Lady Trucker

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My wife and I have a very happy marriage. We both have large sexual appetites and a taste for sexual adventure. We care very much for each other and we like to see our partners enjoy themselves and take pleasure, especially sexually. We have tried swing clubs and dogging, but we found that trucker fucking had become our favorite flavor. We like to listen to the cb chatter and hang out at truck stops. At this time, our experience had only been my wife fucking a couple of truckers in their big rigs. She was becoming quite a trucker fucker and I liked to watch. We consider ourselves in a swinger relationship rather than a cuckold. There was nothing stopping or denying me from taking part in our trucker adventures. As we were just beginning the trucker fucker lifestyle, we had focused on my wife getting the action and I was secure enough in our relationship to be happy to watch her get fucked by truckers and really enjoy it. The best part of any sexual adventure is not knowing what is going to happen and finding some nice surprises.

We were on the open road heading for a truck stop a few hours away for our next trucker adventure. We listened to the trucker chatter on the cb and my wife would get on and talk dirty in her sexy voice under her call handle, Hotwife. Like an internet chat room, some of the regulars on the radio knew each other well by the chatting. Hotwife was getting well known on our favorite channel. Most anytime we were driving, my wife liked to flash the truckers and show off her DD headlights. When she first started flashing, she flashed every trucker. We were surprised how many lady truckers there were. Lady truckers seemed to have mixed reviews on being flashed, some seemed to like it, and others didn’t. Now my wife waited until she could see the trucker and if it was a male, her top would fly up and her big boobs popped out.

Hotwife’s dirty talk on the cb got her lots of propositions and offers. Some horny truckers could get real pushy and demanding and I do believe they would travel far and wide to come fuck my wife. I could only imagine the impact on the country’s businesses if truckers pulled off their routes and drove out of their way in hopes of fucking Hotwife. Discretion was also a key concern of ours and we made it a point to never announce where we were taking our trucker fucking adventures to. We also liked to move around to different truck stops with the hopes of never hitting the same one twice.

Sometimes when Hotwife gets going on the radio, she can really work up the truckers. The channel was very busy this day and the propositions wouldn’t stop. Finally my wife had to get on the cb and say, “I am coming to a truck stop tonight and I’ll be looking to party in a big rig. I am not commercial company or a lot lizard, I’m a swinger that thinks truckers and big rigs are hot. My husband is always with me and will watch and keep me safe. I’ll be looking for fun at a truck stop tonight, but I’m not gonna tell you which one, you’ll have to wait until after dark.”

This slowed the chatter down a little, but it did not stop it. Some truckers kept demanding to know which truck stop or wanting to meet her someplace else. She was very firm with them and refused to give anything away. After she repeated her message over several more times the propositions almost stopped. The cb chatter slowed down and it seemed that life was moving on. Then we got a pleasant surprise when a female voice called out on the cb, “Hotwife, this is FreightQueen, honey, did you say you’re a swinger and your husband is always with you?”

“Affirmative, FreightQueen.”

“Well, honey, I know you’ve gotten lots of offers, but I just have bahis firmaları to put mine out there. I’ve been on the road and it’s been a long time. I could really use a man right now”, said the female voice sounding a little tired and desperate. I kept driving along quietly as I usually do while Hotwife plays on the cb. This proposition was a surprise and there was an awkward silence as my wife thought for awhile. I looked over at her and she got back on the cb and asked FreightQueen to go on a private channel. The two ladies chatted a bit as though they were girlfriends for some time. The next thing I know my wife was making all the arrangements for me to have a chance at some lady trucker fucking.

There was a change of plans and we had to turn off our course and head in another direction to rendezvous with FreightQueen. Thank goodness for GPS and cell phones! My wife cancelled our hotel room and booked another close to the truck stop rendezvous point. After the new plans were made I asked Hotwife if she was disappointed that she would not be trucker fucking tonight. She smiled and told me she wasn’t and that she found this very exciting too. She laughed and said she liked making the arrangements and she felt like my pimp. I said that I felt like a piece of meat.

We found the truck stop and had dinner there. This time we really took notice of all the lady truckers. One of our favorite games at truck stop diners is to watch the truckers that are inside and try to guess which big rig they drive. We were now much more aware of the number of lady truckers and we found their big rigs were no different from the men’s. Normally we take our time at dinner, but this night my wife seemed to rush. She told me we had things to do to get me ready. She seemed to like taking control and she really did start acting like a pimp.

She took me to a nearby department store to get something sexier to wear. Normally she is the one trucker fucking and she wears only panties, a nighty, and a robe. She seemed intent that I should also maintain such a tradition. In the lounge/sleepwear section she picked out a robe and tank top for me. She really hemmed and hawed on underwear, and decided on a plain looking pair of boxers. When she goes trucker fucking, she likes to leave her panties as a souvenir and she always goes through the trouble of writing her Hotwife handle on them. She decided that I should also carry on such a tradition. That meant that we had to get paint to decorate my boxer’s too. When we got back to the hotel I had a beer and turned the television on. My wife commented on how lucky I was because she would always have to spend so much time getting ready for a big rig. As she sat at a table working on the boxers, she said, “We need a call handle for you. We should kind of match, and since I am Hotwife, you should be HotHusband. I think it’ll just be HotHub.”

The hour approached to meet FreightQueen. I put on my boxers, tank top, and robe, and my wife insisted on putting some gel in my hair. In the past, when she went out in her nightys we were always able to leave the hotel without being noticed. Of course, when it was my turn there was a female guest walking by that noticed and had a strange look as we walked out. Of course my wife thought this was funny. She insisted on driving and told me that pimps always drive. It was already dark when we arrived at the truck stop. Hotwife got on the cb and made communication with FreightQueen. We couldn’t see her big rig as it was parked in the middle of a big lot that was full of trucks. FreightQueen gave us some directions and we were ready to go.

We stepped out of our car and my wife took me by the kaçak iddaa hand and started to lead the way. It felt awkward to be walking around in underwear pajamas like that. At least it was dark. It seemed almost too quiet in the lot and we didn’t see anyone as we made our way weaving around the big rigs. As we got closer we heard a lot of commotion. There were a lot of people down the way and it looked like there was a fight. We were able to slip by and nobody noticed us with all the action being at the fight. We came up to the location FreightQueen had told us. I could see her white Freightliner big rig. We strolled up and the door opened and we were invited in.

I didn’t know what to expect, which was probably part of the thrill, but FreightQueen was a rather good looking lady. She was probably in her late forties with pretty auburn hair that she wore pulled back by a headband. She was a little on the chunky side, but she looked good and had pretty green eyes and a nice smile. She was very polite and lady-like and sat in her driver’s chair wearing a tee shirt and blue jeans. I greeted her and moved back to the sleeper and sat on the bed, making way for Hotwife to follow me up and sit in the co-driver’s seat. FreightQueen greeted my wife and made a comment about Hotwife making the cb radio interesting again. FreightQueen looked me over and said what a good looking guy I was. Hotwife looked at me and said, “Hothub, you’re to be naked when you’re in a lady trucker’s big rig.”

With that I stood up and removed my robe. Both women had their eyes on me. My wife smiled and enjoyed the moment. FreightQueen’s eyes were wide open and focused on me. I took my tank shirt off next. I keep in good shape and FreightQueen let out, “Mmmmm”, as her eyes worked over my chest and abs. I knew it was now time for the full monty, so with both women watching me, I slid off the boxers giving full view of my cock and balls. My cock quickly rose to full attention and I could tell that the women were getting aroused. I sat down on the bed, naked and exposed, waiting for the next move. My wife leaned over to FreightQueen and said, “Go and get him, honey.”

With that, FreightQueen was right over on her knees with her hands wrapped around my cock. She took to my cock with great enthusiasm, giving me some good strokes with her hands before taking it in her mouth. Her warm and moist mouth felt great around my cock, and FreightQueen was able to take it quite deep. She moved one hand slowly up my belly and to my chest and then back down to fondle my balls while her other hand held and stroked me cock as she took it in and out of her throat. I reached down and touched her face before gently stroking her hair and moving around her head. I leaned down a little and took her tee shirt and started to pull it up. As FreightQueen released my cock I finished removing her shirt. I slid all the way down on the bed and pulled her on top of me. She worked her hands across my chest and came down to gently bite my nipples. I ran my hands up and down her sides and felt her soft skin. I reached around and unhooked her bra. Her legs straddled me and she sat up as I slid her bra down and off her arms. While she was still up I reached up and took her breasts in my hands. FreightQueen had a nice set of headlights with big nipples. I worked my hands up and down and all around her breasts. I then came to her nipples and played with them. FreightQueen was breathing heavy and getting rather worked up.

I helped ease her down beside me and we lay on our sides. Her hands went right for my cock and she stroked it as I dripped pre-cum. I put my arm around her and began caressing up and down her back and kaçak bahis along her side. I started kissing her chest and worked into sucking on those big nipples of FreightQueen. She was breathing pretty heavy and her eyes closed as she seemed to be savoring the moment. I reached down and unbuttoned her jeans and opened the fly. I slid my worked my hand around her back and then slid it down her pants to grab and squeeze her ass.

I rolled over on top of FreightQueen and put my hands on her breasts. I gave them a good squeeze and lowered myself down to nipple on those boobs. I slowly kissed her all over her chest and worked my way down her belly until I reached her pants. This seemed to really stimulate her and she anxiously started sliding her jeans off. FreightQueen had her jeans off in the blink of an eye and also took her panties off before I could. She reached up and grabbed my shoulders and pulled me down on top of her. She bit my ear and then said, “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

My hand felt her very warm and very wet pussy. She was a very horny lady trucker. I guided my cock into that lady trucker pussy and very slowly pushed it all the way in. She moaned at the sensation and I slowly pumped my cock back and forth in her pussy. FreightQueen moaned louder as I began fucking her faster and faster. I worked up to a fast and furious pace and her moaning was out of control. Her pussy was sopping wet and I could feel the contractions as she orgasmed.

I pulled out and gave her a short rest while I sucked on her nipples some more. I then raised her legs up as best we could do in a big rig sleeper, and I put my cock back in her. I had a better angle and was able to penetrate her even deeper this way. I humped away at that wet pussy and she was moaning like she had never had a good fucking before. With her legs braced against me chest and shoulders I reached down to her breasts. I squeezed her nipples as I pounded away at her pussy. I then moved my hand and started to thumb her clit. She shook as the sensations shot throughout her body. I fucked her and played with her clit like this until I felt her orgasmic contractions while she yelled out, “Ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhh…oh fuck…oh fuck!”

I pulled out and FreightQueen lay there panting. “Oh, fuck! What are you doing to me?”, she gasped.

“Roll over, and I’ll show you my favorite position”, I replied with a smile. She obliged and turned onto her belly. She had her legs spread, but I closed them. I climbed on top of FreightQueen and I slid my cock between her thighs and right under her ass hole. I began fucking the lady trucker in this fashion and it provided lots of stimulation for us both. I knew that I couldn’t keep my load much longer so I asked, “Where is that G-spot of yours?”

“Ohhh, uhhh, right there…right there…fuck…oh fuck”, was the response that I got. I fucked her hard and made every effort to keep pounding that special little spot. I was having a good ride when I felt her start to orgasm. It felt like her pussy was vibrating as her muscles contracted. She gushed out some hot pussy ejaculations. This was more than I could stand and I felt my orgasm build through my body and I shot out a big and heavy wad into the lady trucker’s pussy as she shrieked, “FUUUUUCK!”

It is funny how men feel so tired after sex and women often perk up. FreightQueen was like this. She seemed very chipper and hyper after word. I guess she needed a good fucking. Hotwife told FreightQueen to keep my boxers as a memento. She let me have her panties as well. I had to walk back and ride home in just a tank top and a robe that barely covered my ass while I free balled it. It was worth it though, and I was able to join the ranks of my wife as a genuine trucker fucker.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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