Two Strangers Meet

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(This story is the first of a series inspired by real life adventures )

Although not a word had been said between them apart from a few anonymous messages on the chatroom, the knowing look on her face gave Paul confidence that of all the people on the crowded shopping street, she was his reason for being there. About 5’7 with brown hair, glasses a soft knock broke the silence.

He opened it and spent a moment to drink in the delicious sight before him. Dressed in a homemade skirt with legs to die for, he devoured the sight of her & traced the outline of what were clearly a magnificent set of tits with his eyes. To his delight, she looked almost as hungrily back at him. Since the the corridor wasn’t exactly private, Paul didn’t waste any time beckoning the woman whose name he didn’t yet know into the room. “Are you ok with what we’ve discussed is going to happen, Toy?” he asked, and a furtive canlı bahis nod of her head gave him all the answer he needed to hear. Pushing her up against the wall, he pawed & groped at the body that was being offered to him, and they hungrily embraced & explored each other with hands & tongues. It didn’t take long for her skirt & top to come off, upon which Paul quickly broke contact and pushed her roughly onto the bed. From there no time was wasted in securing wrists & ankles to the under mattress restraints that had been prepared in advance. Pulling her limbs tight into the bindings she breathed heavily and squirmed a little with anticipation as he stood up to admire the view.

With the stranger suitably restrained any urgency was gone, so Paul took his time to leisurely undress in front of her wide eyes and began to slowly run his hand up the inside of her calves towards her open thighs. She moaned bahis siteleri loudly & bucked at his touch, which turned into a gasp of surprise when he began to rip & tear her knickers off with his hands. This was was music to his ears, and he took the torn & soaked fabric and pushed it into her mouth, securing it in place with the gag that had been hidden to one side just minutes earlier. The scent of her by now was incredible, so Paul wasted no time in burying his head between her glistening thighs and used her muffled sounds as a guide while he lapping at her clit with a flat tongue and fucked her with his fingers.

As her cunt spasmed & clamped in pleasure on his fingers, Paul became consumed with the thought of fucking this gorgeous creature – working his way up her body he paused briefly to lick & nibble the nipples on her ample breasts and they held his attention for a few long moments until the bahis şirketleri urge to fuck again became too strong. After a quick pause to unroll a condom on his length, he buried his cock inside her sopping cunt with one swift motion, and began to thrust with urgent strokes inside her. Looking into her eyes for confirmation, Paul clasped both hands round her throat and held it tightly whilst they fucked wildly. The restricted blood flow and deep penetration coupled with his pubic bones rhythmic grinding into her clit pushed her into yet another eye rolling orgasm, and that was all his cock could take. The world lost focus as Paul emptied inside her, and the sound of the blood rushing past his ears overwhelmed him & he damn near blacked out in pleasure.

Consciousness returned sometime later, and only then did he tenderly remove the gag & shredded knickers from her mouth. Both stunned to silence, they looked at each other for some time. Eventually managing to get a sentence or two out – “Hi I’m Paul. So what’s your name then?” was the only thing he could think of to say as he leaned in to kiss her tenderly…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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