Third Date

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Katelyn don’t know when the third date became the benchmark for having sex, but her next date with Brice would be their third. He’d already texted her every day that week to tell her about the rapidly expanding plans. The original dinner and a movie had become a romantic dinner on the river, followed by a horse-drawn carriage and then a night at a locally produced play.

The night of the date arrived, and Katelyn met Brice at the dock. He was wearing a great outfit, a pair of linen pants and loose-fitting shirt that was buttoned down just enough to show off a bit of chest hair. Katelyn had worn her infamous little black dress that her friend envied and men stared at. Her long dark hair was curled and fell lightly on her shoulders.

The evening started off well as the couple sat at a table on the edge of the river. Katelyn looked overhead and counted the stars around her. The night was beautiful, and she was beginning to enjoy the evening rather than dread it.

That was why she missed the waiter when he clipped the table with his tray. Their table slid to the edge of the deck, and then with almost slow-motion timing, tipped into the river along with their food. Well, nearly all of their food. The gravy from Brice’s Beef bourguignon landed on and in her shoes.

Brice looked at the waiter, who shrugged. The manager came over quickly to apologize and offered them a free meal, but given that they had definite plans that started in an hour, the couple had to decline the offer and leave.

They trod back up the pier to the waiting carriage. Brice helped her up into the carriage and sat next to her, facing the driver. They trotted off in the direction of the theatre. The night was cool, and Brice played the part of the dashing gentleman. She almost forgot about the gravy in her shoes as she looked into his eyes.

He leaned in for a kiss, but the horse stopped and began to do his business. The smell and sounds were not helpful to the thoughts of romance, and they sat and waited as the horse finished and began to move again. Brice leaned in for a kiss, but the carriage stopped again and the process was repeated.

He drew a dramatic sigh and pulled back. This night was not going at all the way that Katelyn had expected it to. This was more farce than the fantasy.

Katelyn had just about given up hope of a romantic evening when they arrived at the theatre. Brice stepped down first so that he could help her down. In alighting, he caught his shirt on a nail, and his shirt ripped. Not a small catch, but a wide swath of cloth that now hung down, fluttering in the night air.

Without being conscious of the action, Katelyn took in the sight. Brice had a nice mid-section, just a bit of hair trailing down into his pants and nicely defined abs. She was more intrigued by this man who had never mentioned any exercises or workout routines.

Still the well-formed body on display would mean that the couple would not be able to attend the theatre. They would have been slightly underdressed as it was, but now with a ripped shirt, Katelyn was uncertain that they would even be admitted to the show.

She walked out to the curb and hailed a cab. Brice held the door for her and started to close it. “What are you doing?” she queried. “You’re going with me. We’re going to get you a new shirt, and me some new shoes and then we’re going to have some fun.”

Brice’s face appeared startled. Apparently he’d though the date, and likely the budding relationship, was over. He slid in next to her and gave the cabbie the address of his home. His doe-wide eyes tried to make sense of the situation.

The address he’d given the cabbie dropped them off in front of a sleek new apartment building down by the river. Katelyn slipped her shoes off before entering the building. She didn’t want the spoiled shoes to ruin the carpeting. She was amazed again at the things she hadn’t learned about her date. He pressed the 17th floor once inside the elevator, and they whooshed quickly up the building to their destination.

Brice opened the door to a stylish, if modern apartment. bahis firmaları The thick carpet was luxurious as she ran her toes through it. How could he have not mentioned his living arrangements either? He’d just said that he had an apartment, true, but incredibly understated.

He turned down the lights. Katelyn first thought this was a rush to intimacy, but instead she began to discern the lights of the city sparkle below her. Brice twisted a key and a fire roared into being. After the hectic, slapstick evening, the ambiance here was refreshing.

She leaned against the window and watched the city. She heard noise in the background and looked up. Brice was in the kitchen, making something.

“Don’t tell me that you’re a chef too?” she asked.

“Too?” Brice asked, meeting her gaze for a minute before glancing away. He looked like he might be blushing a little.

“Also – as well? You’re a bundle of surprises tonight. The apartment, the -,” she trailed off.

“The what?” Brice asked lightly.

“You have a rocking body. You don’t talk about working out or the gym. Most guys do.”

He shrugged. “I do it for me. Not anyone else. My health, my self-esteem.” He glanced over at me and winced a little. “I hope that didn’t sound selfish or self-absorbed, but I don’t like to brag about things like that.”

He held out a glass. I could see now that he’d been making drinks. “It’s a raspberry cocoa. You can kind of guess what’s in it. I remember you saying that you liked raspberries.”

Katelyn nodded and reached forward to take the glass. It sloshed in her hand and succeeded in splashing onto both of them. She moaned. “This has been a hell of a night.”

Brice took a deep breath and removed the remains of his shirt. The rest of his chest was as nice as the glimpse Katelyn had witnessed earlier. He had firm rounded pecs with dark quarter-sized nipples. He had a light dusting of hair across the top of his chest, and then the trail of hair she’d seen before dinner disappear into his pants.

He didn’t flex or try to suck in his gut. He didn’t have to – and she didn’t think he would have even if he did. Brice was comfortable being himself.

Katelyn looked down and saw that the drink had stained her dress as well. Given that the fabric was black, the alcohol wouldn’t show on the fabric. Still at this point she was intrigued by this man, a feeling she hadn’t started the date with. She knew it was real, because she hadn’t even had a sip of her drink yet. Katelyn remedied that by taking a mouthful. The raspberry liquor had to be top-shelf because it slid down her throat so smoothly. She felt warm inside.

Katelyn took her courage and undid the zipper for the dress and shrugged her shoulders. The dress slid down her form and to the floor. She stepped out of it, picked up the glass and had another sip of the drink.

Brice didn’t speak for a second. She knew he was interested; his gaze was intense, hypnotic. She could almost feel the desire between them. He took a gulp of his own drink, nearly downing the glass. He approached her slowly, almost timidly. She could see his ribcage rise and fall as he moved nearer still.

Katelyn made the first move. She took a step in and brought her mouth to his. Brice’s lips parted immediately, and she could taste the raspberry on his lips. She used her tongue to trace his lips and lick off the delicious liquor. With her tongue outside of her mouth, Brice’s tongue found hers and began to tease it. He was slow and deliberate in his caresses. His tongue made long, slow licks across hers, and the sensation and its implications made her burn with desire. He cupped her face in his hands and slowly let them fall onto her shoulders.

Brice found her bra hook and unsnapped it, quickly and deftly. She wondered where he’d learned such technique, but at the moment, she just decided to shrug out of her bra. It fell to the floor, and she stood in front of him. He was admiring her, studying the contours of her body. The experience was erotic, but slightly embarrassing as well.

He approached her again and initiated kaçak iddaa another kiss. This second kiss was wetter and sloppier than before. It held the promise of the rest of the evening.

By now, Katelyn could feel the juices between her legs. She tried to remember the last time she’d had good sex, but she couldn’t. Months perhaps.

His hands ran gently up and down her sides, not a tickle, but a feather-light touch that brought goosebumps to her flesh. As he teased her, she ran her hands up and down his arms. She could feel the hard flesh of his biceps as they held her. She stepped closer still to him, so that they were pressed together. She could feel his erection through his pants. Katelyn grinded up against him which elicited a moan from Brice.

Brice broke the kiss, but quickly his mouth found her cheek, then her jawline. He traced the outline of her jaw using his tongue. He dropped to her neck where he took small nips along the base of her throat. She felt exposed as he moved lower, licking along her collar bone and her shoulders. Still she couldn’t stop the urge that was building inside of her. Brice seemed to have read her mind and knew her desires without being told.

Katelyn shifted her stance, and Brice slid one of his legs between hers. She could better feel the press of his own desire against her, and she let a hand drop to his waist. She took her fingers and slid them under his waistband. She found his erection. Her fingers grew sticky from his juices. Playfully, she pulled her fingers free from his pants and pushed them into her mouth. He watched and could only moan in response.

The move excited her. She felt her own juices flowing with the power that she could make him want her so much. Katelyn could feel her own juices start to trickle down her left leg as they continued to touch.

Katelyn slid both hands around to Brice’s belt and began to finish undressing him. The belt was unbuckled. Then the pants were unfastened and unzipped. She pushed them to the floor, and Brice awkwardly stepped out of his shoes and the pants. He was in a pair of black boxer briefs that couldn’t hide his package.

She pressed against him again. He moaned loudly as she bucked her hips against him in a promise of what was to come. Brice wasted no time in getting his fingers into her G-string and sliding it down. His fingers teased her opening as he pushed the fabric down her thighs. When his hands came back up, she could see her own juices on his long, slender fingers. He mimicked her earlier motion as he licked them clean.

Katelyn kissed him on the lips, anxious to taste both of their juices together. The salty tang teased her tongue.

Before she could offer to go down on him, Brice was on his knees in front of her. He pushed her legs slightly apart and began to run his fingers up and down her thighs. His fingers toyed with the juices, which told him how much she wanted this. He slid the fingers into his mouth again and then looked up at her. She could see his long lashes and the eyes under them, hinting what he was going to do.

Before she could speak, Brice had started nibbling on the flesh above her knees. She could feel his tongue lap up the juices that ran more freely now. Katelyn splayed her fingers through his hair as his head moved up and down her legs. His hot breath warmed the cool laps of his tongue against her.

His fingers found her first. She felt the soft caress against her opening. She steeled herself for his entry, but he didn’t push into her. He continued to lick her inner thighs as his hands roamed her flesh.

When he did it a second time, the tip of his index finger barely slid between her lips. The sensation was over too soon, and she caught her breath, hoping for more.

However, it was his tongue that entered first. Brice’s tongue slid up her leg and into her opening without a pause. She gasped as he pushed into her. He wiggled his tongue before pulling out. Next his hands went to her again. Now he slowly used a single finger and entered her.

Katelyn bucked her hips, thrusting at him so that he kaçak bahis would be in her, all the way to the knuckle. She rocked back and forth, sliding his finger in and out of her. She looked down and sw a smile on his face.

Brice took a second finger and thrust it in her. This time, there was no need to encourage him to push deep into her. He shoved deep, until his fingers were all the way in. Then he slowly moved them in and out. She could feel the light brush of his digits inside of her, but she wanted to be filled. The need to be taken was growing stronger with each push.

“A third, please,” Katelyn asked in a throaty voice. She was surprised by the desire in her voice. She didn’t usually talk during sex, but the request was urgent and lustful.

Brice complied with her request. The third finger slid into her, and she could immediately feel him fill her. Without thinking, she set a rhythm that sped up as he matched it. His fingers pushed into her. They brushed against her own pleasure zone with each thrust. Katelyn knew that some manual stimulation was typically needed to get her off, but she wasn’t sure about tonight. Nothing had gone as planned yet, and this might be another exception to the rule.

Just when she thought that she was going to lose it completely, Brice pulled out of her. She made a small whine as he stood back up. Brice kissed her again, a hungry kiss full of desire and tasting of her.

Her hands slid to his waist and tugged at his boxer briefs. He helped move his hips to get out of them and stood naked before her. He was bigger than three fingers had been. He had protection in the kitchen of all places, and in seconds he stood pressed up against her again.

He slid himself between her legs and moved back and forth slowly. Each gentle thrust pressed against her opening, and Katelyn wanted him inside of her again. After several strokes, she shifted herself. He slid into her. His eyes widened, but she slid her arms around him and pulled him tight. His cheeks tensed into hard round orbs as she brought him closer. His rear was covered with downy hair that she ran through her fingers. She would have to explore this more later, she thought.

The motion caused him to push him deep into her. Katelyn’s eyes widen as she was filled. He was pressed against her pleasure zone, teasing it with the pressure. He moved slowly to pull out most of the way and then gently pushed in again.

Katelyn ran her hands down his back, and she knew that her nails were leaving little marks on his skin. The action seemed to make him move faster. Brice began to pick up the pace, moving in and out, back and forth. Each thrust played with her. The motion caused her to start to perspire and her insides grew warm.

Katelyn couldn’t believe that she was going to climax from a quick one standing up, but apparently she was. The rest of the night had been unusual, so why not. She noted that the curtains were still open, which made it feel like others could watch, even though they were floors above anyone’s vantage point.

He didn’t speak now. He was concentrating on the pleasure of the moment. He watched Katelyn, and he had to be able to tell from the beads of perspiration and the flush of her flesh that she was getting close. It wouldn’t be long until she came.

Even knowing that, the sensation caught her off-guard. A wave of warmth and light washed over her. The sensation didn’t end. The pulse shot across her body again and again. She could barely concentrate on what was happening around her. It was all just the sensations inside of her body that mattered at that moment.

Slowly she came back to reality. Brice was still shoving into her. He’d continued to ride her throughout the experience. She watched his face now, and she could see that he was getting close too. He closed his eyes and grunted. She could feel the spasms inside of her, and for once, she wished that she could see him shoot the strings of milky liquid across her flesh.

His own experience was over much faster than hers. He was sticky with sweat and juices, but he kissed her fully before pulling out. He made no move to dress, but he filled her glass again.

Tonight had not been the night she’d expected, but Katelyn had to agree that the idea of the third date rule had worked out well.

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