Terri’s Dilemma

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Terri came home from the office exhausted. She sighed a big sigh, “No classes tonight!” It had been a trying day with what seemed like a million customer service problems—each more complicated or ridiculous than the previous. As she walked in the front door, she immediately decided that she needed two aspirin and a nap more than anything else…even food.

When she walked into the bedroom, she took a deep breath of relief. Terri always kept her apartment immaculately clean. She had been raised to live as though a house-full of company could arrive without warning. She slid her pumps off at the edge of the bed and massaged the bottoms of her feet against the deep piled carpeting.

Removing only her over-blouse, she kept on her shell top and slacks as she reclined onto a mass of pillows that she kept fluffed on the bed. It didn’t take but a minute or two for Terri to go off into a slumber world.

After Terri had completed college with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration she was lucky enough to secure a position with one of the larger companies in town. Now, just a year after starting with NBroke, she had moved up the administrative chain to the Supervisor of Customer Services.

The grueling pace of evening classes in Network Administration and all of its studying combined with the frustrations of the job was taking its toll on her mentally.

She awoke with a start as the phone rang. Still groggy she answered, “Uh, Hello?” A male voice on the phone says, “Did I wake you or something like that?” It was Bill, one of Terri’s fellow workers and an occasional drinking buddy and confidant. Terri and Bill had spent many a lonely evening comforting each other over a glass of wine or going to a concert or club.

Bill, like Terri was divorced and hadn’t made the adjustment back into the world of the singles. The fact was, neither of them really wanted to be single, but either of them could not find any real companionship out in this “real world.”

“Ya’ interested in going for a couple of ‘tails at Moe’s?” Bill inquired. “Since it’s a weeknight we can’t be out late, especially with the craziness at NBroke; and Moe’s is always so comfortable,” Bill concluded. Terri pondered for a second, still groggy from her nap.

She now also felt the pangs of hunger, since she had only brought a bag of fruit slices for a lunch. “Up the ante by a bacon cheeseburger and fries and it’s a deal!” she responded. Bill didn’t hesitate and snapped back, “You got it girl! See you at 8ish.”

She hung up the phone and looked at the clock on the nightstand. It was 7:15, she had slept for almost two hours.

Terri undressed while she was still on the bed, then gathered up all of the clothes and put them into the hamper in the bathroom. She swirled the dials of the shower to allow the water to warm up and then went to the mirror to pin up her medium length baby-fine hair. She toed the water and it was almost searingly hot, just the way she liked it. Terri entered the shower and basked in the sensations of the hot water pouring over her fatigued body.

As she was absent-mindedly and slowly washing herself, the soap bar edged along her pubic mound and brushed against her clitoris. A wild tingle ran up her spine. She didn’t normally get excited over something like this. There was noting exotic about it. Her mind, still in a half-fog, snapped back into reality. She paused a moment … then ran the soap directly along her womanhood, applying just enough pressure on her clitoris to make her tingle. Her knees began to wobble and she thought to herself, “God, I haven’t had a good orgasm in weeks, but I’ve got to meet Bill.” She stopped rubbing her clitoris, rinsed off, and stepped out of the shower.

The mirror was fogged with the steam of her hot shower, but she still managed to see a partial reflection, just enough to unpin her hair and fluff it out just a little. She went into the bedroom and slipped on a bikini panty, and then for the oddest reason—which she couldn’t decipher—and totally out of her normal sequence of dressing, slipped on a pair of red 4″ pumps. She checked herself out in the full-length mirror on the closet door. She turned this way, then rotated, “Not so shabby,” she said aloud.

Terri was not a slight gal by any standard. She stood 5’5″ canlı bahis şirketleri in her bare feet, and while not really big boned she presented a striking frame. Her breasts were a firm 36C, which aided in concealing the 28″ waist she had gained lately. Her legs were tanned and long and lean, leading up to a perfectly rounded rump.

Not the prettiest gal in town, but certainly a looker. Pleased with herself, she slipped on a front hooking scalloped bra that nearly overflowed with her more than ample breasts.

Next she pulled a red-flowered cotton midi-dress on, leaving the four bottom buttons unfastened. The scoop neck of the dress showed plenty of her cleavage—especially in that brasserie. “What the hell,” she said to herself, “It’s only Bill, and he’s seen me in my smallest bikini lots of times. Maybe I’ll even get lucky!”

Terri was not an exhibitionist, nor a sex-seeker, but loved it when men noticed her. And since her work attire had to be strictly-business, she always took advantage of her off time to look the most feminine she could.

When Terri arrived at Moe’s, Bill was at the bar and into his second cocktail. She was 15 minutes late. “Hell, he said 8ish.” He spied Terri in the mirror and ordered her a 7&7, which was her favorite “let’s talk to each other” cocktail. As she approached she could see amazement and more in Bill’s eyes.

“Terri, you look absolutely fantastic!” Bill gushed as he grabbed her shoulders to kiss her cheek.

She blushed with his compliment, especially for all the time the pair of them spent together, Bill had never complimented her like this.

“It’s nothing special Bill,” she quipped.

“Looks mighty special to me,” he replied, “If I didn’t know you so well, I’d think you were setting me up for a play.”

She froze half-way up on the barstool. It took her a second or two to recompose herself and settle on the stool.

As Terri slowly sipped on her 7&7, her mind raced, “Why did the rub of the soap have such an effect on me? Why did I say “What the hell it’s only Bill’ as I was getting dressed?”

Suddenly Bill broke through her reverie. “Terri, how’s the new position going? I know the calls are piling up?”

And so the discussion went on and on—about work and its problems, all through the devouring of the burgers and wiping up the last of the ketchup with the last of the fries.

Suddenly, Terri became aware that she and Bill had turned on the stools so they were half-facing each other. Terri had one heel wedged onto the top rung of her stool and the other heel flat on the floor, yielding quite a sensual view of one very shapely leg—-from her shoes all the way up to just an inch or so below her bikini bottom, and Bill was taking it all in.

She eagerly watched as he tried to be so aloof in eyeing her over. He went from her great leg view to her magnificent cleavage view, and still never missed a beat of the conversation—or a single word Terri said.

She reached over and softly grabbed his had. “Bill”, she said in a throaty purr, “You’re oogling my legs and breasts!”

Bill’s face flushed when she called his attention to it and he actually stopped to think about the fact—that yes, he had been ogling her, and it was apparent by the bulge in his Dockers what he was thinking about.

She gently squeezed his hand again to calm him, then leaned over and kissed him square on the lips. Amazed that his friend would put him in this position he drew back and said, “Terri, you and I are good friends, I couldn’t stand it if that came to an end.”

Terri stopped dead in her tracks, her lips just inches from his face. Her mind again raced through everything that had happened so far tonight. Why the soap excited her, why she wore this particular bra and this particular dress, and most important—why had she kissed her friend like that? She and Bill had kissed often, but no more serious than a brother would kiss a sister.

She rotated slightly and slid both arms around Bill’s waist, pulling him to her half-spread torso. His bulge neatly fit into the vee groove her legs formed. As she pressed his manhood against her mound, her lips again found Bill’s.

This time she applied a little more pressure and slightly parted her lips. Her heart leaped when she felt Bill respond with an ever so light touch of his tongue against her lips.

After a second or two, she pulled back and cooed, “I think it’s time to take our friendship a little further–but absolutely no attachments– canlı kaçak iddaa and we’ll always be friends!”

Bill paid the full tab at the bar, as he always did when he asked her out. She could never figure why he wouldn’t let her pay her share? He would always quip, “Next time you can treat!” But he would never let her.

Bill escorted Terri to her car in the back lot. They moved through the parking lot without touching or speaking. When they reached her car, instead of Terri unlocking the door, she leaned back against it.

Her leaning stance showed off all of the assets of her body. Her legs slightly apart again revealed another breathtakingly long view of one leg. Bill softly said good night and again reached for her shoulders to give her his usual brotherly kiss, as he always did when they greeted or parted.

Terri stepped forward so their bodies smashed together. As their bodies touched, she wrapped her arms around Bill’s neck, arched her body up and very hungrily kissed him…hard, long and wet.

Slowly, Bill’s hands came up around her waist and their tongues entwined, each searching out the mysterious depths of the others’ mouth, as they had never done before. With their bodies pressed tightly together, Terri could feel the full length of Bill’s now rock-hard erection against the thin material covering her pubic area.

She tingled as a strong shiver ran up her spine. She was REALLY enjoying Bill’s affection, and getting hot along the way. This had to be why the events she earlier could not figure out had happened. Deep within her and only now recognized, she longed for Bill’s affection.

By now, one of her legs had wrapped around one of Bill’s, drawing their bodies even closer together.

Bill was first to break the embrace. “Terri, if we’re really gonna’ do this, I’d rather not do it right here in the open. I have a lot more respect for you than that. Besides, with both of our luck, we’d be ready to go off and someone would come by.”

Realizing he was absolutely right, Terri quickly kissed his lips again, although wanton for much more. “Your place or mine?” she softly cooed.

“You live closer, let’s go to your apartment. Get in your car and I’ll get mine, and meet you there.”

She blasted back at him, “Fuck that shit! You’re not going to fuck me then run off home. You get you sweet ass into my car and I’ll drive you back in the morning!”

Now she was emphatic and demanding. He had never seen that side of her, and it excited him. “OK, you’re the boss!” he retorted.

They could barely get into the apartment before they began to devour each other. Seconds after Terri locked the door, Bill had unbuttoned her dress and Terri let it slide off of her shoulders, exposing her near nakedness to his eyes.

He couldn’t take his eyes off of her, even though he had seen her in a bikini many times. Now it was different. It wasn’t her in a bathing suit, and they weren’t at the shore—it was her, in her bra and panties…and oh what those heels did for her already sexy legs.

They somehow managed to make it to the bedroom before they had completely stripped each other, all the while touching, kissing and licking each other.

Terri slowly slid up on the bed and hooking her thumbs in the band of her bikini bottoms, flipped them off, while Bill removed his briefs and released his now 8″ cock. Although Terri had felt it against her in the parking lot, somehow she hadn’t realized it was that big. She purred with anticipation.

Bill broke the silence apologizing, “Gee Terri, I haven’t done this in a while, and I’m still apprehensive about doing it with you.”

She reached over to his hand and pulled him onto the bed. She drew her head close to his and managed to purr and moan out through her heat, “Remember what I said, we’ll always be friends. Right now, I need you to make love to me as you have never made love to anyone else before.”

Their lips again welded to each other as their tongues roamed and entwined. Slowly and tenderly Bill began to fondle Terri’s breasts. Pausing to gently grasp and pinch her nipple. She would moan and wiggle harder against him. She felt the length of his manhood slip between her creamy smooth thighs and pulsate against the bottom of her vulva. Her excitement was apparent as her moistness dripped down onto his member.

Slowly Bill’s tongue found it’s way to her neck, then her shoulder, and then to the areola and its distended nipple. He tenderly took some time with canlı kaçak bahis each of those sisters, elevating her excitement even more.

The travel of Bill’s tongue began again and it found the dimple of her belly button. Again she moaned and wiggled, but now her burn was beginning to take control of her emotions.

She brought her hands up and gently grasped Bill’s hair, pulling that marvelous tongue right to the edge of her neatly trimmed bush. The muskiness of her womanhood—mixed with the fragrances of her perfume—was driving him to animal instinct.

Finally his tongue found the entrance to her love tunnel and its entrance guard, now hard and ready for him. Bill gently flicked the tip of his tongue along the length of her clitoris.

With each flick she climbed higher and higher. Slowly he let it wander down her crevice and penetrate into the wetness of her pussy. Bill thought Terri was going to bend over backwards on the bed below him. Her buck was so hard it pulled his tongue out of her.

As he went back into her pleasure nest her tensions again rose, this time more rapidly. This time there would be no stopping the inevitable. Bill’s tongue dove deep into her love gash, while his thumb found the gem of her sexuality and manipulated it into frenzy.

Within moments her body exploded in a massive climax that shook her violently. She had not had a climax by a man since her divorce. Her fluids actually flowed out of her vagina. Bill made sure he recovered every last drop.

When she had finally regained enough of her composure to move, she hauled Bill’s head up from between her legs and kissed and licked him up one side of his face and down the other in appreciation.

She had never before tasted her own fluids, either with her husband or even after masturbation. Somehow the thought just didn’t sit right with her. She now savored and enjoyed the taste of herself mixed with Bill’s sweat and saliva, kind of a bitter-sweet taste. Yes, she liked it!

Terri managed to wriggle up on top of Bill and was now giving him a “taste of his own medicine.” She started with his ears and moved to his neck, then his chest. When she got to his nipples they too became erect. Again she was amazed at his sensitivity.

Her tongue continued to titillate every inch of Bill’s body on its downward trek. Soon she was licking and nuzzling the tip of his cock. She licked up and down the length of his shaft, tasting the pre-cum on it. She teased it and kept trying to put the tip of her tongue into its narrow slit.

Then she sucked the head of his penis into her mouth and twirled it around some. She would suck the head into her mouth and then squeeze it out, all covered with her saliva. Terri did this for a while, not realizing how far or how fast she was taking Bill. She was just having fun driving him wild with passion.

Bill placed both of his hands gently on her cheeks and guided her mouth downward. Slowly she engulfed his massive member until her nose was into his pubic hair. She could not believe she had him all in her mouth.

She pulled back to the head and did it again. Bill started to raise his hips as she began her third stroke. She made it about halfway down his long shaft when Bill released—what she thought was Hoover Dam—into Terri’s mouth.

She couldn’t believe how she did it, but she swallowed every drop of his hot, boiling cum—and loved the taste of it. Then pushed the whole length into her mouth again. She held him there, both of them motionless, until his cock began to soften.

Bill couldn’t believe what his best friend had just done to him, and what he had done to his best friend. Terri, herself, couldn’t believe what she had just done. She wouldn’t even think of something like that with her husband of two years, even though they had made love everywhere and in every way.

Terri slid off the bed and padded her way into the bathroom. She ran the faucet for a while and returned with two warmly moist cloths and two towels. Together, they tenderly and lovingly cleaned themselves and each other and cuddled.

They lie in each other’s arms, still in disbelief of what they had just done. Terri broke the silence telling Bill she was glad they had done that together. “You know we both needed that,” she said, “And isn’t it better we helped each other than let some other slug of a person get the goodies?” Bill agreed and held her close, close enough to feel his friend’s heart beating.

The next morning both of them were overly quiet as they dressed. Finally, in the car, Bill declared, “Terri…I don’t think we can do that again.”

Terri agreed, “You’re right Bill, next time it will have to be better, and you will have to let that great big wad go inside me.”

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