Sexting Pt. 02

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Big Tits

Four weeks after Jennifer and the Major got together they had a few encounters. He even took her to dinner. The semester ended and the Major took a group of his cadets on summer camp. There were emails but not like the series of text messages that ended with a night of wild sex. Jennifer enrolled in a summer legal clinic program helping low-income people with consumer and landlord issues. A hotshot faculty member directed the program. Despite the good work of the clinic, the professor was an egotistical bastard. He was known around the law school as “The Professor.”

Jennifer knew that he hit on the women, and it seemed that if you were female and wanted a good grade you would need to submit to his advances. Being older than the other members of the group she seemed to escape his attention.

Until one Friday; Jennifer was the last one in the office and was working on a letter to a landlord in behalf of a client. The Professor poked his head out of his office and called to Jennifer to visit with him.

The professor pointed to a chair and closed the door. He got behind his desk after closing the blinds. Jennifer took a deep breath the stories about The Professor’s lechery were legendary.

“Ms. Connolly I understand that you were in the Army do you plan on continuing in the military after school?”

“I owe the military at least three years after school as they are paying a majority of my tuition,” responded Jennifer.

“While your work in this clinic is outstanding I can guarantee a good report if you would agree to a date. I seem to have nothing to do this evening and was wondering if you had plans tonight,” said the Professor.

Realizing that she was in a corner her excuse popped in to her mind; “Professor I really enjoy working in this program; unfortunately I still have commitments to the military and have reserve drill this weekend. I was just finishing up so I could get prepared for the drill. I am sorry but I need to decline your offer,” said Jennifer.

“Jennifer, I have time now if you are willing. All I want is …”

There was a knock on the door and it opened. Jennifer looked up and saw the Dean of the Law School, Professor Doris Walker standing in the doorway. Jennifer’s heartbeat began to return to normal.

“Will you excuse us Ms. Connolly, I need to talk to the Professor.”

Jennifer rose and almost bolted out of the room. She stopped by the desk she was using and collected her computer and books, putting them in the regulation backpack she “Saddled” up and walked out of the office. The Professor and the Dean said nothing while she was in the room.

Jennifer did an army quick march over to the housing area of campus and dropped her pack in her room and went to dinner. Feeling like she had been saved. She sat with her tray and contemplated the salad in front of her. She hoped that the Dean did not think that she wanted to be with the professor. One of the younger men that lived in her building asked to join her and sat down.

They spoke about class and he talked about his home and girlfriend. He was driving home after dinner for the weekend.

“I have noticed you since last semester. I’m being nosy, I have always wondered why are you living in the dorm?” said the young man.

“To quote the British Navy “Three squares and a bed,”” said Jennifer.

The young man gave her puzzled look.

“The plates on old British Ships were square so that they fit on the mess table which is where the term square meal comes from. I live in the doom so I don’t have to cook or worry about groceries, yea the food can get boring but I got use to it in the Army,” explained Jennifer.

The young man asked her about being in the Army and attending Law School. He explained that he was majoring in Political Science. Jennifer answered his questions. She wondered what his equipment was like and if was it tested in his girlfriend. Then she remembered the situation she was in an hour ago and those thoughts vanished. She thought about Cat and wished she were here. Cat and boyfriend were touring Europe. The young man finished eating and thanked Jennifer for the conversation and left. She watched him leave and thought he had a cute butt.

Jennifer realized that there was no one that she could talk to about what happened at the clinic office. She also wondered why the Dean wanted to talk to The Professor. She did have a friend in the program, but wouldn’t see her until Monday. She would have contacted the Major, but he was at field camp and out of contact. Also they had great sex but she didn’t know if there was a real relationship there.

She got up and put her tray in the dirty dish area and walked back to her room. She went to the closet and pulled her BDU’s out and checked them over. She did not want to be dinged on inspection.

Her phone rang and she dug it out of her purse. “Jen, it’s Barbara Dawson, I’m in the clinic with you.”

“Yea what’s going on?”

“I was in the Library and saw you sprint out of the building bahis firmaları like you were running from something. Are you all right?” asked Barbara.

“Oh I’m fine I had a close encounter with you know who but I escaped,” Jennifer replied.

“Congratulations but expect five new clients next week; he’ll be pissed that you got away and load a lot of extra work on you. One of the other girls went to the Dean and when she came in the next day there was a stack of folders on her desk,” said Barbara.

“Maybe not the Dean walked in just as he started. She asked me to leave and I picked my gear up and got out of there as quickly as possible,” said Jennifer.

“That could be good or bad. Did the Dean seem pissed at him or you?” said Barbara.

“I couldn’t tell I hope she didn’t think that I wanted to be there?” said Jennifer.

“You’ll know on Monday. The reason for my call is I have a few friends coming over and wondered if you had anything going on Saturday night? The guys will be hot, and I have the house to myself,” said Barbara.

“Damm, I would like to take you up on the offer but Uncle Sam has a prior claim I have reserve drill this weekend,” responded Jennifer.

“That’s more cock for us,” said Barbara as she laughed.

Barbara promised to involve Jennifer the next time there was a party. The connection ended and Jennifer put the phone down on the desk. Jennifer was on her bed contemplating masturbating with her dildo when the phone started to buzz.

She picked up the phone and red the message. “Hey Capt. Sexy what’s going on?”

Oh great she thought the major was up to his old tricks. She checked the number on the message and it was the same one that the Major used.

She quickly tapped out “Thinking about masturbating since a certain officer is not around.”

“Don’t talk like that it gets me all riled up. Be back next week.”

“I have a story to tell you but it can wait. Got monthly drill this weekend and had to beg off of an orgy that a friend was hosting.”

“Now I am getting all riled up. I will text you when I get back, the field camp is going well.”

Jennifer texted good by and put the phone down. “Nice to know that he is still interested,” she said to herself.

She opened her computer and looked over her email. There was one from her mother complaining that she does not call or write enough. There was a message from the Law School Dean, “Jennifer, Your not in trouble but I do need to see you as soon as possible. Contact my assistant Monday to arrange a time. I need to gather some information.

Well she was painted into a corner. She put a todo on her calendar to contact the dean’s assistant. She walked over to the drawer that contained her fake cocks and selected the multicolored model and squeezed a liberal amount of massage lube on the shaft and pulled her panties down and inserted the dildo into her pussy. She got on the bed and began to ram the rubber cock in and out of her vagina hitting her clit causing her to climax. She woke up with the dildo next to her and looked at the time. It was almost midnight so she decided to shower and go to bed. 5:00am would come soon enough.

Jennifer was up before the clock radio started. She got dressed in her Battle Dress Uniform. Into her pack she tossed the book that the clinic used, her second set of uniforms and her running uniform. She walked down to her car and put the pack in the front seat. Jennifer climbed into the driver’s side and headed to the reserve center, which was located a few miles away from campus. She arrived in time for formation and stood at attention in front of the headquarters company. After inspection they were dismissed to their training areas. She looked on the duty sheet and found that her unit was doing First Aid training and she located the person that was going to instruct. After four hours there was a test both written and practical. Most of her solders passed. There was an announcement that chow was being served. The enlisted went to the main line and the officers huddled in a small conference room. The unit commander laid out the rest of the day and Jennifer’s group would be working in the office. There was another announcement that chow was over and everyone was to go to their duty stations.

Jennifer stood and looked around and was glad that everyone was in the office. “Listen up … I want to remind you that the information that you work with is confidential. None of the reports that you file is to be discussed beyond the confines of the office. Especially fitness reports they do not go beyond these walls. I know that this is a speech that I give about every two months. But it never hurts to remind each other. By the end of the day I will need a report on whose fitness report is late. Ok get to work,”

Jennifer had a steady stream of personnel coming up to her desk asking questions and handing in paperwork. By the end of the day she had the report on the missing fitness documents and sent it up to her boss and initiated kaçak iddaa an email to the officers and NCO’s reminding them that the fitness reports were due.

There was an announcement of evening chow and everyone in the office cleaned and locked their desks and filed out for the evening meal. Jennifer grabbed her pack and headed for the unit’s dormitory and found a bunk in the officer’s section and put her pack next to the bed. She walked through the chow line and again the officers were in a small conference room discussing the day’s activities.

Lights out was at 10:00. Jennifer went to the female locker room and pulled off the BDUs and put on the running uniform sweatpants and unit t-shirt. She dropped on the bunk and was asleep soon after lights out.

As if no time had passed the lights in the dorm flipped on and there was an announcement that formation was in ten minutes. Everyone is to be in jogging uniform. Jennifer grabbed her bra and hat and headed to the ladies room. She peed and applied her bra. She walked to the assembly area and stood in front of the headquarters unit and counted heads. “All present,” she reported to the unit executive officer.

There was a call to attention and the unit as a group stood up straight. The unit commander announced that the run would be ten miles and laid out the route. There were four solders in orange vests at the front of the group and four in yellow vest at the rear. Line by line they left the assembly area and started on the run. Finally there was a HumV following acting as a sag wagon.

Jennifer prided herself on her physical fitness and was able to keep up with the majority of the unit. An hour and a half later the unit made the final turn into the reserve center. There were announcements for individual member to see different people and the unit was released to shower and dress. Sunday breakfast was not provided as after the run the unit was dismissed.

Jennifer got dressed and checked in at the office and made sure that all of her paperwork was in order for the civilian staff that would be in on Monday. She had too many items on her schedule Monday to have to return to sign some piece of paper. She grabbed her pack and headed for the parking lot and stowed her gear in the car.

“Captain Connolly,” yelled the Executive officer. She walked over and stood at attention and saluted. “Captain Connolly, the commander is disappointed that you have not been keeping your uniform in good order. Those Captain’s Bars are looking a little shabby and wanted me to give you these,” said the Lt. Colonel.

He handed a box to her with two gold oak leaves signifying promotion to major. “Your work in the unit has been outstanding and reports on your school work have exemplary. The Colonel would have presented these himself but he had family issues to deal with. Congratulations Major.” The other officers applauded and Jennifer stood at attention and saluted.

“Major, I hope you won’t take offence but I had to bribe a member of the Headquarters Company to keep the information from you. The commander and I wanted to make it a surprise. We are all going to breakfast and your buying Major,” said the executive officer.

The group went to a well-known restaurant that served a brunch and since it was afternoon, they were serving Champagne. Jennifer was still getting use to the promotion but gladly took the bill and after faking a fainting spell dug her credit card out and paid the tab. “I may have to get a job as a dorm mother to pay that thing off. You guys drink a lot of wine,” she said with a laugh.

The group broke up and went their separate ways until next month. Jennifer drove carefully back to the campus and when she hit the room she crashed on the bed. She woke at three and changed out of the BDUs and went to the afternoon meal at the cafeteria.

The phone in her pocket started to buzz she looked at the number and noticed that it was the major sending her a text. She decided that she would look at the message in her room in case the major was playing jokes again. There were several people sitting at the table but no one that she knew. She would enjoy telling someone about her promotion but decided just to eat and go back to the room.

She closed and locked her door and looked at the message on her phone. This time there was a picture of a major’s oak leaf insignia. “A little birdy told me that I can fuck a major when I return. Congrats.”

“How did you find out I was promoted?” she texted back.

“Took you look enough. I saw the promotion list and your name was listed.

“I was in the dinning hall and did not know what your text would contain,” she texted back.

“I understand, I will text you when I am getting ready to return,” texted the major.

Jennifer pulled her neglected landlord/tenant law book and started to read after about two hours the lines in the book began to merge and she stripped of her cloths and put a t-shirt on and climbed in to bed.

Jennifer woke up at 5:00am kaçak bahis cursing the time. She got up and went across the hall and took a shower. There were a few other women in the bathroom but they looked like that had been up all night. She finished and walked across to her room and sat at the desk and read over the material that she studied last night.

She dressed and walked to the cafeteria for breakfast. She hung around the cafeteria until 8:30 and then walked over the Law Building. As she walked into the building the Dean came around the corner.

“Ms. Connolly, you got the message to see me, is now a good time?” said the Dean.

“Yes Ma’am, I can see you now,” replied Jennifer.

They walked together toward the Dean’s office. The Dean pointed to a conference room and Jennifer walked in and found a seat.

“Can you tell me what happened to you Friday and did anything else happen to you?” asked the dean.

Last Friday was the first time that I was subjected to the professor’s advances. Other women have reported that he wanted “dates” for grades. Because I am a little older than other students I guess that I was not his type. That was until last Friday. Thanks for stepping in.”

“I am sorry about what happened to you last Friday, I convinced The Professor that he needed to take some time off and so I have assigned a new clinic director. I wanted to let you know that I didn’t think that you were coming on to him.”

Jennifer remained silent as the Dean explained the procedure to register a complaint.

“Ma’am, I don’t think that I have much to add, I only had the one encounter and you put an end to it when you came in. Who is the new clinic director?” asked Jennifer.

Professor Mathis has agreed to take over and she has a meeting with everyone today. In fact I think that that meeting is starting now,” said the Dean.

Jennifer excused herself and walked toward the clinic area and arrived just as the meeting was starting. She found a seat and listened Professor Mathis. She made the announcement about the change in leadership and said that she would meet with all the clinic members individually to be brought up to date on what they are working on. She said that all the members should continue to do what they were doing and if there were any changes she would announce it later. She left the room and everyone started working on their cases.

It was close to lunch when Barbara Dawson walked up to Jennifer and wondered if they could eat lunch together.

“How did your party go?” asked Jennifer after they sat down in the sandwich shop close to the building.

“It was wild. There were more than enough cocks for all the women there. I think every one had a good time. How was playing army?” said Barbara.

“Drill weekend is the same. We trained and worked. Got up Sunday and ran ten miles. I was getting in my car when the unit’s second in command called me over and started telling me that my uniform was out of order and handed me Major’s insignia. I was promoted. Then a group of officers went out to breakfast and I paid for the check. That will take a while to pay off,” said Jennifer.

“The reason that I invited you to the party and then lunch today is I am thinking of joining Navy JAG. I can get some help with my tuition loans and I will have a job out of school,” said Barbara.

“Do you have any experience with the Military?” asked Jennifer.

“Dad was in the Navy, but that was before I was born so that is why I am thinking about the Navy,” said Barbara.

“I joined ROTC when I went to college, it helped with the bills and I had the security of a job out of school. I had no idea what I was getting into when I graduated. I was a staff officer in a combat regiment and served a tour in Afghanistan. I was in the Army for two years before I started law school. I will owe the Army about three years after I graduate, but like you said I will have a job.”

Jennifer’s phone buzzed and she recognized the number and her heart started to race. She carefully opened the message and was glad that there were no naughty photographs. “Just left the Army base and will be home late. Let me know if you’re available this evening.”

She quickly texted back; “he could contact her but no promises.”

“That a friend?” asked Barbara

“Well he is a little bit more that a friend,” replied Jennifer

She slid the phone in her bag and picked up the tray and moved to the door. The two women walked back to the office. The afternoon went quickly and the interview with the new clinic director was painless. All through the afternoon her pussy kept discharging, and she knew that she needed some relief. She was reading, in her room, when the phone buzzed “Can you slip over here I have some good scotch?”

Jennifer didn’t even bother to text back she left the room and headed across the plaza and his door opened as she approached. They embraced and kissed for what seemed like forever. They broke and Jennifer sat on the couch and pulled her top off and undid her bra. The Major walked into the kitchen and brought two glasses and a bottle of expensive 15-year-old scotch. “I’m not much of a bourbon drinker, I hope you like this,” said the Major Roberts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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