Margaret is Unleashed Ch. 02

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By Dan57 From an idea by Mary

Charles and Margaret deepen their bonding


Charles and Andrew in a simultaneous gesture had taken their cocks in their hands. The girls may have been extremely polite; their caresses would have made a eunuch get hard! The two girls slowly stripped completely naked each other, taking care to keep their moves extremely slow and sexy, wantonly teasing their mates and sharing love kisses with their friend each time they could. Charles and Andrew were seeing the point of no return when they would disgrace themselves in front of their mates. But Margaret and Sara saw the urgency of their men’s desperate situation and they, in a common move, lay side to side on the table on the terrace, offering silently their bodies to the lust of Charles and Andrew. They had just the time to impale the two girls on their raging cocks with a sigh of satisfaction : they would certainly have been unable to postpone their ejaculation any longer!

It was the starting moment of a wild display of the two men’s sexual energy. Charles and Andrew tried to outrival each other. When they were so totally exhausted as that they could not obtain any reaction from their cocks, they just sat down and let Sara and Margaret play together. The competition changed completely as they both tried just to get maximum pleasure without trying to win on their mate but Sara decided to add some spice to it. She offered Margaret to receive their mates bareback and limit the use of condoms to sexual relations with other people like Francis. Margaret pointed out that she had never been able to have a baby with Francis, despite numerous attempts! Thus eliminating her husband from the pool of potential fathers wouldn’t change anything!

Sara was undeterred! She pointed out that her friend Emily who had been in the same situation as Margaret divorced after a fifteen-year marriage as her husband wanted absolutely an offspring and Emily picked up a new mate. She was dumbfounded when she missed her next period and even more surprised when she found she was expecting a baby, apparently, her ovaries always worked perfectly and the problem came just from her former husband! Emily had phoned the poor fellow to tell him that SHE was not barren as she now expected a baby. So, the truth was that HE was impotent! He could have just told her to pick a stud in the street but he had wanted to debase her. After this clash, the husband had never accepted to speak to Emily again but she was now expecting another baby from her new mate she will marry next summer! She was so happy that she didn’t care about the gossips for a very pregnant bride!

Sara and Margaret were now frequent customers for the new shop of sexy lingerie. It was named quite appropriately: ” So sensual”. Sara preferred satin undies while Margaret was quite fond of laces and ribbons. Margaret would model their new acquisitions for Charles with often quite sizable and pleasurable results. Often Charles would also fuck Sara afterward then the two girls would take Charles’ car to show their undies also to Andrew. Sara would probably get fucked a second time there, then it would be Margaret’s turn if Andrew had some strength left but it was no problem : Charles and Andrew were not the jealous type. They never considered they owned their mates : they just wanted the first opportunity to breed them! It didn’t really matter whether Charles or Edward actually did the job!

No wonder with such a purchase politic that the collection of bras in Margaret’s closet had grown considerably from what she had when she arrived at Charles’ mansion : 3 vs. 24 and still growing fast at the rate of two or three outfits each week? Margaret would never have thought she would enjoy so much living with someone very wealthy. She could now change her undies several times a day and choose colours assorted to her dress in the morning, for dinner and for an evening at a dance hall or an intimate party in a cabaret. Charles had added many kinky items that had been completely absent from Margaret’s cupboards ; slit panties, cup less bras, hour glass corsets and suspender belts she had now aplenty in all colours : lavender, red, black: were among the commonest examples but she had relatively few white pieces.

Margaret considered white clothes of any kind rather virginal or marital and that was not a colour for her! She would perhaps appear with a white bra with Francis but certainly not with Charles or Andrew. Accordingly she had gotten rid of her tights and replaced them with stockings, not the stay up type but attached to her suspender belt or to a garter. She had adopted the motto of a French mode designer : he made dresses and skirts not to enhance a girl’s beauty but to give their mates, the wish to take them off. Charles and Andrew were now experts at stripping a girl from any clothes and they continued their training assiduously! Once they were at the theatre for a formal performance, they suddenly had the strange idea to strip her out of her undies. She had to help them güvenilir bahis not to attract undue attention. She lifted her bottom from her seat to allow Charles to take off her knickers. Then she pushed her tits forward to allow Edward to remove her bra and Sara inserted a finger into her pussy and wiggled it playfully until she cummed in her chair. She had known she would leave a telltale-wet patch on the cushion on her seat but she just hoped that someone would be turned on when he or she would discover it!

So this evening, she was at her new home, alone, waiting for the return of Charles who had gone to the movies with Andrew and Sara. Margaret had been ordered to stay at home to her utter dismay. She had known this was a test; a test of her obedience, of her submission to Charles’ orders and she hated and relished together being submitted to such tests… it was even worse when she imagined Sara being mauled, caressed, explored and used in Charles’ car and enjoying every minute of it while she had been left stewing in her juice in a deserted house.

Margaret had used her time exploring her wardrobe for something suitable for the present occasion, something Charles would not have seen her into and she had found in the deeper recesses of her cupboard this long pleated dress that buttoned back and front with very small pearly buttons that would be very long to unbutton unless Charles would decide to rip it open to have direct access to her body. Margaret felt excited by Charles occasional and quite measured fit of brutality : it showed that he was a master, her beloved Master, her undisputed Owner and someday he would own her in front of Francis who she now saw as a complete sissy : she giggled with the idea of her husband wearing a frilly dress or a nightie in this house that was marked with the imprint of Charles’ very virile presence.

Margaret had voluntarily kept the signs of her presence to the minimum, limiting them to neat piles of clothes, a lush display of Charles’ club ties and leather belts. She had played with the idea that Charles would use one to punish her bottom if she teased him too far. He was certainly not the brutal type, more like the sentimental lover for her. She had sometimes played with the idea she would someday receive him on the dinner table naked with just manacles, a collar and a leash and dare him to punish her for some imaginary misdemeanour, to prove his superiority on her! Charles was incredibly gentle and caring for her but in reaction, she sometimes dreamed of being crudely manhandled and publicly used by her lover, even just once!

She heard a car in the alley leading to the dark house. Margaret had extinguished the lights and waited for Charles’ return in the dark. She was scared out of her mind it would be someone else like Francis! Yet her pussy was clenching like a nutcracker in anticipation of the return of her lover and their friends. She had left a saucer on the table and she hastily lapped at it like a cat. She sighed softly as the water brought some moisture to her parched tongue and flew down her throat. Someone opened the door that creaked in. He switched on the light and she nearly fainted when she recognized Charles!

Her master had returned at last and she screamed in joy as she jumped into his arms. She remembered the day Francis had left for Bath after just dropping a peck on her cheek. Her reaction to the return of Charles was far more filled with lust. She felt a flow of moisture drenching her pussy in anticipation of their hours of lovemaking and other games…. Sara followed him with Andrew at her side. He had a hand under her dress, negligently caressing her bum and Margaret felt a pang of jealousy as she thought that Charles had maybe made a stop in the nearby forest to double team Sara with Andrew. Margaret couldn’t wait for their interest to turn toward her neglected body!

Sara and Andrew were smiling toward Charles and had stopped to watch him dealing with Margaret who yearned for her lover’s attention. He watched her outfit. She had chosen six inches plateau shoes that made her significantly taller and slenderer. He whistled appreciatively:

– You look even prettier than this morning. I wonder how I could have left you alone here for such a long time!

That was exactly how she felt but her sorrow melted away when she felt his hand on the small of her back and he cooed in her ear : “- Princess, my Princess!”. It was sufficient for her to forget the long lonely hours she had spent waiting for him. The warmth in his voice and the pressure of his hands on her tummy sent shivers down her spine and she just emitted a few droplets of pee that soiled the table.

– God! You had never been able not to pee in front of your Master when he uses you!

Margaret knew that she deserved a punishment for this infraction! He looked at her with these marvellous hazel green eyes in which she would drown happily and they stared at her knowingly. She stayed on her four as she tuned her face impishly toward him : türkçe bahis

– If you think I need a punishment, Master, make it short and stinging if you want but I need you deep inside me!

Margaret had known that speaking of her need would make the subsequent punishment sterner but more rewarding for her. He took her collar and her leash on the stand and attached them to her neck. Then he drew her toward the table. He forced her to lick her pee from the table! Then he opened her dress from the neck down and forced her to wipe the traces of wetness on the table with her breasts. He made her lick her tits until she had removed all the crumbles on it. It was awfully humiliating but she loved such a demeaning treatment and Charles knew it!

Then her Master positioned Margaret at the edge of the table. She knew what he intended to do to her. He removed her knickers and bunched her dress around her hips. With a savage thrust, he then skewered her pussy to the hilt. She screamed in ecstasy. Charles humped forward and it felt as if she had a signpost in her twat. She felt completely full and she relished the feeling.

Charles told her that he now wanted to train her further to meet his needs : would she accept it? He warned her that it could be a bit painful but just mildly. She understood he was giving her a way out but she didn’t want to take an easy exit. She heard her voice replying in a loud assured voice :

– Yes, Master, explain me how I could service you better!

His grip tightened on her elbow as the smile grew across his face and his eyes watched her with sparkles of true love… He just forced her knees wide open and told her not to close them. She obeyed and opened her thighs even further, not caring about what Sara and her husband would think of her ; she was like Alice in wonderland : she was now on the other side of the mirror and nothing was of any importance to her any more! His hand travelled up her thigh and found the way toward her clit. She knew she was excited like hell but the softness of his touch on her most sensitive parts was maddening. She closed her eyes in bliss and just let go. In a few minutes, she was reduced to a heap of moaning flesh and begging for more…

Charles slid into bed alongside Margaret and she purred in delight for what was about to arrive. His strong hand grabbed her long ponytail and forced her to keep her head straight. He dipped his mouth to bite the base of her neck. She knew it would make a large hiccup in a place she would never be able to hide it but she enjoyed the idea he was marking her as his own. It was some sort of a brand she would never try to hide and even wore like a trophy…

Margaret played with the idea of having a picture of the hiccup taken and sending it to Francis to tell him she had now a very demanding boyfriend and she submitted to his desires with pleasure, to any of his desires as Francis had just visited her pussy in the dark and had let her worship his manhood just once or twice when he was completely drunk. On the contrary, Charles made frequent use of all her holes, but also of the valley between her udders as he called it. He described the softness of her boobs like a poet and she loved listening to his description of her tits.

Another advantage of Charles was that he enjoyed playing with her tits in plain light and sometimes on the lawn or the terrace and he didn’t care about the public they might have : Sara, Andrew or the postman who had discovered their little games on his last visit. He should have rung at the gate but Sara had left it ajar. He had entered the garden and found them in the heat of action. He didn’t seem to be too much embarrassed as he often spent his vacations on a nudist beach in Germany or in France. People stayed discreet on the beach but a few feet from there, when they were indoors or in the relative privacy of the surrounding forest, they became lusty satyrs and the postman had discovered positions that weren’t described in the famous Kama Sutra! Margaret had come to enjoy these moments of totally free frolicking. To hell with modesty and proper behaviour!

Charles had been bold enough to invite Sara and her husband and to offer Andrew to share their girls. Andrew had had a crush for Margaret since her marriage with the undeserving Francis and he had jumped on the occasion. From that moment, the two girls had been public property with just the right of pre-emption for their official partner. Sara would never know who had sired the baby developing in her womb and she didn’t want to know… By the way, Margaret didn’t remember when she had had her last period! God! She must have missed it! She had been so totally engrossed with Charles that nothing else kept any importance!! She would ask Sara to bring her a test and visit a physician before telling anything to Charles!

Charles pulled her toward him and with a fire in his eyes started to maul her breasts. She shrieked, moaned and screamed at the same time but never tried to break free as soon as his arms güvenilir bahis siteleri had wrapped tight around her. As always, she became instantly his willing slave and nothing was too dirty for her to provide him the ultimate pleasure!

Margaret instinctively assumed the position of offering he had patiently taught her : legs neatly folded under her bum, knees widely parted, feet tucked under her ass, back straight with shoulders back and hands obediently crossed behind her back and the final touch : her eyes watching up at him, never stopping to watch him in the eyes from downward. Each time she was in that position, she felt totally submissive to him, his play doll, to do with her just what he wanted. At this moment, she was totally his. She really belonged to him and she would willingly jump into a fire for him. That was the moment he always wanted her to admit her subservience. This time, it would be in public and it gave a special flavour to it :

– Whom do you belong to, Margaret?

– You, Master!

– What are you, Margaret?

– Your slut slave, Master! I am here to fulfil all your wishes!

– Then open my fly, my obedient slut slave!

Her fingers shook as she reached up and unbuttoned the front of his pants, something that she always did religiously as if she was servicing a god! He continued to give her instructions, not that she needed them but to impress Sara who was far from being so totally subservient and needed hours of intensive training to reach that level of obedience.

– Take it out and put it in your mouth where is its place!

Margaret reached into his trousers and pulled out her Master’s cock. Sometimes his orders changed : a week before he had ordered her to aim his cock toward her open mouth and he had peed straight into her mouth. It had been disgusting but she had done her duty without faltering! This time, they had spectators and she understood he was less adventurous. She looked at his magnificent cock at short range! It was so large, really huge! She couldn’t understand how such a huge tool could fit into her indecently tight pussy! Charles loved to hear her plead that his big cock would never fit into her tiny pussy but it always slid effortlessly into her love channel and she screamed in bliss just when he wanted. She was now fully reamed to his girth and she wondered how it would now feel to have Francis’ little cock again in her pussy : he was so much smaller! Would she get any pleasure from his entry any more?

Margaret leant forward and wrapped her lips around this monster, moaning softly in delight at the taste and smell of this fine morsel that would soon get buried into her sopping wet snatch. For the time being, Margaret rolled her Master’s cock in her mouth to fully enjoy its pungent aroma. Charles smiled down at his submissive girl while he repeatedly filled her mouth with his cock. He saw from the corner of his eyes, Sara watching her friend in silent awe. She was on her tiptoes, looking avidly at her friend sucking passionately her lover.

Charles thought it was time to include Sara in these games of domination! He ordered her in a commanding voice to kneel in the grass and start sucking Andrew’s cock. He filled her to the back of her throat in a single shove but, as she wasn’t accustomed to deep throat a true man, she gagged hard on it, tears appearing in the corner of her eyes already, but she was fighting gallantly her reflex to throw up. Margaret had been a natural at it and she soon learned how to receive Charles’s cock deep in her throat. Sara would learn too even if it would be more difficult but she would soon learn to accommodate cocks that could reach a foot length into her throat. Andrew’s cock finally came to rest against Sara’s chin. She smiled when she considered her accomplishment. Margaret was also totally satisfied but she now considered it her usual girly duty, nothing to be excessively proud of! Now she had been totally set free, nothing could attain her self-confidence in her skills : she was on the loose and totally wild!

– A good job, darling! Now, now be a good girl and suck it until I come into your mouth, dear. Of course, you will swallow it all without spilling a single droplet!

Sara tightened her mouth around the rigid cock wondering how this will ever fit in her ass because she had seen Charles doing it to Margaret and her friend had told her the two men wanted to give them the same training! Whatever Charles did to Margaret, Sara would be expected to endure the same torments sooner or later and then they would just swap girls. Sara was much smaller than Margaret but she was meant to receive Charles’s huge poker in her ass just like her friend.

To Sara’s complete surprise, Charles positioned Margaret on his lap. He clearly intended to give her a sound spanking and Margaret stayed on his lap, totally passive as if getting spanked was now her normal duty. In fact, Charles had brought her several videos of hard spanking, and she was familiar now with purple asses, sore bums and she had finished to accept it and consider it would be the logical next step of her training. She had understood that the time had come, that she could do nothing to avoid it and she had decided to let it happen!

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