Sharing Her Treasure

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47 year old Jenny lay on her back breathing heavily. She had been so close to orgasm when her husband’s back began hurting him, causing his cock to deflate, the third time in as many nights, causing him to slow, then, halt their intercourse.

They had both been patent, for the real thing anyway, waiting to return to their active sex life for the 6 weeks it took for his back to mend following the surgery. Conservative in nature, she had been hesitant to agree she would masturbate whenever the desire hit during his mending. She had not masturbated since losing her virginity on her wedding day but in the end she knew her weaknesses. Still, wanting to be a good, faithful, considerate wife she assured him he would be present when she did. With her persistence, they had found positions for him to give her oral or finger her. It eased her conscience, with the hope of making him feel necessary. She had tried to gently jerk him off, even, in the heat of the moment, sucked his cock, which she abhorred, but his body would tense and it proved too painful for him.

Discouragingly, the doctor had cleared him for all activities, and yes, sex, missionary fucking was first on their list. The first night she had fondled his cock to a raging hard-on, placed it to her, and her 56 year old Texas cowboy was back in the saddle, mounted and riding her bucking ass. Her elation was short lived. 12 minutes in, his cock had went soft. Inwardly, she felt it had been her fault for being too active. The second night his cock had lasted a few more minutes but still left her wanting. His effort at oral had helped little. She wanted, needed, a stiff cock inside her. This night left her frustrated.

“Richard! You have got to take off work tomorrow and go to the doctor. You’ve got to demand he do something about this! Like a good wife I have been patient but I need a stiff cock!”

She regretted the words as soon as they left her mouth. Richard was a good husband. It wasn’t his fault the car had rear-ended him. And, he want to fuck as much as she.

“I’m so sorry!” She offered, beginning to sob, leaving the bed and scurrying to the bathroom, closing the door.

He did as asked but the doctor had no answers and could only tell him to give it time.

Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and still his cock would deflate without warning. Only occasionally, was she brought to orgasm while screwing, even then fearing the worst right up until the last second, when the orgasm hit.

It was creating a rift between them where there had always been affection, love and fulfilling sex. Richard knew he needed to find a solution but none presented itself except one, in his opinion.

“Do you think I am happy about what I am suggesting? I don’t have any other solution. With the girls off to college, I was looking forward to fucking you in every room in this house and on every piece of furniture. I’m sorry but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen anytime soon. All I want right now is for you to be happy. You need to give my suggestion serious consideration.” Richard argued and rationalized.

“You know I do not like that word outside of the bedroom. I don’t know how you can consider wanting, or letting, me screw another man. A stranger to boot! You being there will not help the fact that another man has his cock in me. Can you even entertain the fact that I might just enjoy it and act like I do! I don’t want to do that to you!” Jenny argued back.

“I have consider that, Jen, and I am willing to accept the fact that you will enjoy it. Hell, why would I let you do it if you were not going to enjoy it! All I’m asking is that you think about it.”

“Okay! Question! Would you be okay with him coming in me?” She theorized. “Doggy screwing me on my knees. You know I like that… a lot, right? Me, begging him to screw me – using the other word!” She asked, challenge in her tone.

Her questions caught him off guard as he had not really considered another man’s semen in her. He was quiet for many long moments before answering.

“I suppose, dammit, that is something I would have to get used to. I love you enough to accept it if you wish not to wear a condom. I know you don’t like to give oral! That’s a plus! Just think about it. Another town. You see him one time. Just think about it!”

The weeks passed and Jenny refused to discuss the topic more.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve walked here after eating at The Abby.” Jenny said lovingly, her arm hugging Richard’s arm as they walked by the water in the old neighborhood where they had begun their lives together. “I’m glad you talked me into it. All I can think about is that dildo you purchased. Do you think it is going to do the trick.”

“With your one track mind, you should have been born a man.” Richard chuckled. “It is longer and thicker than me.”


They crossed a bit of grass and sat down on a bench. Both were aware of a couple sitting on the next bench closer to the walking bridge. ataşehir escort They sat silently for long minutes staring at the small waves on the water’s surface, leaning against each other for warmth against the light, but chilly, September breeze.

“That young girl has to be cold. A short sleeved dress and not even a sweater?” Jenny leaned to whisper.

A few minutes later the young couple stood, walking in their direction. They approached Jenny and Richard.

“Excuse me.” The strikingly handsome and tall young man of 22 years said. “Do you know if there are any stores open that are close. My gal needs a coat. We did not expect it to be so cold.”

Richard explained that there were no stores nearby to purchase a coat but offered to retrieve their car and drive them the 10 or so miles to the nearest mall. He would not take no for an answer and soon they were driving towards the mall with the couple in the backseat.

Questioning the young fellow, it was learned that they had caught a bus north. having to lay over until 11 o’clock the next morning, Richard asked where they were staying. The young man told them the bench was to be their place of rest for the night.

“Richard, there is the old Jefferson Hotel right there in downtown. We could drop them off back there.”

They then learned that the young couple were very low on their finances, barely able to afford a coat and had not eaten much of late.

Richard, again not taking no for an answer, purchased a much better coat for the 18-year-old, Gail, than, Danny could have afforded. They also purchased fast food for the couple to eat on their way back downtown, Richard, demanding that he be allowed to pay for their motel room for the night.

Driving back towards town Danny admitted that they had run away from home and were headed north to his mother’s house, planning to get married.

They pulled in behind the old Jefferson.

Richard touched Jenny’s hand to get her to linger inside the car as the young couple exited the rear. Richard whispered to Jenny that they were getting two rooms, adding that she had not been able to hide her eying interest in the young man. Jenny started to argue but was quieted by Richard opening his door and the young couples proximity. Richard explained the situation to them. They would sleep in separate bedrooms as he and his wife could not condone them staying in the same bedroom without being married. The couple accepted the situation though they showed a bit of disappointment when their eyes met. After checking in, they were left alone in Gail’s room so they could say good night.

“What the hell are you up to, Richard?” Jenny whispered, in a demanding tone as they waited in the hall near Danny’s room.

“Are you going to deny you haven’t noticed this boy’s good looks and thought about the conversations we have been having. He has been watching you too! I know what his looks means. Opportunity knocks woman! You need to make a move on this young stud.”

Jenny had no answer for her husband as her eyes moved up and down the hall, avoiding his “listen to reason” stare. She had been indeed aware of the boy’s healthy good looks and had pondered what might be between his legs.

Danny arrived presently. The three entered the room.

“We can’t thank you enough for these rooms!” Danny said.

“I hope you’re not too disappointed, Danny, having to leave your bride-to-be to sleep alone?” Jenny asked in a teasing manner. “I saw y’all disappointment at being separated. My husband can be a bit stuffy sometimes. But at the same time he can be very understanding if you do not wish to be alone tonight. We could stay a while, and we, you and me, could have a little fun. Gail is a pretty young thing but a guy needs a last fling before settling down. What do you say? Richard can run interference for us if Gail happens to come knocking.”

“You are going to be here… watching?” Danny asked, directing his inquiry to Richard.

“One light! The dimmest. The lady here can make you forget I’m even here.” Richard replied.

Jenny walked to the radio on the table by the bed, turned it on, and found a soft music station. “Do you dance, Danny?” She asked, moving in close to him. They coupled and began to slow dance. “I’m a bit more substantial than short, petite Gail. More of a hand full, you think?”

“A nicely proportioned hand full.”

Watching his wife dance with Danny, Richard walked around the room trying different lights to set the mood. He wound up leaving on the dim entrance light that cast only a dim glow on the bed.. He pulled a small chair against the wall opposite the foot of the bed, removed all but his boxers, and sat down.

“Have you ever fucked an older woman, Danny?” Richard asked.

“Richard! Shhhhhhh!” Jenny scolded. “You’re not here, remember!”

They continued to dance.

“Well, have you?” She whispered in Danny’s ear.

“No ma’am.”

“Does Gail like to screw?”

“I kadıköy escort bayan guess so. She says she does. She is the only one I have ever… screwed.” Danny admitted. “She was a virgin. Me too, I suppose. I had played with a couple of gal’s breasts and fingered them… made them come.”

“And did they return the pleasure… and jerk you off?”

“Yes. One, Wanda, even sucked my cock. I wanted to get my cock wet, and I think she wanted me to. Two of my friends had screwed her.”

“And that’s why you didn’t try?” Jenny asked. “She wasn’t yours totally and was never going to be?”

“I suppose, yes”

“I’ve always been Richard’s. Always will be. Richard has back problems. He loves me a lot and wants me to be happy, wouldn’t you say.” It was a statement. “He been after me for months to screw other men. We came across you two and we, or I, with his blessings decided to give it a try. I like to screw, Danny. I like to screw a lot. I’m going to ruin your life! You are going to find out how an older woman that likes to screw really acts. You’ll remember me and tonight forever.”

As they danced, Jenny thought how easy it had been to give in to her husband’s loving, unselfish desire to have her happy. It made her love him all the more. Danny, being youthful no doubt, was easily brought into the web and, more importantly, she would never see him again.

“Excuse me, Danny, I’m going to freshen up just a little.”

Jenny broke the dance and walked into the bathroom, leaving the door slightly ajar enough to see her undress if they were inclined to watch. Danny was, actually moving to better his position. He watched her unbuttoned her white blouse and reach behind her to unsnap bra, throwing both on the counter. She turned to expose her ample and milky smooth breast. Her nipples had already begun to firm up. Next, he watched her unzip the side of her skirt, stepping out of it and she after letting it drop. Then, off came her stockings, letting them drop on the pile. She bent, her ass knowingly toward the door, to pick up the garments, giving Danny a pretty good view of her backside and furred pussy.

When Richard heard the the shower water he spoke to Danny.

“Do you eat Gail’s pussy?”

“All the time.” Danny answered.

“She is showering for you and I would strongly recommend that you begin by giving her oral. She will summon you up when she is ready.” Richard gave the young man guidance.

“I appreciate you picked me to share your wife with. I feel very fortunate”

With her quick shower over, Jenny dried herself and picked up her clothing from the counter. She stopped thoughtfully before switching off the light and decided to leave it on when she saw that it spotlighted the bed. She left the bathroom nude, tossing her clothes to another chair. She moved in front of Danny who had taken a seat at the foot of the bed across from Richard.

“You like?” She queried, turning slowly as she moved to tower over him.

“Very much!” He immediately replied as he reached to cup the bottom of her buttocks, squeezing them lightly, pulling them apart slightly, putting his nose to her belly button. He could now feel, hands on, that she was bigger in statue than Gail was. He had seen her lavish bush by the light of the bathroom, seeing that it matched her fiery red hair. He began to kiss her belly working up to her breast.

“I have quite a collection of sexy underwear. I’m sorry I have none here to give you the pleasure of stripping em off me. Are Gail’s nipples sensitive?” Ginny asked quietly.

“Very much so. When I suck on them lightly it drives her crazy!” Danny answered. “One time when we were fuc… screwing on the toilet top she got so carried away with me sucking her nipple that she bounced right off my lap.”

“What in heaven did you do?” Jenny exclaimed with with a smile and mock intrigue in her tone.

“I mounted her right there on the floor and we continued on.”

“Well, you won’t find my breasts or nipples quite that sensitive but the little nipple between my pussy lips is extremely sensitive.”

“I’m looking forward to finding out.” Danny assured her.

“All in good time, young man! You just continue exploring.”

Danny continued to kiss Jenny’s upper body, turning her as needed and spending a bit of time kissing and nibbling on her ass, running his tongue up the crack. Finally reaching her breast, he sucked alternately on each nipple while cupping the ample, slightly sagging breasts, pushing up and massaging them. She moaned appreciatively.

Jenny glanced over her shoulder at Richard to find him stroking on his cock. Meeting his gaze she smiled. She returned her attention to Danny and ran her hands over Danny’s shoulders, her fingers through his ample black hair. Her breathing accelerated as she pushed her chest forward, straightening her back, exhaling strongly.

“Time for you to undress!” She said as she stepped back a couple of paces. “In college, a few guys played escort maltepe with my tits and ass, but no one but Richard has touched my pussy… has had his dick in me. Do you find that exciting? It’s almost virgin pussy for you!”

“Very much. I thanked Richard already. I thank you for sharing your lovely treasure.”You are in pretty good shape Jenny? Do you walk or run?”

“Walk more than run, but regularly. Bicycle too.”

I would like to do something very special for you, if your game?” Danny suggested.

“I’m game for just about anything. What have you got?”

“We can even include Richard in this. Squat down in front of Richard – no – squat. Spread your stance just a bit, that’s it. Now take hold of Richards hands. He is going to balance you. Only balance her, Richard. Do you feel comfortable?”

“You want me to stay like this?” She queried, sounding intrigued, as Danny lowered himself into position behind her on his back. “For how long? Yeah, I suppose I am comfortable. What are you doing? You’re not!”

Danny rotated his shoulders moving his head between Jenny’s legs, placing his face only inches from her pussy. He placed his palms on the bottom of her ass to give her a little support, she, he figured, having a bit more ass than Gail. He lifted his head the few inches and began to explore her pussy with his tongue. Her body jolted, but instantly settled down as she concentrated on control and balance, squeezing her husband’s hand.

“Oh my goodness! Where the hell did you learn this?”

Jenny soon felt like she was being tortured. Her continuous moans sounded delirious. After a few long minutes she felt as if she was on the verge of achieving orgasm, but it remained just out of reach. Her knees and upper thighs began to ache slightly. She wondered how much longer she could stay in a squatting position. If she could only take some of the weight off! She fought for the determination not to give in.

“You can do it sugar!” Richard encouraged, entranced by the lustful distress of his wife. He cheated a bit giving his hands lift as best he could.

She was indeed in distress. She was hurting, but she was determined. She concentrated on bringing the orgasm to the surface. Finally, her body stilled, she inhaled deeply through her mouth, holding it, then, her body quaked as the orgasm gripped her tightly. Her breath quivered as it expelled.

“AGGGgggggggggggg! Godddddd! IT’S SOOO FUCKING GOODDDddd!”

The orgasm had struck harder and gripped her longer than any she could remember, before slowly fading. In reality, her stressed position prevented her from moving, allowing Danny’s tongue to remain in contact with her clit, flicking it, throughout the entire orgasm. She dropped forward to her knees and placed her face in her husband’s lap, rocking her head back and forth, her moans continuing but lower in volume.

“You did it, sweetheart! I’ve never seen anything quite like that. You were fantastic!” Richard praised her.

Danny was maneuvering to his knees and moving in close behind her. He took his cock in hand and placed it to her. She was well lubricated, his mouth and chin could attest ti that, and the head of his cock slipped into her hole. He stopped.

Jenny commanded him, “stick it in me!”. She feared the worst and steeled herself to be penetrated roughly. It did not come.

“Do it Danny! Just go slow.” She whispered. Still, her breath caught and her eyes widened as Danny pushed slowly, but deep.

Jenny dropped her face into her husband’s lap once more and growled . He held deep for long moments and then began a slow rhythm pulling half of his shaft out of her before penetrating her again.

“Can you believe this kid, Richard!” She exclaimed. “Thank you, baby, from the bottom of my heart!”

She let Danny have his reign until he was pumping into her with a determined stab. “The Moment” caused her to displace her husband’s hand, stroking his cock, with hers as she took the domed head and a few inches into her mouth, sucking hungrily a few long moments.

“Control is everything, Danny.” She said lustfully. “I Slap that ass good! I can take that big cock! I can take it! Fuck me! DO IT! FUCK MY ASS LIKE YOU WANT TO FILL MY ALDULTOUS CUNT!”

“FUCKkkkkk! Fuck! Fuck! fuck.” Danny moaned lustfully

A long minute passed as reality slipped back in. She felt he was close and defused it..

“Let’s go to the bed, Danny” She suggested, ceasing her own backward thrusts “Thanks for the help, honey.”

Danny reluctantly slipped his cock out of her. Jenny stood and entered the bed from the foot, crawling up, placing herself on her back. He shadowed her closely.

“Kiss me on the lips, Danny. Then work your way down one more time.” She directed with a hint of desire in her tone.

As they kissed lustfully, their tongues fencing, she raised her left knee letting it fall to the left with intent to give her husband a good view of her pussy. Danny was aware of the move and pose. Figuring it was for his benefit, he reached his right hand to her pussy and began to manipulate the area with his forefinger and middle finger, sometimes scrubbing her entire vagina, causing Jenny to moan lustfully, her ass moving to place Danny’s fingers where it felt best.

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