Victim of the Game Ch. 03

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Paris Leon is the leader of a swift criminal organization named the Leon Crime Family, which is comprised of government informants, hired assassins, and dangerous wheelmen. Inside her conference room, she is having a meeting with three of her favorite assassins: Vic Meyer, Chloe Young, and Ariel Rice.

“Congratulations,” Paris begins. “To all of you for successfully completing the work you have been assigned. Now three people are dead, because they had incriminating information against my organization.”

Vic Meyer, the high-tempered and handsome assassin, was concentrated on his beautiful boss. He is starring at her, paying no attention to her lecture. Vic is fantasizing about her mouth on his dick, sucking the life out of him, while he gently feels her tender body. Her shiny blonde hair is swaying all over the place as a result of her incredible blowjob. Enjoying the pleasure Paris is giving him, he takes the chance to feel her wonderful C-cup breasts…

Vic’s fantasy comes to a halt when his girlfriend, Chloe Young, nudges him in the shoulder, and he awakens to see three angry faces glaring him down. Looking embarressed, Vic asks Paris to continue her speech.

“Thank you,” Paris starts again. “Now enjoy your fantasies on your own private terms. Not here in this room. Got it.” Vic nodded. “OK then. Let’s continue.”

Paris Leon brings out a file folder containing information on the people that were killed by her assassins. She unclips a picture and takes out some paper work before she talks again.

“Now, this picture,” Paris shows everyone a picture of a man. “Is of a former employee of mine. Name is Clark Bondart. Decided to turn state’s evidence against us, so Vic took care of him. This picture here,” Paris brings out another photos and shows the others. “Is of a highly seductive woman by the name of Zoe Chandler. She somehow obtained paperwork crucial to this organization. She threatened to go the police, but Chloe and Ariel stopped that from happening. A bullet to the head always seems to work nicely.”

“Now,” Paris begins. “Here are your new assignments. You all are going to be working on this, so listen up.” Everyone listened intently to what she was saying. “A group of ragtag street mercenaries are trying to take us out. There are three of them. No names. You have to work hard to find out who they are and then kill them. Nobody is going to threaten me like that. Just get it done!”

Paris Leon stands up and says, “Now, I’ve got to be going. I have a meeting with Johnny Trapper in my office at this moment. So complete your assignment and contact me when it is finished.” She walks away.

As Paris is walking away, she overhears an intense argument between Vic and Chloe, angry lovers. “Don’t lie to me,” Chloe shouts. “I saw you while she was talking. You were thinking and fantasizing about her, weren’t you?” Paris just smiles and walks calmly into her office.

* * * * *

“Well,” Paris says upon entering her office. “If it isn’t my favorite assassin, Johnny Trapper. Nice to see you. Everything go well with Miss Kat Dawson?”

“Yes,” Trapper replies. “It did.”

“That’s great to hear. I’ve got another assignment for you…”

“Paris,” Trapper interrupts. “I’ve told you that my last kill was my last one. I only came back for my payment, nothing else. I’m done. Retired. Just pay so I can leave.”

“Come on,” Paris seductively says. “Do this one last thing for me. Please.”

“No. Go get my money NOW!!!”

Paris Leon walks right in front of the chair, in which Johnny Trapper is sitting.

“What do I have to do,” Paris asks. “To make you change your mind?”

“Nothing.” Johnny replies.

“How about this.”

Paris leans towards Johnny as he settles on her two knees. She aims to unzip his pants, and surprisingly gets no resistance. She yanks his huge cock out of his pants before giving him a short handjob. Paris puts her mouth around the head, calmly licking the sides of his dick. She envelopes his dick in her mouth and devours half of it. Trapper is enjoying the pleasure, but still hasn’t come to recognize how he got in this position. He bahis firmaları feels a sudden shift in his cock, and by the way Paris is looking at him, she feels it too. His cock is rock hard. At that moment, Paris thrusts his dick down her throat farther and begins to suck faster and harder. She hears Johnny’s groans and shoves his cock deeper down her throat. Johnny’s feels his dick enter deeper into her throat and without a moment’s warning, he cums uncontrollably down her throat. Paris chokes.

“A little warning next time?” Paris asks.

“Sure. I just didn’t expect it so soon.”

Johnny extracts his cock from her mouth and starts to jack himself off. A few seconds later, he aims his cum at her face and explodes. Her face is covered with his sperm and she licks it all off. Paris gets off of her knees and stands up. She leans over her desk and plants her hands on top of it for leverage as she sticks her ass out in the air waiting for penetration. Johnny takes his penis and gently shoves it into her ass. He can hear her moans already. He softly eases into her ass before he decides her quicken his pace. He launches his dick deeper and deeper into her ass while going faster every time. She is screaming in agony, but Johnny won’t let up. He knows that he is about to climax.

“Paris,” Johnny says. “I’m about to cum.”

“Fill my ass with your cum.” Paris replies.

Johnny obliges her wishes and generates his sperm and sprays it inside her ass. He feels for Paris’ breasts and decides to rub them. He eventually makes his way down to her pussy, which he finds is wet. As he’s doing this, Paris is rubbing her ass onto his dick wanting more.

“Fuck me harder! Harder! HARDER!!!”

Trapper slams his cock deeper into her ass. That sudden thrust of pain made him quiver, along with Paris screaming at the top of her lungs.

“I’m gonna cum, Johnny.” Paris screams.

Her talking didn’t slow his fucking, but increases its’ intensity. Johnny’s fast thrusting is tiring Paris out and flatlines her against the desk that she is grasping. He takes his dick out of her ass as she turns around to face, before getting back on both knees. He violently rubs his cock and lays his cum across her breasts.

Johnny Trapper goes and lifts Paris Leon onto the table. He lays her on her back so he can easily insert his cock into her pussy. As he does that, he grabs a hold of her arms to have leverage when fucking her.

“I love how your cock feels inside of me. Fuck me hard!” Paris shouts.

At that instant, Johnny starts to fuck her as hard as he can. He thrusts in and out so fast, he has neither the time nor the energy to hear her moans. He’s just concentrated on pleasing her and himself.

“Ooooo…,” Paris moans. “That feels sooooo good.”

As Johnny is fucking her, he lowers his mouth onto her beautiful breasts. He touches them. He notices how perfect they seem, round and luscious, and big and full. He sucks on them to soothe the extreme fucking he is dishing out. He starts to go deeper into her pussy. He hears her moaning. He can hear her screams.

“Johnny,” Paris softly says. “I’m cumming. Oooooh. I’m cumming. Aaaaaah.”

“I’m about to explode,” Johnny shouts. “I’m gonna come inside your pretty pussy.”


Johnny quickens his fucking. Then all of a sudden, his dick tenses, signaling an extreme blast of cum from his dick into her vagina, spraying everything inside. Johnny quickly withdraws his penis and wrestles with it to make it shoot out some more sperm onto his boss’ lovely face. They both smile.

“So,” Johnny says. “What do you need me to do?”

* * * * *

Campbell Leon, Paris’ husband, is peeking through the small window attached upright to her office door. He sees his wife fucking another man. Johnny Trapper. He’s never liked him, but he’d like to end him. At that moment, Campbell is jealous. He wants to get rid of his wife for good, so he can take over the family business.

* * * * *

“The target is,” Paris begins. “Sara Evans. She is a newspaper reporter. Right now, she is in possession of photos incriminating me in a disturbing manner. kaçak iddaa Not only are you to kill, but to retrieve those photos. And I want her to suffer.”

“That’s a lot to ask for, Paris,” Trapper says. “What are in these photos that are so detrimental?”

“None of your business, Trapper. It’s your job to complete the assignment with no questions asked.”

“I never said if I was going to accept the job.”

“Oh, you will accept the job. I didn’t suck your dick and fuck your mercifully for you not to do it.”

“Fine, I’ll do it. I just have one more question. Why do you want Sara Evans dead? If you only need the photos, just have someone steal the photos. Leave her alone.”

“I can’t. She has copies of the photos. I have information that tells me that the other copies are in possession of the police chief at the police station. I have an informant resting in the station. My informant is searching for the photos. Now, if Sara Evans realized the photos were missing, she could easily call the police chief and have him release the photos to the public, which could crucify me. I need her gone, so there is ample time for my informant to find the photos without raising any questions. Because if she’s dead, there is no one to call the police station, thus nobody to impede my informant’s progress in finding the photos. Because if the photos are released, I am royally fucked, and my informant is useless.”

“That’s quite a story, Paris.”

“Yeah,” she smiles. “Now get the fuck out of my office.”

“Got ya.”

Johnny Trapper walks towards the door when Paris comes up from behind him and turns him around. She grabs his head and their lips connect passionately. Afterwards, she looks up in his eyes and smiles. Paris then grabs his crotch.

“Thanks for one fabulous fuck!” Paris says.

Johnny Trapper leaves the office with a smile on his face, ready for his next assignment.

* * * * *

Detectives Shawna Taylor and Art McKendrick walk into the police station after having no luck searching Kat Dawson’s hotel room. She was murdered and nothing was left out of place, meaning no suspects. They walk into the station and police chief Kurt Crewe steps up to them.

“Have any luck?” Crewe asks.

“Um,” Art replies. “No sir. The murderer left without a trace, leaving nothing behind.”

“The crime scene is too clean for an amateur. I think this was done by a professional. So get on it.”

“Get on what,” Shawna interjects. “We have no leads.”

“Didn’t my secretary tell you? We have some guy in the interrogation room named Ray Zane. Local authorities charged him with robbery after being found with some of Mrs. Dawson’s belongings.”

“What sort of belongings?”

“A purse full of money. We have him set up for you to interview him. Be careful. Zane is a street roamer. Be nice or you’ll probably get nothing. Understand?”


“Good. Now get the fuck out of my sight.”

Art and Shawna start to walk together towards the interrogation room where their first lead is. His name is Ray Zane. Homeless kid who took up with some gangsters a couple years ago. Has been charged with several misdemeanors and one felony. The felony, grand theft auto, however, was dropped as soon as it got to court. As the two detectives made their way to the interrogation room, they got a good look at Zane. Young man, short, shaggy brown hair. Skinny and frail. Probably starving.

“Hey Art,” Shawna says. “Why don’t you go to the cafeteria and get this kid and sandwich. Looks like he’s starving.”


Art made his way to the cafeteria down the hall. Shawna, however, entered the interrogation room noticing that Ray Zane had a grim smile on his face.

“What are you smiling at, Ray?” Shawna asks.

“Nuttin’.” Ray responds.

“Speak up. I said what are you smiling at.”


“Good. I am detective Shawna Taylor and we will be joined shortly by my partner, Art McKendrick. We are in the midst of investigating into the murder of Kat Dawson, a virtual nobody. She worked for some company and was last seen at the company banquet a few nights ago kaçak bahis at a prestigous hotel. At this hotel is where she was murdered. Do you know anything about this.”


“Nope, huh? You see, I beg to differ. You were brought in here for having possession of the victim’s purse. And that to me sounds like you know and little bit about a little.”

The interrogation takes a brief hiatus as Art walks in with submarine sandwich and hands it to Ray.

“Here’s a sandwich for you, boy.” Art says.


“So,” Art looks at Shawna. “Get anything?”

“Nope,” Shawna retorts. “He claims he knows nothing about the woman, but he did happen to steal the woman’s purse. I think he’s holding something back.”

Art walks up the table that Ray is sitting at and slams his fists down on it, shaking the foundation of the room. He grabs Zane by his shirt and shakes him violently.

“You listen to me, you fucker. You’re gonna tell me what you know, or you’ll be sleeping in a cell. And the next thing you know, you’ll wake up with a sore ass. Is that what you want?”

“No,” Ray says softly.


“I said no.”

“Good. Now tell me what you know.”

“I don’t know nuttin’.”

“Bullshit,” Art looks at Shawna as he walks out the door. “I’m of punks like these. I’m leaving. If you get anything from him, give me a page. Alright?”

“Alright.” Shawna says.

Art leaves the room, after the slamming the door with all of his might. Shawna walks towards the windows peering into the room and closes the blinders, shutting off everyone’s view of the room from the outside. She turns around and walks seductively towards Ray Zane. She sits atop the table and reaches down to pat Ray’s dick, that is concealed within his pants. Shawna sees the boy blush.

“Does that feel good?” Shawna asks.

“Ooooh,” Ray says. “Yep.”

“Are you gonna tell me what I want to know?”

“I told you two that I don’t know nuttin’.”

“Come on Ray. I’m not going to accept that horseshit. What do I have to do for you to tell me the truth? Huh? Suck your dick?”

At that last outburst, Ray’s mild expression turned hasty as his cock got stiff and hard at the thought of what she said. He tried to say something, but all he could do was mumble. Ray couldn’t resist even when the woman detective tore at his pants zipper and pulled out his dick. And he still is speechless, even when he felt her mouth collide with his penis. It felt good to him. He groaned. Shawna licks the side of his cock, trying to soothe his entire member, before enveloping her mouth on the head. Her grasp on the dick held firm as she jerks him off until he gets hard. When his cock finally subdued to her hand, Shawna slipped the cock deep into her mouth and started sucking the life out of him.

“Aaaaaaah…” Ray moans.

Shawna keeps penetrating the cock deeper and deeper into her mouth almost reaching her throat. Eventually, Shawna felt his hard cock stiffen out, and she knew what came next. He is on the verge of climaxing. Immediately, Shawna slid the dick from her mouth and massaged the entire member, wishing for him to spray his cum all over her face. It never did. Shawna didn’t want the cum laying all over the interrogation room, so to hide the evidence of sexual play, he stuffed the cold, hard penis into her mouth and began to receive the throbbing insulation of Ray’s cum. She withdrew his cock after this was completed.

“That feel good, Ray?” Shawna asks.

“Yes it did.” Ray replied.

“Good. Now can you tell what you know.”

Ray Zane paused, but only for a moment. He is contemplating his answer and Shawna is staring at him seductively. Finally he spoke.

“I have a friend,” Ray says. “His name is Robbie. He roams the streets outside of the hotel where she was murdered. He knows everyone and everything coming in and out of that hotel. He will know more than me.”

“Where can I find this Robbie?” Shawna asks.

“He lives on the streets in the alley opposite the hotel. He always wears a cardinals baseball cap and raincoat. You can’t miss him. Just tell him that Ray sent ya’ and he’ll oblige.”

“Thanks for the info. And we can continue this tonight at my place.”

As Shawna leaves, she slips him a sheet of notebook paper that has her address inscribed on it. Ray can’t wait until tonight.

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