The Vicar’s Wife Ch. 10

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George had kissed his wife Sarah goodbye. The Chrysler had driven off to take her on her way to London, calling at the vicarage to pick up Susanna, wife of the parish priest, who was accompanying her for a weekend break. As a special birthday treat for Susanna, they were staying at Sarah’s step-son’s flat in Dolphin Square until Sunday, whilst her step-son and his wife were in the country. Albert drove them to the airport for the afternoon flight, leaving George to prepare for his Friday afternoon struggle with the business accounts. It was a weekly meeting he had with his Business Manager, Janet Freeman – one he usually enjoyed. But not today.

A single career woman, Janet was very efficient – a wizard with figures, and had been very largely responsible for preparing their complex case for a large grant from the English Heritage and the Arts Council to fund the major renovation of the Stately Home, owned by the family of Sir George Hamilton. He was the seventeenth baron and responsible for the upkeep and good housekeeping of the family seat, held in trust for English Heritage. Both organizations had complimented Janet on her brilliant presentation.

With her clean, good looks and elegant figure, coupled with a confident manner, Janet had an excellent presentational manner. Having been with the family for eight years, she had soon taken charge of the financial affairs. Lady Sarah had been the one to suggest to George that some major renovations of the early seventeenth century mansion were essential, and being in interior designer of some reputation had soon fired her husband’s enthusiasm with her ideas. They interviewed applicants for the new post of Development Manager together.

Janet had stood head and shoulders above the other applicants, being appointed with a rather higher salary than they originally intended. She was soon promoted to Business Manager. To have brought in a consultancy firm specializing in applying for grant aid, would have cost three times Janet’s salary in one-off fees, if successful. And Janet had a confident and charming personality, able to persuade the most skeptical of people to follow her proposals.

On receiving news of the acceptance of their application, George and Janet had celebrated with a bottle of vintage champagne from the extensive wine cellar, getting rather drunk on it. Unfortunately, Sarah was away at the time, visiting her family, so was unable to join in the celebrations. It was in this alcoholic state, that a friendly kiss of congratulations developed into a more lengthy affair, ending in a passionate embrace. They had fallen into each other’s arms, largely at Janet’s instigation, and got carried away.

The outcome was wild, uninhibited fornication. Janet perched on the edge of the desk, hoisting her skirt round her waist, dragging off her knickers. With legs wide apart, her knickers tossed on the floor, George quickly unclipped his trousers, zipped them open, allowing them to shutter round his ankles. The sight of Janet’s abundant vulva, bursting from a frame of auburn curls, was sufficient to inflame the inebriated George. His cock had swelled to its fullest proportions. Pushing his underpants over his thighs, the cock was immediately thrust deep in the beckoning vagina, until it was submerged to the very hilt. Without ceremony, George started to fuck it hard, his testicles slapping noisily against Janet’s bottom.

She was urging him on. ‘Come on, George. Fuck it! Fuck it hard. Hard! I need to feel you deep inside. Oh yes! Fuck it! Fuck fuck fuck!’ George didn’t disappoint. It was a quick, almost violent act. Both went at it desperately, grunting with effort. George’s ejaculation was unusually copious. After several weeks of celibacy, his normal seven spasms were now as many as nine, gushing his sperm deep into his manager. A breathless Janet was delighted with it! She whimpered with joy.

‘My, George! That was some deluge!’

They both felt rather sheepish after the event, but agreed that it was something they needed, to share their success together. In was a bonding together. At least, that was the excuse they made to themselves. As George watched Janet mop up the leaking juices from her vagina with paper hankies, they swore it wouldn’t happen again. But, of course, it did. This arrangement continued most Fridays, with a quick violent session, usually with Janet fully dressed, though without her knickers, bent over the desk, before they got down to the real business of finance.

At the age of thirty-six, Janet enjoyed her private home life, mixing with friends at church for social needs. Janet did not have a particularly high sex drive in normal circumstances, but once aroused she could become overpowered by a rapid, irresistible urge for wild sex. It was almost animal. It could happen with another woman as well as a man.

She was equally at home with either. This was the case, fueled by the champagne, that afternoon in the office. Janet wasn’t really turned on by sex in a comfortable setting – she preferred it whilst fully dressed in a sudden undeniable urge. It was wickedly exciting. It drove her to heights of undeniable canlı bahis lust resulting in violent, screaming orgasms. Then she would just as suddenly lose interest! This arrangement suited George. He wanted no emotional involvement. Just to fuck the amazing vagina of the beautifully elegant Janet on her own terms. Ruthless and hard.

On this occasion of Sarah leaving for London, however, it was the wrong week for Janet to allow George his usual satisfaction, resulting in him being rather unfulfilled. Janet teased him rather mercilessly, having a good laugh at his discomfort. She declined to give him a hand job, leaving him frustrated, supercharged with lust.

Although when they first met and married, his sex life with Sarah was frequent and unquenchable, the intervening years, with the demands of the work involved in building the business, had reduced George’s sex drive to an occasional familiar act in bed on a Sunday morning. The weeks waiting for the result of their application, and the heavy work load had been a period of abstinence. So he was ready for an energetic romp with Janet. Sex had resumed with Sarah, but without the passion of earlier years.

After a scratch meal, already prepared for him to pop into the microwave, and a half bottle of claret, he was feeling unsettled and tense. Perhaps and early night was called for, so, after watching some football on the TV, George decided to have a final check round the building. It was pretty impregnable, with security alarm circuits connected directly to the local police station. So any unwanted intrusions would be quickly investigated. There were also several CCTV cameras, mainly intended to keep a close watch on the most lavishly furnished of the rooms, but also to keep a watch on the approaches to the building. A battery of screens was in the security manager’s office, though a monitor was also installed in their private office.

Checking into the Security office, his eye was immediately drawn to movement on one of the screens. It was the camera overlooking the Copse car park. This small space was at the back of the estate. A car park used by the staff, because it had a direct access to the house through the back door – what was once the tradesmen’s and servants’ entrance. A security gate in the high fencing round the back of the property kept unwanted visitors out of the building. Access to it was by a little-used side road without any gate to deter visitors.

George was surprised to see three cars parked up, thinking at first that it may be the staff who had left their vehicles there. Then he saw that in all of them, couples were engaged in sex! It was then that George remembered his Security Manager, Fred, telling him that the car park had recently started to be used by doggers during the late evening at weekends. Mostly weekends.

Though mildly interested, George had thought no more about it. Until now that is! There on the screen, a woman was kneeling on the front seat of an Audi S3 Quatro, her naked bottom stuck out of the open passenger door, being shagged hard, doggie style. The man was being urged on by a guy in the driver’s seat, who was handling his erect cock sticking out of his trousers. Astonishing!

The car was parked so that the passenger door was hidden from the entrance to the park, but the CCTV camera was placed in the back corner, with a perfect view of the action. George sat in front of the console, smiling at the unexpected scene. The other cars were top of the range models with recent registration numbers. Obviously well-heeled people. His interest soon manifested itself in a swelling in his own trousers.

Taking the control, George zoomed the camera in on the car door, bringing a close-up of the man with his trousers round his ankles, hips thudding in and out of a large vulva. It would be so easy for him to join them from the back gate. She looked good. Attractive, even at this odd angle. Yes! Damn it! He’d investigate! He could do with a bit of fun! And he was already erect. George’s frustrated cock was crying out for attention, bursting with desire. This was what he needed to settle his mind.

Before leaving the room, he returned the screen to it’s stand-by position, adjusting his cock to a more comfortable position in his underwear, pressing against his belly. He paid a quick visit to his dressing room, where he took a condom from an inside pouch his overnight valise, slipping it into his jacket pocket. Then, after turning off the alarms on the rear of the building, George tip-toed silently through the rear door, closing it softy behind him.

He stood for a moment in the soft light, taking in the blossom scented air. The evening was warm. The leaves sighed. The blossom in the trees gave off a pleasant scent as he tiptoed quietly along the path to the security gate. this was a perfect night for fucking, he thought. Prodding in the password on the lock, the gate swung silently open. George inched his way to the opening in the trees at the edge of the park.

During his preparations, a dark blue BMW had arrived, with a couple kissing and groping each other in the front seats. The car bahis siteleri had its interior lights on, so that George could clearly see the lady had her blouse pulled high, without a bra, exposing a pair of large breasts. They had heavily pimpled areola, surrounding thick, deep brown nipples, now being squeezed by her partner. As George approached the BMW, the man dragged her skirt waist-high, exposing the expanse of buttocks, before sliding his hand inside the knickers, pulling the gusset to one side, uncovering the vulva.

As George came right up to car window, alongside her, he looked directly at the man, now smiling at him. Their eyes met. George moved forward a little to adjust his line of vision, in order to get a better view through the windscreen. She opened her legs wide to expose the hair-covered center of her fascination. George fiddled with his trouser flies, allowing his cock its freedom . Inside the car, the man whispered into the woman’s ear. She turned her head to stare at George’s hard cock. Seeing the hard shaft, the lady’s dark eyes widened before looking up to meet George’s gaze for a second or two, before turning back to face her partner with a slight nod.

George moved to the side of the passenger window. The women was busy again, playing with her partner’s penis. The guy looked up at him, smiling, as the window hissed half way open. She was still concentrating on her husband’s cock as the man passed her soiled knickers out to George. He pressed to his face to inhale her scent, before putting his head through the window the car, watching the man fingering her soaking vulva. After a brief pause, the passenger window slid fully open for the woman to turn her head. She gazed on his hard cock before leaning her head towards it, opening her mouth to take the first inch between her lips. George gave a light gasp, his cock jerking as she started to suckle and nibble it softly.

She started sucking George’s very hard cock. He put his hand into the car, pointing at Beatrice’s crotch.

‘Okay to play?’

The man looked at his wife, who nodded almost imperceptibly. George murmured with delight as he put his hand on the bare thigh, slowly stroking it up and down her smooth skin toward her vulva. As his hand reached it, he looked questioningly again at the man, to see if it was okay to feel it. Seeing a smiled of agreement George put his hand on the wet, hairy gash. Oh yes! A heaven sent delight. Warm and slippery.

Quite suddenly, the woman turned to kneel in her seat, pushing her buttocks towards the open window, showing it to George.

Oh yes, George thought, before slipping his fingers straight into her vagina, whilst wanking himself slowly with the woman’s knickers wrapped round his cock. Her open thighs were an invitation which George wasn’t able to refuse. He extended his right arm to stroke her inner thighs, enjoying the feel of the smooth flesh, whilst his other hand unfastened the waistband of his trousers. Once the trousers had fallen over his knees, George was able to study the vulva in detail. Fascinating! So different to the others in his life, promising much enjoyment. There were three moles on her inner right thigh he noticed. Otherwise smooth flesh, flanking the gateway to the lady’s paradise.

Turning back into her seat, the woman reached for George’s cock. He moved his hand to allow her to take hold of it. She slowly wanked it, while fondling his testicles, then reached her head out the window and sucked his cock properly! Then, she twisted round in her seat again, asking her husband to kiss her. As they kissed, George put his hand inside the window, slipping his fingers straight into her pussy.

‘I’m getting near,’ George gasped. ‘Any chance of a fuck?’

During some urgent whispering and fumbling in the car, George quickly rolled a condom over his shaft. Then the door was pushed open. The woman swung her legs out as she whispered. ‘How shall we do it?’

‘Just slide your bum out a bit,’ he croaked. She did. George held her labia open with both hands. After a brief pause, with the head of his cock poised at the entrance to her vagina, he pushed it up to the hilt. Gosh! Marvelous! It was tighter than George had expected, though the generous supply of vaginal juices allowed the penetration without any discomfort. Phew! But George was so worked up that he started to buck and thrust into her with unbridled lust. He was vaguely aware of the husband adjusting his position to allow a good look at his cock driving relentlessly in and out of his wife tight vagina.

After the initial onslaught, George slowed down to take a deep breath, before taking off again like a crazy bull! The car rocked violently as he rammed into her. The woman screamed. ‘Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me hard – DO IT! Fuck me!’

There was no finesse. Just a hard shag. The moaning woman started to come. So did George. There was no holding back. After their bodies rocked and jolted with fierce spasms, George’s cock ejaculating copiously, he eventually stopped, breathless. But his cock remained stiff and hard. Slowly, George started to slide in and out again. He needed a second coming. bahis şirketleri He was to wound up to stop at one. Holding her thighs, he got into a regular rhythm, head thrown back, delighting in the sheer sensation of driving in and out of a woman’s soft, silky vagina.

Low moans and whimpering came from the woman as she flexed her vaginal muscles against the cock within. Time stood still. The beautiful feeling of a driving cock in a warm vagina was sublime. Her husband was fingering her clitoris, bringing her thighs to a squirming mass of flesh, twisting and lurching on George’s unrelenting cock. Her whole body began again to twitch and flex, her head rolling from side to side on the seat, until, after a tense pause, she collapsed into a paroxysm of shaking loins, gasping and crying out loudly as each spasm shook her for several seconds.

The sheer intensity of the woman’s orgasm brought George to an overwhelming ejaculation, gushing from his toes to his loins! There were a few seconds of silence as the couple shared a few moments of mutual pleasure in each other’s release, before he withdrew slowly, leaving the woman with her head sunk onto the seat with a long sigh of relief.

‘Fucking great,’ George said. ‘Lovely and tight! Thanks!’ Stuffing the knickers in his pocket, he pulled off the condom, tying the end, before dragging up his trousers. He left the couple in the car kissing eagerly. There were two cars still in the park, one about to leave, with the female passenger buttoning her blouse. The other had the tail gate up, with two women bent over into the boot, gripping the frame for support, thighs apart, bottoms bare, being shagged hard by two sturdy guys. The men, naked from the waist down, had their hands sunk firmly into the flesh of the women’s thighs, their cocks thrusting in and out of the moaning women. Both were concentrating on enjoying the act.

Reaching his bedroom, having secured the back entrance to the house, George was still engrossed with his memory of the action. That pale pair of buttocks. That tight soft vagina. It was incredible. He realized that he still had the woman’s knickers in his pocket. Lifting them to his face, George inhaled deeply. Mm! Yes. Unmistakable scent of woman! She had been very grateful, he thought. He smiled at the thought. Bloody hell, it was he who should be grateful. Of course, he wasn’t aware that it was the couple’s first dogging session.

As he undressed, his cock was still half erect at the thought of the exciting anonymous fuck. He was still too aroused to sleep. It was a pity he had to wear a condom. It just wasn’t the same. He never wore one with Sarah. But necessary tonight, for both parties. After hanging his clothes, throwing his underwear into the laundry basket, he stood looking at his naked figure in the full-length dressing mirror. The scent from the knickers had encouraged his cock to erect fully again. It was as hard as ever!

George knew he would have to have another orgasm. He had read somewhere that a man ejaculated only about one third of his supply of sperm at a time, leaving some for another primeval mate on heat, who might be waiting round the corner. He had confirmed this fact of triple orgasms on many occasions. With the powerful urges of lustful youth, he had often found it necessary to masturbate until he had ejaculated three times, before his erection would subside. It was the same with a woman – particularly a beautiful one new to him, when he was aroused beyond belief whilst fucking them. In earlier times, all night sessions had produced as many as four ejaculations, though not all of equal abundance!

Throwing himself naked on the bed, George looked down on his cock, arrogant and proud. He stroked it fondly. ‘You old reprobate.’ he muttered to it. Masturbating was something he enjoyed. It was a thing he’d done and enjoyed for as long as he could remember. Every day when in his youth. There was no question of having to please anyone else. Purely selfish enjoyment. Luxuria! He dragged the silk knickers over the shaft, stimulating the nerves beneath the skin of his cock. Those knickers had encased the vulva of a woman. Hot and sticky! Sliding over his shaft. His mind roamed over the memories of the women it had penetrated. There had been quite a few. His first wife had enjoyed giving him a hand job, sometimes in the most unlikely places, the most spectacular being the restaurant in Venice. He smiled at the memory of his sperm filling her napkin.

Sarah was also fascinated by his ejaculations. She would take her time, pausing just as he thought he’d reached the point of no return. She was a perfect judge. Until she decided that the time had come to release the torrent. His ejaculations were awesome at times! Sarah would whoop with joy as the jets exploded over her breasts and belly. At those times nature wouldn’t allow him to penetrate her, she loved to play with her toy, as he grappled with her spongy breasts. She would talk to it. Whisper her praise of it’s handsome glory. Kiss it tenderly. Lick up and down the shaft. Then rub the end against her cheeks before slipping it between he lips and rubbing it against the insides of her cheeks. ‘You gorgeous creature,’ she would murmur to it. ‘You beauty,’ as she titillated it with her finger nails, lightly kissing the end numerous times. ‘You are the greatest of all gods!’

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