Timing Is Everything Ch. 02

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Timing Is Everything – The Hotel

We weren’t even to the bed yet, and we were off to the races. This was going great. As she fondled my growing cock, she leaned forward and licked my mouth and cheek. She moved on to my ear and was nibbling it while undoing my zipper. She whispered in my ear, “I may be new to this, but if you will be patient with me, I promise that you will not be unhappy”. About that time, she had my pants unzipped and was undoing the belt. She continued nibbling on my ear and neck, all the while keeping her legs locked perfectly straight and erotic. Her legs were spread about two feet as she now had me pinned to the wall. I told her I had just one question before we kept going. What’s that, she asked, as she back off a bit? Oh, I was just wondering how old you are, I said. I don’t mean to offend you, but you look fairly young, but you are so beautiful and sexy. She said she appreciated the compliment and that she was not quite 25. With that, she slowly dropped to her knees, never taking her eyes away from mine. She now had my pants down around my ankles and was pulling my underwear down. She tried to keep staring at me but found it impossible as my huge cock came in to view.

Now she froze, not making a move or sound for several seconds as she stared at my cock. She grabbed around its girth with one hand while cupping my balls with the other hand. She was slowly stroking up and down my already hard cock. Looking up momentarily, she said this must be a good nine or ten inches long. I’ve got to get this in me now, she said. I replied that I was flattered, but that my cock was only eight inches long, while hard. She just smiled.

Holding my erect cock out forward, she brought her mouth to it and immediately took me in. She was licking all around the head and moving in a rhythm up and down. She didn’t take my whole cock in, to begin with, but as she got a good rhythm going, she started taking me deeper. She slowly pulled clear off my cock and then bringing her head back down on again. I could feel her trying to adjust her throat so as to take me all the way in. I was already getting close to shooting my load. It was not going to be long. She was having trouble deep throating me, and she pulled off long enough to apologize. My cock was throbbing and ready to blow. I didn’t care if she could deep throat or not at that point. I told her that if she were not careful, I was going to shoot a load of cum all over her.

She smiled a sly smile and placed her head back down on my cock. She was pumping and sucking with earnest now, and I felt it start to happen. I have never felt anything like that in my life. I mean, my wife gives good head, but there was some additional erotic effect because of this young, almost innocent woman. Although she was new at this stuff, she was doing a good job of showing that she could handle the task. She sensed that I was beginning to ejaculate, and she held her mouth tightly clamped around my cock. She continued to pump up and down my cock with her hand as I started to shoot cum into her mouth. I was so turned on. I could not believe how much cum I was putting in her mouth. I could feel her swallowing to keep up with my ejaculation. There was some cum seeping out of her mouth but she kept pumping me. She was finally catching up with swallowing my load as my spasms began to subside. She was now moving her mouth again and actively trying to lick up all of the excess cum from my shaft. She finally pulled off and stood up.

I was weak in the knees, and I was amazed. That was the best head I have ever been given, I said. That was the best head I have ever given, she replied, as she brought her mouth to mine. She still had a small amount of my cum on the outside of her mouth, not to mention inside. I was not sure what to do. As she French kissed me, I could taste traces of my own cum. She was still stroking my limp cock, as she finished kissing me. Looking into my eyes, she had an almost pleading look on her face. “I’m so horny”, she said. Please fuck me. Fuck me now. I need to feel your cock inside me. She told me to finish getting undressed and to go lay on the bed. How could I resist that plea?

I was on the bed in a flash, watching her. She walked toward the base of the bed, and then on around to the side, closer to me. Never breaking eye contact, not saying a word, Sandy had my complete attention as she began to unbutton her blouse. Not only was she not wearing a bra, she looked terrific without one. Her tits were beautiful, as they came into view. They were perfectly rounded and full, not fake either. She looked even more sexy now, and yet, more innocent and young. She now stood before me, wearing only her skirt, panties and heels. She was now unzipping her skirt. As she slowly lowered it to the floor, her legs remained straight, firm and she bent only at the waist. Maybe she knew, illegal bahis hell, I think all women know. A guy gets seriously turned on by actions like that. Her eyes had not left mine, as she was now removing her panties. No doubt. My cock was rapidly coming around. My God, she was hot. She straightened up, and stood before me completely nude, except for the high heel pumps. Almost as if she read my mind, she left the shoes on. For the first time in minutes, she looked at my straining cock. All she could do was smile a devilish grin of accomplishment. She leaned over and climbed on the bed with me. My heart raced. I felt like I was on a high. She brought her leg over me on a sixty-nine position, and immediately took my cock into her mouth again. Her goal was obvious, to get me fully hard and ready so that she could use me to her fulfillment. As she moved her head up and down my dick, I stroked her legs and ass, and pulled her young pussy down to my mouth. I could still smell her perfume, mixed with her female essence. Her cunt was perfect. I wasted no time in using my mouth and tongue to enjoy her orally. I could have eaten her out for much longer, but I thought I should warn her about getting me close to my second orgasm.

Sandy climbed off and turned around, lying on the bed very close to my side. Bringing her face close to mine, she looked into my eyes again. Please, Mr. Nelson, make me feel good. Please fuck me, she said. We were both lying on our sides, facing each other. Sandy moved up on top of me, never allowing her tits to leave contact with my chest. I was now on my back with Sandy lying warmly on top. I felt her moving into position and my cock was pushing at the entrance to her hot cunt. Being wet and ready, she easily adjusted, and my cock slid smoothly into her moist cunt. Sandy was moaning, uncontrollably, as she completely impaled herself onto me. We were still locked together closely, and I can’t describe the feeling of having her tits pushing on my chest while my cock was buried inside Sandy’s cunt. She was tight, but well lubed, as she began a slow and sensual movement up and down my cock. She was every bit as good at fucking as my wife was.

Holy shit. Why did I have to think that, I wondered? Nothing against my wife. Actually, quite the opposite. I was totally racked with guilt. I had not only let this go way too far, but I was now, actually fucking this strange 24 year old woman. I was in a real turmoil. Sandy’s movements and the look her eyes were giving me were about to put me over the edge. I had tremendous guilt about cheating on my wife, Meagan. At 33 years old, Meagan was still very beautiful. She had always done everything sexually that I had wanted to do, as had I for her. We have a great marriage, or at least I hoped we still did. I was snapped back to reality as Sandy was moaning louder now. She had set upright and was riding me hard and fast. Her orgasm was near, and my own orgasm was building fast. I reached up and grabbed Sandy’s boobs, squeezing them hard. This only seemed to push Sandy further. She was nearly screaming now. FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK FUUUCCKKK. I had no more will power. I began to let loose a torrent of sperm into Sandy’ wet cunt. She shook and quivered violently as her orgasm racked her. My cock was still shooting burst after burst of cum, up into Sandy’s cunt. I was almost to black out from the total intense pleasure I was feeling. Sandy was still screaming and moaning, incoherently. She had goose bumps all over her hot body. Her heart rate was as fast as one could imagine. She was a tight fuck, and if she was actually not quite 25 years old, this might explain why she was so turned on with her orgasm.

Things were calming down now and we just lay there, holding each other. I asked Sandy if she was ok. She moved her head to look at me. I’m not only ok, she said, I think I have found something that I will want on a regular basis.

There it was again, the guilt. When Sandy said she would want this on a regular basis, I suddenly wondered how I was going to get out of this mess. God, She was good. She was not only very good at sex, but she was just flat out good. There was something about her that brought new life to me. If I had to come clean with my big con, my lie, I knew I had jeopardized a trust that Sandy had built with me. Even as a call girl for an escort service, she was still human and would have feelings about this. She would have an opinion, to say the least. What would happen to the $1,000 from Mr. Nelson? Would they have to refund that money? I mean, being 33, nearly 34, I have been around in life, more than Sandy. I guess she can get over it, but I was having a moment of inner truth. I felt guilty for what I had done. I also felt guilty for not wanting it to end. I also felt guilty for having ruined a trust between Meagan and myself, and the possibility that our 8 year illegal bahis siteleri marriage may now be in trouble. I kept thinking about what to do, as I noticed Sandy had fallen asleep. I looked at the clock. It was only 12:30 in the afternoon, but I was tired as well, and I felt myself drifting off to sleep.

Sandy obviously woke first from our mini-nap. As I woke up, I could hear the shower running and Sandy was not on the bed with me anymore. I figured her to be in cleaning up. I decided that I too would take a quick shower, so we could start fresh.

I pulled the shower curtain aside and stepped in as Sandy was just finishing rinsing the shampoo out of her hair. She looked hot, all wet and vulnerable. She noticed me and said she was glad I came to join her. She began to soap me up and clean me all over. We basically rinsed and enjoyed the hot water for a few minutes, and then I was beginning to rise to the occasion. Even though Sandy was playing with my cock, I decided that it was time to eat her out until she could take no more. We were both cleaned up by now and we hurried out of the shower and got all dried off. I led Sandy to the bed, telling her I was going to go down on her and enjoy her sweet pussy. As I figured, those comments, on the way to the bed, made her nipples erect and gave her goose bumps.

I layed her down on the bed and instructed her to pull her knees up to her breasts and to spread as wide as she could. I learned something about Sandy, at that moment, that I had not known before. She had a shit eating grin on her face, as she easily put both legs back behind her head. A man can dream of this situation for a long time, but you can’t imagine the real effect until it happens for you. Sandy was absolutely and completely exposed and ready for me to explore and enjoy eating her out. I was amazed. On my way to my goal, her sexy, clean-shaven cunt, I asked her how she learned to do that. Her answer helped to explain her excellent, well toned body. She is a fittness trainer at one of the local clubs. It’s easy she said. She told me briefly how she had been very limber and loose since being a cheer leader in high school. No shit, go figure. Could I get any luckier? She said she could also just spread her legs wide, straight out to the sides, which she immediately did. That looked even sexier. I had her do a combination of the two. She spread her legs very wide and at the same time, she held her legs back toward the head of the bed. I was still amazed and asked if it hurt? No, just quit asking questions and bring me off to another orgasm, was her reply. No problem.

I was between her legs, and I placed a pillow underneath her ass. She was open and ready for my tongue as my mouth came down on her mound. Her female essence and smell was intoxicatingly good. I tasted and began to probe her opening with my tongue. I licked all around her inner and outer lips and found her clit. She moaned and showed signs of being truly turned on. She was whimpering and moaning constantly now, as I not only focused on her clit with my tongue and mouth, but I was also using a finger inside her. Her female juice and natural lubrication was flowing heavily now, and I was licking it up as fast as I could. She had a distinctive taste, and it was worth experiencing. She was sweeter and more pleasant to eat than most woman. Actually, I was now realizing that she was similar to my wife, Meagan, in that regard. Sandy was shaking and really getting into it. She was half screaming and begging for me to keep going. DON’T STOP! EAT ME EAT ME EAT IT, YES YES YEEESSS YYYEEES. OH GOD, OH OHHHH OOOOHHH, I’m cumming. Don’t stop. Please never stop. OH shit, I’m there.

Hell, I could hardly keep my mouth on her mound. She was thrashing around like crazy. I held her tight and pressed my mouth tighter to her cunt. She was indeed beginning to cum. At that point, she was now begging me to stop. She was screaming that she couldn’t take it anymore. TOO SENSITIVE. PLEASE, NO MORE NO MORE STOP PLEASE. NO, DON”T STOP YES YES. KEEP ME CUMMING. At that point, I realized she was all over the place on the start/stop issue. No problem. I decided to keep going, no matter what. She was flowing her juices like crazy. What a nice cunt. She was deffinately good eating. She was screaming and squirming and basically rolling side to side. Her orgasm was subsiding, and I still did not stop. She suddenly went limp, as I continued to eat her. She went so limp that I looked up at her. Hell, I think she passed out. I lifted up off of her and she just layed there, not moving.

I have never seen anything like that before. I was not sure what exactly was going on, and I could have gotten worried if she haddn’t began to move slightly. She had not moved for nearly a full minute before she was coming around. She gave out very soft, subtle moans and whimpers. Finally, canlı bahis siteleri Sandy was moving a bit more and turning her head. She opened her eyes and focused on me. I asked her if she was ok, if there was something wrong. She trembled a bit and her voice was weak, as she said she would be ok. As she just lay there, I was still trying to get up and out from between her legs. I casually touched her thigh, near her ever so sensitive mound, and she whimpered again and shook. Holy shit, she sure was racked with one hell of an orgasm. I leaned up and softly gave her a kiss on the cheek as I got up off the bed. Man, was I ever turned on. I had a huge erection and the whole oral encounter that had just happened, really had me worked up. I didn’t think I should try something just yet though.

I Left Sandy to go to the kitchenette to get a drink and to bring a drink of water to Sandy. By the time I got back, she was doing pretty good and was getting up to sit on the edge of the bed. I smiled at her. She was beautiful and sexy, but all so vulnerable in a way. She looked back at me and moved her head back and forth, saying that she had never experienced anything like that before. She made the comment that what I had done to her, for her, just then, was the most extreme and intense series of orgasms that she had ever had. I asked her if she had much oral sex in the past, not that I wanted to but in. She said, no problem, I was ok to ask about her sex life. She felt comfortable in talking to me by now. She had a few boy friends who had wanted, or basically demanded, that she go down on them, but when it came to cunnilingus, she had no real good experiences with guys. Her past boy friends had dabbled a bit with eating her out, but never gave it the commitment that she needed or deserved. I can’t figure that out, I said. I told her that she has the absolute best pussy and tasted the best of any woman I have ever been with except my own wife. That was the first I had mentioned to her that I was married. I suddenly realized it when she stared at me.

Did I say something wrong, I asked her? No, no, not really. You just mentioned your wife. I apologized for it, but she quickly cut me off, saying, no, it’s ok.. I was just taken back a bit. She said she had merely not given much thought to a client’s personal life, even though she guessed that most of the men were likely to be married. Since she was new to this, she just had not thought about it much, and that is why she had the look on her face that she did. I still apologized again, anyway. I told her that I had been thinking of Meagan continually since this whole thing had started. I said I was feeling this tremendous guilt for having been with you sexually all day. Sandy looked at me, saying nothing. I felt like I may have said something wrong again. Who knows what a woman thinks? They are complex, and I mean that in a complimentry way. I told Sandy that I did not mean to hurt her or offend her, if I had, and that despite my major guilt feelings, I had truly enjoyed what I had done with her. She smiled, pointing to my hard-on. I see you have another problem, she said. I smiled back and acknowledged that I knew what she meant. I told her that I wanted her to take it as a compliment, that she had a tremendous effect on me. I told her that I may never get over it, till the day I die, and that day may be….. soon, sooner than I think. What do you mean by that, Sandy asked?

When Meagan finds out that I have cheated on her, that I have broken our mutual trust, I don’t know how she’ll react. I love her with all my heart, but I don’t have an explanation for my actions, other than I fell to the temptations of a Goddess. My wife may forgive me, she may kick me out of the house, she may divorce me, or she may kill me. You’re a good man, for caring, Sandy said. I am not sure Meagan will think of it in that light, I said. Sandy reached over and squeezed my leg. It’ll be ok. I’m sure you will get through this fine, and Meagan will be ok with all of what has taken place, and all of that guilt will go away, in time. Ya, I hope so, I said.

By now, all of this had made me anxious, a bit nervous. My erection had gone away, and as I sat there, I decided to take another shower. I stood up and headed for the shower, saying I needed a break. As I did so, Sandy jumped up quickly and caught me. Turning me around toward her, she held me, kissed me gently on the lips, and then just held and hugged me. I didn’t know if she was trying to get me worked up, or if she was just trying to make me relax or what. All I know is that I did feel a bit better. She backed off and smiled at me, saying, trust me, everything will turn out ok. With that, she patted me on the ass and told me to have a good shower. I was curious. Trust me? How the hell can this call girl say that? How would she know? God knows, I wanted it to be true. I needed it to be true. I hoped all would turn out ok.. As I entered the shower, Sandy told me she was going to call her sister. She just smiled, as I entered the bathroom. I took a rather long shower. I soaked in the hot water for a long time.

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