The Widower and his Lady Friend

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My name is Barton, but I’m more commonly known by my nickname, Bart. I’m in my mid-fifties and have been a widower for almost fourteen years.

I’ve had sex with five different women since my wife died. Twice with three of them, three times with one and six times with the other. The last time was nearly two years ago, so I’m pretty horny. My salary isn’t sufficient to permit dating very often and, since it costs at least thirty dollars to take a woman to a half-way decent restaurant and a movie, my social life is limited. Besides, women seem to want a commitment and I have yet to meet one who interests me that way.

While grocery shopping one Saturday afternoon, a woman next to me at a meat display case reached for a package of regular ham as I reached for country ham.

“I’ve never tasted that,” she said. “Is it good?”

“I like it, but my wife never did. She thought its flavor’s too strong and salty. You’ll have to come over for breakfast some time and try it,” I added facetiously.

She smiled rather shyly and said, “Thank you anyway, but I probably have breakfast much earlier than you do.” She had an interesting twinkle in her eyes, which, unknown to her, encouraged me to continue my banter.

“You could spend the previous night. If your husband wouldn’t object, that is.”

“The twinkle was still in her eyes when she said, “He can’t object because I’m not married. But thank you for the invitation, it was quite flattering.” She smiled and pushed her cart down the aisle.

I watched her. She had good-looking legs and a nice ass that wiggled invitingly. I wished I had checked out her tits.

Two weeks later, I was in the same grocery when I was asked, “Have you eaten all your country ham?” It was the woman I’d talked to before. This time, my eyes dropped to her breasts. Very nice. “Or did your wife decide she’d eat it after all?”

“My wife died a long time ago,” I responded. “But, yep I managed to eat it all, even though you wouldn’t come over to share it.”

As she started to move away, I touched her arm and asked, “May I buy you a drink or a cup of coffee?”

She hesitated for a moment, then unexpectedly replied, “Yes. That would be nice.”

Surprised at her response, I asked, “Coffee or a drink?”

“A drink, I think.” Somewhat güvenilir bahis flustered, she added, “Goodness, I just made a poem.” Both of us chuckled like school kids.

“Let’s leave our carts right here and go down the street to Mario’s.” When we were seated in the dimly-lit bar, I ordered each of us a Bloody Mary.

We exchanged information. I learned that her name is Ann, and that for two years she had lived with a man named Tom who had been killed in an automobile accident. During our second drink, I asked her to have dinner and watch TV at my house that evening.

She agreed, and I arranged to pick her up at six o’clock for the spaghetti, salad and garlic bread meal I planned.

Following dinner, she helped me load the dishwasher and clean up the kitchen. We moved to the living room and sat beside each other. Soft music whispered from the CD player. We spouted platitudes; she about enjoying dinner and me about enjoying having her as a guest. I didn’t want to make small talk. I wanted to get in her pants. Very, very much.

I put my arm around her, then pulled her to me and kissed her as I’d been longing to. When I ran my tongue across her lips, she parted them. I plunged my tongue into her warm mouth and put my hand on her breasts. Her nipples hardened, as did my prick, and our kiss became increasingly passionate.

She moved away just enough to gaze into my eyes. “You make me want to say words to you that for years I’ve only thought of,” she told me.

“Say them. Coming from your lips they’d sound like poetry.”

“Good heavens, I couldn’t actually say them. They’d make you think I’m nothing but a tramp. However, the way you’ve kissed me and are fondling my breasts sure tempts me to tell you in rather nasty words just how you make me feel.”

“I’ll tell you how you make me feel. Just playing with your nice soft tits is giving me such a hard-on that my cock feels bigger and stiffer than it has in years. Do you object to having me refer to your breasts as your tits?”

“Not at all, because you make it sound erotic, not sleazy. If fondling me and kissing me has made your cock hard, you can imagine what it’s doing to me. My pussy is so wet that I can feel the juices soaking my panties.”

“Why don’t we go in the bedroom and take our clothes off? türkçe bahis I hardly can wait to see and touch your tits and cunt.” I kissed her and moved her hand to my crotch. “And I hardly can wait to have you touch my prick and balls.”

She sat on the bed and urged me to sit beside her.

“Tom and I often had intercourse. I guess I should say we fucked a lot. Always in the missionary position and always rather quickly. He often pulled out and came on my stomach, which left me unsatisfied. Although we rarely had any foreplay, I always was wet and ready for him to fuck me. His prick felt so good inside me that I wanted it to last longer, but Tom wasn’t one for long sessions of sex. My cunt always was ready for more. Now, tell me about your sex life.” “My wife and I loved to fuck in any position where I could get my cock to slide in and out of her pussy. We often came at the same time. She liked to have me rub my wet prick against her asshole, although neither of us ever had any desire for sodomy.

“She liked to have me make love to her with my mouth, which I liked to do and did frequently. She always came what seemed to be bucketfuls. I loved the taste.

“I also love blowjobs. She’d suck me briefly and pull away before I came. Let’s get undressed and do some of the things we’ve talked about.”

“Bart, I’d feel funny having you put your mouth where I pee. And I’d feel funny about putting my mouth where you pee.”

“Why don’t we just do some serious kissing and fondling, and let nature take its course?”

We undressed. I looked my fill of her nude body as she eyed my prick and balls.

“Your boobs are a sight to behold,” I told her, “and your nipples are the size that drives men crazy. In fact, your body is so great looking that I’m tempted to just stand here and lust for it.”

“Thank you,” she murmured, “I do aerobics to stay in shape. Hard work, but worth it to hear your compliments. You’ve undoubtedly noticed that I’ve been admiring your cock. It really excites me.”

“My prick’s only slightly more than six inches long when it’s hard, however I’m fairly sure I can give you a lot of pleasure with it.

“First, I want to look at your pussy.” She leaned back on her elbows and I crouched between her legs. “Aside from pictures, I haven’t seen many güvenilir bahis siteleri cunts, but yours is really pretty. It has such soft pinkish folds nestled in your pubic hair, and it’s unbelievably kissable.”

I put my head between her thighs. She started to move away, but stopped when I kissed her wet slit and thoroughly licked it from top to bottom. Then I moved up and onto her so that my prick was pressed between my stomach and against her pussy.

“What you did to me with your mouth and are doing to me with your prick makes me tingle from my nipples all the way to my toes.”

“Let’s fuck. Do you want me to put on a condom or are you on the pill?”

“You sweet talker you. I went through menopause years ago, so let’s fuck. The way my cunt’s twitching, it won’t take me long to come. So, fuck me hard and fast. Please.”

She needn’t have asked, for that’s what I was more than anxious to do. I raised slightly and my prick easily found the opening. I plunged the entire length into her. She wrapped her legs around me and we went at it like dogs in heat. Her warm pussy sucked wetly. As I was about to unload my balls deep inside her, I felt her legs and pussy tighten. Then, my prick was drenched in her come. Her vaginal muscles clutched me as I had an overwhelming orgasm and collapsed atop her.

Our sweat-dampened flesh and rapid breathing bespoke the sexual rapture that coursed through our bodies. I finally managed to regain enough energy to raise sufficiently to kiss her, then to lovingly lick each of her ripe nipples.

I rolled away to lie on my back. We held hands as we lay beside each other recovering from fucking for all we were worth.

“You told me you wouldn’t like for me to put my mouth where you pee, but you apparently enjoyed having me kiss and lick you there. Do you still dislike the idea of my mouth my on your pussy?”

“Not any more. I didn’t realize how good it would feel. I’d like very much for you to put your mouth there again.”

I turned around on the bed, spread and raised her legs and dove my tongue into her. She was soaking wet and tasted like nectar. I licked the soft lips over and over. Her hand gently caressed my prick. When I began sucking her clit, she sighed audibly and put her warm mouth around my cock.

Thoroughly delighted and aroused by the newfound thrill we were experiencing, we sucked each other to monumental orgasms. Pussy never had tasted so good, nor had my prick ever felt so good.

I hope Ann wants to make a commitment. I’m ready.

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