Steamy Getaway

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They sit together on the front porch swing, Kelly’s head on Ben’s shoulder, his arm around her, gazing at the lake beyond. The late afternoon sun is still warm, and its reflection shimmers on the lake’s surface. It’s a sultry summer’s day. They sit there for awhile, enjoying their closeness, their private, woodsy surroundings, the scents of cedar and pine in the air.

They decide to have a picnic by the lake. They sit together, stealing kisses, feeding each other strawberries, chicken fingers, and Caesar salad, and sipping sparkling apple juice. The sun begins to fade and the sky becomes dark and ominous. They take their picnic inside just as thunder rumbles in the distance and the first drops of rain begin to fall.

They spread a cloth on the rug by the fireplace and lay out the rest of their picnic. Ben feeds Kelly the last of the strawberries and then traces her cheek with his hand and tucks a wisp of her raven hair behind her ear. He leans forward to kiss her soft lips and she pulls him close to her and then….a shocking explosion, as lightning strikes nearby, followed by a deafening blast of thunder, and then…the lights canlı bahis go out.

Ben pulls himself away from Kelly regretfully, and fumbles for a flashlight. He finds a book of matches, uses one to light candles on a nearby table, kills the flashlight. Kelly comes up behind him and puts her arms around his waist, kisses his neck. He turns to look at her, her eyes glowing in the candlelight. He kisses her, then takes the candles and leads her to the bedroom.

He puts the candles on a small table by the shaded window. They stand gazing into each other’s eyes, softly smiling. He takes her into his arms, holds her close as another blast of thunder shakes the cabin. She flinches.

“Shh. It’s all right,” Ben says as he runs his hand through her hair and down her back.

“Mmmm,” Kelly moans softly.

He backs away from her slightly and looks into her eyes as he slowly unbuttons her shirt. It drops to the floor and her shorts and his clothing soon join it.

He leads her to the bed and lays her down. He kisses her softly on the lips and then goes over to the candles, extinguishing them with two soft, hot breaths. bahis siteleri Then he stands at the foot of the bed and says, “I’m going to make you forget all about the storm outside,” as he begins to massage her feet. She sighs happily.

Ben works his way up Kelly’s legs, caressing, kissing, nibbling, licking her. He runs a finger along her inner thigh, up and down, each time coming closer to her now moist pussy. Up and down, up and down, then he grazes her pussy making her moan. He traces circles around the opening with his finger until she can’t take it anymore and enters her, probing her deeply. She gasps.

“Oh my God! Yess! Fuck me!”

Then he lowers his face to her pussy and sucks her pussy lips making her writh is pleasure.

“Oh yesss!”

He continues this until she starts to come. She comes long and hard. He licks her sweetness from his finger and then licks her pussy to orgasm again, once, twice. She moans deeply, her hands in his golden hair gently and firmly drawing him closer, deeper into her pussy.

Ben then moves up Kelly’s body, leaving warm, wet kisses along the way. Sending shock waves through bahis şirketleri her body and bringing every inch of her hot, wet flesh alive. Licking, kissing, caressing, nibbling her belly, her breasts, stopping there to savor them. He takes her breasts into his hands, caresses them, and takes each nipple in turn in his teeth and flicks it with his tongue. She whimpers with pleasure. Still with one hand exploring her breasts, he puts the other hand above her head on the pillow and buries it in her hair, as he kisses her shoulders and neck., and finally gives her a long, deep, wet kiss.

He positions himself on top of her and she arches her back, rubbing her pussy against his rock hard cock. He moans as he enters her. He plunges deep inside her, making her gasp. Their bodies are on fire as he thrusts in and out, deeper each time. She is writhing with pleasure.

“Oh yess, please! Deeper!”

Ben obliges.

“Oooooh!” Kelly moans.

She wraps her legs around his waist to bring him closer, her hands pressed against his back.

Harder, faster. They are moving in unison, the passion rising up within them. Harder, faster, deeper. She trembles as she can’t hold back any longer. He senses her coming and eases his thrusts and they come together at last. They collapse in each other’s arms, caressing, kissing, finally falling blissfully asleep

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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