The Coppertone Girl

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Female Ejaculation

The sound of the waves and the feel of the warm sands on a deserted beach had put me to sleep that summer afternoon on the English shore. I’d come to reflect on my latest broken relationship. Not to sunbathe. The hypnotic whoosh of the incoming waves had put me under. My subconscious mind recalled the love making Tracy and I shared not so long ago.

“Sir, sir,” a nearby voice broke my dream. Squinting through the bright sun a saw a tall womanly shape standing above me. A lovely English accent spoke again, “You’re turning bright pink.” I sat up on my elbows, still half asleep, and looked down. My arms and legs were indeed a bright pink. My face soon matched that color as I noticed my bathing suit was protruding up six inches in a most undignified manner before a strange and beautiful woman.

She stepped to the side out of the sun and I finally got a clear look at this vision of loveliness. She was tall and perfectly proportioned. Short dark hair highlighted her oval face and deep dark eyes. The statuesque figure wore a bright red bikini that displayed her assets wonderfully. The full breasts were pushed together forming perfect round orbs. Below them was a firm muscled stomach, smooth and round. Golden loins stretched up to a perfect V-shape, protected from inquisitive eyes by the thin red material.

“Sorry to intrude, but you shall be well done as a roasted chicken had I remained silent.”

“I’m much obliged,” I replied, as I scrambled to pull the beach towel over my erection.

Her lips broke into a beautiful full grin that make her deep brown eyes sparkle delightfully. Sparing me further embarrassment she offered her hand down to me. “Karen’s the name. Yours would be …?”

“Sean,” I replied as I rose to my feet. “Thanks for your intervention. You likely saved me from considerable pain, waking me like that.”

“I think I made it in the nick of time,” she replied. “Got something here in my bag that can put an end to any further damage.’ Her slender fingers pulled out a bottle of sun screen. She tossed it at me. “That’s the ticket.”

My reflexes were still dull from sleep and the hands reached into empty space just as the bottle slapped into my family jewels. I tried to hide the pain. She giggled delightfully and covered that full grin with long pink fingernails. “Should have used your cricket bat to better use,” she snickered. “Here, let me make it up to you Sean.”

She bent over to pick up the lotion. Her bikini top slipped down a bit revealing alabaster white skin below the tan lines of her ample breasts. Pouring the creamy liquid in the palm of her hand she directed me to turn around. “Let me cover your back while it can still be saved.” Turning, I realized I was putty in her hands …. At least from the rear!

Soft, strong hands caressed my back. The cool lotion made me shiver as she swirled it in a circular motion over my muscles. This was doing nothing to make Mr. Happy take refuge. Rather, my cock was taking a one-eyed peek at the world from my cutoff shorts. Kristin’s knowing hands moved up to my shoulders. By now half my cock was sticking out, swollen and trapped between my thigh and shorts. I reached down the front of my pants to make a readjustment.

“You’re not getting saucy are you?” she asked with a giggle. Her laughter was infectious and put made me feel illegal bahis at ease.

“Just a muscle readjustment” I replied. “I broke up with my girl two months ago and the touch of a beautiful woman is resulting in an involuntary muscle movement.”

“Well, that’s enough then,” she said. “It’s my turn anyway.” She spun me around, casting a quick peek at the bulge in my shorts, then turned herself about as she dropped her bra straps. “Splash away” she ordered.

I began applying the creamy lotion in great swirls on her wonderful skin. I was taking my sweet time about it as my fingers traced their way up to her long neck and sleek shoulders. The flesh felt like warm silk under my hot hands.

She moaned ever so slightly and breathlessly spoke, “You’re quite good at this. Maybe you could help a bit more.” With that she dropped her top and turned toward me.

Her breasts were stunning. Never had I seen such perfect round mounds. The nipples were symmetric pink buds that were swollen and full. I was in a trance and speechless. A sculptor, the caliber of Michelangelo could not have designed a more wondrous body. I must have looked like a deer staring into headlights as I gazed at those luscious breasts. “Can you give a girl a hand or not? Squirt some lotion on me”

It was almost a reflex action as I quickly squeezed the bottle. The thick cream landed between her fantasy breasts and slowly dripped down the crevasses of those twin towers. That was more than my cock could take. It sprang up full alert causing a teepee to appear by the zipper.

“I believe you have some better lotion for me,” she said with a broad smile. Dropping to her knees those lovely hands reached out and got busy. One gripped the button of my shorts while the other took the zipper. “I love an easy opening package.“

The full red cock burst out like a racehorse at the ringing of the start gate and nearly hit her in the eye. Kristen’s right hand encircled the bulging member and stopped it’s bouncing dance. “King size application jar I see.” Her left hand yanked at my shorts, bring them to my knees, as her right stroked my raging hard cock. Her eyes were concentrated on the smooth pink head. It was as if she was confronting a cobra and was in a daze.

This was a woman on a mission who planned to get what she wanted. “Could you use some more prompting? The cream seems to be stuck at the bottom of this warm tube.” Her long tongue gave a quick flick to the shiny head as she pulled it toward her tits. A drop of pre-cum surfaced at once. Karen smeared it over an erect nipple which immediately glistened. Grasping both breasts she enveloped my hard cock and worked it. Only the knob was visible just inches form her full wonderful lips. Each trust brought it closer. I closed my eyes trying to hold back and draw out this dream come true. It was then I felt the sensation of wet warm lips enveloping the head of my prick. Karen jacked slowly the length of my raging hard-on as her mouth followed the path of her gripping hand. Her head pulled back slightly revealing the wet shimmering path of her lips and tongue. That tongue danced at the tip then pulled away leaving a thin membrane trail from the bulbous head to her lower lip. “Give me that creamy cum lotion,” she begged as she rubbed the wet member over her pink and full nipple.

The illegal bahis siteleri cum blasted out fast and high, striking her chin and leaving a thick dribbling trail. Kristen redirected the path of my squirting member to her breasts. Each jolt of pleasure left a creamy load over the most beautiful tits my eyes had ever feasted on. Watching my face with smiling coal black eyes she used my cock as a paint brush and spread this new improved lotion over her ample mounds.

Standing up she asked “Will you return the favor,” as her fingers slipped down her smooth round stomach and slipped into her panties. They dropped to the sand in an instant. Such an astounding sight. Her tan torso stood out in contrast to the white flesh. Her pussy was perfectly shaved and trimmed making a small V-shape above her wondrous love nest.

I reached around her with both hands and grabbed the full round cheeks of her buttocks. I wanted to take it slow and easy, drinking in every sight, touch and taste. She spread her legs like a statue bracing herself in the sand. My face moved between her thighs, my tongue slowly licking, just inches from her pussy. Looking up I saw her fingers over her crimson lips. That sweet flower was red as a plum and swollen. A forefinger slipped inside and came out wet and glistening. She applied the pussy juice over her clit in slow circles. My tongue moved higher, yet still missed the mark she’d made with her natural lubrication.

“Your teasing is bloody torture,” she moaned. Taking my head in her hands she took control and directed my face. “There, you bastard! There!” she moaned. The pink bud greeted my tongue and was treated with light flicking action. My fingers traced the bright lips of her pussy. Her juices were flowing now as my finger entered her easily. The thrust and grind she made toward me almost split my lip as her pubic bone pumped at my face. My tongue moved down and traced the folds of her pussy. Unable to stand anymore she dropped down to the beach towel and spread her legs wide for easy and deep access. “Put your tongue as far inside as you can,” she demanded.

Her legs locked around my neck has she bucked like a bronco. There was no way I was going to be thrown as my mouth pressed harder into her sweet, juicy pussy mound. Her gasping breaths grew more frequent as I shoved my tongue in deeper. My nose took in the musky sweet aroma as it pushed against her clit and I tried to lick as far into this sweet cavern as possible.

“Right there! Right there! Don’t stop,” she moaned. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled it hard against her vulva as she arched one last time. The pussy juice flowed over my lips and beard as she came like a tropical storm …. hot, wet and fast. I broke from the grasp of her legs and looked down at the beautiful pink flower with its petals open wide like an iris in bloom and dripping with her passion. Looking up I saw her faced flushed and smiling that wonderful grin.

“Good lord, how could your girlfriend ever leave you,” she asked, “Was she daft.”

My cock now matched the color of my sunburned flesh as it remained hard and swollen. The purple head danced up and down in anticipation of further delights. “Clearly this needs more attention,” she giggled as her hand reached out and those long fingers wrapped it. Her stroking made canlı bahis siteleri my loins ache for more erotic discoveries of this passionate beauty.

“Stand up,” she demanded. I was her willing slave now and obeyed promptly. She kneeled before me with those wonderful dark eyes locked on the thick hard flesh that glistened from her handiwork. Karen leaned forward with her mouth open and her tongue out. She licked slowly around the head while her strokes gained in speed. Then her lips slid down the full length of my shaft, cheeks hollowed as she sucked hard and began a slow journey back to the knob while that glorious tongue danced on the underside in quick flicks. Her mouth released its captive and the lips began their slow journey down the shaft to my balls.

Looking up at me she said, “It’s time for some soothing balm on this big red prick.” Laying back Kristen pulled me down by my throbbing cock and spread those long luscious limbs apart. “Come and take your medicine like a man.”

I knelt over her wondrous body, cock in hand, in anxious anticipation of the application of this wonder drug. This had to be taken slowly and savored. My cock head loomed, swollen and scarlet, over her pussy lips. Slowly pushing down I spread her natural lotion up and down over the goal that waited, full and waiting.

“Damn you,” she screamed. “Fuck me now!”

My cock took a full sample as it rammed home to the hilt. Rapid pumping made a delightful sound as our natural lubricants mixed. Those noises were soon drowned out by her moans and heavy breathing. “Fuck my pussy deeper,” she begged. The muscles contracting around my churning cock gripped me in a divine clutch.

“Let me ride you,” she begged. Pushing herself up from the blanket her long nails scratched a pink trail over my chest as she shoved me down. Our bodies stayed locked together as she rode my steaming cock. She clutched her breasts together and purred. Pushing myself up with my elbows my mouth sucked at the bounty her nipple provided. My tongue circled her puffy nipples, moving from one to the other while her pussy bounced on my rigid pole, faster and faster. Karen moaned ,“Mmmmm” as my loins rose seeking the deepest penetration. “Give it to me,” she screamed. “Cover me in your cum lotion.”

“I’m Cumming,“ I panted. Only too happy to oblige my hand grasped the shaft of my glistening prick as she leaped off. My cock head aimed at that wondrous belly as deep inside I felt the jism boil to the surface. The first shot met its mark and filled her belly button and dripped downward. The next blast hit her tan lines and dribbled down to her crimson pussy lips. Her long fingers scooped up each succeeding blast and rubbed the shiny liquid over each breast.

“Jesus, Mary and Joseph!” she laughed. Clearly this was a religious experience for her as well. “You have been hording away some precious liquids.” The sun made my cum glisten off her body. She was drenched.

I reached out to Karen’s neck and pulled her mouth to mine. Our lips met in a hard, yet exquisite kiss as our belly’s slid across each other like well oiled pistons.

“Thanks for the sun screen Sean,” she purred, “but I really must be off.” She laughed out loud then. “Let me rephrase that. I really must go!” Quickly dressing she grinned at me. “Can you get another supply by next week?”

As that supreme figure walked away I knew all other sexual experiences would pale in the future. Karen was the hallmark of my fucking life.

“I‘m certain the supply will be filled in seven days.” I yelled. “Same time. Same place!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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