A Good Wife

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Double Penetration

My Hubby had worked very hard over the last 10 years for his success and had told me even before we got married that some day he hoped to be able to give me everything I wanted. All of his hard work had paid off and he was in exactly the position he had been putting in all of that effort to achieve.

We discussed what would make us both happy. He was perfectly happy providing for me, and was making plenty of money to not worry about needing a second income. I was forthcoming that I had really not been enjoying myself at work for some time now. He told me if I wanted to work, I could work, but if I wasn’t enjoying my current job then it was totally fine to quit. “Why be unhappy when you don’t need to be? Take some time, see if there is something else you want to do.” And so the decision to stop working was jointly made, and I found myself a house wife and thinking about how I could show my appreciation, and my worth in different ways.

Over the years we had amassed a collection of fetish clothing, primarily latex with some pvc and leather in the mix as well. One of the things I pledged to myself was to keep the house clean and looking put together. I found that it was much more entertaining for me to clean and tidy up the house if I got dressed up first. A latex dress and heels, leggings and a top, a catsuit, whatever suited my fancy.

The first couple of weeks I would have my fun prancing about in my shiny outfits while I went about doing things around the house, but change into something a bit more standard after I was finished. Hubby had a pretty good idea that I was occasionally wearing some of my naughty things during the day while he was at work, as he would see them on the drying rack after I had given them a rinse. He didn’t know that it started to become my daily routine: Hubby leaves for work; go put on a shiny outfit.

He gave me a call during the day just to have a chat while he was taking a break. I could hear that he was feeling pretty stressed out and he explained that I project had just been needing a lot more attention than anticipated and he was the one having to fix the situation. When we hung up the call I decided that while I couldn’t do anything about his work, I could help him unwind when he got home.

When I might have normally taken off my shiny outfit for the day I instead left it on, and added to it. I donned a pair of long gloves and stockings, the same color as my black dress, adding some black patent pumps and the hat and apron accessories from a cheap Halloween maids costume I’d purchased years ago. When I heard the garage door opening I went to the kitchen and grabbed a beer, popping the cap off as he opened the door.

“Hi Baby,” I said as approached “Here, trade me.” I handed him the beer and took his laptop bag, giving him a kiss before going to put it in the home office. When I came back he was still standing in the same spot, and hadn’t bahis firmaları yet taken a drink.

“Wow. You look amazing.”

I gave him a wry smile and a bit of a curtsy. “I’ve got dinner in the oven, should be ready in about thirty minutes.”

He finally took a couple steps forward and a drink of the beer I’d handed him. I took the opportunity to give him a hug and another kiss.

“You sounded stressed earlier, I thought I could do something to make you feel better.” I told him with my arms still around his shoulders.

“I love you, Honey. It’ll be fine, it’s just going to be a pain in the ass for a few days.”

That got the wheels spinning in my head and apparently triggered something in me. “Well in that case, I guess I’ll just have to make sure you get all of that stress out when you get home.” And I started unbuckling his belt. “Drink your beer.” I told him, gave him another quick smooch and then knelt down.

He was already almost fully hard before his pants were to the floor. I took him into my mouth and started to fondle his balls. Bobbing, licking, stroking, working his cock and balls with the singular goal of making him forget about everything else and just feel good.

His moans let me know it was working quite well. It didn’t take very long to hear his sweet attempt to warn me that he was going to cum, to which I responded by stroking him off while I sucked the tip of his cock. The warm spunk splashed onto my tongue, four strong spurts before it tapered off. I milked every last bit out of him and swallowed down the lot of it.

I tucked him back into his boxer briefs as I stood up, licking my lips. “Go relax, I’ve got dinner taken care of.” Giving his softening cock a little pat, I smiled and turned to preparing some veggies for a salad to accompany the main dinner.

It took him a moment to gather himself, and get his pants off the floor. But he was smiling the whole time so I felt pretty sure that I had accomplished my goal, at least for now. He took his beer to the couch and turned on the TV.

For the rest of the evening I stayed dressed in my latex maid outfit and took care of anything else he needed. Mostly that just involved snuggling in close, with the occasional quick trip to get a drink or something. He spent much of the evening absently running his fingers along my shiny legs or arms, touching the smooth latex. Before bed he told me “That was a really good surprise today, Honey. You’re amazing.”

Perhaps I was onto something?


The next day we had our standard morning routine. After Hubby left I took off my loungey morning clothes and began sorting through the shiny stuff to pick my outfit for the day. I ended up with latex bra and panties underneath of a red sleeveless top with a zipper up the front, and black jean-style pants. All of it latex. After making sure it was thoroughly shined up I went kaçak iddaa about my day.

Unlike the day before, Hubby didn’t make a stressful sounding call home during a break. We did text a few times, just the normal ‘hope you’re having a good day’ type of things. I wondered to myself how many times during the day he might be replaying those moments after arriving home. While I couldn’t speak for him, I thought about it a lot, more than I might have expected. I replayed the whole thing over and over, all day, to the point that I was getting turned on enough to slip my hand down into my latex pants and have a go.

As it approached time for my Hubby to be arriving home the thought of changing out of my latex hadn’t even crossed my mind the way it might have in the past. I felt sexy and I’d been thinking all day about what I’d done the previous evening. When Hubby came through the door I came around the corner dressed up in latex for the second day in a row. “Hi Baby, tell me about your day.” I said, in the most normal of tones. I walked right up to him and gave him a kiss, then started to undo his belt.

“Honey, you don’t have to…” But I cut him off mid sentence. “I know I don’t.” I gave him another kiss and half a moment later was on my knees sucking him off. I took his hands and put them on my head to encourage him to ‘help’ my bobbing head. It took less time than the day before to fill my mouth with him cum and swallow it down.

Later that evening I was laying on the couch with my head in Hubbys lap, still dressed in my latex outfit. “I hope you don’t feel like this is something you have to do just because you aren’t working, or whatever…” Hubby said, stroking my hair.

I smiled and jokingly played dumb. “What are you talking about? Laying on the couch with you?”

“You know what I mean!” He laughed, “Don’t get me wrong, it’s a hell of a way to come home. I just don’t want you to ever feel like it’s a requirement or something. I love you.”

“When you feel good, I feel good.” I told him matter-of-factly “Don’t worry. I’m not doing anything out of some feeling of guilt or something.” I sat up to face him. “You’ve said you just want me to be happy. I’m very happy.”

He looked back into my eyes thoughtfully before nodding his head. “Good. Me too.” We shared genuine smiles and settled down for a show.


“I’ll be out running errands today,” I said to Hubby as he ate his cereal, “so if you think of anything in particular you want you’d better text me or there’s no guarantee.”

“I think I’m good.”

We kissed farewell as he headed out the door. I showered and put on the shiny red dress that I’d laid out for myself, which would be covered by a less revealing dress and cardigan while I went about my errands. I had worn latex in public before, but it felt a little different this time. I’d been wearing kinky outfits every day for the kaçak bahis better part of three weeks now just as a part of my every day existence and it felt really good to include getting out of the house in that routine.

Once again I found myself thinking regularly about the events of the previous evenings; welcoming my Hubby home in naughty outfits, swallowing his cum before he’s even had a chance to take off his jacket. It felt so slutty in a really good way. Before my errands were done I knew that tonight I was going to take it even a step further. It was Friday after all.

Before Hubby got home I went and laid out the fresh outfit I planned to greet him in. Long gloves, stockings, catsuit, hood, and a corset and boots to cap it all off. Hubby hadn’t seen the hood before, I’d had it for a little while but had been waiting for a special night to surprise him with it. Apparently tonight was the night. I layered the catsuit over top of the gloves and stockings, effectively trapping them on underneath. The corset took some time to get as tight as I wanted, but finally it was on, and looked hot. I pulled my hair back in a low ponytail and tucked it into the catsuit, then pulled on the hood. I was really glad I had gotten it made to measure, it was remarkably comfortable considering what it was.

After zipping up my boots I went out to the kitchen table where I’d left one of the bags from my errands. While out earlier in the day I’d had a random thought, and picked up a leather collar and leash. I clipped off the tags and on they went.

‘This is the most fully covered in latex I have ever been’ I thought to myself while I waited for Hubby to pull up the driveway. As I stood there thinking about it I couldn’t help but smile. I was happy. It wasn’t just something I said to appease Hubby the day before. I was happy being this new version of me. This is what I wanted.

The sound of the door opening actually startled me. Somehow I had completely missed that Hubby had arrived and already pulled into the garage. Hubby seemed nearly as startled when he opened the door to find my glossy black latex coated self on the other side. “I hope you like it.” I wasn’t sure where those words had come from, and for just a moment I felt a little nervous.

“Wow…” it seemed as though he did indeed like it.

I moved forward and handed him the end of the leash and then proceeded to undo his pants. His cock was in my mouth as fast as I could get it there and I intended to make him cum fast and hard. Bobbing deep, working his shaft with one gloved hand, massaging his balls with the other. I wanted his cum, I was going to get it.

And get it I did. Hubby grunted and moaned load before his cum flooded my mouth. I held it there as I worked his cock to make sure I had all of it. Then I looked up at him and opened my mouth to show him my milky mouthful before swallowing.

“Oh my god” he said while catching his breath “that was hot.”

“Welcome home.” I said, still on my knees. I wondered how big the smile on his face would be if he knew how many more times I was going to try and make him cum.

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