Lawyers in Lust Ch. 03

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Lacey Cuyler lay stretched out on a massage table in her New York City hotel room. To call it a room, however, simply insulted the decadence of the space her body currently inhabited. The “room” was actually the Penthouse apartment atop the Hudson Hotel in Manhattan. The Penthouse apartment struck a tasteful balance of modern creature comforts with elements of romantic classical design. The area that Lacey was currently relaxing in consisted of an all-glass, ivy-covered solarium stretching twenty feet high. Inside the enclosure sat custom furniture and a rather enormous Murano glass chandelier.

How much did it all cost? Lacey didn’t even remember the nightly rate. In all likelihood, she never asked. She knew, though, that her name and credit card – co-signed by her husband Harrison – pretty much covered everything a woman could desire. For all the beauty in the apartment, however, most men and a rather impressive array of women would likely agree that Lacey was the most attractive accoutrement in the room.

Lacey hailed from a modest middle class home in North Carolina. Everybody knew early on that she would be one of the people in the world blessed with captivating beauty. When she went off to college at eighteen she stood at 5’7″ with thick, wavy golden hair. She had dazzlingly large, cornflower blue eyes that never seemed to move far from the mellow state they tended to be in – beauty really can relax one. Her breasts were a natural, large C-cup with broad nipples that would harden into long nozzles that could draw stares even through substantial bras. Her legs almost seemed too thin for her body as they drew up to a round and juicy ass. The combined effect of these physical attributes was a southern doll with natural glowing beauty. Lacey knew how to use her attributes.

From the time she was sixteen, Lacey could bend men and women to her will with a mere laugh or a smile. Soon, she learned that slightly more complicated physical endeavors would reward her with even more riches. While she had cultivated a sense of style and taste from an absurdly young age, she never did fancy herself a worker. She’d rather glance at catalogs and research the “good life” then work algebra problems or read the classics. Beautiful face and sumptuous body aside, her dalliances and mental flights of fancy led to poor grades. When she was a senior, her high school counselor sought her out to explain the situation.

At first, his tone was serious as he explained the dire consequences of her poor grades. No college would accept her. She didn’t seem worried though, and she continued to meet with Mr. Tabbit twice a week. Though a dedicated school official, the strain was hard on the 40 year-old guidance counselor. His once lovely wife had succumbed to the atrocities of middle age sloth and was a shell of her old self. Even worse, she no longer had any interest in sex. Normally, this situation was acceptable, and he could distract himself with work or hobbies. But Lacey, well, Lacey allowed him to see a gorgeous young ingénue on a frequent basis.

His desires eventually broke him. They started meeting in early September and by mid-October, he made his move. Once the counselor concluded that she was beyond the age of consent, they struck a deal where Lacey would show him a bare body part in exchange for certain grades.

When he broached the idea to her, he thought for sure she would run to the police. He mentioned it as a joke at first. “It’s not like I could change your grades if you flashed your legs you know?” he had joked. She wasn’t that stupid. She caught hold of his hint and eventually agreed to show him pretty much every inch of her beautiful body. She started with her legs. Then her bare arms. Then her lightly muscled back. Then her panty covered behind. Her breasts. Her golden furred mound. Finally, she would come to him and spend the entire meeting in the nude.

The deal worked swimmingly. The counselor was rewarded with perhaps the most stunning view in the Southern United States, and Lacey popped herself into UNC with an impressive scholarship. He never even tried to touch her. She thought that was incredibly sweet and upon graduation left him with a quick kiss, a handful of self photos with her face blacked out, and a few pieces of her favorite lingerie. Years later he still had them.

Lacey’s machinations at UNC eventually lead her to Harrison Cuyler. She was a tableau of co-education beauty when Harrison had been dispatched to the university looking for law school grads. As a hiring partner of the law firm of S&G, he always enjoyed these university visits. Standing 6’5″ with salt and pepper hair, he kept himself in shape and liked showing off to the young co-eds. He always joked to himself that if these girls dutifully read their Glamour and Cosmo they’d know that they needed to have at least one “older business man” fling. After 3 years of trips and a goodly amount of sex, the magazines had clearly been right. On one of these recruiting visits, he found himself at UNC.

Well, bahis firmaları in actuality, he had been dispatched to Duke University, but found UNC to be more fitting to his libidinal tastes. He’d gladly hire from Duke, but on his off hours he would linger on the UNC campus. As a good looking professional, he felt that he could work his magic on any number of willing, naïve co-eds. He hadn’t counted on Lacey and his world flipped the moment he saw her. He was walking to the student union and saw her in a Hefner-esque display of what college should be. She had on a white sun dress with cute white sandals and her golden hair pulled back in a bright blue hair clip. He almost drooled.

For her part, Lacey could smell the money on success on Harrison, and it didn’t take long for her to finish her senior year and move to Chicago. At first, she went to fill a job that Harrison had created just for her. Lacey and work, however, never lasted long. She quickly became engaged and stepped into a new life. By all accounts, the wedding was spectacular.

Clearly, Harrison had found his belle and Lacey had found a healthy meal ticket. Sex between the two was a bit odd though. To Harrison, monogamy was not something to be practiced. Frankly, he didn’t care if Lacey practiced it either. Still, she seemed fairly immune to the swoon he induced in most women.

For most women, discovering that your fiancée to be has enormous cock would be a mouthwatering, thigh-clenching bit of wonderfulness. And surely, Lacey did try to play along. While she had withheld sex for as long as possible with Harrison, she finally consented when she first moved to Chicago. It hadn’t bothered Harrison. He kept his stable of women around to keep his powder dry. Lacey was different. She was the trophy. She was the proof and the receipt that he had made it. Sex would come, and frankly the tension was to his liking.

Their sex life, however, was far from grand. Lacey never truly enjoyed it, and Harrison only enjoyed the actual act of looking upon Lacey. He was unsure she had even climaxed with him. Her mewing cries of passions rung fake to Harrison.

Lacey was surprisingly not drawn to Harrison’s enormous package. It was only his money that truly got her wet. More to the point, Lacey had a secret. As lovely as Harrison’s cock was, she had discovered in her sophomore year that she was a lesbian. She wouldn’t embrace her sexuality – it would have been too costly – but she certainly would not deny it. Well, she wouldn’t deny it in private…

Currently in New York, however, her masseuse was working Lacey’s shoulders with massage oil.

“That’s faaaantastic Alexa,” crooned Lacey in a slight southern drawl.

Alexa worked in an upscale Manhattan spy. She stood about 5’5″, and had dirty blonde hair that was cut in a short, messy style. She wore black cat-eye glasses and had brown eyes. Her skin was well cared for and held a glow despite her naturally pale color. She wore a white smock with her name emblazoned across her right breast.

“Full treatment today ma’am?” asked Alexa.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” responded Lacey as she turned her head to the left and rested on the massage table.

Alexa worked her way down Lacey’s flawless back. She kneeded through any tense muscles she found. Once she got to her waist, she lightly drew her fingernails down Lacey’s back – running from her shoulders down to her butt.

“Mmmmm,” shivered Lacey in response.

Alexa started to work the muscles in Lacey’s ass. She worked the gluts and strayed downward to Lacey’s upper thighs. With subtle movements, she drew Lacey’s firm ass cheeks apart.

Alexa removed her glasses and lowered her lips to Lacey’s rump. Slight kisses followed along her milky globes until she reached Lacey’s rear rosebud. Despite Alexa’s obvious skill at massage, the true reason that Lacey always sought her out – and in fact, frequently flew her to Chicago – was due to a lovely surprise in Alexa’s mouth. She was blessed with an extraordinarily long tongue. It seemed to have a mind of its own – separate from the normally shy masseuse to whom it was attached. That noteworthy tongue began to flicker in between Lacey’s taut ass cheeks. It circled and circled until Alexa’s kitten-like licks totally surrounded Lacey’s asshole.

“Aaaaaaaw…mmmmmmm…ooooo!” Lacey squealed with delight as Alexa’s tongue playfully stabbed forward into her round butt.

Alexa moved Lacey’s rump into the air and brought her up to her knees. With loving strokes, Alexa pried apart Lacey’s nether lips and began to run her tongue up and down her folds in a slow, steady rhythm.

“Uuuuhnn, that’s it,” moaned Lacey as she reached to cup her own breasts and tweak her nipples.

The scene was worthy of an erotic photo session. Lacey’s smooth pussy lips were being licked by a long luscious tongue. The back and forth swipes of Alexa’s tongue were being supplemented by a sloppy side to side motion that seemed to attack every inch of Lacey’s lips and clit. Her oral dance drew on for kaçak iddaa only ten minutes before Lacey’s delicate toes curled.

“oooooo uh uh uh yes uh uh mmmmmmmmm,” offered Lacey as orgasm began to take her.

Alexa read Lacey’s signs and fully extended her tongue. She used the flexible tip to tap and wetly caress Lacey’s stiff and sensitive clit.

Lacey shuddered through her first orgasm, but Alexa’s ministrations did not end. Instead, she softly drew circles with her nails up Lacey’s thighs. Without removing her tongue from Lacey’s clit, she softly sunk a finger into Lacey’s warm pussy. Another orgasm thundered through Lacey’s body.

“Do…do…not stop…I’m feeling spectacular today,” ordered Lacey.

Alexa smiled to herself as her tongue continued to dance. She involuntarily squeezed her thighs together and felt warm, wetness deep inside her. She had no desire to stop.


Mark Sumner sat in the guest chair on the right side of Harrison Cuyler’s corner office at the law offices of S&G. His dark hair was cut short and slicked back. He wore a navy pinstripe suit with a subdued maroon tie. Even though it was a comfortable 71 degrees Fahrenheit in Harrison’s office, Mark kept his jacket on whenever he came to see Harrison.

Brooke Strauss sat to Mark’s immediate left. Unbeknownst to the two men in the office, Brooke had experienced quite an interesting weekend. Her assistant Michelle had exposed her to a unique drug of unknown origin. Michelle knew it as Lujuria, but Brooke knew it only as the foreign substance that Michelle had placed in her evening tea. The substance had driven Brooke to crashing sexual heights and had suddenly awakened her libido. She crossed her long bare legs. She wore a dark skirt suit with white shell underneath. Her tanned legs ended in shiny, black three inch pumps. She flexed her calves as she struggled to listen to Harrison.

Harrison was quickly running through the details of the new case on which he had staffed Mark and Brooke. The “Martin” case involved a series of alleged frauds committed against Martin and Associates – a relatively new P.R. firm. They stemmed from Martin and Associates’ dealings with a local analytics firm. It had the potential of bringing in seven figures in fees. It was by no means the largest matter for the firm, but Harrison planned to allow Mark and Brooke to largely manage the case on their own. He would only be supervising.

In addition to briefing Mark and Brooke, Harrison was also memorizing the luscious lines of Brooke’s tanned legs. His early Saturday morning phone call with Brooke had not left his memory. After hearing her racing breath, his mind had conjured up images of Brooke straining towards sexual release rather then recovering from a run as she had explained. Little did he know he was correct.

For her own part, Brooke was also distracted. She quickly took notes as Harrison divided up the work load for the new case, but she was also dying to wring Michelle’s neck. Michelle had knowingly endangered her by “spiking” her tea. Her anger, however, was diluted by an odd thankfulness. Michelle’s drug had allowed Brooke to have the best weekend she’d had in years. She didn’t even have to leave her condo. While she was normally even and calm, her emotional confusion was affecting her cool. Harrison took note of the cute flush across her cheeks and chest.

“Ok,” Harrison barked as he clapped his hands together. “We’re set here, yes? I want you guys to meet this afternoon and plan to go over to Martin and look through their computer databases. If we can find the back up, these guys are nailed. But I want to see the proof before we file the complaint. No fucking around. Talk to me later this week with your conclusions and a draft complaint.”

Mark nodded quickly to Brooke and darted out of the office. Brooke told him that she’d meet him at three in the library, and she made her way to her office.

Harrison leaned back in his chair and looked around his office. His corner office looked out on the Chicago River. While he could see out, nobody could penetrate the silvery covering that encased the entire building. Unlike many of the offices at the firm, Harrison had no windows to the inner office. It was clearly his universe.

His office was modern and sterile. The only thing that came close to being natural was the black granite desk that sat in the middle of the room. It took a team of movers to get the mammoth thing into his office, but he didn’t care. The décor of the office was mostly black and tan in color and the smooth dark finish of the desk fit perfectly. The ends of the desk had an unfinished rock surface to it. The top was carved out of one piece of granite and the rest of the desk was built to fit underneath it. He sat in a sleek black Aeron chair. His guest chairs were black leather. The carpet was deep beige. The entire office looked cool and clean…and powerful.


“Come on in Teresa,” said Harrison as he rested his Cole Haan shod feet on his desk.

Teresa, Harrison’s kaçak bahis personal assistant, entered quietly with her head tilted slightly towards the floor and closed the door behind her. Teresa stood only about 5’1″ in her stocking feet, but she was currently wearing three inch heels as Harrison had previously dictated. He had found her in the firm’s secretarial floater pool after he had loudly dismissed his previous secretary. When he first saw her he had only known about her strong reputation for organization and quiet demeanor. A brief amount of research revealed that she was a fairly devout Catholic girl from a large Mexican-American family on the South Side. She was only twenty years old, but she had been working at the firm for three years now. Harrison took her on as his assistant for a trial basis. After one month, he was thrilled. She was competent, quick, and thorough. She was also incredibly shy, but she held up well against Harrison’s occasional screaming fits.

Their work relationship was actually pretty close to normal until the Andamo matter. Andamo was a rather annoying businessman who demanded that Harrison handle all of his legal needs big and small. The matter in question involved the closing of Mr. Andamo’s house in Suburban Chicago. Like any other case, whenever Teresa worked overtime she was required to bill to the specific case. Harrison knowing the importance of Andamo’s work, personal preformed all of the billing reviews. He located the mistake and reviewed it once, twice, and again until he knew the conclusion. Teresa was padding her overtime.

When confronted with the claim, Teresa collapsed like a house of cards. She needed her job badly and quickly disintegrated into tears while in Harrison’s office. Something caught him that evening. He knew that he would likely have to fire Teresa. Unless…

Currently, Teresa was sitting primly in Harrison’s guest chair reviewing the rest of his week. When she got to the end of the week, she paused expectantly waiting for further instructions.

“That’s fine Teresa,” Harrison said. “Ok, present for me.”

Without pausing for a second, Teresa walked in front of Harrison’s desk. She lowered her large, brown eyes as she slowly unbuttoned her cream colored blouse. Her russet skin slowly came more and more into view. With slightly shaky hands she moved to the clasp at the front of her pink lace bra. She quickly unhooked the clasp and pulled the silky cups away from her breasts. She drew her hands underneath her breasts and lifted them up towards Harrison. Her breasts were a natural 32C. They seemed quite large on her small frame and gave her a rather earthy appearance at times. Her nipples were relatively small – the size of half dollars – and dark brown. They only would become erect upon physical touch. They were not her pleasure center…she had other gifts to ignite her. She kept her eyes locked on his desk and refused to look at him.

Her face was soulful with full pink lips that she never painted deeper than a light blush. Her eyes were large and set off by full eyebrows that she constantly tended to and a broad roman nose. She was a classically beautiful Latina with a small tight frame.

“Very nice. Nipples are not hard yet. That’s good. Alright, continue please,” remarked Harrison as if he was reading a menu. He casually unzipped his fly and removed his enormous cock. He reached over to his desk and touched a button that silently locked the door to his office.

She stood there with her blouse and bra open. Harrison did not prefer complete nudity. He rather the clothes of a woman remain on but exposed a woman’s salient parts. As their ritual required, Teresa had begun to pull up the hem of her grey pinstripe skirt. When she saw his cock, her eyes locked on it and her hands froze. Even when it was merely semi-hard, Harrison’s cock seemed massive. She instinctively bit her lower lip.

“Teresa, continue,” commanded Harrison sternly as his hands slowly wrapped around his lengthening member.

Teresa continued to raise the hem of her skirt until the tops of her misty grey thigh highs were displayed to Harrison. Her naturally copper skin tone made the hosiery look darker than it would on most women. The tops of the thigh highs were trimmed with rather utilitarian looking bands of fabric.

“I thought I requested lace,” stated Harrison.

“I…I know,” answered Teresa quietly, “but the-the-they didn’t have it for this color.”

“We’ll discuss that later. Alright, continue and turn.”

Teresa slow rotated so that her rear was now facing Harrison. Once positioned, she drew the hem of her skirt all the way to her waist exposing the pair of lacey pink v-string panties she wore. They were very low cut in front and in back they exposed one of Teresa’s most luscious assets. Her ass.

Teresa’s ass was both full and muscular. Her heritage was clearly evident but any viewer would also see the results of her tireless runs along Lake Michigan. She had started running as a young teen to literally escape the constraints of her poor home life. The results were a thoroughly sculpted ass that performed wonders to skirts, jeans, and looked stunning as it was now – presented with merely a pink bit of fabric separating two glorious hemispheres.

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