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This story involves incestuous sex acts between siblings. It also involves a male of larger than average manhood. If that sort of thing upsets you then please look elsewhere for a read. All sex involves characters of age 18 or older. The characters and events are purely fictitious and any resemblance to actual people or events is purely accidental…you lucky bastard! Don’t forget to vote!

Hi, I’m Ron, 20 years old and enjoying life on my own. My folks tried to be good parents, but that usually morphed into their being way more strict than they needed to be. On top of that my dad turned into psycho man if you went against his wishes. Three months after turning 18 I graduated high school and turned my part-time computer industry job into a full time position making more than dad did. Hell, I’d been writing programs and developing computer games since I was ten so there was no way they would NOT hire me full time!

Mom was shocked and upset that I moved out within one week of graduation. Neither of them knew how much I was making, just that they didn’t have to “shell out money” all the time to me. The only thing I missed from home was my younger sister, Tracy, who is two years my junior. We saw each other only on the couple times I dropped by the house to see them each month and the few times dad would grudgingly drive over to my house. Pissed him off that I had bought a nicer house than they had since I was just, in his words, “a snot nosed kid”.

Tracy turned 18 in January and is struggling to finish high school before leaving home for “someplace sane” as she puts it. It’s only March so she has a while to wait yet.

I pulled into my driveway after work and a stop at the grocery store on a Friday night. As I grabbed the bags of food and a 30 pack of Bud Light I thought I heard something. I did as Tracy stepped around the corner of my house saying, “Damn, I thought you were never coming home! I’ve been waiting for nearly two hours and you’d better not be a shit to me as I’m in NO mood for it!”

“Hey sis, don’t get your panties in a knot!” I said as I managed to give her a half-hug while not dropping my bags and beer. “Lets get inside and I’ll put this stuff away while you tell me what’s eating you.”

Well, she silently agreed to that by taking the beer (with a groan) so I could dig out my key. Soon everything was put away so I looked at her and asked, “Do you want a beer? You are 18 aren’t you?”

“Damn it…don’t you start on me too! And yes, I’ll take a beer!” She glared at me briefly before softening and saying “Please.”

I grabbed two beers and guided her to my family room (hell, I call it that even though I’m a family of ONE!) where we sat on the couch, Tracy to my right. “Okay” I said after taking a swig of beer, “what seems to be getting you all riled up?”

My sister struggled briefly then finally managed to open her can as she replied, “I am sick of people thinking that I am still a little kid! I’m an adult now for goodness sakes! Last week I asked out this really nice guy in my class and he told me ‘Thanks but I don’t date girls not in my grade. Too bad you’re not two years older!'” She took her first swig of the beer – a big one – and nearly choked gasping “Damn how can you drink this shit?!”

“Don’t try to down the can in one gulp sis. Small sips are best to start with…later maybe then you can try chugging it but not at first.”

“Well, I’ll try, but I got so pissed talking about that…well SHIT!” Then she took another but smaller drink of beer and gave me an ugly face of disgust. “Damn it’s just as bad doing it slowly; how the fuck can you drink this crap?!”

I laughed at her before replying, “Like I said, it takes some getting used to. And just when did my gentle little sister become a potty mouth? I don’t ever remember hearing you swear before.”

“I am NOT little! I’m an adult and a woman now…and I don’t want to be treated like a little kid by anyone! GOT IT?”

“Yeah I got it sis, that’s why I offered you the beer because you can now legally drink it. We both know that 18 is the age of adulthood in this state.” I looked at her in puzzlement before pushing on, “But you said you are also a woman and…um…to me that…um…means that…um…”

Tracy rescued me from my struggles by interrupting with, “Yes brother, I AM a woman! Fully and completely a woman in every sense of the word!”

“Jesus sis, I didn’t mean to embarrass you,” she was beet red, “but again, I had no idea that…”

“Well I have…so there!”

I took a slow drink of my beer as I looked into her eyes. Finally I pulled down my can and softly said, “Sorry sis, I didn’t mean to upset you even though I’ve been doing that a lot today. What I really meant was that as long as you are okay with that then so am I.”


“You ARE okay with it aren’t you?”

“Um, yeah. I just…um…was hoping it would be better…you know.”

“Oh! Gosh, I um…damn it I just…shit, what is a brother to say to that?”

We looked at each other and both lifted our beers together. I hoisted bursa escort mine as if in toast to her and she smiled and lifted hers as well. “Well sis, what did we just toast to?”

“To first bumbling fucks and much better ones later in life!”

“Here, here!” I replied as I hoisted my can and drained it down.

Tracy followed me and when her hand pulled the can from her lips it clanked onto the table as empty as mine had. “Damn sis!”

“Don’t get me pissed, Ron. More please.”

“Well, since you said ‘please’ I suppose so.”

Instead of just getting two cans I grabbed eight and put six into a small cooler along with enough ice to keep them cold. After putting the cooler on the end table I sat beside her and handed her one. “Thanks bro. I like a man that plans ahead!”

“Is it planning or just being lazy?”

“You have never been lazy a day in your life and you know it!” Tracy said before grinning at me as her fingers more easily opened her can.

We talked for quite a while but still I was in the dark as to why she had been so upset when I got home. It seemed we were skirting the issue. So I pushed her with, “So from what you said, that guy in your class turned you down over a week ago, right? And you gave up your virginity last Saturday so I don’t see how either of them could have gotten you as pissed as you were when I got home. Spill it sis, why were you so upset?”

“Our damned parents!” she blurted out. “Well, really it was just dad but mom goes along with every thing he says so it would still be both of them!”

I just looked at her questioningly and finally she nearly yelled out, “Dad said only sluts and tramps did that!” and she started crying.

Quickly I pulled her into my arms and held her as she cried buckets full for several minutes. During that time I cussed myself for thinking about how nice she felt in my arms, her firm tits crushed into my chest and arms tight around me. Her head was to the left of mine so when we pulled back I wiped her tears and kissed her nose with a small smile. As we pulled back further I looked down to my left and said “Nice.”

“Were you scoping out my tits? Jesus bro, how could you do that to me?”

“NO! God no! I was noticing your tattoo; I’ve never seen it before.”


“Honest! I like the tight design of your tribal band. And the color combination is really great, not too bold but a great match. Any way, what did you do that dad thinks makes you a tramp?”

“I got a tattoo! One look at it and he went crazy. I finally had to leave so I came here. While I waited for you I thought about it and thought he might be right.”

“Huh? How could you think that?”

“Well, I got this just before I let him fuck me.” I started to say something but she stopped me with her finger on my lips as she went on. “So anyway, right after I get this give up my virginity when I fuck the guy who did it, so I figured that dad might be right and it did make me a slut!”

“No way! Besides, it’s a really beautiful tat. But I am curious how that could make you jump into the sack with any guy.”

“Oh, sorry. I could tell by the bulge in his pants that he was getting really turned on while doing the tattoo so I figured why the hell not. I mean he was cute and muscular and nice enough…”

“Hold on sis. Just what kind of pervert gets turned on from putting that on your arm?”

Tracy quickly grabbed her beer and swallowed down over half of it while her face turned many shades of red. Finally she stopped drinking and pulled down her can then burped out one that any guy would be proud of. “Oh shit…I’m sorry about that!”

“Don’t be, comes with the beer free of charge.”

We both laughed after which she ignored my question for several seconds. I just kept looking at her waiting for my answer. “Oh all right, I’ll tell you. But not a word of this to our parents! I mean it, neither of them!”


“Oh god…it was my second tattoo that got him all worked up. Me too, when I think about it.” She squirmed uncomfortably before finally giving me a terrified look as she said, “I got another tattoo…in a much more personal spot!” She looked at me and saw I wanted to know more so her hand slowly moved to her crotch and she said, “It’s right here.”

“No shit! Well hell, no wonder he got all worked up. Most guys would when that close to a, um, well you know.”

“Nice way to get out of saying it bro. I guess he liked the way my PUSSY looked!” she said shocking me as she had never mentioned the female sex organ to me before…ever. “He looked really excited and with his hands and face, you know, RIGHT THERE! I guess I did too. One thing led to another and soon I had his cock out and then he was inside of me. It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would, but my fingers wrapped around it real easily so maybe he wasn’t that big.”

When she said that I spewed beer out my nose nearly choking in laughter. “Holy shit sis, how many beers have you had so far?”

“Speaking of which…” she said as she got up and slowly bursa escort bayan walked out to the kitchen where she filled the cooler and came back carrying it and two more beers. “The answer to your question is ‘not enough’ dear brother. So you aren’t mad at me for getting these tattoos?”

“Why should I, it’s your body, and as long as you don’t end up with hideous designs covering you then go for it. That guy at school might have thought you were too young for him, but I think you are super hot and HE is too immature for you!”

“Do you really mean that? Both parts of it?” Tracy looked into my eyes then watched as my eyes slowly scanned down her body and back up till our eyes met once again. I nodded my head and she burst into the biggest grin I had ever seen on her.


“You really did just scope me out! My brother is checking out my body! You are a pervert and you know it!”

“Hey I was just trying to answer your question! Besides, you sure seemed to enjoy me looking. I’ve never seen you grin like that.”

“So what do you think now?”

“Yeah well I’m finding out that my little sister has grown up all of a sudden! I was surprised by the first tattoo, but that second one just blows me away! Wow, sis, I am glad to know the new you!”

“I’d say that back at you but you are still my same old brother.”

“Oh I don’t know about that.”


“Um…don’t tell our folks but I have…I have a tattoo also.”

“You lie! I’ve seen you in shorts with no shirt and you do NOT have a tattoo!”

“Hey, you are not supposed to see it.”

“Where is it then, on you ass?”

“Hell no.”

“Hip? Right under your belly button? Oh bull crap, you are kidding me aren’t you?”

“No sis, it’s in nearly the same spot as your second one is,” I said as I patted my abdomen just above my cock.

Suddenly Tracy clammed up as if pondering this news. We sat there drinking in silence, a fact that escaped me until I took the last two cans from the cooler. Tracy grabbed one from me before I could ask if she wanted one.

“Are you sure sis?”

“Oh yeah! I need it bad.”

“You need it for what? Please don’t tell me you want to get drunk the first time you have beer.”

“No Ron, I just need to get my courage up.”

“For what?”

Sis stared at me for what felt like hours before she finally slowly asked, “What is your tattoo about?”

“Just some text that means a lot to me.”

“You’re shitting me again, bro. Come on, tell me what it is.”

“Shit Tracy, you are really crazy tonight. It says ‘Holy shit W A C’. It’s not real big as I really don’t plan on very many people seeing it.”

“Really? I don’t get it, what does ‘wac’ mean?”

“Personal, sis. Besides, you never told me what your second one is.”

“Oh shit.” Tracy looked away and looked very nervous before saying, “Please don’t hate me Ron, it says ‘Cock goes’ and two small arrows point around both sides of my clit to my pussy.”

“Now it’s my turn to tell you that you are lying. You are just trying to poke fun at me for having letters above my crotch.”

“Nope, I need to pee!” Then she darted faster than I expected on her way to the nearest bathroom. I went to the next one and got rid of my beers then washed my hands before returning to the family room.

Shortly Tracy returned and stopped in front of me. “Tell you what bro. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours! That way both of us will know who’s lying and who isn’t.”


“If I go first will you promise to go second? I really don’t want to feel like a fool if you won’t do it.”

“Oh all right, but you are really crazy.”

Tracy hesitantly moved her fingers to her belt and slowly undid it as if not sure if she really wanted to go further. Finally she had it undone and then worked on the button. It fought her and then popped open suddenly letting her shorts drop to the floor in a half-second or less. “Shit! I just meant to pull that down a bit,” she gasped in shock as I marveled at how sexy my sister’s body looked in just her panties and pull-over blouse.

“Damn!” I said quicker than I could stop myself. I guess the beers were getting to me as I looked up into her eyes and then slowly scanned down her body and then back up to find her watching me intently. “This time I really was checking out your body and…DAMN you look mighty fine to me!”

She let out a gush of air before smiling at me. “Good! I was worried maybe I didn’t look very good since I got turned down last week and then when I…never mind.”

“When you what, sis?”

“Damnit! Shit this is embarrassing.” It was incredible watching nearly half of her body turn through every known shade of red as she struggled with finishing her tale. She finally stomped her little right foot as she said, “Oh all right…I’ll tell you! But don’t you dare breathe a word of this to ANYONE! When…when I got my tattoos and I let him…you know…I must not have gotten him very excited after all.”

“How can that be since you said he was hard escort bursa in his pants?”

“I know…I just…well, like I said, it didn’t hurt as much as I expected it to, and he was finished pretty quick. I always thought it would…you know…take longer…be more enjoyable.”

I tried to get her to explain that but she just kept saying, “Nope, your turn to start stripping down.” After the third time I groaned then stood up and dropped my slacks to my ankles.

“No fair! Your shirt goes way too far down! Loose it bro.” I had seen her scowl before and knew she meant it so I shrugged and quickly unbuttoned three buttons and whipped it over my head then tossed it aside. Now I stood before her in just my boxers with my socks sticking up out of my crumpled pant legs.

“Happy now?”

“Shit bro, when did you get muscular? Damn you look better than any guy at school!”

Tracy blushed again as she realized just what she had said, I too blushed and said, “Well thanks sis, now how about showing me what I’ve been waiting for.”

“Oh gosh…here goes.” With that she looped her thumbs inside the waist band of her panties and slowly pushed it lower and lower. She stopped when two words came into view. “There…now show me yours.”

Instead I stared for several moments at the delicate lettering that appeared against her alabaster skin. Tracy finally got my attention with a giggle and a clearing of her throat, to which I replied, “Nice sis, that is very nice.”

My hands carefully pulled my boxers down over my hips until the words ‘HOLY SHIT’ appeared along with the tops of three letters below them. I stopped there and my boxers clung to my hips just barely.

“There you go sis. However I can’t seem to see any arrows pointing anywhere.”

She flicked her eyes from my crotch to my face and back for several seconds before grabbing her beer and taking a pretty good sized gulp. “Not yet Ron, I haven’t seen all of those letters yet.” Then she reached out quickly and gave my boxers a tug from each side, baring my entire tattoo along with the start of my cock which thus far was behaving itself. Tracy let go of my boxers and looked at my entire tattoo for maybe three seconds before to my dismay, my boxers slipped completely off of me and dropped onto my slacks around my ankles. Tracy’s eyes dropped to my cock and grew huge as she gasped, “Oh god! I’m so sorry, I didn’t…I never…oh shit!”

Her hands dropped to my ankles and tried to grasp my boxers so she could pull them up. Instead she tugged at them making me shake and move unsteadily before her so that when she looked up towards my face all she noticed was my six inch soft cock hanging between my legs. Her mouth opened several times but no words came from her, only a sort of gasping sound.

After about fifteen seconds I broke her trance by asking, “Well, can you see all of the letters now?”

Her eyes blinked and still looking at my cock limp she said, “Huh, what Ron?” Then her eyes shot up about four inches so she could finally look at my tattoo and her eyes slowly moved as she took in the entire thing, both the arch of the two words as well as the three letters below them. With a shake of her head she finally stood back up (leaving my boxers at my feet) and said “It’s sort of plain, don’t you think?”

As the letters were just plain and looked sort of like large print in a book, she had a point. “Nobody that’s seen it before has felt that way. However, it is your turn again as I need arrows.”

Both of us grabbed our beers and took big gulps while Tracy kept looking at my cock…um, tattoo. Our eyes met and she gave me a sort of smile then her eyes again went towards my crotch. “I don’t think this is fair, Ron,” she said before her hands whipped her blouse over her head and tossed it over with my shirt.

“It’s only fair Ron, now be quiet,” she said as her fingers unhooked the front clasp then let her bra drop to the floor. Her eyes were locked onto mine watching my reaction while I stared at her perfect firm 34B tits capped with bright pink circles. I have no idea how long she waited but I dropped my gaze when I noticed her hands push her panties over her hips and then let them drop to her feet.

“God that is really nice Tracy. No wonder he got so hot, you are a really well put together woman.” My eyes slowly moved back up to her face as I breathlessly took in all – and I do mean ALL – of her new womanly charms.

Her eyes were still locked onto my own as she softly asked, “So tell me Ron, what do the letters stand for?”

“The first time I ever had sex was with the mother of one of my buddies. God she was such a MILF then! Anyway, the fourth time she came she screamed quite loudly, ‘Holy shit…what a cock!'”

“Stop right there Ron,” Tracy interrupted. “How sound asleep were you when you had this dream about you making somebody cum FOUR times? Come on now, be honest with me.”

Our eyes were still locked together so I knew Tracy was oblivious to the effect her awesome naked body had on my prick. So I went on, “I’m trying to be. Anyway I really liked it when she yelled that out and by the time we stopped she had came at least six times really hard. So I figured if I could do that the first time I fucked a woman then I might as well remember what she said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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