Sex With You

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Big Tits

The days have grown hot. I want to just lay around and enjoy the sun outside and you decide to join me. I start off getting some tools out to do the yard work and tend to the garden wearing a t-shirt and shorts. You join me wearing the same style of clothes. I start working up a sweat pulling weeds and raking up some of the undergrowth. Looking out for my well being you ask me if you want something to drink and if you want some lotion to protect me from the sun. I agree more for the drink than for the lotion, not knowing what you have in mind.

After about ten minutes I begin to wonder if I will ever get something to drink as you perked my interest in getting me something. I forget about it and focus on the task at hand. The door opens behind me and I hear it shut. Turning to get a drink I see a nice surprise. You with your hair up and in sandals and…a very nice fitting pink bathing suit. I am instantly forgetful of my drink even though you are holding a half empty bottle of Fosters in you left hand and a bottle of lotion in your right. I can see your erect nipples gently peaking inside your suit and your eyes sparkle that green inner fire that tells me, “I want you now.” I take in the rest of your body’s delicate pale sweetness and the nice curves of your hips and how you have your hair pulled back just beckoning me to grab hold and make some of our own fun.

You walk over with the drink in hand spreading a mischievous grin over your face and can’t help but laugh as my eyes are pulled downward to your breasts. You laughingly say, “I’m up here, you won’t be meeting them, at least not yet.” I groan and grab what’s left of the beer and take it down in one fell swoop keeping my eyes on you. At the sight of my greed bahis firmaları you quickly note that I have to go get more beer. “Only if you will put some lotion on me when I get back.”

“Anywhere you want.” Is ringing in my ears as I practically run to the fridge and get two more beers open. I am back outside in a flash. You have pulled out a lounger and lay a towel down on it when I burst out the back door at a quick step. Trying to be nonchalant but at the same time dying with anticipation.

You are squirting some lotion on you hands and arms when you look up and see the devilish look about me. I walk up and go to hand you a beer only to be defenseless as you rub the excess lotion on your hands onto my shirt. “I could have found better things to do with that.” “I bet” is you quick sarcastic response as you steal one of the beers from my hands to quench your thirst.

I gently caress the sides your breast as you drink. You swallow while pushing my hands away. “Not yet, wait till later” Yeah right, I think, as you set your beer down and begin to push my shirt off up over my head. Switching my beer in my hands you maneuver my clothing off me. I take another swig feeling the coldness, just to be surprised as you squirt a big mess of lotion on my chest.

“ooohh, that’s cold.” While you begin to rub it into my chest. You are doing a very good job rubbing me down and my cock begins to get semi hard. I flex it causing to twitch in my loose shorts. You look down pretending not to see, “Turn around, so I can do your back.” I just mutely turn around enjoying the attention and beer while you take your time adding more lotion. You wrap your hands around me rubbing my chest and holding me tight. Pressing you body kaçak iddaa against mine I feel your warmth as if you are on fire. I love how warm you make me. Slowly you work your hands down my stomach and venture one hand into my pants.

I am rock hard and it lifts my clothes away from my body to allow your hand easy access. You give me a hard squeeze and then begin to undo the button of my shorts. My hands are reaching behind me grabbing for you and begging you to continue. As my zipper slowly opens my shorts slide downward and I can feel the sun’s warmth on my fully erect cock. You get the bottle of lotion and squirt into your hand what must be half and then squirt the rest onto my glistening cock. Your exquisite hands are now fully employed playing gently at first and then like a piston working me. I am in Nirvana and I am doing my best to hold you and reach for you behind me. I finally get a hand into position to slide it into your suit and find your wet cunt lips. I wrestle my fingers into you and work at you to get you feeling close to where I am. And I am ready to explode.

I am just getting the upper hand when I turn around and we face each other and kiss long and deep. Our tongues intertwined. You are still jacking my off and I am the same to you. You want to get comfortable and I want to cum all over you, so you sit down on the lounger and drag me by the cock closer to you. Like I would fight.

You lay back on the lawn chair and pull the straps down on your suit revealing those beautiful tits to the sun. Like the twin moons intruding on daylight my eyes are drawn to them and the ruby pink nipples crowning your tits. I reach and grab your suit roughly working my way up your body and breast as you continue kaçak bahis to work my tool.

The way I have pulled your suit up stretches the fabric over and in your crotch. My eyes make out the outline your lips and how the suit fits nicely revealing the very cleft of your cunt and what a picture it is. A picture worth a thousand words.. I intrude my fingers into where my eyes are fixed and I can’t help but want you to cum. And I work to that end focusing my efforts and you reward me by pushing me to my limits of restraint.

Just as I can feel you begin to tighten on my fingers you use one hand to pull your suit away exposing yourself to the day and you are close. I notice your strokes on my cock become irregular and I too begin to climax. The sloppy noise of lotion and skin as you squeeze me for all I am worth and the noise of you rubbing your clit as I thrust now three fingers deep in and out of you.

Moaning in unison I begin spurting all over you and you cum with the first drop as it hits your cheek, your pierced tongue flicks out catching a drop before the other runs down. More lands on your breasts and my hands are quick to rub your tits and my lotion into you. You stroke my cock one more time and cum drips down onto your cunt and hand with that the most sexy of picture we have made. I look down at you and see the picture of love and fall into your embrace kissing you deep. After a bit you wince and begin to push me off. “Before we get stuck together by the most sticky substance known to man.”

“Would that be all bad.”

Then the sound of clapping rips us away from our revelry. Our heads snap to the source to see one of the neighbor ladies peeking her head over the fence. “I’d say get a room, but damn what a good show.” We both smile meekly and quickly pull our clothes on red faced. Damn I am going to need a lot more beer before I can face the neighbors. I think by the look you are giving me you agree…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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