Love the Pain

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It had been over a week since Amy had talked to Darrian. She wanted to text him but she was sick of being the only one who seemed to want this to happen especially since she had been so reluctant to start with. Over the last few months she had become addicted to him. Her thoughts were consumed with him.

Amy couldn’t stop thinking about having his hands on her. She kept thinking about how good he felt inside her. How much she missed him pushing his cock deep inside her as she cried out in pain. She picked up her phone. She rolled her eyes at herself, was she really going to do this?

“I wish I was choking on your cock.” She typed into her phone. She smiled at herself. There was no way he could ignore that. This time she didn’t hesitate before hitting the send button she knew exactly what she wanted. She waited for a response, normally when she sent him a message such as this he responded quickly.

The minutes continued to pass without a response. The smile slowly faded from Amy’s face. “Fuck him!” She yelled as she threw her phone across the room. She was filling with anger. Amy tried to busy herself so she wouldn’t be tempted to text him again. She was finding it hard to focus on anything.

After a hour of flipping channels and finding nothing to watch Amy decided to pick up her phone off the floor. She had one new notification, don’t get excited she thought it’s probably not even from him. It was and instantly the smile returned to her face. Why did he have such power over her?

The message simply said “I think I would enjoy that.” What did that mean? Why would he not enjoy it? Amy looked at the phone as if it held some hidden message that she hadn’t unlocked yet. She thought long and hard about what to send back.

Before she had a chance to respond she had a new message. “You can come over tonight if you want.”

“If I want?” Amy slowly said out loud to herself. Obviously I want to that’s why I text him she thought. Was he playing bahis firmaları some sort of game? Amy didn’t know how to respond. She decided this is where she drew the line she could no longer allow herself to be treated like this. She didn’t respond, she just put her phone down.

A half hour later Amy still hadn’t responded and she was quite proud of herself. She had how ever checked her phone a dozen times to see if he had sent her anything. In typical Darrian fashion he sent her just a time. Amy’s heart was beating fast. She really wanted to tell him to fuck off and that she couldn’t treat her this way. She also really wanted him to be inside her.

Amy arrived at Darrian’s house at the exact time he had sent, like a good girl. Once she had arrived ten minutes early and he had been less than pleased with her and he made sure she knew it. Amy made her way up the stairs to his door. Her heart beating faster.

The door was slightly opened like usual, she slowly pushed it open. Darrian was standing just inside waiting for her. He gave her a casual smile accompanied by a “hey.”. Amy tried to match his casualness and failed. She was excited to be there and it was obvious.

Darrian went to the couch and sat down, Amy followed. She sat on the couch next to him laying her head on his chest. She loved the feeling of being in his arms. Maybe he does love me she thought, part of her knew she was lying to herself. Amy gently rubbed her hand over his chest. She didn’t even care if they didn’t have sex he could just hold her and she would be happy.

Darrian’s hand made its way to the back of Amy’s head, clearly he didn’t just want to snuggle. Amy got onto her knees in front of him. She gave him a shy smile as he looked down at her. She undid his belt, pants button and zipper. Amy pulled down his pants exposing his semi hard cock. Amy took it in her hand and started licking the tip. Darrian leaned back, Amy smiled to herself she knew how much he enjoyed kaçak iddaa the way she sucked his dick.

Darrian grabbed the back of Amy’s head and pushed he all of the way down. Gagging Amy struggled against the pressure he was putting on her head. He finally let up. Amy tried to catch her breath, before she could he pushed her back down. Amy’s eyes were filling with tears. She could feel herself getting wet. She loved when he took control of her.

Amy rocked her hips back and forth as she sucked on his cock, she wanted him inside her so bad. Darrian again pushed Amy’s head all of the way down and held her there while she struggled. Finally he let up, Amy gasp for air. She looked up at him. “Is this what you wanted?” He asked her. Amy didn’t know how to answer him, he was scaring her and she was excited. She decided to just go back to sucking his dick.

“Get naked.” Darrian demanded. “I want to see that beautiful body of yours.”

Amy did as she was told. Darrian stood up and gently started caressing Amy’s body. Darrian moved behind Amy, kissing her on her shoulders. He placed a hand on her shoulder and shoved her down to the couch. Amy caught herself her hands resting on the couch cushion. Darrian began rubbing Amy’s ass, she loved the feel of his hands on her.

Darrian began rubbing her pussy with the tip of his cock. Amy wanted him inside her so bad. “Don’t tease me.” Amy begged. Darrian didn’t listen he just kept on teasing her. Amy tried to push back on him, Darrian pulled back. “Please, fuck me!” Amy pleaded.

Darrian slammed his cock deep inside Amy. He slowly slid out of her then slammed back in. Each time Amy let out a cry. Darrian started fucking her faster. “You feel so good!” Amy managed to get out in between her screams. Darrian smacked her ass hard. “Fuck me, I’m so close!” Amy shouted. Darrian pulled out of her as fast as he could.

“I’m not done with you yet” Darrian whispered as Amy turned to look at him. She was kaçak bahis trying to figure out what had happened. He slowly teased her ass hole with the tip of his cock. Amy’s body froze she didn’t know what to do. She didn’t think she could handle his cock in her ass.

Darrian slowly slid his tip inside her. Amy tried to pull away, Darrian had ahold of her by the hips she wasn’t going anywhere. “Please it hurts.” Amy pleaded with him.

“Its ok we will go slow. Just relax.” Darrian reassured her. Amy took a deep breath and relaxed as best she could. Darrian slammed his cock deep inside her. Amy screamed out in pain. Darrian stood still for a moment.

Amy was shaking. “Please, I can’t. Your cock is too big!” she cried.

Darrian slowly started fucking Amy’s tight ass. Amy moved her hand to her wet pussy. She started rubbing her clit. He was hurting her and she loved every second of it. Darrian was picking up speed fucking her harder and faster. Amy fell into rhythm with him.

Amy’s clit was throbbing she was close to coming. “Fuck me harder, I’m so close!” she screamed. Darrian thrust inside her as hard as he could. He could tell by the tightening around his cock that she was coming. Darrian continued to pound her ass as hard as he could. “I love the way you fuck my ass!” Amy moaned. That pushed Darrian over the edge, he thrust deep inside her one last time as he came.

Darrian slowly pulled out of Amy’s tight ass. He smacked her ass one last time. Amy jumped, she was not expecting that. Amy suddenly felt very embarrassed for what she had said. She could feel her face turning red. She was thankful it was fairly dark in the living room. Amy quickly got dressed. Darrian slid on his pants.

Standing at the door Amy wanted to kiss him and tell him how much she cared for him. She knew he wouldn’t respond the way she wanted so she decided to keep her feelings to herself. Amy walked down the front steps, she hoped Darrian had enjoyed tonight as much as she had. Getting into her car she could tell this was a pain that was going to last for days and she was ok with that. Maybe she couldn’t have him all the time but at least she had a reminder for the next few days.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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