The Storyteller

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He was sitting in the big low armchair when I came in. I threw my bag on the couch and went to the kitchen, returning with a couple of bottles of beer. I took a long sip and put the bottles on the table next to his chair, and I sat down on his lap, my legs dangling over the chair arm. He put his arms around me and we exchanged a lengthy kiss.

“How was your day?” he asked.

“Busy, I never got a break all day,” I replied, laying my head on his shoulder. “Like my new blouse? I bought it today.”

In place of my usual tee I was wearing a white linen top, with a wide scoop neck that showed off my neck and shoulders, and the tops of my breasts. He reached up and pulled the neckline out, giving him a good look at my gorgeous tits in a skimpy pink lace bra.

“I like it,” He said. “I like what’s inside it even better.”

“I can tell,” I said, wiggling my butt on his lap, where his penis was growing hard underneath me. “Aren’t you going to ask me about what I did all day?”

He knew where this was going. A big smile on his face, he said, “Oh. Did you have an – adventure – today, Cynthia?”

“I did!” I said in a sultry low voice.

“You must tell me,” he replied. “Don’t leave out a single detail.”

I was silent for a moment, considering.

“I needed a passport photo, in case I should ever decide to go abroad,” I began.

“Well, of course you did, baby,” he said. “Please go on.”

“I didn’t know where to get one so I just looked for photographers in the phone book and the first one I saw was a place that specialized in those photos that look like they’re from the Victorian era, you know? But the ad said they also did passport photos, so I went there.”

“It was just noon when I found the shop, and the photographer was shutting up for lunch. He was a big, hulking man, about 45, not all muscled but he looked very capable, Stewart.”

“A capable man, then,” he said.

“Very. I asked if he could do my photo and he said sure, why not, and let me in the shop. I have to admit, I gave him a very sexy smile and I think he liked it a lot. bahis firmaları Also, I was wearing my new blouse and it’s just possible I let him get a tiny little peek at my tits, too. I should have thought something was up when he shut the door and put the ‘Closed’ sign up.”

“That’s a red flag for sure,” he said. “And after that?” “He led me to the back of the shop, and I sat in front of a screen, and he shot the passport photo. I got a set of 4 so I’d have extras.”

I fell silent. My hand was inside his shirt, massaging his chest and stomach. His cock was a hot hard lump underneath my ass.

“Well that’s not much of an adventure!” he said. “Mr. Capable Man takes a photo. Hmmph!”

“But I’m not finished!” I continued. “There’s a bit more. I just wasn’t sure I should tell you. Stewart – I was bad.”

“Oh, you were, were you?” he said sternly. “Tell me everything. Then we’ll decide on your punishment.”

“Maybe,” I began, climbing off his lap, “Maybe if I do something nice for you while I tell you, you won’t be so mad at me?”

“That might help,” he said, speculatively. “Better try it.”

I sank to my knees in front of him, between his legs. I undid his belt and unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. I reached into his pants and grasped his swollen manhood, pulling it out into the open air. He worked his pants down a bit so his balls were freed. My long fingers were around his shaft, slowly stroking it as it grew to full length. He laid his head back on the chair.

“Now go on,” he commanded. My eyes locked onto his and I stroked his cock with agonizing slowness as I began to speak.

“We were done with the passport photos, and I was ready to leave. The photographer was staring at me so strangely! I stared back at him ’til finally he apologized, and said he was thinking how good I would look in one of his Victorian costumes. He said he’d give me a free photo if I’d let him take my picture in a costume. It sounded fun. So I said yes. He showed me where the dressing room was, and all the costumes.”

“I went in and got undressed, down to my thong kaçak iddaa and my bra. There were so many costumes. I chose a corset thing, what is the word, it pushes your breasts up – “

“A bustier?” he offered.

“Exactly! A bustier. I put it on, it was red, very tight on my body, and it pushed my boobs up, Stewart, and made them so high and jiggly – you would have attacked me on the spot!”

All this while I am slowly, firmly, deliberately, jacking him off, looking deep into his eyes. His heart is beginning to race and his breath is coming with difficulty.

“And then he came into the dressing room! I was there in just my thong and the bustier, and he stared at me. He had a wild light in his eyes, and he was so big and powerful-looking. And he attacked me – on the spot!”

“Evil man,” he gasped, my skilled hands bringing him closer and closer to climax.

“I didn’t know what to do, he was so strong, he grabbed me and turned me around. I was helpless. He held both my arms behind my back while he undid his pants with his other hand. When his trousers came off, oh my god, his cock – it was so big. Like a fireplace log.”

“Bigger than mine?” he asked in a hoarse voice. I was stroking him a bit faster now, sometimes with one hand, sometimes with both hands. His hips were moving, trying to fuck my hands as they pleasured him.

“So much bigger than you. The biggest dick I’ve ever seen. I told him that would never fit in my pussy, Stewart. And he – and he -“

“He what?” he demanded, panting with anticipation, trying to concentrate.

“He said he wasn’t going to fuck my pussy – he was going to fuck my ass!”

“NO!” he managed to say. My hands on his penis were making jolts of electricity course through his body as though I were electrocuting him with every stroke..

“He had a tube of something, a lubricant, and he rubbed it on my tiny little rosebud. I tried to struggle but he was so big, so strong. Then I could feel the head of his monster cock at my little pink asshole, gently pushing and pushing and pushing into me inch by inch. My insides kaçak bahis felt all hot and runny, he was splitting my body apart with his dick. And I couldn’t help it, Stewart, forgive me – I became so wet and slippery. My pussy was so hot and juicy.”

I was stroking him faster still, with one hand, while I held his balls in my other hand, gently tugging at them and making him even more aroused.

“I’ve never felt anything like the fucking he was giving me, Stewart. He was still restraining me with one of his huge hands, I couldn’t move, and with his other hand he yanked my breasts out of the bustier and squeezed them roughly. I couldn’t help myself, baby, I spread my legs wider and bent over more, to get him even deeper in my ass. It felt like his cock was up in my stomach when he thrust it into me. There was nothing in the world but his huge shaft tearing my core to pieces. And I loved it, Stewart. Oh forgive me baby – I loved it!”

I was stroking him at full speed now; he wanted to close his eyes but was transfixed by my hypnotic green eyes and my hand flashing up and down his penis.

“It seemed like it went on for hours, he was grunting and panting, banging my ass relentlessly.”

I could see in his face and feel in his tensed and trembling thighs that he was so close to orgasm.

“Suddenly he grabbed my hips with both hands, his strength was frightening, and he roared like a wild animal… “

He was on the edge of orgasm. A few strokes more would do the job.

“…and he came in my ass, Stewart. He left huge gobs of his delicious come in my poor little ass, baby.”

And then I put my mouth completely over his entire cock and finished him off – a thick hot geyser of his sperm erupted into my throat causing me to gag a little. He slumped back in the chair, completely spent. I slurped off the last delectable morsels of cream and lightly kissed the head of his penis. A tiny bit of sperm was on my lips and I slowly licked it off.

“Oh baby, can you ever forgive me?” I asked.

He wiped a bit of cum off the corner of my lips with his finger and put it to my mouth and I slowly sucked it off his fingers.

“All forgiven, Cynthia,” he said with a big satisfied smile.

I laughed and said, “Next time I’ll dream up an even hotter story for you!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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