Out the Window Ch. 07

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The divorce had been the most interesting turn their marriage had taken in many years, and yet Mary never really seemed that surprised, or even mad. When he told her he thought it would be best if they separated, she didn’t ask why. She simply told him that she agreed, and less than a year later they were divorced.

She hadn’t fought him for much, but he made sure she and the kids were well taken care of. Robert was more upset than either of them, and Katie…well, Katie was another story…

He moved out, got a new secretary, and tried to get his life back on track. It wasn’t long before he started dating again – not long at all, really. Katie, of course, kept asking to visit him, but he just didn’t know what to do. If he saw her, if she came to him…he didn’t – couldn’t – trust himself. Thankfully, there was always something keeping them apart. The divorce began just as she was entering the University of Chicago Business School. Either he was too busy or she was too busy, and soon her breathy voice messages disappeared from his inbox.

In truth, he did love Mary. Had loved her for so long. Unfortunately, he needed sex more than he could be loyal to her.

Thankfully, Mary never learned the whole truth. Adultery had never come up during the divorce filing, though her lawyer had floated the possibility in the preliminary stages, hoping for more money. Mary had shot it down, just wanting it over with. She told him later she had suspected he was cheating on her for a long time, and that she hoped it was worth it.

Had it been worth it? She’d thought he was cheating on her for much longer than he really had, but then again, she must have felt how bored he was for all those years, how much his body needed release.

He kept his conversations with Katie cordial. She wanted so much more than he could give her, emotionally, paternally…physically. And he knew that if she got him alone she would just take what his body was all too weak to deny.

But then there was the canceled seminar in Chicago. And she got everything.

* * *

His plane had been delayed leaving the tarmac, and then foul weather had further delayed their arrival. His phone had been off during the whole flight and when he finally turned it on there were numerous messages explaining that the seminar had been canceled due to the storm. But it was worse than that. The hotel where they were to meet, and sleep, had been hit by a blackout. No one was checking in, and he had nowhere to go.

The trip was a wash, and his company offered to put him up in a hotel across town, but he was tired. Too tired not to pick up the phone when it rang in that forlorn terminal, and too tired to give Katie an excuse.

“Your secretary said the trip’s canceled,” she said.

“I…” He sighed. “Yeah.”

“I’m having Angela make up the couch. We’re just a short taxi ride from the airport.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, honey.”

There was the briefest of pauses. “Why not?”

“You know why not.”

“But I’ve been telling Angela so much about you. You know, she has a thing for older, distinguished men.”

“Don’t,” he said.

She giggled, and it was evil and enticing all at once. “Fine, daddy. No funny business. Just come over. I’ll be the good little daughter, Angela will be the good little girl, and you’ll be the great big man.”


She giggled again. “I’m sorry. We just finished a monster midterm and we’re both a little tipsy.”

He shouldn’t, he told himself. He really shouldn’t.

But it was cold and wet in Chicago, and he put himself in a taxi and gave the man her address.

* * *

When he arrived, it was immediately clear that the girls were more than a little bit tipsy. First he was thrown off guard by Katie greeting him at the door in nothing but a black bikini top and a pair of cutoff jeans. She threw herself at him before he could say anything – his hands trapped by his suitcase and baggage – and squeezed her ample breasts against his chest.

“Daddy! It’s so good to see you!”

“Hi, Dale.” Angela grinned at him from behind their couch. She was shorter than Katie, darker, but it was not hard to see she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath her thin, white sweater. If Katie was a creamy dish, Angela was a Hershey Kiss. Dale shook himself and set down his bags.

Katie put a wineglass in his hand before he could even get a word out.

“Girls, I- I’m really just going to crash on the couch for tonight. I’ll probably be gone before you wake up. I- I might even grab a bite to eat outside, so… You don’t have to wait up for me.”

Katie pretended to pout and poured a little more wine in his glass. She sat down on the couch, Angela joined her, and the two looked up at him with devious eyes.

“One drink?” said Angela.

* * *

He had more than one drink, but not much more, and he knew, after that first hour, he needed to get the hell away.

Katie had her long legs crossed at the knees. She smoothly drew the top one over the other, curling her toes as she eased pendik escort her thigh up, sweeping it back against the ragged hem of her cutoff jeans. She played with the spaghetti strap of her bikini top. Her bright eyes watched her father from over the rim of her wine glass. “How do you feel, Angela?”

Angela’s mischievous smirk gently pulled away from Dale to Katie. “Pretty good. I think this wine’s gone to my head, though.”

“Oh yeah?” said Katie.

“Mhm,” she said. She eased back against the pillows of the couch. “Are you okay, Dale?” she said. “You look so lonely over there.”

“I’m fine,” said Dale. He watched Angela squeeze her curves into the thick cushions. Her auburn hair rested on the back of the couch.

“You know,” said Angela, “Katie was telling me how you work in Sales. My dad works in Sales.”

“Mmhm,” said Dale.

Angela’s pretty face broke into a big smile. “I guess you don’t like to talk about work. My dad’s the same way.” She turned to Katie. “Hey, Katie, you want to call some boys over?”

Katie continued to rub her legs together. “Yeah, that could be fun. You wouldn’t mind sharing us with some friends, would you, daddy?”

“Uh, no,” he said. “Actually, I should be going along anyway.”

Angela pouted. “Oh, don’t be like that, dad,” she said. She smiled as she called him “dad.” “We just want to have a good time. You could stay.”

“Oh, I don’t think he wants to share,” said Katie.

“I guess not,” said Angela. She licked her lips. “Well if you have to go…” She drew her gaze in a languid sweep over Katie’s legs to her abdominal muscles, up her firm breasts and to her face. “You want to call them over now, Katie? I’m kind of horny.” She put her fingers to her lips and even, Dale was amazed to see, turned red. “Oh, sorry!” she blurted. “I can’t believe I just said that with you here. How embarrassing. Forgive me?”

“It’s fine,” said Dale. “Look-“

“I mean, I was just looking at Katie and, well, I can’t help it.”

Katie dramatically shook her head. “Oh, Angie,” she said with mock indignity, “stop it.”

“No,” said Angela, her gaze drifting between Katie and her father, “no, really.”

“You think I’m hot?” said Katie.

“Mm,” said Angela.

Katie scooted closer to her roommate on the couch. “Well what am I supposed to do with you just sitting there in that sweater? Doesn’t she look nice in that sweater, daddy?”

Dale was watching the two girls all but burst out giggling. They were playing a game that he couldn’t peel himself away from. Now they watched him with curious smiles and heavy-lidded eyes.

“You’re embarrassing me in front of your dad,” Angela said. “Why don’t you call those boys?”

“In a bit,” said Katie. She bit her lip. “C’mere.”

“You come over here.”

“How about we meet in the middle?”


The girls leaned together on the couch and gave each other a chaste peck on the lips. Katie smiled. “Mm, that was nice.” She reached out with her hands – one still holding her glass – and held Angela’s face between them. Then she planted a deep kiss on her roommate’s mouth. Dale could see the flash of tongue slip between two nubile pairs of lips.

Angela leaned back. “Mm, that wasn’t so nice.”

“I should go,” said Dale.

“He’s uncomfortable,” said Angela.

“Oh, don’t be that way, Da-” Katie started to say, and drew her hand back, the one holding the glass. Inside, the red wine sloshed against the rim and flew up and over, splattering over Angela’s white sweater.

“Oh, Ka-tie!”

“Oops!” said Katie, sloshing more wine over the girl’s sweater.

“You klutz!”

“Sorry,” said Katie. “God, I am a klutz. Ugh. Your new sweater. Well,” she said, with a sidelong glance at her father, “I guess I’ll have to clean it up.”

“Do it,” said Angela. She set her glass down on the end table. Katie set hers on the coffee table and turned back to Angela. Her hands went to the hem of the girl’s sweater and lifted up. Angela raised her arms and suddenly, throwing Dale completely for a loop, he watched as the girl’s bare skin was revealed, her big breasts suddenly unrolled from the tight fabric. Katie threw the sweater over the back of the couch and pounced on her roommate.

Katie’s pink tongue slid over Angela’s areola, teasing the wine dark nipple until it pointed straight up into Katie’s mouth. Then Katie sucked on it gently, eyes trained on Angela the whole time, who threw her head back and sighed. “Mm, get it all off,” she said. Her fingers sifted up into Katie’s blonde curls and she leaned back on the couch, letting Katie lift a soft handful of her other breast and letting Dale drink in the sight of his daughter licking the buxom girl.

“Your boobs are so soft,” Katie murmured between kisses. “They’re yummy.”

Angela opened her eyes and trained them, like a hawk, on Dale. “I’m sorry,” she said. “We just don’t like to be dirty.”

“Mm,” said Katie, kissing up Angela’s bare chest. “I’m going to have to lick you clean.”

“You spilled some on my other one,” said Angela. escort pendik She cupped her right breast. “Unless you think your dad wouldn’t mind helping to clean up?”

Katie glanced at her father over her shoulder. “I dunno. He’s a pretty grouchy guy. Maybe we should call some boys our own age.”

“He doesn’t look grouchy to me,” said Angela. “Do you want to help me, Dale?”

Dale set his wine glass on the coffee table. He pushed himself to his feet. “I’m leaving now,” he said.

“But, daddy,” said Katie. She reached up to her neck and grabbed the thin loop of black fabric. Slowly, she began to pull it loose. “I was just telling Angela…how much fun it is…” The bikini top came undone and the small black triangles slipped off Katie’s pale, round breasts. “…to have a big, strong daddy. To clean up messes.”

Angela put her hand between her legs. “Especially big messes,” she said. “Big, wet messes.”

“I think you girls have had too much to drink,” said Dale. “I’m…leaving for a few hours.” He steeled himself and strode to the door. Angela watched him go, grinning. When he was just at the door, he felt Katie’s hand on his wrist.

“Hypocrite,” she whispered. She pressed a key into his hand. “I promised Angela she could be herself around you…”

He turned back. She was covering her breasts with her hands. “That’s the key to the apartment. We’ll probably go out later.” She fixed her half-lidded eyes on him. “Don’t wait up. Daddy.”

With all the strength he could muster, he pulled open the door. The hall seemed much bigger than when he’d come, and much longer. He put his hands in his pockets to conceal his thick erection.

* * *

He got back in late, and seeing neither of the girls about he let himself collapse on the couch. He hadn’t tasted the food he’d found at the diner next door. He hadn’t had a straight thought beyond the one that was in his pants. He let himself fall into fitful, fervent dreams…

…and awoke to the plush smoothness of cool lips. He kissed, and the lips, emboldened, grew hungrier. They pecked at his mouth, opening to let a little tongue in. Dale tried to slip his own between the lips but they were adamant. No, no he couldn’t put his tongue in. The kiss slid down his lower lip, cornered him at the edge of his mouth, and left him.

Dale opened his eyes. It was still dark, the lights outside shone dimly through the blinds. Underneath his arm the spare blanket was bunched tightly to his chest. He continued to stare into the darkness until he defined Angela’s shapely curves against the streetlamps.

She was bent over the couch, staring into his eyes with wide curiosity, a knowing, almost coy look about her. Dale’s eyes trailed down. The girl was wearing a tight bra, maybe purple, that squeezed her big breasts out and up, giving her a deep cleavage that broke like a thick line against the only bluer darkness. Even in the dimness he could define the bright hot pink of her panties. It was a strange thing to wear at…he checked the microwave clock…three in the morning. Angela swept two thin fingers over his mouth, and softly, tip toed away, turning to let the light shine off her round posterior. She tapped the swell of her ass cheek and beckoned him after her.

Dale watched her glide to the bathroom door and disappear through it, keeping his gaze all the while.

Fuck it, Dale thought. He gingerly rolled off the couch and followed the girl.

Angela waited for him at the threshold of the bathroom; her bare legs glowed from the slit of light peeking from the beneath the door. She stood very straight, her hands folded before her, her laced fingers resting on the sheer fabric of her panties. And it was sheer. As he neared, he could see the dark tresses of her pubic hair under the pink. She stared up at him through her auburn bangs as he approached, then took his hand and led him into the bathroom.

The only light was a soft yellow plug-in in the outlet, casting everything inside in a dark, candle-like glow. Dale watched Angela in that light, the way her dark hair absorbed it, glinting now and then with copper, her tan skin transformed into a healthy tawny. She watched him in the mirror now, with her big eyes, still silent.

The light played generously over her breasts. The tight, purple bra made them jut off her chest, squeezing her almost like a corset. Beneath her heaving breasts, her smooth, healthy stomach wound down to wide hips, her swelling buttocks. The panties didn’t even begin to cover the tops of her thighs, or the edge of her cheeks. The panties were small, tight, stretched over the ass. Dale watched the girl’s feet step to the edge of the cabinets and stop. His eyes traced her beguiling curves back to her lean and muscular back, and then over her delicate neck, to her eyes in the mirror.

There was nothing delicate about her, except perhaps her face. Katie was taller, beautiful. This girl was curvy, bountiful, pretty. Cute. She watched him coyly in the mirror. She still hadn’t spoken a word.

As he reached out to her, she guided his fingers to pendik escort bayan her rump. She laid it flat there. She looked down at it, on her behind, and looked up into his eyes. Then she laid her hands on the counter and leaned forward. Her ass rose under his hand.

First he squeezed it, but that wasn’t right. She shook her head. Leaning farther forward, she wiggled her bum for him. He started to step forward but she shook her head again. With her left hand she patted her butt cheek, and then stretched up on her toes, indicatively.

Tentatively, he patted her ass. A small smile flitted upon her lips and she nodded, a very small action.

Dale glanced once over his shoulder. The bathroom door was closed. The soft yellow-orange light cast shadows over the paneling. He turned back to Angela. He raised his left hand. He placed his right on her fleshy hip. And he smacked her bum, lightly.

Angela gave a little “Mm” and rocked forward.

He glanced at her in the mirror inquiringly. She nodded eagerly and leaned into the counter. Dale stepped behind her and gripped her hip more surely. He pulled his hand back and spanked her ass, with more authority this time. In the quiet bathroom, the sound echoed lightly across the walls. Angela gave another “Hm” and rocked forward. She squeezed her thighs together and shook her ass for him.

Dale smacked the soft flesh of her left ass cheek; the skin yielded under his palm. This time the sound was a tight “pak!” and Angela swayed with it, as if he were doing more than spanking, as if the sensation of his spanking penetrated deeper into her core. Dale didn’t hesitate the next time. The slap came suddenly against her smooth buttocks. She swayed. Dale pulled his hand back farther and spanked her. Deep in her throat, Angela moaned.

He decided to stop but Angela leaned her ass far back. He laid into it, their skin stinging smartly against each other. The next time she didn’t expect the strength of his smack and she rocked to swiftly, her hands nearly buckling against the bathroom counter. “Nnh, Daddy,” she whispered. Her eyes were closed.

Dale stepped forward and grabbed two thick handfuls of the girl’s bottom. She didn’t resist, only twisted and squirmed in his grip. Her voice was breathy and urgent, “Daddy, I’m sorry-“

He reeled back and spanked her ass. She cried out softly. “I’m sorry-” she gushed. He slapped her plump ass cheek and she moaned. “Please, Daddy…” He spanked her, hard this time, and she bent forward. “You’re humiliating me…” His right hand dug into her thigh, and he spanked her. “Oh…” she said it so softly it was barely a whisper.

He spanked her, and she apologized for more. “I’m sorry I dressed this way, daddy. I didn’t go out with any boys.” His fingers whipped her posterior. Red marks of his fingerprints glowed on her bottom. “Believe me…” she whispered. His palm struck her bottom. “Ah…” She pushed her buttocks into his hand and gyrated. “All the girls dress this way… I’m a good girl.” He pulled his hand away and slapped her pink panties. “I’m a good girl! Ahh…”

The panties were driving him wild. Their flimsy tightness invited him between that cotton crack. He grabbed the elastic and proceeded to squeeze it over her hips. She flexed against his fingers, undulated to work against his tugging hands. “Ah!” she cried softly. He dragged one side down over her right buttock. “No!” she whispered, her voice straining to stay quiet. He yanked the left side down and dragged them over her legs. When he reached the ground, not neglecting to let his face graze the warm springiness of her red ass cheek, her yanked them against her ankles repeatedly until she was forced to step out of them or teeter over.

He flung the panties into the trash bin and pushed her to the counter. “No…” Angela moaned. “Don’t look at my pussy, daddy.”

He forced her legs apart with his big hand and felt up between her thighs. Her pubic hair was matted and wet. Her soft pussy lips were coated in mucous. “Ahhh…” Angela hissed. “I’m not a bad girl, daddy.”

He spanked her bare bottom forcefully. “Ahn!” Angela cried. He spanked her again. Her right foot went up on the ball and she ground her toes into the tile at the edge of the carpet. “Mmmnnn,” she groaned. He slapped her ass and she fell forward. “Oh!” She hung her head and let her hair cover her eyes. “Daddy…I’m sorry…”

Rather than collapse she leaned against the counter, her elbows almost at right angles, and spread her legs further apart, planting her heels in the bathroom rug and pushing her ass out. “Don’t hurt me,” she groaned, deeper, less plaintively. He swung his hand up, underhanded, catching the swell of the space between her thigh and cheek. Angela rocked forward and he could smell her feminine musk. “Agh…” she groaned.

He was as hard as timber. Blood swelled within his penis. He pulled his pants down and kicked them aside without even thinking about it, tossed off his shirt. He was now naked, and erect. Angela was bare from the waist down, the only piece of clothing on her the purple push-up bra. Her hands clutched at the bathroom counter. She snuck a glance over her arm at him, and then his stiff prick. She swung her eyes back to the mirror quickly. “Oh, Daddy, don’t… Haven’t I been a good girl, daddy?”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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