The Day I Met ‘Teddy’

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My First Story. Please let me know your thoughts.

When I walk into a room, there is always someone looking. I’m a big girl, I have big hips, a big ass, big lips and big tits, and when I walk in people look. I’m not conceited, I’m honest. I am also, not every ones cup of tea, I know that, I’m good with it, it doesn’t stop them looking.

One more thing you need to know about me, I love sex. Its crass, I know, but I cant help it, I love the feeling of a big cock pulsing inside of me, I love to be kissed, and bitten, I love the feeling of skin against my nails. Oh yes, I do love love sex.

I’m not a girly girl in this respect, Ill be gone before you wake.

‘So why are you here?’ I hear you ask. I thought I might share some of my life with you, play with you maybe, because this is turning me on already. kick off your pants, sit back, we’re in for a bumpy ride.

I walked into the room, teetering dangerously on my heels, my hips swinging in a tight pencil skirt pulled taught across my ass. I was watching for that one guy, the one who always looks. As I crossed over to the bar, from the corner of my eye, I thought I saw him. Just for a second, but when I looked he was looking into the bottom of his pint and I had to admit, it was a pity. Broad shoulders, not too thin, not too fat, a mop of dark hair swept roughly into a quiff….and, oh my, was that a glimpse of ink? Definitely a pity, he was just how I likes them.

I snagged my Gin and headed for the seat in the corner,

The band were good, before long illegal bahis everyone was dancing, and as I moved in time to the beat I saw him again. He was definitely looking this time, so I gave him my best crooked grin and got back to the matter in hand, dancing.

After a few more eye meeting moments it wasn’t long before he was at my side, and so I excused myself from my friends and lead him off the floor.

He looked at me, “Smoke?” he asked, “sure” I said, his eyes never left mine, I took his hand and we left the bar.

We soon arrived at his apartment, big windows opened out onto a balcony looking out over the Ouse but other than that, the space left more than a little to be desired. “Sorry about the mess, I live with two other guys, it can get hairy” he shrugged. “Come here.”

I picked my way across the room, and he took my face in his big rough hands, and my kissed me, hard on the mouth. He tasted amazing, his stubble was pricking my skin and his strong hands were in my hair. I melted into that rough, passionate kiss and when he pulled away I wanted more. He flicked on the Stereo, and Eddie Cochran filled the air. “Ah” I said, “a teddy boy.” He laughed and led me to the bedroom.

He laid back on the bed, with his hands behind his head, his grey tee riding up to show a little of the skin above his belt buckle. It was n invitation before he even spoke. “you coming?”

“I hope so” I laughed as I threw myself down next to him, and planted my lips onto his again. I moaned as he pulled my body even closer, pressed illegal bahis siteleri against him I longed to feel skin on skin. I slid my hand onto his inviting stomach, and caught my fingers against his belt. Knowing what was coming next didn’t stop my body from screaming for it. I had a knot of heat in the base of my stomach, and my pussy was getting wetter by the second. “Stand Up” I said, in little more than a choked whisper, “Let me see you.”

He stood next to the bed, kicking off his shoes and I shimmied over to sit at the side, sliding my finger through a belt loop, I pulled him closer, and deftly unbuckled the thick leather belt, and whilst unbuttoning his jeans I looked directly into his eyes, and pushed them down over his butt. I could see his thick cock straining at the material of his boxers, and I yearned for it. “Wait” he said, leaning down to slide the straps of my vest down my arms, exposing my breasts barely encased in my bra, whose straps he also slip away. Sliding his hands down either side he pulled my breasts free of their constraints and stepped out of his jeans. My nipples were so hard, longing for his caress, my mouth watering at the sight of his straining cock, I reached out and touched him outside of the boxers which must have been barely managing to hold him in. He let out a strangled moan and I knew it was time. Pulling down his boxers I took him into my hot, wet mouth. I had been so hungry for him, and he tasted amazing. Licking my way up and down his shaft, his hands running through my hair, canlı bahis siteleri moans escaping his lips as I take him into my throat. I feel his cock buck between my lips and I withdraw completely giving him time to come back from the edge. I stand, reach behind and unfasten my bra, letting it fall to the floor, quickly followed by my vest. Shimmying out of my pencil skirt I hear a groan. He obviously likes my stockings. I slide down my panties, but leave the stockings on, slipping my feet back into my heels, he smiles and holds out his hand, pulling me towards him I can feel his erection hard against my hip, and he bends his head as I lift mine and we share another kiss.

We fall messily onto the bed and I climb on top. My hands flat on his chest I slide onto his thick, hard, throbbing cock. It fills my cunt, and I know that this wont take long. His hands roving all over my body I rock my hips back and forth, up and down and I can feel his cock rubbing the inside of my clit. I lean backwards with one hand to steady my self, and one for my clitoris which is screaming for attention, I rub and I rock, and I rock and I rub. Our guttural moans fill the room, as the speed gathers so does the heat and our sweaty bodies feel nothing but pleasure. I know I’m close, and his moans turn to expletives I know he is close too. In one movement he grabs my hips and flips me onto the bed, holding my arms above my head, He has barely left me before he is slamming his cock into my cunt, pulling out before pushing in hard again. My moans become screams and stomach tenses. I feel his cock bucking inside me as wave after wave of pleasure fills my body, my hips bucking to meet his of their own accord. I feel my own juices trickle from my opening and with one more sigh his lips find mine.

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