Trophy Wife

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SUMMARY: Crystal is taken with the handsome stranger at her party. She’s more intrigued when she learns he’s “gifted.” A gracious hostess should always make sure her guests are having a good time, right?

Crystal’s eyes undressed him as he walked into the parlor. She made a mental note of him as someone she wanted to get to know better later-damn her husband!

There was too much booze, too much flirting, and too much oneupmanship at the party for her taste. Crystal Chadwick didn’t mind a good time. As hostess she was responsible for hiring extra staff. More accurately, her accountant was responsible. This was an expense she’d prefer not to bother with. It also meant that she was stuck with the sounds of cleanup afterward, or an unsightly mess in the morning before the cleaning staff arrived.

She made the rounds as hostess, trying to make sure everyone was enjoying themselves, and that no one hit the sauce too hard. From experience, she knew that if anyone did hit the sauce with gusto, inevitably it was one of her husband Garland’s business partners.

Garland was an old fart. Age 67, he already had trouble getting it up. Overweight, balding, he was a nice guy, but theirs was a convenient marriage. His one asset was his multiple assets. Everyone assumed that Crystal was a trophy wife, and they weren’t wrong. Crystal had married for the money, and Garland for the beauty. It was a win-win, and everyone was happy-sort of.

On her rounds Crystal did some investigating about who the handsome stranger was. She eventually learned that his name was Darrell. More research led her to a woman friend who’d slept with him.

“Was he any good?” Crystal asked.

“Fab!” Dianne said. “Takes his time, nice hands. Not great with his tongue, you’ll need to do a little coaching there. But great energy and stamina. And the bonus,” she leaned in to whisper, “is his cock!”

“Hung?” Crystal asked.

“Oh, honey! He’ll reach places inside you didn’t know you had!” Dianne said with a wide grin.

“Done! I’ll let you know how I make out.”

“Cheers, girlfriend, good luck!”

“Wait, if he’s that awesome, why aren’t you still with him?” Crystal asked.

“I was married at the time,” Dianne said, as if it were obvious.

“Oh! He’s…”

“That one! Yes!”

Gossip traveled fast in this part of Guilford, the well-off neighborhoods. Crystal knew that Dianne had an affair with a man, which ended Dianne’s marriage. The fling didn’t last, either, but now Dianne was hot and heavy with a man twenty-six years her junior. She glowed from all the sex she was having, and had more energy at fifty-four than she had at twenty-four.

Crystal approached Darrell shortly before nine-thirty. She decided to be bold, but she didn’t need to. With the right man, her stunning looks could have a guy eating from her hand in minutes. Crystal’s body and face were flawless, and could put a twenty year old to shame.

She spent a lot of money and time on her looks, but she was all natural. No Botox or tummy lift here. A modeling agency had approached Crystal a few years ago. They said she had potential as an example of their “Golden Age Hotties” campaign. She turned the offer down, because she didn’t think of herself as “golden age.” To her, the golden age was how you lived your life, how much perks you got. A young man or three on the side helped, but she wasn’t picky. She didn’t have anything against a man her age, like Darrell, as long as he could deliver.

“Hi! I’m Crystal, the party hostess. I want to make sure you’re having a good time, are you?”

“Why, yes, I am, thank you very much,” Darrell said.

Crystal appreciated how he looked her up and down.

“Excellent! Most wonderful!” she said. “Do let me know if I can make your experience more bahis firmaları enjoyable,” she added. Crystal ran her hand from her earlobe, across her throat, and to her lips. She erotically stuck out her tongue and licked her fingertip.

Darrell’s eyes widened.

“Er, I’m not sure what you mean,” he said.

Crystal moved so close that she could feel his breath on her. His cheek touched her blond hair.

“Come on, man, you know what I mean,” she whispered as she grabbed his crotch in the crowd. “Fancy a turn? Follow me, about five seconds behind.”

Crystal walked away through the crowded parlor and out onto the grounds of the estate. Outside, she glanced behind her, and saw Darrell following in the moonlight. She smiled as she headed toward the garage, and walked through the service door. Darrell entered a few seconds later.

“So, which car would you like to do it on? The Rolls, the Bentley, or the Jaguar?” Crystal asked.

“Hell, I’ve always fancied a shag on a Rolls,” Darrell said with a grin.

The Rolls-Royce was the car closest to them.

“Okay, then, let’s do it,” Crystal said with a smile as she leaned against the front of the car. “Come here.”

Crystal ran her tongue along the edge of her teeth as she pulled him to her by his hips. Already she could feel the warmth and outline of his cock through his trousers. Her arms went around his shoulders, and Darrell wrapped his around her back.

She buried her tongue in Darrell’s mouth to taste his tongue. He wasn’t a fantastic kisser, but if what Dianne said was true it didn’t matter. In her experience she knew that hung guys didn’t try as hard to please a woman. She guessed they assumed they didn’t need to, the bastards. That didn’t make a difference now, she wanted a good fuck. Sometimes that’s all a girl wants.

Crystal continued to kiss him, and moved her hand to his crotch. She began to rub the bulge, and watched as it began to grow-and grow!

“That feels like quite the mother’s little helper you have there in your slacks, honey,” she said.

“Some women say I’m blessed. Sometimes it’s a curse,” Darrell said.

“Screw that. I’ll be the judge.”

She unzipped his trousers and undid the button. There was no need to fish around for his dong-it popped out as if spring-loaded.

“Bloody hell! How do you walk around with that piece in your pants all day?”

Not waiting for an answer, Crystal knelt down, wrapped her lips around his cock and went at it. Despite her considerable oral skills, she couldn’t take it all down her throat. There seemed to be too much cock and not enough gullet, which made her gag each time she tried. She gave up after three tries, and settled for sucking him while giving the base of a his cock a hand job. The slobbery sounds of her sucking got lost in the flat layout of the garage.

“Damn! You’re good!” Darrell moaned as she worked him.

Crystal sat on the Rolls’ fender to get a better angle and leverage for a hot blowjob. She felt her pussy leaking through her panties onto the car’s fender. One hand found its way to his heavy balls and massaged them. The thought of impaling herself on one of the twin bumper ornaments passed through her mind. She dismissed the thought-she had a much more satisfying phallus in her mouth!

Crystal eased her mouth from Darrell’s schlong. She lifted her dress, and Darrell didn’t need any instruction. He slid down the panties over her firm ass and tossed them onto the car’s hood. Crystal bent over the front of the Rolls with one hand on the fender and the other on the hood ornament to brace herself.

“Come on, honey, fuck me with that big fun-stick!” she cooed.

Darrell chuckled, lined up his cock with her wet slit, and then eased it in.

“Oohh, yeah,” Crystal groaned, kaçak iddaa animal-like as he worked his rod into her. “Oh, my god, you’re fucking huge!”

He worked into a steady and easy rhythm, Crystal hanging on to the Rolls. As she got used to his length Darrell started to pump harder and faster, holding onto her hips. That was when Crystal started to shriek.

A man burst into the garage through the service door, quite alarmed. Crystal and Darrell turned to stare at him as he started to laugh.

“Blimey! Here I thought someone was in trouble! Sorry to interrupt.”

He turned to leave.

“It’s no interruption if you’ve a cock for my mouth,” Crystal panted.

The guy shrugged, walked over to her, and pulled his pants over his hips. He offered her his dick, which she took in her mouth.

“One more and I’ll have one for each hole,” she gasped.

At that moment all four valets hired for the occasion rushed in, having heard her yelling. They were in no hurry to leave, especially after Crystal begged them to jerk off on her. Each dropped their trousers, standing around her and put hand to cock.

The guy whose dick she sucked shot his salty load down her throat, and left after zipping up. One of the young valets took his place, held her head and throat-fucked her.

A man and a woman walked through the service door and watched. Darrell kept plunging in and out of Crystal’s slit. The guy fucking her mouth came, splattering her face with cum. Two guys came in, one after the other, to stand and watch. One of the other valets took the previous guy’s place for a blowjob.

Crystal was amazed at Darrell’s staying power, though she knew older guys last longer than young guys. In an ideal world, she’d have one of each-her personal harem!

Another guy walked through the service door. He too stood and watched.

The valet who hadn’t had a blowjob came up close to her. He grunted before shooting his load on her tits, narrowly missing his coworker.

Crystal heard a familiar voice call for her to “fuck that big cock.” She looked up to see that Dianne had walked in! Every other person in the garage was silent as they watched-no cheering crowd here.

Knowing that Dianne was watching her lifted Crystal’s flagging energy. She bucked back at Darrell as though her hips were on ball bearings, moving from her hip bone. It made him slide in and out easier.

The valet in front of her started to spasm, and his cock grew in her mouth. He pulled out and came with a roar, soaking her hair and face with another sticky load.

“I can’t take it anymore! You’re like a fucking machine!” Darrell gasped.

“Oh, baby, cum on my ass! Do it! Cum on my ass!” Crystal told him.

Darrell pulled out, groaned, and shot gobs of hot stickiness on her spread, upturned butt.

“Aaahh! Oh, yeah!” Crystal moaned as his cum splattered and oozed over her ass.

She was impressed. Not only was Darrell hung, he’d outlasted everyone. But she hadn’t cum yet, and felt a serious hunger in her loins.

“Anyone feel like making me cum?” she asked the crowd, which had gotten bigger.

To her surprise, Dianne smiled, raised her hand, and came forward.

If she was hesitant about Dianne watching her get fucked in two holes, she was more hesitant now. Crystal had female partners before, but never when a friendship was involved. She allowed Dianne to approach her.

“Lie back and relax,” Dianne said, helping Crystal recline on the car.

Crystal spread her legs for Dianne, who squatted on the floor. She brought herself to Crystal’s wide open snatch and took a long, gentle lick along her inner lips. Crystal gasped at the difference between Darrell’s big, thrusting cock and Dianne’s tender tongue. Both were fantastic. To have them at the same time, kaçak bahis that would be fucking hot!

Dianne licked around Crystal’s pussy, tongued the lips, dove into pool of juices to suck them. Crystal cried out at how her friend did her. She twisted her torso around, keeping her hips and legs in place.

The Rolls’ hood ornament was close to her head, beckoning to her. Crystal reached out and stroked it, feeling its smoothness. She jerked it off like it was a cock. Then, as a few people gasped, she leaned over and took the Spirit of Ecstasy in her mouth. The shape and hardness felt awkward as hell, but its shine and smoothness captivated her. It was cool in her mouth and she slid her tongue and lips over it. Besides, Crystal had been brought to the edge of orgasm more than a few times, only to be denied the Big O.

Crystal cried out again as Dianne focused on her clit.Her warm breath hit the nub as she licked, feeling so good! Then she took the hood ornament in her mouth again, moaning around it as Dianne took her to a frenzy. Where had Dianne learned to eat pussy so good? Crystal felt the wave cresting inside her, the heated rush radiate from her cunt outward. She let the ornament slip from her mouth.

She came hard, her body spasming and thrashing as she moaned. Her juices flowed around Dianne’s flicking tongue.

Dianne brought Crystal down from her high, but Crystal still wanted more. Something long and wide would help. Dianne moved away from her, and Looking down at the car’s bumper, Crystal knew what she wanted. She slid a little way down the car’s hood and sat on the bumper’s flag-shaped post. Wanting to stuff the thing in her hungry cunt, she slid and bounced and wiggled to try to mount it.

It wasn’t working, so she turned around and tried to stuff it into herself while facing the car. It helped, but the thing was too wide.

“Damn it!” she yelled, slapping the car’s hood.

“Don’t you think you’ve had enough, love?” Dianne said, coming over to help. “Come on, leave the car alone, it’s not as good as a real cock.”

“The gear shift?” Crystal asked.

A few people laughed, and all began to file out the door.

Crystal crawled into bed about two-thirty in the morning, sticky and exhausted.


Crystal didn’t wake until almost noon. Her body ached, and she was hung over to hell. Garland had been up for a while, and made sure the housekeeper kept the hired cleaning staff on task.

Crystal had a vague recollection of giving the Spirit of Ecstasy a blowjob. She also had other mental images. These were images of Darrell’s enormous cock, and of Dianne going down on her as she leaned against the Rolls. Some images were disturbing — of a crowd of people watching, and of herself trying to fuck the Rolls’ bumper. She hoped they were alcohol-induced hallucinations, and not memory.

The little sunlight that peeked around the shades pained her eyes. She got up to pee, and afterward looked at her face in the mirror. God, what had she done last night? Her makeup had run in globs and rivulets, and she had that pained hangover look. She hoped no one had filmed her escapade. People already thought she was a slut, there was no need to confirm it! Adding to these emotions was a somber sadness. Why did she need to go and bonk several guys in her garage? Shit like this happened more than she cared to admit.


Garland received a few emails and a text message late that morning. They were from men who had attended the previous night’s event. The gist of the content alluded to his wife’s performance. One message mentioned the “lurid display.”

He poured himself a scotch. What the hell had she done? He made a mental note to talk to Crystal. Yes, he knew in his heart that he’d married her for her looks. And he would admit that he knew she married him for his money. Just because they were well-off didn’t give her license to screw around. He would talk to her after she woke up-and after he checked on his financial performance.

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