School Ch. 1

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It was the first day of school. I wandered how my senior year in highschool was going to be. I walked into my classroom and was stunned. A beautiful new teacher was sitting in front of her desk waiting for us.

She was wearing a tanktop and a skirt that was only to mid thigh. She was about 170cm(5″6) and weighed like 120lbs. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. She looked like only 25. Her tits were like 35C. She was just perfect. Later, I learned that her name was Angela.

My cock got hard immediately when I saw Angela. During class, she sat on her desk and crossed her legs. This made her skirt to ride up higher. She was definetely turning me on!!

“Ted, why aren’t you paying attention to my class?” she said suddenly.

“Come after school and see me.” she continued.

I was just too glad to stay. During the day, I thought of Angela sucking my cock and giving me handjobs. I just couldn’t wait till school bostancı escort ends.

I went to see Angela after school.
She was standing in front of her desk.

“Why weren’t you paying attention in class today?” she asked.

“I’m sorry, you were just…too sexy.”

“What are you talking about?! I’m your teacher, you’re not suppose to think of me like that!”

“But..I just can’t help it..”

“Why made you think I’m sexy?”

“Everything!” I stammered. “You are so beautiful and your body is so hot.”

She said nothing, so I became bold. I went over to her and kissed her on her lips. She pulled back. I saw her nipples became erect, she was turned on by the kiss.

“Ted!” she shouted.

“You know you want it, Angela.”

“Call me Ms. Stoesz!” She got even madder.

I kissed her again. She tried to pull away, but this time I held her tightly. I rubbed the huge bulge in ümraniye escort bayan my pants against her crotch. She started to response to my kiss, and darted her tongue into my mouth. I was just too happy.

One of my hands went to her tits and touched them. Angela suddenly broke the kiss and knelt down. She unzipped my pants and pulled them. She took my 8in. cock in her mouth and started to suck it. I couldn’t believe this. She was so good at this. I came in no time and she swallowed my cum.

“You came so hard, Ted” she commented

I just smiled.
I lifted her and placed on the desk. I unbuttoned her tanktop and showed her sexy bra. She took the bra off and I sucked her nipples. They were as hard as rock!!

“Oh yes!! Suck them harder!” she panted.

I moved down and pulled off her skirt and panties. Her panties were soaking wet!
I licked her pussy and drank her juices.

“Your juices kartal escort are so sweet, Angela.” I said.

“Ohhh, I’m cummmingg,” she screamed.

She came hard and her juices came rolling out from her pussy.

“That was so good, now fuck me, fuck me hard” she said.

She wrapped her legs around my waist, and I pushed my cock into her pussy. She was so tight!

“Oh my god, you’re so big.” she exclaimed.

I started to fuck her hard.

“Oh yes, harder, HARDER!” she shouted.

She began to hump harder and harder.

My mouth found her nipples and started to suck them again. She moaned again. I gave her one last thrust and she came, on and on.

“Ohhhhhh, pump harder, pump your seed in me.”

We both came hard.

“You’re so good, I haven’t had sex for one year and it feels so good.” she said

“You haven’t had sex for one year? Men around you must be blind. I would love to fuck you every day.” I said surprisingly.

“You’re so sweet, maybe we can get together again sometime.” she replied.

“Sure, I would love to.”

Then we got dressed and started our way home.

“I’m going to have a great year,” I thought, on my way home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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