and covered the girl’s gaping pussy with her mouth, probing deep inside with her tongue. She lapped up Paul’s come, sucking avidly on his juices, and then began to tongue Laura’s clit, triggering spasms and tremors from the younger woman. Laura was so close to coming, but Vivette stopped just as the girls orgasm was beginning to build.

Vivette needed a little stimulation herself, and swung herself round, her knees on either side of the girls face. Leaning forward, she resumed her position tonguing the girl’s clit, her own pussy settling comfortably over Laura’s mouth. Paul watched as the two women began to taste each other, their bodies meshed together, Laura’s full breasts pressed against Vivette’s belly. His mistress’s buttocks were widely spread and he longed to bury his cock in her, anywhere, but he hadn’t recovered yet from his tumultuous orgasm with Laura. Instead, he began to finger the older woman’s anus, playing with her perineum, massaging the thick body of muscle there. He pushed a finger inside, knowing that she would push herself back against him.

Georges moved in closer, videoing his wife and their young guest snacking on each other’s cunt, their tongues frantically flicking and rubbing over each other’s clitoris. He filmed Paul finger fucking Vivette’s ass, and his own cock reared up in response. He handed Paul the camera, and unzipped his trousers, releasing his eager cock.

Without warning, he slid it into Vivette’s damp pussy, pushing hard, holding her hips against him. He thrust in again, and felt the soft fluttering of Laura’s tongue against his shaft as he pulled out. She licked briefly at his cock head, then back to Vivette’s clit. Georges moved a little and positioned himself at his wife’s tight ass. Lubricated only by her juices, he forced his way in roughly, thrusting past the tight resistance. Her head reared up in shock, and then she groaned as he drove into her again and again. Laura’s mouth was still working on her pussy, and the young girl’s hands had moved to begin to finger Vivette’s pussy, pushing in deeply.

Vivette was in ecstasy: her ass was being vigorously ravaged, her clit was being tongued and she came hard, panting loudly, her moans echoing around the wood. Georges felt his cock being milked by her tight muscular ring and pulled out just in time; Paul filmed the older mans come splattering against Vivette’s buttocks, drops falling onto Laura’s upturned face.

The three of them sat around her, Paul still focusing the camera on her face, droplets of come sliding down her cheeks and into her hair. She still hadn’t come herself, and Georges encouraged her to finger her clit again for them, the camera catching every detail as she explored her sex. Her pussy lips were swollen and reddened, her entrance oozing creamy fluid, and her fingertip worked her clit expertly until she was shuddering and panting, her orgasm firing through her body.

Georges caught every expression crossing her face; the look of concentration as she built up to her peak, then the wonderment and sense of release as it rippled through her, her eyes dilating, her cheeks reddening.

His last shot was of her lying back in Paul’s arms, resting against his broad chest as Vivette suckled at her breasts, stroking at her full hips and waist, easing the girl back from her peak of excitement.

He knew that they would treasure this film; it would provide them with many a happy hour until the young English girl was able to return. As he switched the camera off, he leaned over to Laura and kissed her deeply, then licked her face clean of his come, wiping her clean like a mother cat. She was definitely her mother’s daughter, he thought.

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