The Dance

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They danced in silence. Small movements, softly rubbing against each other…back and forth. The top of her breasts against his chest in a steady movement as if the music would stop and they would be still they would be forced to look at each other. His hand was on her back, his fingers softly moving against the fabric of her dress, applying pressure to her skin. Her body silently screaming for the pressure to increase and surround her, devour her.

She could taste his scent as she opened her mouth to breathe. His whole character was reeking of heat and she was frightened. Frightened of what would happen if they stepped of the thin line they were so carefully walking on. Frightened of the fact that parts of her wanted to fall, needed to be pushed of the edge, not caring if she didn’t make tomorrow as long as she could have tonight. Underneath him, inside of her, basking in her.

Both concentrating on the movements, focusing on not to tremble, keeping their eyes locked on specific points. It was going to explode, any time now they were going to be forced to move, to break the cycle of movements and need somewhere else to turn.

A dance, he’d suggested, a date, a dance. An innocent dance, the two of them, the music and the movements… There was no turning back now, she hadn’t known what she with a simple nod had signed up for but she was certain that neither had he. They were both caught and like animals unable to stay caged now that they could smell the freedom waiting ahead.

If he’d asked she would have said no but there would be no questions. And there would be no answers. The road was to narrow to allow any turns. A sudden small change in his movements made chills run down her spine. He’d turned his head slightly inwards, breathing the scent of her hair. It was the smallest movement but signalled so much. Time was about to run out, time was about to stop. Time was about to seize to exist.

Just as she did, he knew what was happening and felt helpless at the thought that there were no more choices to be made. It was simple now. None of them had planned it, none of them had even had a thought of this an hour ago. It soothed canlı bahis him though, knowing that she was as trapped as he was.

He felt her muscles tense and then relax as he made another move, this time pressing closer. It was not a chosen move; it was made without thought and without decisions. But it was made. Now feeling the warmth of her body against him, feeling her throbbing as her pulse was speeding up. He kept his fingers moving on her back put moved his hand upward so he was touching her skin. It was the smallest touch but it was making her gasp. It was making her desperate.

The song was about to end. A strange sort of panic was rising up inside of her as she was torn between her needs, her needs to be having control…and her needs for him.

He tilted is head down, slowly making his hair rub against the side of her face as his lips were brought down to her neck. Her knees were giving away as he parted his lips allowing his tongue intimately caress a point just below her ear. She was forced to tighten her hold of him to keep from sinking down on the floor. She was forced to moan something into his ear. He couldn’t make out the word but the meaning was perfectly clear. He swallowed, painfully he grabbed her and pulled her as close as he could, bringing them both to the point were there were no more secrets. Where no lies could be told and no feelings could be held back.

He was keeping her standing now, he was keeping her afloat as if he let go she would drown. He wished there could be candlelight, he wished the drapes could be pulled back so they could bathe in the light of the moon. He wished so bad hat he could make it perfect and that he could make it soft but…there were no decisions now that he could make. She cried out when he grabbed her hair with his left hand pulling her head back. He was not being gentle. She would not tell him to stop.

The music stopped. The room became silent.

He kissed her and the room was once again filled with sound, the sound of her heartbeat, of his breathing. The sound of small steps being taken on the wooden floor. Her mouth was dry as he forced his way into it, took bahis siteleri it over. His lips moved upon hers, on her skin, touching her teeth as the rhythm was disturbed by the urgency. His hold of her hair tightened and she bit his lip. The taste of blood made it’s way into the kiss and she wanted to cry. This was not about love, this was about something much deeper and much more primal and senseless.

His mind was far from blank, it was filled with what he wanted to do with her, to her…it was filled with the knowledge that the longing would end tonight. But it was emptied of sensible thought and reason.

He broke this kiss and she moaned silently as he let go of her but watched him as he fell down on his knees in front of her. He brought his mouth to her bare leg, kissing and almost biting while he let his hands run up to her thighs. He didn’t care about the fact that they were recently shaven and he didn’t notice the softness of her skin against his palms and lips. He pulled his mouth away and put one hand on each of her thighs. He pulled hard, making her fall. He caught her at the same time as she hit the floor, making the fall hurt just enough.

The air left her and she barely had time to take another breath before he was over her. With her back against the floor and her head in his hands she responded as eagerly as he attacked. She needed him to touch her, to grab her to feel him. He wasn’t touching her enough.

Dazed she grabbed his shirt with both hands and pulled, making the top buttons come off and his chest to be revealed. As desperate as she, he ripped the shirt of the rest of the way and then dove down her body, bringing her dress up to her chest so her lower body was uncovered. There was no cold hitting her, there was no air. There was just him. She closed her eyes feeling his hands and lips run down her legs once again. This time the trail of his mouth reached higher. Already panting she moaned loudly as he bit her inner thigh. His teeth making marks, sinking into her flesh. She grabbed his hair with both hands.

He could smell her, with her hands on his hands almost forcing him to where he was headed he kissed bahis şirketleri her, he tasted her. He let a low sound escape his throat. Fumbling with his hands he pulled the panties down to her knees, bringing his mouth in to satisfy his thirst. He faintly remembered hearing her scream as he used his teeth.

As he was done she simply watched him remove the last of the dress. She felt empty for a moment before his mouth returned to hers. She could taste herself on his lips and desperation flashed over her again. It was not enough. His hands were on her naked body, not caressing but ungentle and desperately trying to claw their way inside. As their almost painful touch reached her breasts she pressed her nails into his back.

He was hurting her so why did it feel so good, so right? The thought flashed though her mind as he broke the kiss. For the first time he looked into her eyes. She closed her eyes for his eyes were black with hunger and she needed him to go on. This was no time for guilt; there was no time for tomorrow.

Another kiss, a hard and powerful kiss sent them back into urgency and he unbuttoned his pants. Before she had time to react he was inside of her. It was painful and rough. Her mind was clouded with emotions as tears ran down her face. He urgently threw himself into her over and over again and she didn’t want him to stop. There was no silence between them, there were breaths, pants and moans. There were screams and there were cries. But no silence as the buzz in their ears excluded the outside world from their own.

He let his teeth sink into her shoulder as he came, as the world exploded. As it was over. The aching had stopped and now finally the silence seemed to devour them. Exhaustion were drifting over them and with a longed for dumbness they both sank into each other as they sank into sleep.

He had his head on her shoulder with his face in her hair and one hand behind her head while she was thrown down underneath him as a rag doll in surrender. No fighting back, a thousand second thoughts and a million regrets but none of them could for a second say that they hadn’t wanted it. That the hadn’t needed it.

Darkness overtook the room as the two lay sleeping, the night that had seemed so far away just a minute ago had suddenly appeared again. But morning was still far off with whatever problems it might hold.

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