The Confused Boyfriend Pt. 01

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I recently adopted the term “confused boyfriend” to describe the main characters in a number of stories by Craptain Planet, Captain Ron and ThePornGuy amongst others. These confused boyfriends have inadvertently let their loving girlfriends carry on with their friends, their housemates and others because the girlfriend believes that she has her boyfriend’s approval and she is fulfilling his desires. The boyfriend gets off on her telling him about anything she got up that he hadn’t actually seen which usually leads to great sex despite him being conflicted.

It seemed right to add Carl Cruikshank, another confused boyfriend, to the pantheon. If you don’t like this sort of provocation, well, you’ve been warned.


I was up on the first floor. My girlfriend Miranda came out from a bedroom at the party. I watched her as she walked towards me, in her dress but dishevelled. She was supported by two women. One had her breasts out on display, her halter top pulled down under them. The woman on Miranda’s other side wore no bottoms, so I could clearly see her bare crotch. She either didn’t realise or didn’t care as she concentrated on supporting my girlfriend around her waist.

“What are you doing?” I asked Miranda.

She eyed me with a wry smile as we faced each other on the landing. “You’d be so proud of me, Carl. I behaved myself, I’ve only been doing what you let me do,” she told me a bit haltingly. She smiled a crooked smile, rested her head on the shoulder of the woman with the exposed breasts and then smiled at her, their mouths so close together. The woman smiled back. “This is Trina,” Miranda told me, “and this is…” She tailed off, unsure.

“Peta,” said the skinny blonde with an obviously shaved crotch as she looked somewhere over my shoulder as if she was hoping that someone more handsome than me would come up or down the stairs. “She really did behave herself,” Peta repeated in a way that suggested that she didn’t quite believe what she was saying. This possibility was underlined by Miranda leaning over to her and kissing her on the cheek in apparent thanks for her sturdy defence.

The dark brown woodwork on the walls and the stairs of the house gave a solemn air to the women’s declarations. I was about to accept her friends’ defence and then ask Miranda what we should be doing next, expecting her to agree that we had been at the party long enough and we should go home. However, at that moment a shrill male voice came from where Miranda had emerged. The man shouted “Hey, where have the girls gone?” which seemed to suggest possibilities not properly covered in the conversation we were having. Especially since Miranda seemed to respond with concern to the man’s demand. But then she looked at me with apprehension.

“You go and have a good time,” she started, edging back with the two other women towards the bedroom. “I know you’ll be all right. I’m only doing what you allowed me to do,” she insisted. If only I could be sure what that was.

Maybe I should feel slighted or angry. I knew Miranda would tell me everything in her own time. And I was still processing the blowjob that Caris, Miranda’s best friend, had given me down on the level below after Miranda had insisted to me that Caris gave great head and it would be a shame if I didn’t try her out. It was that sort of party. Miranda had pushed Caris and me into a small room with a large couch and shut the door behind us. She had even blown us a kiss as she left, after organising us.

“And you are having a good time?” Miranda asked with something between interest and urgency, catching me thinking about Caris’ mouth and my cock. “You are?”

“Yes,” I murmured. I didn’t want her to hear that Caris was too good and was any sort of threat. What, after all, did a headjob at a party mean? The way that Miranda had suggested it, not much I thought. A few guiltless moments and things were back to normal. But here we were, my girlfriend Miranda with two partly dressed girls and a man who wanted them back in his bed. And what should I be doing about it?

“You know I’d do anything you asked. Do you trust me?” It was a kind of challenge, also a kind of test of my care. It was weird, and I didn’t know how to respond.

Trina helped me by lisping “we’ll look after her,” and Peta shakily added “and keep her out of trouble.”

“Girls,” the man shouted.

“Of course you trust me,” Miranda concluded and turned around to return to her activities, still supported by her friends who went with her. “Don’t worry,” she remembered, “I’ll only do what you let me, my good man.”

Peta wiggled her bare bahis firmaları bottom at me as they left and she also managed to bend a little at the waist and open her butt to give me a clear view. I wasn’t sure if it was an invitation or a brush off. After a moment I followed their retreat from the landing but found myself in another dark wooded antechamber which had three closed doors. I could hear people behind all the doors so rather than embarrass myself I went back out and stood at the stairs wondering whether to go up or down.

I decided that Miranda would not get up to anything too risqué since I had satisfied her, eaten her out to what seemed like a pretty reasonable orgasm before we had started to get ready for the party. She hadn’t done anything for me in return, but that was okay. Miranda promised that she would look after me later, and I trusted her. And it seemed pretty likely that Peta and the other one were more sexed up and likely to get up to things with the man in the room. Maybe Miranda would just watch. I comforted myself with that thought.

I was working through this thinking on the landing when a woman’s voice called “oh there you are” at me from the stairs below. It was Caris ascending from the floor below. She looked pleased to see me.

Whereas Miranda was tall with long dark hair and a body like a large, luxurious Coke bottle, Caris was short, blonde with muscular legs and prominent breasts. I had seen her often enough in bikinis, and Miranda had shared her fantasies with me about what she would be like if she was in Caris’s body, and had challenged me: “Don’t you want a petite perky blonde, isn’t that the dream of all men?” And here was Caris, the perky dream of all men, and she was looking for me.

“Miranda’s in there,” I told her feeling slightly foolish.

“Of course she is,” Caris answered nonchalantly as she took my hand. “Let’s go upstairs,” she added, as if there was really no other choice.

“Do you think Miranda will be all right?” I asked her.

“She told me to look after you,” Caris replied. “She said that you understood and that everything was under control and she’d have a surprise for you later, one that you’ll like.” She widened her eyes like she knew what it was, something I really would like. Which seemed reasonable, that was the sort of thing that Miranda would do for me, so I accepted Caris’ hand as she led me up the stairs.

“This house absolutely reeks of decadent sex,” she exclaimed as we reached the next landing. I thought of telling her that was what Miranda had said to me when we first entered the house. “Imagine living here,” Caris glowed gripping me hard, “I would be fucking and wanking all the time. I would be totally worn out. All the time!”

We were now on the next floor and came to a vestibule off the landing that seemed much like the one where I had last seen my girlfriend. It had three closed doors in the same orientation. Caris stood for an instant deciding what to do.

“Let’s try this room,” she whispered in my ear and opened the door on our left. She was rubbing her body against mine in all the right ways, so I followed her closely as she shuffled in, not letting go of her. When my eyes adjusted to the dark I could make out a bed and a mound on the bed. The mound shifted in response to our invasion.

“Hey,” a guy who made up part of the mound complained, “we’re busy here. Can you give us some privacy?”

“Maybe we should go,” I suggested to Caris in a whisper as we were only just inside the darkened room. The other person in the mound groaned, but in a good way.

“Haven’t you always wanted to see what people look like when they’re fucking?” Caris whispered to me. “I know you have.”

“Not really,” I told her weakly.

“Of course you have,” she scolded. “Miranda tells me that you watch porn all the time.”

“Are you going?” the guy demanded.

“We want to watch,” Caris told them. “You want to be watched, don’t you?”

“I don’t think they want to,” I told Caris, but she grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to the bed.”

“I’m Caris and this is Carl,” she told them as if we were sitting down to have a coffee with them or something. Caris sat on the bed next to the couple and ran her free hand, the one that wasn’t pinning mine, under the blanket and along the back of the person on top. That got a groan, it seemed from the guy. “If we watch you, then you can watch us if you want. I’ll bet that will turn you on.” My eyes were getting used to the dark now as Caris pulled back the blanket to reveal that they were fucking missionary style.

“You can watch them after kaçak iddaa they watch us so long as you don’t touch,” the woman being fucked told her partner. “By the way,” she gasped in her fucking rhythm, “I’m Meg and this is Billy.”

Billy wasn’t talking as under Caris’ caress he started to fuck Meg with some vigour. Caris started to undress and also loosen my clothes.

“I think you always wanted to be watched, don’t you Billy?” Meg gasped again as her man got right into his work.

“Just look at them,” Caris told me as she let go of me to stand up and turn on the light, “don’t they look great? I wish Miranda was here to see them. And to see us. Miranda would love this!” And she sat back down next to me on the edge of the bed and started to stroke me. I had missed it but she had taken all her clothes off. So I succumbed and took the rest of mine off too, remembering that Miranda had said that I should trust Caris to look after me. Even though it felt a bit strange.

Caris was soon on top of me, her breasts shuddering as she bounced around. So that we didn’t fall off, I had moved on the bed so my thighs were touching Meg’s which meant that we were all pretty much together. Billy wasn’t complaining, possibly something to do with his view of Caris’ breasts or maybe just the whole shebang. In fact, Billy was fucking harder, so Meg must have been right, he did want to be watched. Despite Caris lowering her face to mine as she fucked me, she was watching the other two. And I was too. And of course I could feel Meg thrusting back at Billy all up my side. Meg came and Billy came and they soon fell asleep in each other’s arms despite Caris still continuing to fuck me, still on top.

“Are you close to coming?” she asked me and I shook my head now that she was concentrating on me.

“That’s good,” she advised. Caris leaned down close to me. “Do you fall asleep after sex?” she whispered.

“No,” I replied, “it’s the best time those clear moments after you’ve come, that afterglow and just the pleasure.” I thought of how tight Miranda and I held each other afterwards, and felt a pang, wondering what she was up to at that moment.

“I love that time too,” she agreed. “These two don’t know what they’re missing out on.”

We kept going for a moment more. Then Caris smiled. “Feel like having some fun with them?” I looked at her confused, wondering what she meant. To show me, Caris got off me, climbed over the two of them to the other side of the bed and turned Billy gently towards her. Meg was already angled in my direction. Caris must have grabbed Billy’s cock judging by his soft groan, so I reached to Meg’s damp cunt, playing with her clit. She responded in the right way with a tremor and a lovely moan.

“Billy,” Meg mumbled, “you let her play with you.” Even with her eyes closed she had worked out what was going on.

“Yes, um,” Billy mumbled in much the same way.

“That sounds like consent to me,” Caris smiled and turned her back to Billy so that he could enter her. I lifted Meg’s leg to make my intentions easier and she shifted towards me so that I was soon inside her. This wasn’t what I meant to do, not at all. What if Miranda suddenly came in and saw me? What would she say and what would she do? I felt I could explain that it was a misunderstanding or that Caris made me do it. Or something. But that went to the back of my mind as Meg pushed back against me, apparently now awake, in a way that meant that I was completely inside her.

“Whoever you are,” she purred, “what your name is, I like what you’re doing.” I paused at that. “Don’t stop,” Meg demanded as we looked into each other’s eyes.

So I kept pumping her. “Billy’s getting a fuck, too,” Meg wondered. “You are, aren’t you, love?” she asked. Billy groaned. “He’s not complaining now,” Meg laughed. She and I kept at it, finding the right rhythm. “Finish me off quickly so we can watch him. I want to see him fucking another woman. She pressed the whole of her body against mine and tried to make it easier for me to get up a fast rhythm. “Yes,” Meg ordered, “like that!”

I realised that Caris and Billy were fucking silently while Meg was doing all the talking. Although I could not tell if they were listening to her. Although by now she was mostly shouting “yes” as she pushed back hard at me. We were done pretty quickly then Meg guided me gently out of her and kissed me. “That was great,” she told me, “so naughty.” She sat up with her feet folded under her bum. She was in a perfect position to watch her boyfriend with Caris now. I sat up behind Meg and grabbed her gently around the waist so she kaçak bahis could ease her back into me.

“Come on, give us a show you two,” Meg demanded.

Caris was facing us on her side. She disengaged from Billy and smiled at Meg. “You want a show?” Caris asked her and got onto her knees, resting on her elbows. “Come on Billy, it’s showtime,” she ordered him.

Billy realised what was expected of him and got behind Caris with his erection well on display. “You’re big, Billy, bigger than usual,” Meg encouraged as she got me to fondle her breasts. “Show me,” she insisted, “show me what you look like fucking another girl.”

Billy got behind Caris and quickly guided himself back into her.

“Don’t go in all the way,” Meg ordered. “I want to see this clearly.” And indeed she could see Billy’s cock half embedded in Caris’ cunt which was also on display in that position. She leaned over closer. “So dirty, Billy, you’re fucking her and you don’t even know her name.”

I was enjoying myself too at the sight, and Meg realised. “You’re getting hard again too,” she observed, advising me of the obvious. “Why don’t you stick it into her mouth. I’ll bet that will work for everyone.” As I moved away from Meg to comply, she added “and when you’re done with her, you and Billy can do it to me. I’ve always wanted two cocks at the same time. Can’t wait to do that.”

No one was complaining as we experimented with how far these two intimate lovers would let us be involved with them. After Billy and I were done with Caris, we engaged Meg as she requested. I was fucking her as she sucked Billy’s cock until Meg gave a Billy a look. We rearranged ourselves so that Billy could fuck her arse while I kept on inside her. Meg was almost screaming, something about all Billy’s dreams coming true. Meg came strongly and Billy got off her to attend to Caris again who was indicating that she did not appreciate being ignored in such a situation.

Soon I was entwined with a quiet relaxed Meg. I looked over at Caris who had Billy clinging to her. She smiled at me.

“Oh, look,” she noted, “they’ve fallen asleep again.”

Caris was right. We disentangled ourselves carefully from them and smiled as we thought the same thing. We carefully wrapped the pair back up together as we recreated them how they were when we had barged in and Caris then carefully placed the blanket back over them. There were sounds of sleepy contentment from under it.

“I wonder how much they will remember,” I whispered to Caris as I started to get dressed.

She grabbed my penis as I tried to fold it into my underwear. “What a shame this has to go away,” she mourned but placed it in there for me. “I wonder how much we’ll remember,” she added.

“Or choose to,” I wondered, concerned at what Miranda would think.

“It’s all right,” Caris assured me as she slipped her bra back on, “I’ll tell Miranda it’s all my fault and you were only doing what I told you to.”

“Thanks, I think,” I told her wondering how that would help.

“It’s only fair after the permission that you gave her to enjoy herself,” Caris added.

I was going to tell her that this wasn’t the case, but what was the use? What was done was done. Even though, it made me realise. “We have to find her,” I urged.

Caris sighed. “I guess we have to.”

We left our conquests to their dreams and future memories as we descended to the level where the party was still going on to see if we could find Miranda there.


I drove home in silence since Miranda had fallen asleep as soon as she got into the car. I got no conversation out of her when we got home and didn’t try, just steered her into our bed and left her in her dress since it seemed all right for sleeping in, loose and shiny and sheer. I was worn out too and was soon asleep myself.

Being built of indestructible stuff, Miranda was up, washed, dressed and sipping coffee, watching me when I woke the next morning.

She smiled, fresh and sharp. “So who did you fuck?” she asked in an almost matter of fact way. “It’s all right,” she added, “I gave you my permission.” I must have looked worried.

I didn’t remember anyone giving anyone permission, but all right. So I told her what had happened with Caris. I was soon getting aroused as I recalled what Caris and I had done and I could see it was turning on Miranda too. We were fucking by the end of my recollection. What was wrong with us?

After we were done, Miranda looked at me with love. “I guess you want to know what I was doing while you were busy with my best friend,” she teased. But looking at my limp cock, she smiled her teasing smile. “I didn’t do anything that you didn’t give me permission to do. But I guess the details can wait.” She took my cock in her hand but we both knew it was too soon.

To be continued…

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