School Reunion

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I was a bit nervous. When I received my invitation to the school reunion, I was definitely not going. That was until I had been persuaded by my friends; both then and now.

I was stood in front of the main school building. Little had changed since I had left. Admittedly, it was only a few years after I had left, but still, I was nervous. I had only kept in touch with a few of my friends from my time there. We were fantastic friends, and I happy that we had stayed in touch throughout university and later work. I looked up at the dreary sign, and a flood of memories surfaced. I remembered the good and bad times, the people, the teachers everything. I revelled in the glory of it.

I remembered the most popular girl in school. Her name was Emma. I doubted that she would be there. I had heard on the grapevine that she was in America or somewhere. I remembered her long blonde hair, blue eyes, large breasts, round ass and shapely figure. She was fantastically curvy, in all of the right places. While she was the most popular girl in school, she was easily approachable, and very kind. We had talked a couple of times, and been paired together for numerous projects throughout our time there. We were in different social spectrums. I wasn’t a nerd, but I wasn’t Mr. Popular. I was average at sports and academics, but I wasn’t popular or the target of the bullies.

I took in a deep breath, and walked through the main double doors, and into the hall. I approached a table with, what seemed to be two older students manning it.

“Hi, my name is Jack Davies.”

The girl behind the table smiled, and rifled through the name tags. She finally found my one and handed it to me, with a big grin. I smiled politely back, and thanked her quietly.

I turned to face the room, and quickly spotted my old friends. On my way to them, I made a detour to the bar, and ordered a Jack Daniels and Coke. With my drink in my hand, I headed over and made polite small talk.

Conversation quickly made its way past what we were all doing, regarding work and families. I had kept my head down. I wasn’t in the mood for ribbing about my lack of settling down. The rest of them had found people who they wanted to be with and were thinking of kids. I quietly sipped my drink, and listened and laughed in the appropriate places. I glanced and surveyed the people in the room.

Not a bad turnout, considering.

“Heard about Emma Smith?”

I tuned back into the conversation.


“I heard that she’s back in the country, and that she dumped her Spanish boyfriend.”

“Why,” I asked.

“Apparently she caught him in bed with someone she shouldn’t of.”

I gave him a confused look. Catching on he elaborated.

“She was due to marry him and everything. One day she comes back home early, to find him in bed with her best mate. Right ruckus it caused. Imagine coming home to find your girlfriend having it off with your best mate!”

I shook my head. bostancı escort bayan Thinking lightly, I pictured her in my mind. Beautiful as always.

“Bloody Hell!” It was whispered.

I turned to face the direction he was. A woman had walked in. I concentrated on her form, and realised with sudden that it was Emma.

She looked fantastic.

She hardly changed from when she was at school. Although she was slightly taller, she was proportioned exactly as he remembered. She made her way to the bar and ordered a drink, and headed to the seats laid out. Sitting down, she sipped her drink, with a bored expression. I turned back to the group and excused myself.

My drink had long gone, and I felt like a refill. I headed to the bar, and glanced at Emma and smiled as she smiled at me. I ordered a refill, and thanked the barman, and made my way over to her. I sat beside her. I took a small sip of my drink, and felt the alcohol burn my throat slightly.

“Hi,” I said with a small smile.

“Hi. What have you been up to then?” She asked.

“Ah, nothing really. Just working in finance for company up in London. Boring, Boring stuff.” I paused. “You?”

“Well, after University I got a teaching job, and then I moved out to the States and taught out there. Visa expired and now I’m back.”

“Where were you in the US?”

Conversation was easy and by the time we had begun to think about leaving, we suddenly realised that we were the last people in the hall. Laughing we made our way out of the school, thanking the barman, and the greeters. We made our way to my car, and I pulled out my car keys.

“You can’t drive like this!”

“Sure I can.”

“Don’t be silly, I’m calling a cab.”

Conversation started up again, and when the taxi arrived, she made her way in, and beckoned me to follow. I gave my address, and in no time at all we were arriving at my place.

Exiting the car, I gave the taxi the fare, and he sped off gladly.

I pulled out my keys once again, and managed to open the door with grace. Motioning her in, I turned on the hall lights, and closed the door behind her.

“Wine or coffee?”

“White coffee please.”

I made two coffees, and she seated herself in the lounge. Carrying the two drinks, I handed her hers and sat down with mine. I couldn’t believe how easy conversation was. A lull in conversation brought me out of my reverie. She was exceedingly close. I had only thought of being this close in my imagination in my teens.

I leant in closer and we kissed. Tender at first, I deepened the kiss and slowly parted my lips. She broke it off, and smiled seductively at me.


I nodded delightfully. I led her into my room, and pulled her into a deep kiss. She lent into me. We fell into bed, and I loved the feel of her body on mine. Soon, I removed my mouth from hers and brushed my lips of her jaw, and made my way down her throat. She pulled away, ümraniye escort grinned provocatively.

She stood up and turned around. Her dress was kind of short, and was halfway down her thigh. She swayed her hips lightly, and slowly pulled up her dress, an inch at a time. I watched with rapt attention. Loving every single inch. When her dress reached halfway up her back, she looked back at me and winked. She pulled her dress over her head and threw it into the corner, and removed her shoes.

She lay back on top of me and I lifted her shoulders up. I brought my mouth to her left breast and kissed the flesh protruding out of her bra. She reached behind and quickly removed the troublesome garment. I gladly lightly grabbed her left breast, and attacked it with my lips, mouth and tongue. I sucked in her nipple, and traced circles over her areola, and around her nipples.

She gasped loudly and chuckled lightly, before shivering. I grinned, as I switched breasts. I had only thought of this in my imagination and fantasies. I paused, and flipped over, and landed her on her back. I grabbed her hips and pushed her up.


I looked up confused.

“You must be in agony.”

I frowned.

She sat up and reached down into my trousers. She unbuttoned and unzipped my trousers. I hadn’t realised how hard I had become. I stood up and she pulled down my trousers and boxers. My dick swung free, and she grinned and gasped.

“Oh god!”

“You first!”

I knelt down, and gently pulled her legs apart. I took in the sight of her now west panties, before pulling them down her shapely legs, and off her body. She opened her legs, and pulled my head to her crotch. I held my head in front of her pussy, and took in her smell. God, it was heavenly. I reached out and tenderly pulled her lips apart, and surveyed the view before me.

I dropped my head and tentatively licked her clit. A shiver ran throughout her body. I exhaled cold air onto her clit and she groaned deeply. I ginned for what felt like the hundredth time since I had sat down next to her. I wrapped my lips around her clit, and placed my tongue over her clit. I gently sucked and waited for a response. I sucked rhythmically and was rewarded with gasps, intakes of breath and groans. I flicked, nibbled, and sucked on her clit, assaulting her senses.

After about 10 minutes, but felt like hours, I felt her hands pull up my head. I was met with her lips, and our tongues met, and she seemed to enjoy the taste of her free-flowing juices.

Pulling back she smiled and pushed me into a standing position. She stood in front of me, and pulled me onto the bed. She flipped us over, and moved down, kissing my stomach muscles, and made her way down to my cock. She grabbed the shaft, and guided it toward her mouth.

“My, my, weren’t we hiding something.”

She guided her head toward my cock, and took it into her mouth. I groaned as the hot wetness of her mouth escort kartal enveloped my member. I looked down, and nearly came at the sight of her beautiful lips wrapped around my member.

She slid down my pole painfully slow. She began to pick up the pace, and I closed my eyes and groaned loudly. She was sucking for all of her worth, trying to make me cum. I was determined to make her arrive first, I began to try and control the urge to cum. I relaxed and enjoyed the multiple sensations. She finally gave me a reprieve, and climb on top of me.

“How big are you exactly?”

“8 inches.”

She grabbed my shaft and guided it to her pussy. I held the tip of my cock and the entrance to her pussy, and rubbed her lips lightly. It caused a shiver to run down both of our spines.

I slowly entered her. The feeling of her tightness encased my member. The velvety feel was incredible. I slowly withdrew and entered her again. I started to build up a rhythm, and she easily followed me. I picked up the pace, and grabbed her hips, as she placed her small hands on my chest.

I started to fuck her.


My hands left her hips and grabbed her tits. She leaned down, and it started to suck her tits alternatively. Groans and moans came from her mouth, and her pussy started to contract, and juices started to flow quickly. God, she was tight.

“Fuck, you’re big.”

I grunted in response and fucked her harder and quicker. My hands left the tits, and reached around to her spine. I grabbed her and flipped over, landing her on her back.

“Hang on. Fuck me from behind!”

I was only too glad to.

She got up onto all fours, and flaunted her pussy and asshole to me. I sucked lightly on my middle finger and inserted it into her pussy. I attacked her asshole, and she screamed delightfully. I knelt up and rubbed my still-hard pole and slowly entered her from behind. I quickly worked up a fast pace. Her large breasts were slapping her torso, making an exquisite sound. I inserted my middle finger into her ass, and was surprised at how tense her ass was.

It was amazing.

I was starting to swell inside of her. I pulled out hastily, and she turned around quickly. She started to suck me and groan loudly. I leant over her and put my finger back inside her ass. I fingered her ass as she assaulted my cock with her mouth. My cock swelled, and I tried to stop myself cum.

She pulled her mouth off of my cock, and prostrated herself in front of me. I grabbed my cock, and furiously began beating off. My cock swelled, and suddenly cum spurted out. She recoiled with the force of the first squirt hitting the back of her throat. I came several more times, spraying cum over her face and chin, with some of it dribbling onto her tits. She closed her mouth, and grinned at me while she swallowed my cum, and licked what her tongue could get at.

She crawled up to my pillow and got inside the sheets. Following her I rolled her over onto her side, and got in beside her. My flaccid cock brushed her round ass-cheeks and started to swell.

“How about more?” I asked.

“Maybe you’ll fuck my ass next.” She smiled seductively.

“What about now?”

She chuckled loudly, and nodded.


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