The Bellman Delivers

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I work as a Bellman at the (Blank) Park Hotel in New York City. It’s a very swank, sophisticated boutique hotel with a high-end clientele. It is often described as “sexy” and to feed that image a few years ago we started offering a menu of sex toys that can be ordered and delivered to your room.

It is pretty rare that anyone orders anything but it happens occasionally and it’s kind of fun delivering them to people’s doors. All the toys come in the same silver boxes in order to be discreet, but we all know what’s in them as I politely yet knowingly hand them through a guests door and they accept them with a mix of embarrassment and bravado.

Usually it’s couples but sometimes a single woman, traveling alone will feel a little risqué and order something for herself. It was a delivery like that that led to the experience I just needed to share somewhere.

It was kind of a slow weekday night around 11:30 when I was notified by the desk to make a delivery to room 620. Sure enough it was one of our silver boxes so I perked up a little as I picked it up at the desk. All the boxes are the same size and shape. The only difference is the weight and this one felt a little heavy as I held it to my ear and gave it a little shake as I carried it into the vacant elevator.

I rode up watching the floors roll by wondering who might have ordered this treat. I’d noticed a few couples around the hotel but it was low occupancy that week so not a lot. There were a few businessmen and women too, but everyone was much older than me so I hadn’t paid a lot of attention.

I have never considered myself sexy but I am decent enough. All the staff at the hotel are pretty good looking frankly, and I have a sweet girlfriend from college with whom I share an apartment. Sometimes the guest get a little flirty but nothing has ever happened. I have never been looking to do anything other than pay the bills as I work through school.

I arrived at room 620 and took a breath, stood up straight and knocked firmly on the door as I announced “Room Service”.

I heard some rustling in the room and the lock clicking over as the door swung inward revealing a 50-ish year old blonde I had actually noticed earlier in the bar. She was dressed now in a hotel robe and her hair was damp, but I had noticed her because she was attractive and had been in kind of a funky eclectic outfit that made me think she must be in fashion or something. The crows feet around her eyes popped out a bit as she smiled up and me and blushed as she took the proffered package from me.

“Ah… thank you.” she said, a little drunkenly perhaps, I noted.

“You’re very welcome ma’am. Enjoy. Have a good night.” I smiled back.

“Oh.. wait.. Hold on just a sec..” she walked back into the room and rummaged in her purse on the desk chair, then returned to press a $20 bill into my palm. “Thank you.” She smiled again and quite warmly let her hand rest on my chest for a brief moment before backing away and shutting the door.

Have fun! I thought as I strolled back down the hall stuffing the $20 into my pocket.

I returned to the bell station and my normal routine. Carried bags for late arriving guests. Ran some room service orders around and got on with my job. Things got interesting though when the bell captain told me that room 620 had requested me personally, for “help” with something.

“Room 620? What do they need?” I asked slightly puzzled, already having forgotten in the ebb and flow of my night my earlier delivery there.

“How the Hell should I know? Apparently Mrs. King asked for you. You made a service call there earlier…?” The captain answered.

“Oh, right!” I remembered “Ok.” And I headed for the elevator wondering what Mrs. King, as I had just learned her name, could want.

She seemed slightly agitated when she opened the door. “Oh, thank goodness you’re here!” She exclaimed. “Come in… come in please..” she stepped back ushering me into her room.

The bed was disheveled and I noticed an open bottle of wine on the bedside table. I also noticed the silver wrapping and the box I had delivered earlier tossed on the floor along with the packaging for a vibrator, and most interestingly, lying on the bed covered a little by the bed sheet but still plainly visible, was a blue “rabbit” style vibrator/ dildo.

“I’m sorry for the mess..” she sighed exasperatedly as she slid past me and sat down on the side of the bed.

She was clearly a little tipsy and seemed somewhat distressed.

“Is there something I can help you with ma’am?” I smiled down at her trying to seem helpful while being professional.

“Oh.. God.. yes…I don’t know..” She laughed a bit, confused, like she was in a daze but she perked up suddenly “Would you like a little wine?” I opened this whole bottle and…” she trailed off as she reached for a glass and noticed the bottle was almost empty.

“Oh no thank you Ma’am, I can’t. I’m working.”

“Oh, of course, of course…” she looked illegal bahis down a little embarrassed.

“Is there something I can do to help you Ma’am” I asked.

“Well yes. First, stop calling me ma’m. I am not a ma’am. My name is Molly.”

“Ok.. I’m sorry, what can I do for you Molly?”

“Well,” she laughed a little under her breath. “It.. it isn’t working.” She said quietly.

“What isn’t working?” She was more than just a little tipsy I now realized and I looked around the room to see if there was something obvious or broken.

“The package….the one you delivered earlier.. it isn’t working for me.” She looked up suddenly emboldened as she gestured towards the rabbit lying on the bed.

“I’m sorry….” I stammered, a bit taken aback. “umm.. well, let me have a look at it for you.”

I knelt down on he edge of the bed as I reached across for the blue plastic toy and I felt Molly’s hand on my thigh.

“No” she said, “no… it’s not that, It’s working fine. It’s working… just not working for ME.” She smiled at me and bit her lip a bit as I looked at her in confusion. Suddenly it seemed to be getting a little warm in the room.

“Umm.. okay.” I stuttered. “so what do you need….?”

Like a dam bursting on her self consciousness she opened up. “I can’t believe I’m doing this but I’ve never used one of those before. I was feeling so good from the drinks and got a little horny and my husband is back home and this hotel is so sexy so I decided what the heck, I’ll try one of these toys you offer. I was so excited when you delivered it. I couldn’t wait to try it but I’ve been at it for a while and I just can’t get over the hump with it.. you know?”

“Umm, I guess.” I said bravely.

“It feels great, don’t get me wrong, it is amazing.” She smiled “But I keep thinking of it being plastic and its damn buzzing and I keep thinking I just want a real cock.” she continued. “Sooo… I thought maybe you could help me?”

“Oh my.. ma’am.. I’m sorry. . Molly! Molly.” I stammered, flustered and feeling my cheeks flush red with embarrassment. “I don’t know.. You’re a little drunk.. it wouldn’t be right.. I have a girlfriend…I’ve never cheated.. I don’t think it would be right.. I, I… Do you want me to have SEX with you?” I blurted out.

“No! No sex.. God no! I’ve never cheated on my husband. No, no… I just need to see and feel a real cock for a few minutes… touch it, feel it just a bit to help get me over the edge. I keep getting so close, so close… Please…?” she trailed off as she looked up at me with suddenly pleading eyes and I could see the pent up frustration in her.

This was all a so strange and unexpected, what to do? I could try to just put her to bed but I noticed my cock had started to stir in my pants a bit and slightly more so now as I stood in front of her as she looked up at me with her begging eyes. The robe had fallen open a bit and I could clearly see her full breasts inside, sagging slightly but still lovely with rock hard nipples sticking out like fucking pencil erasers.

As I looked back into her face trying to decide what to do she slowly brought her hands to my waist and then lightly began to stroke my upper thighs through the thin fabric of my uniform. I felt my cock start to tingle and rise and unconsciously my eyes fell back to her stiff nipples. I was conflicted but I let her continue to stroke me gently as I thought through my options. My pause emboldened her and she brushed her hand softly across my cock itself making it grow perceptibly.

I know everyone in these stories always has a huge cock. Well I don’t. It’s fine, thank you very much. My girlfriend seems to like it all right but it’s admittedly average. It was now, however, definitely stiffening to it’s full glory as she rubbed it a bit more firmly now.

“Please.. can I just see it for a minute?” She asked, looking up into my eyes again.

Oh jeez.. what to do? Was this like a practical joke video or something? Her stroking was more insistent and felt great and that sure seemed pretty forward for a candid camera type thing. Again, I don’t have some monster cock so I don’t relish the idea of taking it out to show it off. I’m pretty self conscious about it frankly, but at that moment, as if sensing my fear she gave it a firm squeeze.

“You’ve got a nice cock.” she purred up at me as she closed her eyes and bit her lip a little. “It feels so nice and warm and hard.” as she stared at my bulging crotch.

I felt my cock jump at that. It was so hard and straining bunched up and bent down in my underwear that I moved my hips a little to try and ease the pressure. Encouraged by that she bit her lip again and looked up into my eyes as she brought her fingers to my fly and slowly unzipped my pants.

Oh boy I sighed. I guess here we go as her slim, cool fingers found their way inside and began to search for the way through my boxers. She found the opening soon enough and I quivered as her fingertips brushed illegal bahis siteleri the skin of my rock hard dick, then wrapped around it firmly, stroking it for a moment inside my pants.

“Mmmmm..” she purred again, “That feels so good… so warm and soft and hard.”

I couldn’t believe how blissed out she looked as she tugged it out through my fly.

“Oh yes, there it is.” She almost panted as her eyes widened looking at it in front of her face. “What a nice sweet cock you have.” she licked her lips and stroked it up and down softly.

“Thank you.” I murmured, trying to control myself.

“No, thank you!” she smiled and looked up and me.

She may have been old enough to be my mom but she looked really beautiful and sexy in the dim lighting of the hotel room right now. Her blue eyes twinkled up at me with drunken mix of mirth and lust. She closed them softly and sighed as I felt her open her legs a little and I realized that her other hand had slipped down under her robe. Fuck this was all a little weird but what the hell, I was in it now, might as well try and enjoy it.

I moved a little closer so she could keep stroking me even as her attention turned to her pussy and she responded by letting her head fall back and opening her legs wider letting the robe fall open even more as it slipped back over one shoulder fully exposing a soft breast.

She was licking her lips now and rolling her hips slightly making sweet little sighs and groaning sounds. She brought her fingers up to her lips and wet them sensuously before returning them between her legs. I was trying desperately now to get a look at her pussy but the way we were with her sitting on the edge of the bed and me standing with the dim lighting I couldn’t really see anything down there. It was just dark and the robe was still lying across her thighs, but she was clearly working her fingers on her clit as she held and stroked away on my cock. I just stood there, hands at my sides, not knowing what on Earth to do.

As if sensing my confusion she sat up a bit and pushed me back. She stood up in front of me and let the robe drop to the floor.

I’ve never seen a 50 year old woman naked before, never thought I would, but I have to admit she looked pretty good. She had a nice figure with really nice heavy tits that while they maybe hung a little low, looked quite lovely. Her bush was nicely trimmed into a little triangle, not quite a landing strip but clearly she cared about it, shaved it and took care of herself.

She turned to the night table for a moment and downed the rest of her glass of wine, and then lay down on the bed in front of me. She reached down and pulled the rabbit out from under her leg giggling a little as she turned it on. It buzzed to life, kind of startling me, it was louder than I would think. There were some beads at the base that rotated inside and the rabbit ears were gyrating slowly. It was quite the contraption. Absentmindedly she brought it to her mouth and licked and sucked the tip, then rubbed the wetness around the head.

Fuck I thought to myself, she is going to fuck herself with that with me watching? Sure enough, as if I wasn’t even there, she brought the vibrator down between her legs and lifted her hips slightly, using her other hand to part her pussy lips she began to rub the wet head around her pussy. Not knowing what to do I absentmindedly began to stroke my cock myself, watching her transfixed as she slowly pushed the vibrator deep into her wet cunt.

“Mmmmmmmm… ” she moaned deeply and arched her back as it filled her depths, the gyrating rabbit ears brushing and teasing at her clit.

Her other hand came up to her breast and began to massage and pinch at her nipples as her face contorted and her breathing grew heavier. I still just stood there, kind of stroking my cock absently just watching her, not really feeling right jacking off to this woman’s pleasuring herself, but certainly feeling aroused by the incredibly sensualness of it all as she worked the vibrator slowly in and out of her.

She really looked very beautiful now, stretched out on the bed. Her breast flopped over to the sides but she was kneading her right one and pinching and twisting the nipple so much I could hardly tell. I really didn’t even know what she needed me for. She seemed to be doing just fine and I started to think about leaving when suddenly her hand reached out for me.

“Come here baby, come here” she moaned.. “I need to feel your cock. Bring me your big, beautiful cock…” her eyes were closed in her fantasy and I wasn’t one to break the spell, so dutifully I stepped forward and positioned myself where her hand could easily grasp me.

“Mmm…Oh yes.” she sighed as her fingers wrapped around my shaft. “Yes.. that feels so good.” Her other hand was steadily working the vibrator in and out of her sopping wet pussy as her right now squeezed and stroked my rock hard six inches

Her hips began to grind a little more now and canlı bahis siteleri her head began to roll side to side a bit as she worked the vibrator in and out, the shaft glistening with her wet juices. Clearly she was enjoying this and who was I to complain.

She swallowed and moaned and bit her lip as the sensations worked through her body while her hand still stroked my cock. “Touch my breasts,” she moaned “Please.. touch my breasts. My nipples.”

I stepped forward a bit nervously but leaned down slightly letting my hands caress her soft tits, gently brushing her nipples.

“Yes.. More! More!” she moaned loudly and I began to massage and knead them just they way she had, my fingers occasionally pinching and pulling at her hard pink nipples eliciting more deep guttural, moans from her.

She was panting now and fucking herself hard with the vibrator as her other hand still clutched and tugged at my dick. I was enjoying the whole wild ride just fine but it suddenly it got a lot better as without any warning she shifted up onto her elbow and in one motion plunged my cock deep into her mouth!

“Gooooahhhh!” I grunted loudly in surprise at the astonishing pleasure of her warm, wet mouth suddenly engulfing my cock.

“Mmmmpph” she moaned back in pleasure too as she stuffed more of my cock into her mouth and began to suck me eagerly.

Fuck I couldn’t believe this! This hot old chick was fucking sucking my cock! I moved a little positioning my hips so she could take more of me as I kept massaging her breasts.

With my head down lower now I could fully see the vibrator as it plunged in and out of her wet cunt. Her pussy was shaved down there so I could clearly see the sweet, wet pink inner lips stretching and sliding up and down the blue shaft while the beads spun and buzzed and the ears tickled her swollen clit.

She was fucking herself deeply now, grinding her hips with each thrust and her cocksucking grew more intense too. Her warm, wet mouth slid up and down my entire length as she pumped her hand up and down my shaft in the slick wetness of her saliva.

I tried to keep my focus on massaging her tits the way she wanted me to and I licked my fingers and pinched a hard nipple between my wet fingertips. Fuck this was all so crazy hot I couldn’t believe this was happening to me as I let the pleasure of the blowjob and rubbing her big soft tits just wash over me and take me away.

I hadn’t really thought about cumming from this whole thing but now, suddenly I realized it was beyond my control. Molly was clearly an expert cocksucker and her hand and warm wet mouth worked together in perfect unison up and down every inch of my cock and I felt my orgasm building.

“Ummmm..” I kind of grunted almost apologetically.. “I think I’m gonna cum ma’am. Molly!” I corrected myself.

I wanted to warn her, to let her know I was close so I wouldn’t ruin the moment shooting in her mouth if she didn’t want me to but she actually sucked me extra deep and moaned in pleasure as her hips rose and she worked the vibrator furiously in her pussy.

“Mmmmmph! Mmmmph! Mmmmph! Mmmmph!” she began to grunt as she repeatedly stuffed my cock deep into her mouth in time with her hips until I could take it no more.

“Fuuuuuuuuuccckkk….” my knees buckled with the overwhelmingly intense pleasure as my cock twitched and exploded into her hard working mouth.

I’d like to say she sucked me dry and swallowed every drop as the chicks in these stories always seem to do, but as my initial cumshot blasted into her mouth she jerked her head away panting and moaning and crying out in little gasps as her body shuddered and convulsed. Her own orgasm was wracking her body even as my cock sprayed it’s hot load all over her! My second thick, heavy blast splashed across her cheek and ran down her neck as she aimed my cock down, away from her face. She was still pumping it with her hand sending a third , fourth and fifth shot of my hot cum spraying in thick gouts across her chest and breasts as she contorted and bucked in the intensity her own orgasm. Finally, only after the last of my load dribbled from my spent cock she released me.

Molly lay panting stretched out in front of me, a slight sheen of sweat on her skin and wet splashes and pools of my cum glistening on her cheek and tits. After a few moments she slowly removed the suddenly annoyingly loud, buzzing vibrator from her pussy and turned it off, dropping it on the bed beside her as I tired to catch my breath.

She took a few deep breaths herself and let out a soft, breathy “whoooo…. Mmmmm.”

I backed away from the bed a little dazed and swallowed hard, collecting myself. I put my softening cock back into my pants and zipped up as a sudden wave of post orgasmic guilt swept over me about cheating on my girlfriend and about cumming all over this stranger.

There was a kind of awkward silence for a moment as I just stood there not knowing what to do looking at this older woman’s naked, cum glazed, body and Molly seemed too lost in her own drunken post orgasmic world to notice me. I was about to just slip out when she opened her eyes with a deep sigh and lifting her head slightly, looked down at her cum coated chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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